Will You Stand to SAVE THE CHILDREN?? – 6 yr olds taught to Masterbate, 4 yr olds asked to touch each other IN SCHOOL!

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Photo Credit:Boobs, bums and erections: 22 Disney innuendos you definitely didn’t notice until you grew up.  I never totally understood the Disney subliminals until now!

WOW!!  The escalation rate of this onslaught against our children, is mind blowing!  If anyone does not recognize that our children are under attack they are blind!  We are commanded by GOD to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  WILL YOU STAND!   There are groups organizing to stand together.  Please find one or more of these groups join if you can, support them financially if you are able, most importantly of all support them prayerfully!   Pray for the CHILDREN!

Perversion is only spread when the innocent are exposed to it through visuals such as television, videos, video games, books, magazines, or pornographic websites or web images/Sexual assaut and abuse/unsupervised inappropriate peer interaction.  Apparently, now, they can obtain all of these in our public schools!  God help us!!! 

This is a very critical time.  Children do not belong to ua, they belong to GOD.  When God places a child in a family, it is a responsibility!  YOU will be held responsible for what you did or did not do for the children in your sphere of influence.  Whether you have children of your own or not.  God calls us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.  – Proverbs 31:8-9

Even though the parents of these children may not understand what is right and wrong,  YOU DO!  You should understand that exposing children to such things is way beyond their ability to process. If you know in your heart that these children are being abused, if you see the truth and recognize the EVIL, you MUST DO OR SAY SOMETHING!   We MUST protect the children.  That is the RIGHT thing to do!  FIND A WAY TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD on behalf of the CHILDREN!  


Do you remember this next song?  This is the kind of stuff we used to teach to our children.  Notice the song does not say BE CAREFUL BECAUSE GOD IS WAITING TO PUNISH EVIL DOERS!  It says, be careful because your loving Father sees everything.  We don’t want to hurt or displease our FATHER.  Remember the days when we obeyed our parents because we knew they loved us and we wanted them to be proud of us?

Though my father was a disciplinarian and did not spoil the rod… I honored and obeyed my parents, not out of fear of being punished, but because I loved my parents and did not want to feel like I had disappointed them by behaving badly.  We need to be instilling in our children a love and respect for the GOD who created us.

Jul 11, 2019


Apr 24, 2018



VIDEO: Virtual Sex-Ed Sit Out Townhall


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The University of California, Santa Barbara wants to teach four-year-olds to touch each other and watch porn, according to Fox News Wednesday.

The University of California, Santa Barbara wants to teach four-year-olds to touch each other and watch porn, according to Fox News Wednesday. (Photo: Shutterstock/ avtk)

UCSB’s sociology department created material for parents to encourage their children to explore sexuality on the university’s online platform called SexInfo Online, Fox News reported. The website was created by students from the university who have studied human sexuality. The website includes several sections devoted to sexual education with a specific section devoted to adolescents called “Childhood Sexuality.” (RELATED: Parent Kicked Out Of Sex Ed Class Because Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want Them To Know What They’re Teaching)

The section discusses childhood masturbation, sexual play, and sexual attraction between children. The photo on the section includes two young children touching and kissing each other on the lips. The site also tells parents not to discourage their children from masturbating. (RELATED: San Diego Parents Pulling Their Kids From School Over Inappropriate Sex-Ed Curriculum)

“It is not unusual to see children try to pleasure themselves through physical exploration and masturbation or look at the bodies of other children (especially those of the other sex) because of this natural curiosity. This infatuation, discovery of pleasurable feelings, and desire for knowledge is completely normal,” according to the website. (RELATED: Sex Ed Teacher On Administrative Leave After Showing ‘Inappropriate’ Videos In Class)

“Children might display affection to their friends by hugging and kissing, or touching each other’s genitals, which is perfectly normal,” the site added. (RELATED: Sex Education Needs To Be Way More Graphic, Researchers Say)

The “Talking to Your Child About Sex” section also encouraged parents to allow their children to watch pornography to learn more about sex. (RELATED:Actress Claims She Was Taught How To Masturbate At Age 9 By Her Grandma [VIDEO])

The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made” by Fiona Katauskas previously caused upheaval due to giving children an extremely graphic explanation of how adults have sex, according to BuzzFeed.

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Most districts complying with California’s sex ed law, but resistance remains

This article has been updated to clarify how state and federal laws govern the rights of parents to opt their children out of instruction relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

For months, parents, grandparents and concerned residents have packed meetings of the Orange County Board of Education to express alarm over stories they’ve heard, including that students in sex education classes are being taught how to use sex toys and given links to explicit internet sites.

They blame the California Healthy Youth Act, the groundbreaking state law passed in 2015 mandating that schools teach “medically accurate” and “age appropriate” comprehensive sex education. Among other things, the law delves into specific issues regarding the sexual health and development of LGBTQ students and addresses issues relating to HIV prevention, relationship abuse and sex trafficking.

“I don’t know why we feel the need to sexualize our kids,” said Becky Angel, who described herself as a parent and concerned citizen, at a meeting in May. “They should be learning about reading and writing and spelling and history and all that stuff, not learning how to use sex toys.”

Such assertions that sex toys are being promoted in the curriculum are inaccurate — apparently the result of a misunderstanding that went viral on the internet. The references to sex toy materials that sparked the controversy were described in booklet produced for The Adolescent Health Working Group, a San Francisco-based consortium of health clinics. These materials are not being used for sex education in schools.

The California Department of Education relies on the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group, a collaborative of governmental and non-governmental organizations, to review and approve sex education curricula. The confusion arose because the acronym for this group (ASHWG) is very similar to that of the San Francisco health clinics (AHWG), according to attorneys with the ACLU.

Furthermore, officials with the Orange County Department of Education said there is no evidence of teachers directing students to inappropriate web pages. Finally, the law includes a clear provision allowing parents to opt their children out of a district’s comprehensive sex ed curriculum.

“Certainly, there has been a lot of misinformation on what is and isn’t in the law, and unfortunately some of the false narratives went viral,” said Ian Hanigan, a spokesman for the county department of education, which largely plays an advisory role to districts in the county and has no jurisdiction over how an individual district implements the law.

Ken Williams, the county board’s current president, is among those who oppose the law — calling it the “California Unhealthy Youth Act” during the May meeting. In an email to EdSource, Williams claimed state-approved teaching materials contain “medically inaccurate statements” that are “taught in classrooms and potentially negatively impacts our children.”

The situation in Orange County represents an extreme reaction to the law, say state and local officials and civil rights advocates. The vast majority of large urban districts have implemented the law with little controversy.

“We’ve had a few pockets where the implementation has been a little rocky,” said Sharla Smith, the California Department of Education’s comprehensive sexual education consultant. “But overall it has been flowing nicely.”

However, Smith acknowledges that the state provided no funding for a comprehensive survey of districts for compliance with the law. This has led to concern among civil rights and LGBTQ advocates that the uproar in Orange County and in a handful of other places could give smaller districts in outlying areas a reason to delay implementation.

A robust law

California has long been a nationwide leader in adopting sex education. It first began mandating that HIV prevention be a part of sex education classes in the 1990s, and in 2003 Gov. Gray Davis signed the California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act, which required teaching materials to be objective and appropriate for use with students of all races, genders and sexual orientations.

Yet, while that law required districts to teach HIV/AIDS prevention, it did not mandate comprehensive sex education. And for districts that did offer sex ed, the law’s requirements regarding a number of issues, specifically those relating to bias, sexual orientation and gender identity, were vague, said Ruth Dawson, a staff attorney for the ACLU of Southern California.

The Healthy Youth Act, which was authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, covers a broader array of sexual health issues and is considerably more specific than the previous law. For example, it allows abstinence to be taught as a birth control option but requires that other forms of birth control also be taught. In addition, lessons must cover abortion, include material specifically geared toward transgender students and teach students the meanings of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The law allows “age appropriate” sex ed to begin as early as elementary school. It requires that comprehensive lessons, which typically total between 10 and 13 hours, be given to students in 7th grade and then again in 9th grade. A bill that would expand the law to cover charter schools is currently on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Several of the state’s larger unified districts — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego — had already began overhauling their sex-ed programs before the law was passed. And except for some outcry in San Diego, officials in these districts say the pushback from parents and community members has been minimal.

Matt Walsh: We can’t save the public school system. We can only save our children from it.

I have recently been slightly critical of the public school system. And by “recently” I mean relentlessly for the last decade. And by “slightly” I mean that I consider the public school system to be a cannibalistic mutation that brainwashes our children, devours their individuality and their creativity, and annihilates the moral values their parents instilled in them (if any were instilled at all).

After my latest string of harsh and warranted critiques of public school, I received, as I always do, many responses from extremely angry teachers. I thought I’d share one with you:

“Dear Matt, f*** you from the bottom of my heart. You are a terrible person. I work in the “evil” public school system and almost EVERYONE I work with is wonderful, hard working, and they love their students. Most teachers do an amazing job and are amazing people. The way you demonize teachers is despicable and hateful. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are the worst person I’ve ever come across on the internet.”

First let me say, in this upside down culture, I never shudder at being called “the worst.” Second, as I have clarified many times, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the good teachers who choose to wade into this jungle and salvage whatever can be salvaged from it. I do think good teachers exist. I doubt that the person who sent this email is in that category, seeing as she is incapable of handling criticism or articulating a logical counter argument, but, sure, there are good teachers. Of course there are.

Are “most” good? I doubt it. I certainly don’t think most are “amazing” and “wonderful.” There aren’t many professions where most of its professionals are amazing and wonderful, or even good. Why would teaching be any different? It would be wrong to demonize teachers, but it’s just as wrong to canonize them. The very act of getting a teaching job isn’t in itself heroic. Some teachers have selfless motivations in pursuing a career in education, but some are more motivated by the discount on their college loans, and the exorbitant number of vacation days, and perhaps by the fact that they can’t think of anything else to do. Every job has perks, and in every job you have people who are more interested in the perks than the job.

I suspect that there are as many bad teachers in our schools, percentage-wise, as there are bad people in our culture. Which is to say a lot. I can’t tell you how many, exactly, but a lot. Our culture is not interested in crafting amazing and wonderful people, and most of the time it doesn’t. To suggest that most of the people who become teachers are wonderful just because they are teachers is childish, and I have little patience for it. It also succeeds in detracting from the teachers who actually are wonderful, because the accomplishment of being a truly wonderful teacher means nothing if even my high school Spanish teacher who couldn’t speak Spanish and spent half of the semester playing Jennifer Lopez movies gets to be wonderful.

The problem is that there isn’t any filtration process to weed out the bad from the wonderful. The system is designed not to remove the toxic elements, but to prevent their removal. The result is not only an incredible number of sexual predators teaching our kids, but, more commonly, people who do not have a firm grasp of the subjects they’re teaching.

I went to one of the best high schools in the country, yet a sizable number of my teachers “taught” their subjects by handing out dittos. Many of them offered no real instruction and did not appear to have any insight into the topics they were paid to teach. This is not an isolated problem. In some states, teachers need not have any formal training at all, whatsoever, to get a teaching job.

One of the primary arguments I hear against home schooling is that parents don’t know the subjects well enough to teach them. Well, I see no evidence that this is any less of a problem in the public school system. But at least a parent who doesn’t know the subject needs only teach it to her own children. A teacher who doesn’t know the subject will be tasked with teaching it to hundreds of different kids. The system is OK with this because the system is not really concerned with education at all.

The One and Only Objective of the public school system is to create the kinds of kids who will cooperate with the public school system. I didn’t say this is the objective of every teacher. I said this is the objective of the system itself, even if some of the teachers have loftier goals. As professor Anthony Esolen explains in his brilliant book, Out of the Ashes, the system exists only for itself, not for any higher purpose. Its objective certainly is not to impart the truth, or to prepare students for life, or to bring them closer to God or their families, or to help them understand their purpose in the world, or to do anything that used to be defined as “education.” Indeed, it’s necessary to do the opposite on every count in order to fully achieve the One and Only Objective.

The Objective is not served by teaching kids about literature, so they don’t teach literature anymore. It isn’t served by teaching kids how to write well, so they don’t teach them how to write well anymore. It isn’t served by teaching grammar or geography or history or civics, so they don’t really teach any of that anymore. You can forget about art or philosophy, of course. Those aren’t “useful” at all. And you can forget about tech ed. That’s too useful, I guess.

And so we end up, unsurprisingly, in a country where 60 percent of American adults can’t name the three branches of government. 49 percent can’t point to New York on a map. A third of adults 18-29 can’t tell you which country we fought during the Revolutionary War. Thirty-seven percent can’t name the first book in the Bible and 47 percent can’t say if Judaism predates Christianity. Seventy-three percent can’t tell you why our country fought the Civil War.

It goes without saying that most of us don’t read adult books. This is to be expected, considering that half of us can’t read above an 8th grade level. And, consequently, most can’t write like grown ups. Writing has declined to such an extent that now the average American communicates in abbreviations and pictures. Incapable of expressing his emotions through the written word, he is reduced to conveying his happiness with smiley faces, like a primitive tribesman attempting to communicate with an explorer from the first world. Tweets and text messages look like slightly advanced hieroglyphics. It seems we have come full circle, from the cave wall to the Facebook wall.

So, when I see all of those man-on-the-street videos of college kids struggling to name the vice president or decide if the United States declared its independence in 1776 or 1976, I am not shocked. This is what our country is now, and has been for a while, and it is sheer insanity to exonerate the education system from all guilt. It’s like trying to determine who to sue for a botched surgery, but declaring ahead of time that it mustn’t be the surgeon.

You can’t tell me that I must send my kid to public school because I am ill equipped to teach him myself, and then, when he emerges on the other end a moron who can’t spell the word Constitution much less tell you what it is, promptly inform me that it’s still my fault.

School system: “You can’t educate your kid. Give him to us.”

Parents: “OK.”

[13 years later]

Parents: “Hey, my kid is still dumb.”

School system: “Well why didn’t you educate him?!”

This seems like a catch-22 (note to the public schooled: that’s a literary reference).

So, the sad fact remains, like it or not: kids are going to school, but they aren’t learning. Well, that’s not entirely fair. They do learn how to masturbate. And they learn about sodomy. And they learn about transvestites. And they learn a bunch of other things that may or may not have been included in an actual curriculum. The curriculum is, after all, only a part of the problem. Not even the biggest part.

The biggest problem is the culture in which a kid is immersed for his entire young life. It is a culture that values conformity above all else. It is a culture of moral confusion. It is a culture that viciously opposes every value and priority good Christian parents want to instill in their children. But the parents are working at an insurmountable disadvantage. They may say to their child, “I want you to be like this and do this and believe this,” but the child will spend 7 hours of his day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year, for 12 years in an environment where nearly everyone he meets urges him to be and do and believe the opposite. Only a small minority can manage to endure through all of that and come out as something resembling the young adult his parents wanted him to become.

The proof is in the pudding. The typical young adult in today’s society — aside from being barely sentient, as we’ve already covered — has given up on marriage and religion, has no discernible skills, has been an avid porn user since middle school, and spends ten hours of his day playing video games, watching Netflix, and scrolling through Snapchat and Tinder. This is not only the fault of public school, but it is not a coincidence that the public school system seems dedicated to producing exactly the sort of people it does in fact produce. And, anyway, if we’re trying to figure out why young adults in America are a certain way, it makes sense to look closely at the system they’ve spent all of their time in to this point.

It’s a mess, in other words.

But can it be fixed? Can the system be “saved”? Well, no.

The first and most crucial thing preventing it from being saved is that it has molded a nation of people who do not think it needs saving. Saving the system would mean a complete restructuring from the ground up, and such an effort would require the cooperation of a great many people. But only a small number of people see any real problem with any of the things I’ve outlined. It is difficult to confront the errors in the system that made you, and most people are not interested in trying.

This is why I don’t place the blame on the teachers. I don’t merely fault the curricula, either. I can’t point the finger at this factor or that. We are all to blame, and none of us are. Public school is just one part of the toxic stew known as modern culture. The system is a reflection of the culture, and the culture of the system. And that is the whole problem with it.

But what would a real education system in a healthy culture look like? Well, this sort of system would be one where children are given a deep appreciation and understanding of truth. One that facilitates their growth into moral, well rounded adults with a passion for life and learning. One where creative young children become creative and competent young adults. One where students develop a real comprehension of history, literature, art, and science. One where they learn how to write and read. One where their heads aren’t stuffed full of leftist superstitions about “transgenderism” and other such nonsense. One where religion is not left on the sidelines, because you cannot understand anything about art, or history, or humanity itself if you do not study religion.

In other words, a real education system would not resemble the current one. Not even a little.

Until such a system is in place, all we can do is make other arrangements for our children. We cannot save the system by ourselves. I’m not convinced that the system can or will be saved at all. At this point, all we can do is save our children.


August 7, 2019

DEVON, England, August 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A drag queen in the United Kingdom was caught on camera teaching small children at a library story hour how to perform the sexually-suggestive dance move called “twerking.”

DEVON, England, August 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A drag queen in the United Kingdom was caught on camera teaching small children at a library story hour how to perform the sexually-suggestive dance move called “twerking.”

Mama G is a cross-dressing man and drag artist who “has appeared at libraries, theatres, bookshops and cafes all over the UK,” according to the Petite Pantos theater company. Devon Libraries promoted his Story Hour events in North Devon as “sharing tales that celebrate being who you are & loving who you want.”

Video recently emerged from one of those Drag Queen Story Hour events, showing Mama G explaining and demonstrating before an audience of children how to twerk.

“All you need to do is you just need to stand with your feet sort of shoulder-width apart like so…and then you crouch down in this sort of position, so you’re bump’s sticking out,” Mama G says, briefly looking back to ask someone off-camera if they’re “taking this all in.” And “then you just move your bum up and down like that. And that’s twerking.”

Numerous parents and other concerned citizens have spoken out against the performance, Devon Live reports.

“Wholly inappropriate for children,” one said, asking Devon Libraries “what on earth were you thinking.” Another asked, “On what planet do you think this sexualized womanface act is appropriate for young children?”

Apr 10, 2020
Subscribe to our channel! https://goo.gl/pyGqbu, Drag Queen Story Hour is the new trend for ‘woke’ parents.

August 13, 2018

‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call ‘Gender Insanity’

Yes, certainly, there are all kinds of people in this world.  People are certainly free to choose their particular lifestyle.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE HAVE TO EMBRACE THEIR LIFESTYLE, OR ALLOW THEM TO TEACH IT TO OUR CHILDREN!!!  THAT IS ASININE!  No one really cares what adults do in the privacy of their own home. NEVER HAVE!!   This is not about the rights of adults to live their lifestyle of choice.  This is about perverting the children of the WORLD!!!    
LISTEN, SATAN KNOWS HE IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME.   We are seeing the manifestation of his final push.  When someone is fighting for their life… what do they do when they get down to their last bit of strength?  Do they give up and lay down.  NO!  INDEED, THEY GIVE THEIR FINAL BEST EFFORT!  THEY GIVE IT ALL THAT THEY HAVE.  THEY DIG DEEP AND PULL UP EVERY LAST BIT OF STRENGTH AND COMMITMENT THEY HAVE IN AN EFFORT TO COME OUT VICTORIOUS!    YOU ARE SEEING THIS VERY EFFORT FROM THE DEMONS OF DARKNESS.  THEY KNOW THE LIGHT IS COMING!  

TWERKING summons sex demons that take control of your body and speak through you, an expert has claimed.

SCARY: There is a sinister demonic reason why you should not twerk on the dance floor (Image: GETTY)

The sexy dance move, which involves vigorously shaking your booty to music, was made famous by US singer Miley Cyrus.

Who can forget her risqué performance dressed half-naked in a skimpy skin-colour outfit at the 2013 MTV VMAs with Robin Thicke?

The move is now a mainstay on the dance floor of clubs across the UK.
CLAIM: Author Mack Major claims twerking summons demons. (Image: FACEBOOK)

But US Christian sex demon author Mack Major isn’t too enamoured.

He believes, making a shocking claim in a blog post last week, that twerking actually summons a sex demon.

He said: “Whenever you see a woman twerking: butt hiked up in the air gyrating sensually to the sounds of music – you are not really watching that woman.

“You’re most likely watching something in her dancing through her.”

RISQUE: Miley Cyrus twerking with Robin Thicke at the VMAs (Image: GETTY)

Mack believes twerking is an ancient ritual dance designed to invoke demonic spirits called Gede.

He added: ”These spirits are fertility (sexual) demons directly associated with voodoo, sex and death.

“When a person is tweaking, whether they know it or not they are actually calling up demons to enter into their body.

“Those demons, called Gede, are part of a family or grouping of demon spirits. So when you’re twerking you’re basically asking a voodoo sex demon to possess you.”

Mack has published two books about sex demons, Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds, and Diva Goddess Queen.

He has some pretty outlandish views on sex, claiming that masturbating and using dildos opens a portal to hell.

It is twerking in his firing line at the moment though.

DANGEROUS: Popular dance move twerking is actually sinister, according to an expert (Image: GETTY)

Mack added: ”The reason why twerking appeals so much to men is for obvious reasons: men get to watch a free peepshow.

“Or so they think. They’re really partaking in a ritual demonic possession ceremony – whether they meant to or not.

“Twerking appeals to women because they get to be the centre of attention for a few moments while their dancing transfixes both men and women with seductive gyrations.

“But that too is a deception, because the woman is really partaking in a ritual designed to summon demons from the spirit world to occupy her body, possess her mind and speak through her.

“Her false and fleeting sense of empowerment actually comes from a demon that is now on the inside of her.”

SINISTER: Demons are summoned when you twerk, a expert has shockingly claimed (Image: GETTY)

While many would dismiss Mack’s views as cuckoo, he is adamant that anyone who has ever twerked should get immediate help.

Mack said: “If you’re a female who’s been involved in twerk dancing, you’ve participated in allowing demonic seducing spirits to use your body.

“If you’ve ever participated in twerking you need deliverance.”

#TWERKUMENTARY: A visual devotion to a dance phenomenon.




Jul 2, 2015

twerking toy dog being sold at Walmart







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