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Well, I found the previous revelation really astounding and was very excited about having discovered it. But, God was not done with me yet.

Some time later, I was once again watching a PBS special. Not being prone to enjoying fiction, I find educational television much more fulfilling. This particular program was all about Transplants. At the time of the airing of this program, medical providers had been successfully performing transplants. This program presented several stories and a lot of basic information about how transplants are performed. I found one particular story very interesting. It was about a fairly young mother, who had recently undergone a heart transplant. Her transplant was considered to be successful and she had been restored to good health. However, her family began to notice that she was beginning to behave rather strangely. For instance, she started drinking beer, which she had never done. She was drinking it quite regularly. She started to enjoy going dancing and watching sports, very enthusiastically. What really disturbed her family though was when her voice began to change. It had become much deeper, very masculine. They wanted some answers and went in search of information on where her transplanted heart had been obtained . To there shock and amazement, they discovered that her new heart had come from a young man, who like to dance, drink beer, chase women and was a very serious sports fan. Wow! She was taking on the personality traits of the man whose heart she had received.

I found this story extremely interesting and thought provoking. The bible says, as we have stated, that the “Life is in the Blood”. Moreover, the Heart, which is the organ that moves the blood though our bodies is the very center of a man. The center of our being, of who we are as a person. Take a look at this article:

THE HEART OF MAN by G. Harry Leafe, Th.M., D.Min.”Of all the words to be found in the Bible that describe man, the term heart provides the most complete characterization. The term heart (Gr. kardia; Heb. leb), denotes the “inner man” (cf. Eph. 3:16), the essence of personality; the seat and center of all life. The heart is that central essence of man with which God is primarily concerned – He looks upon it (I Sam. 16:7), searches it (Prov. 10:8), and tries it (Jere.11:20; 17:10: 20:12). Further, the heart is the center and source of all belief and faith (Luke 24:25; Rom. 10:10). Man’s nature or essential essence is a reflection of his heart. Listen to the Scriptures: “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart” (Lk. 6:45); “Do you not understand that everything that goes into the mouth passes into the stomach and is eliminated? But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. These are these are the things which defile the man” (Matt. 15:17‐20). Source:…20of%20Man.pdf

Now, when a transplant occurs, the patient from whom the organ is being retrieved has to be at the point of death (or at least be believed to be), however, the organ must be healthy and viable (still pumping and still beating). In other words, it must be still alive and functioning. So the patient is often one that is considered brain dead or some other such determination, which allows for the organ to be removed while still functioning. The patient receiving the organ, is in a state of decline that merits undergoing a transplant, either close to dying or headed in that direction. When the donor is opened up and their organ is removed, their physical body, for all intents and purposes, dies. But, their organ lives on, and it still contains their blood and their DNA. And, in the case of the heart, possibly their very soul. Remember, the LIFE is in the blood. The living organ is placed into the recipients body which nearly immediately causes them to begin to “revive” or “regenerate” so to speak. But, let me ask you this question, at this point, who is alive?

Which of these people is currently occupying this body? Whose spirit? Where did the other person go? Especially in a heart transplant. If the heart of the person is their very soul, and the recipients heart is removed then whose life is proceeding from that point? Could it be that both people, both spirits, if you will, are still alive and functioning? Each with their own thoughts, desires, beliefs, tendencies and weaknesses? Each with their own DNA, which carries all these memories?

Immediately, I started to wonder about this issue. I could see that “science” was playing with something they knew little or nothing about. Were they even considering the spiritual aspects of their actions?

I started to look into this issue. I learned that there were many stories of people who had experienced these personality changes after transplants. I learned that medical professionals were fully aware that this is happens. Infact, it is not only possible but HIGHLY LIKELY that this will occur. Yet they do not warn anyone about it.

She wrote a book called “A Change of Heart”
Read more:—started-craving-beer-Kentucky-Fried-Chicken-My-daughter-said-I-walked-like-man.html

Do hearts have memories? Transplant patient gets craving for food eaten by organ donor
Read more:…gan-donor.html

Organ Transplants: Can a New Heart Change Your Life—and Your Taste in Music?…147267,00.html

Memory Transference
in Organ Transplant Recipients

A man who received the transplanted heart of a suicide victim has killed himself in exactly the same way.

Astonishingly, the same wife is mourning all over again.

Sonny Graham, who had received Terry Cottle’s heart, also went on to marry his widow. Along with his attraction to the donor’s wife, the new heart also gave Mr. Graham a strange new craving for beer and hot dogs – Terry Cottle’s favorite foods.

The couple met after Mr. Graham started writing to her after being told that her husband was his heart donor. Twelve years after the successful transplant operation, Mr. Graham shot himself, leaving his wife a widow for the second time in strikingly similar circumstances.

Friends say that Mrs. Graham, a nurse, is stunned by the bizarre turn of events. Mr. Graham, 69, died after shooting himself in the throat with a shotgun. He was found in a garage at the home that the couple shared.

In 1995, Mr. Graham had been on the verge of death due to congestive heart failure. He had less than six months to live when the call came through from the Medical University of South Carolina, telling him that a heart had just become available. It belonged to Mr. Cottle, 33, who had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. (Source)

Check this OUT!  I just found a file online that lists 10 other people who have experienced very similar changes after a transplant.

10 Organ Recipients Who Took On The Traits Of Their Donors


Organ donations and transplants have saved countless lives. However, some people claim to have received more than just the working organ. There is an increasingly studied phenomenon known as “cellular memory”—the theory that cells within an organ carry the memories and desires of the person to whom belonged. While it’s still very much on the fringes of science, as more studies are done, more and more examples appear to be making the case that cellular memory may be more than just a wild theory. Here are 10 examples.

10 Claire Sylvia Has Strange Cravings And Dreams
New England

Not only did the heart and lung transplant that 47-year-old Claire Sylvia received save her life, but it also made her the first person in New England to undergo the process. She’s also convinced that in addition to vital organs, she received some of her donor’s tastes, as if his memories were locked into his heart and lungs and consequently are now flowing in her body.

She told a reporter that when she was asked what she wanted to do first after the operation, she said that she was “dying for a beer right now.” This was strange to Claire, as she’d never enjoyed beer in the slightest before. Over the coming days, she also found that she was experiencing cravings for foods that she’d never liked or even eaten before, such as green peppers, Snickers chocolate bars, and strangely, McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, something which she’d never had a desire to eat.

She also began to experience strange dreams. She would see a thin, young man who she believed was called Tim. Specifically, she had the words “Tim L” in her mind when she had the dreams. By searching through local obituaries of the days leading up to the day of her transplant, she came across Timothy Lamirande.

Timothy Lamirande was 18 years old when he died in a motorcycle accident on the same day as Claire’s transplant. He had been on his way home from a local McDonalds restaurant. A a bag of Chicken McNuggets was found in his jacket pocket when doctors removed his clothing in a desperate attempt to save his life.

She managed to track down Tim’s family, whom she hadn’t met before, and they confirmed to her that the cravings she was having were indeed all for foods that Tim had enjoyed very much, beer and all. She has remained in touch with Tim’s family ever since.

9 Jamie Sherman Awakes From Transplant Feeling Rage And Anger
Tucson, Arizona

Jamie Sherman had underwent several heart surgeries by the time she had a heart transplant at the age of 24. She’d suffered from a heart defect since birth. When she awoke following the successful procedure, she felt a deep sense of anger, so much so that she wanted to fight, although she didn’t know why. She also began to have cravings for Mexican food, especially cheese enchiladas, something that she hadn’t craved before.

Six months following the transplant, Jamie was able to meet the family of her donor, a 29-year-old man named Scott Phillips. She quickly mentioned her cravings and liking for Mexican foods, and she wasn’t too surprised to hear that Scott’s favorite food was Mexican, and he particularly liked cheese enchiladas.

When Jamie found out that Scott had died in a fight at a sports bar after being hit in the head and suffering major brain trauma, she felt that she now understood where her sudden feelings of anger came from. She theorized that he felt anger and rage in the seconds before he was hit and consequently died, and these feelings were locked in his heart when it was transplanted to her.

8 Sonny Graham Kills Himself In The Exact Same Way As His Donor
Vidalia, Georgia

In 2008, Sonny Graham, age 69, took his own life by shooting himself in the throat. He’d received a heart transplant in 1995. Aside from being tragic, his death was strange, since the person whose heart he’d been given, Tommy Cottle, killed himself in exactly the same way. Perhaps even stranger was that Sonny had even married Cottle’s wife, Cheryl, in 2004, after they’d dated for several years.

Sonny, who’d never displayed such dark tendencies before, met Cheryl after getting in touch with her several years after the transplant, wanting to express his sincere gratitude. The pair, who were almost 30 years apart in age, fell deeply in love soon after they agreed to meet. To most, they appeared happy, with friends describing Sonny as a good man and the sort of person who would gladly help someone he didn’t even know. Sonny and Cheryl had even talked about their experiences at donor-recipient conventions and fundraisers.

7 Amy Tippins Suddenly Has New Skills
Atlanta, Georgia

Not only did 17-year-old Amy Tippins develop a sudden craving and liking for hamburgers following her successful liver transplant in 1993, but she also suddenly developed a deep sense of moral and civic duty and an appreciation for her community at large.

That wasn’t the strangest thing she noticed, however. She seemed to have new abilities as well. She noticed that she would wonder into hardware stores without realizing what she was doing. Also, she had knowledge of a whole range of complex do-it-yourself skills and was physically able to carry them out.

Amy had suffered from acute liver disease, which led to her requiring a new liver. She managed to arrange a meeting with the donor’s family and learned that he was a former US Marshal named Mike James. His family stated that hamburgers were one of his favorite foods, but perhaps more importantly to Amy, they said that he loved to work with his hands and had undertaken several building projects at home before his death. His family also told her that his goal in life was always to help and protect other people.

Amy believes that through the liver transplant, she has absorbed some of Mike’s personality and sense of duty as well as some of his skills.

6  Kidney Transplants Lead To Complete ‘Personality Change’
Preston, England

Cheryl Johnson, age 37, firmly believes that following her kidney transplant, she took a certain amount of the donor’s personality. Furthermore, she claims that this has happened twice, and with each kidney came a drastic change in her personality.

Cheryl’s first kidney transplant was in 2001, following three years of dialysis. The transplant ultimately failed, but Cheryl stated that immediately following the procedure, she suddenly became “stroppy and snappy” which was not part of her general nature. In 2008, another kidney became available, and again, Cheryl claimed that the new organ drastically altered her personality. She no longer had a short temper, and her reading habits changed.

Cheryl seemed to have a sudden craving for classic literature. Although Cheryl stated that she’d always liked to read, she usually read run-of-the-mill contemporary novels. Following the new kidney, however, she found herself reading books by novelists like Jane Austen and even Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

5 William Sheridan Becomes An ‘Art Genius’
New York

William Sheridan turned to drawing as a hobby to take his mind off waiting for a heart donor to become available. Truth be told, he wasn’t very good. However, one of the first things he noticed following his surgery in 2006 was that all of a sudden, his talent for art had seemingly improved tenfold.

After agreeing to meet the family of the man who had donated the heart (originally as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the need for donors), he discovered that the man, 24-year-old Keith Neville, had been a very enthusiastic artist, and he was very good, too. In addition to the art skills, William felt he’d genuinely become more “caring and loving,” which he attributed to Keith.

His case is just one of several that have been studied by Professor Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona. According to him, more and more evidence is being found that strongly suggests that organs retain cellular memories and that every organ in the body appears to do so.

4 Bill Wohl Reduced To Tears By A Song He’d Never Heard

Hardworking business executive Bill Wohl was not one for the outdoors. He preferred to roam the concrete jungle of the city as opposed to adventuring in the wilderness. That was the case until 2000 when he suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Fortunately for Bill, he received a transplant which ultimately saved his life. He noticed nothing unusual at first, until one day, a song came on the radio that reduced him to tears for no reason he could think of. He hadn’t heard the song before and had no idea who it was. He found out that the artist was British vocalist Sade.

As his health improved following his transplant, he began to have the urge to be outdoors more and more. He engaged in increasingly challenging activities ranging from cycling to kayaking—something he had no interest in before. Perhaps he was simply enjoying a new lease of, and appreciation for, life in general.

However, when he got the chance to meet the family of his donor, Bill discovered that he was, in fact, a Hollywood stuntman named Michael Brady. Knowing this information, Bill asked Michael’s family if he had a liking for the singer Sade. They said that Sade was one of Michael’s favorite singers.

Bill, now suspecting he had more of Michael in him than just his heart, described the moment as “really, really freaky.”

3 French Actress Develops Intense Feelings Of Deja Vu

Charlotte Valandrey

Photo credit: Frantogian

French actress Charlotte Valandrey had already overcome the numerous hurdles that life had thrown at her by the time she required a heart transplant in 2003.

In 1985, at only 17 years old and with a very promising career in front of her, she was informed that she was HIV-positive. Four years later in 1989, she finally confided in someone about her condition, and suddenly, her promising career was looking anything but. In a book she released about her life entitled Love In The Blood, she stated that she believed she had caught the fatal disease from a French rock star but didn’t name him.

In the same book, she also wrote about her heart transplant and the effects she believed it had on her in the following months. She stated that she began to have a recurring nightmare of being in a car crash in which she was blinded by oncoming headlights in the rain. She also stated that her tastes had completely changed. She now had a liking for wine, whereas she had never enjoyed it before.

On a trip to India, she felt an intense feeling of deja vu everywhere she went and even recalled details of sites that she hadn’t been to before. Although her doctors assured her that these were normal experiences for someone who had just undergone the procedure that she had, she insisted in her book that she believed these new feelings and memories were those of her donor.

2 Shaun Bird Develops A Talent For Cooking
Hull, England

Suffering from small vessel disease, Shaun Bird was facing the possibility that he would die within five years, maybe less. As his condition worsened, his skin began to take on a grey appearance, and his heart was functioning at only 20 percent. (A healthy heart would function at around 60 to 70 percent.) Then, out of the blue and literally in the middle of the night, he was called to the hospital. A donor had been found. The following day, he had a new heart and a new lease of life.

Shaun was aware that people had experienced strange personality changes and sometimes developed sudden skills that were attributed to their donors. Therefore, he wasn’t overly surprised when he suddenly had a constant desire to be cooking in the kitchen. He was suddenly quite an accomplished chef as well, something that he simply wasn’t prior to his operation, nor did he have any desire to be.

Shaun states that he not only does he feel a sense of gratitude to his donor and their family, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he shares his newfound love of cooking with them, too.

1 David Waters Develops Random Craving For Burger Rings
New South Wales, Australia

Burger Rings

Photo credit: Zemzerrett

David Waters, age 24, was suffering from stiffening of his heart ventricles and had only months to live when he finally received a new heart in 2006. It came courtesy of 17-year-old Kaden Delaney, who had been left on life support following a car accident. He didn’t recover, and in accordance with his wishes, his parents, Greg and Shelley Delaney, gave permission for his organs to be donated.

Greg and Shelley spent the following two years trying to make contact with the people who had received his organs. When they finally managed to speak with David, they discovered quite an interesting development: For no reason that David could understand, since the operation that saved his life, he had developed an intense liking for the corn-based snack Burger Rings. He told Kaden’s parents that it was the only thing he wanted to eat after his surgery.

His parents informed him that their son had in fact loved Burger Rings, which were one of his favorite snacks. David believes he gained this particular liking up from Kaden, as he didn’t have any desire to eat them before the transplant.

Transplants, Cellular Memory, and Reincarnation  PLEASE! Believe me when I tell you that this IS NOT REINCARNATION!  Don’t buy into that lie from the pit of HELL.  Believe the WORD OF GOD that tells you that the LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.  This is something that doctors cannot understand because they are carnally minded, not spiritually minded.  These are CHIMERAS!  Read on in the next article.  

5 Cases of Soul Transfer

New Mindboggling Research Proves That Our Hearts Create Their Own Memories!

New exciting research looking into a couple of mysterious heart transplant cases proved something mindboggling: our hearts create their own memories that override our brain’s memories and determine the core of who we are!

Heart Memories

An incredible true story that confused scientists for a couple of years proves that our hearts have their own memories.

An 8 year old girl received a heart transplant from a 10 year old girl. The heart transplant was successful but the girl started having a recurring nightmare.

Her psychiatrist suggested bringing in a forensic artist to detail this nightmare.

The dream begins in a woods, where the girl is running really fast. A man is chasing her and she suddenly trips and falls.

The girl described a detailed assault and the appearance of the attacker. The police were told the story and given a drawing from the man of her dream.

Incredibly, a man matching this description was found and arrested. His confession perfectly matched the girl’s dream of the donor’s attack.

Incredible Story About A Girl Getting A Heart Transplant And Dreaming About Her Donor's Attacker

Scientists and researchers couldn’t wrap their heads around this case. However, recently A LOT more similar cases surfaced.

They all prove that our hearts can sometimes remember things our brains don’t. They store memories that touch us on a deep psychological level and construct our character.

Dr. Paul Pearsall has collected cases of seventy-three heart transplant patients, and sixty-seven other organ transplant recipients and published them.

Here are some of them:

The Heart Creates Memories And Has Neurons

Case 2: Claire Sylvia develops desire for beer, chicken nuggets and green peppers after getting a heart transplant.

On May 29, 1988, an American woman named Claire Sylvia received a heart transplant at a hospital in Yale, Connecticut.

Soon after the operation, Sylvia declared that she felt like drinking beer, something she hadn’t particularly been fond of. Later, she observed an uncontrollable urge to eat chicken nuggets and had cravings for green peppers which she hadn’t particularly liked before.

After visiting her donor’s family she discovered that he used to love chicken nuggets, green peppers and beer.

Case 3: A gay woman that received a heart from a straight, vegetarian girl, is now straight and cannot stand meat.

The recipient reported:

“You can tell people about this if you want to, but it will make you sound crazy. When I got my new heart, two things happened to me. First, almost every night, and still sometimes now, I actually feel the accident my donor had. I can feel the impact in my chest. It slams into me, but my doctor said everything looks fine. Also, I hate meat now. I can’t stand it. I was McDonald’s biggest money-maker, and now meat makes me throw up. Actually, whenever I smell it, my heart starts to race.”

The recipient’s brother reported:

“Susie’s straight now. I mean it seriously. She was gay and now her new heart made her straight. She threw out all her books and stuff about gay politics and never talks about it anymore. She was really militant about it before.”

Susie continued:

“Women still seem attractive to me, but my boyfriend turns me on; women don’t. I have absolutely no desire to be with a woman. I think I got a gender transplant.”

Case 4: A catering manager develops a sudden artistic talent after receiving a heart transplant.

William Sheridan, a retired catering manager with poor drawing skills, suddenly developed artistic talents after a heart transplant operation.

He was amazed to discover that the man who donated his new heart had been a keen artist.

The Heart Remembers Things Our Brain Cannot

And there are countless more cases that report sudden changes in taste of music, food, even commonly using words that they never used before.

In one case, a Spanish speaking man started using a word he had not used prior to his transplant.

Glenda, the donor’s wife, when meeting the recipient of her husband’s heart for the first time, used the word “copacetic” to describe the situation. The recipient’s mother quickly replied that her son had begun using that word for the first time and that it did not even have a Spanish equivalent, indicating that he had adopted the word from David.

The recipient’s son, who had before been a vegetarian, began craving meat and greasy food after his transplant. His music preferences also changed from favoring heavy metal to preferring fifties rock ‘n’ roll. All of these preferences turned out to be David’s preferences as well.

In another case, a 3-year-old Arab girl received a heart transplant from an 8-year-old Jewish boy who died in a car accident. After her surgery, the girl asked for a type of Jewish candy that, prior to the surgery, she did not even know existed.

The Heart and The Brain Can Create Memories

Dr. Paul Pearsall has observed that heart transplant recipients seemed to be the most susceptible to personality changes.

It’s like the heart consists of the core memories and elements that determine someone’s character.

A recent study done by The Hearth Math Institute discovered that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart!

There are around 40,000 neurons, similar like brain cells, in the human heart. They can operate independently from our brain and its neurons.

Research Proves Our Hearts Create Memories

The mindboggling conclusion from all these cases is that the deepest layers of our psyche are all recorded in our hearts.

Another interesting fact is that the heart is the first organ that develops in the mother’s womb when she gets pregnant.

Psychologists argue that our psyche and unconscious mind contain memories from our past lives.

Numerous cases of patients going into deep hypnosis reported events that never happened in their lifetimes. However, the reported events were proven as historically correct.

Carl Jung believed that nobody is born completely free of memories. That we all carry a set of memories stored deep into our unconscious mind.

So the question here is, could our soul be a set of deep meaningful memories that exist in a quantum state and when we are born those memories get projected through the neurons of our hearts?

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Continued in Part 3 – What is a Chimera?