SCARY: There is a sinister demonic reason why you should not twerk on the dance floor
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The sexy dance move, which involves vigorously shaking your booty to music, was made famous by US singer Miley Cyrus.

Who can forget her risqué performance dressed half-naked in a skimpy skin-colour outfit at the 2013 MTV VMAs with Robin Thicke?

Miley Cyrus offers a visual definition of the word "twerk" at the MTV Video Music Awards with Robin Thicke on Sunday.
Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus offers a visual definition of the word “twerk” at the MTV Video Music Awards with Robin Thicke on Sunday.Credit Eric Thayer/Reuters

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The move is now a mainstay on the dance floor of clubs across the UK.

Twerk it! Hundreds set twerking world record in New York 271,491 views 320 384 SHARE SAVE ODN Published on Sep 26, 2013 Subscribe to ITN News! In New York 350 people twerked their way into the Guinness World Record books for the most people twerking simultaneously for two consecutive minutes. The dance move has been defined by the Oxford dictionary as a “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance”. Although many Miley Cyrus fans may think she invented the move, it actually first started in the 90’s in the southern part of the U.S. Report by Lindsay Brown.

CLAIM: Author Mack Major claims twerking summons demons. 

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Photo Credit: Dance Move Twerking is actually a demon summoning ritual.

But US Christian sex demon author Mack Major isn’t too enamoured.

He believes, making a shocking claim in a blog post last week, that twerking actually summons a sex demon.

He said: “Whenever you see a woman twerking: butt hiked up in the air gyrating sensually to the sounds of music – you are not really watching that woman.

“You’re most likely watching something in her dancing through her.”

Mack believes twerking is an ancient ritual dance designed to invoke demonic spirits called Gede.

He added: ”These spirits are fertility (sexual) demons directly associated with voodoo, sex and death.

“When a person is tweaking, whether they know it or not they are actually calling up demons to enter into their body.

“Those demons, called Gede, are part of a family or grouping of demon spirits. So when you’re twerking you’re basically asking a voodoo sex demon to possess you.”

Mack has published two books about sex demons, Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds, and Diva Goddess Queen.

He has some pretty outlandish views on sex, claiming that masturbating and using dildos opens a portal to hell.

It is twerking in his firing line at the moment though.

Published on Nov 22, 2017

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DANGEROUS: Popular dance move twerking is actually sinister, according to an expert

Mack added: ”The reason why twerking appeals so much to men is for obvious reasons: men get to watch a free peepshow.

“Or so they think. They’re really partaking in a ritual demonic possession ceremony – whether they meant to or not.

“Twerking appeals to women because they get to be the centre of attention for a few moments while their dancing transfixes both men and women with seductive gyrations.

“But that too is a deception, because the woman is really partaking in a ritual designed to summon demons from the spirit world to occupy her body, possess her mind and speak through her.

“Her false and fleeting sense of empowerment actually comes from a demon that is now on the inside of her.”

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 · 2/28/2018
 · by Disturbed Demons
SINISTER: Demons are summoned when you twerk, a expert has shockingly claimed 

While many would dismiss Mack’s views as cuckoo, he is adamant that anyone who has ever twerked should get immediate help.

Mack said: “If you’re a female who’s been involved in twerk dancing, you’ve participated in allowing demonic seducing spirits to use your body.

“If you’ve ever participated in twerking you need deliverance.”

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