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“Have you ever wished that there were something different about yourself? Maybe you imagined yourself taller, thinner, or stronger? Smarter? More attractive? Healthier? Or perhaps, as much as you love your children, you wished that there was something different about them. It is not that the love is missing, but it is precisely because you love them that you imagine they would be happier if they were different in some way. It is also possible that some form of genetic disease runs in your family, or a predisposition to cancer, alzheimer’s, or to some other potentially terrible health problem.” Read the rest of the article here:

In our modern, self-centered society, so many people see their children as extensions of themselves. They live their lives vicariously through their children and shape them and mold them into images of themselves. The fallen human being is totally selfish. And the enemy of your soul knows exactly how to manipulate you using that weakness. Oh how it feeds the ego to imagine yourself to be equal with GOD. To literally create your child according to your own specifications. Doesn’t that sound amazing??
Really? You really are foolish enough to believe that you can improve on God’s creation? I don’t know how much you have studied the human body, but it is a marvelous wonder. Infact, all of God’s creation is a marvelous wonder. Every single cell designed to perfection, every thing created to work together in harmonious splendour. I see every single person as a unique masterpiece and am fascinated to observe what each person brings to the picture.
Once you begin to take the controls, you will inevitably run into the problem/issue/question of where to draw the line. He is the God who sets our boundaries. How would you determine how much of this to add here, or what would happen if you take a little of that away there? Life was created in perfect balance. It you ever played Jenga or Pickup Sticks you know what can happen when just one little thing is removed from a structure that is in perfect balance.And how much do you know about how your little darling is going to impact others and what role they are going to play? GOD knows everything from beginning to end. He knows exactly what you need now and all throughout your lifetime. He knows where you come from and where you are going. He prepares us ahead of time, with what we will need when we get there. It is a delicate balance. Are you qualified to take the reigns? Having Babies has become an “Industry” ???

Timeline: The History of In Vitro Fertilization
The Disturbing Truth About Sperm Banks
I had my eggs frozen.
I wish someone had told me how difficult it was
Where do Frozen Embryos Come From?Embryo Vitrification aka Embryo Freezing Process
Uploaded on Oct 1, 2008

Wait, we got this process from Japan?

So apparently, some other countries are also working on developing this stuff and are ahead of us. How far ahead? and how long has this been going on?

 Embryo Ethics: Does discarding unused embryos constitute murder?

Unused Frozen Embryos – Dr. Angeline Beltsos
of Fertility Centers of Illinois on Chicago Tonight
(excellent presentation of the ethical aspects of this process)

Should We Make Designer Babies?

Insight: Designing Babies


Design Your Own Baby: Patent Granted

Healthier Humans or Designer Babies.
Should scientists be playing GOD ?Designer Babies Now Available!!Genetically Engineered Ethical Super Babies?

Designer Babies – Playing God in the WombAugust 14, 2012 By Beginning and End

GOD made the human body perfection! You can not improve on God’s creation. Scientists don’t tell you that most diseases today have been man made. Nor do they tell you that there already are CURES for most diseases, especially CANCER that the government will not allow you to know about. CANCER it is BIG BUSINESS and they use these diseases to advance and/or to justify their “scientific” programs, in order to achieve their ultimate goal… to become GOD.

Intelligence Genes: Are there Genius Genes? – Gazing off into Space

Chinese Project Probes the Genetics of Genius
Some people are concerned that, based on the history of Chinese population policy”, combined with preimplantation genetic testing, the Chinese government may actually be planning to try to use the study’s findings to implement some kind of genetic-selection program.
Peter Visscher, a geneticist from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Says “… the idea of predicting intelligence from a DNA sample is fanciful. “Even for human height, where you have samples of hundreds of thousands, the prediction you’d get for a newborn person isn’t very accurate,”
he says. “That will be true for IQ for a long time to come.”

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR


“The study, published in Nature Methods , found that using CRISPR-Cas9 to edit a genome can result in hundreds of unintended mutations being introduced. For the report, researchers sequenced the genomes of mice that had already undergone CRISPR-Cas9 procedures. They then scrutinized the edited genomes for any changes in the mouse genes—and they found plenty. The technology had accomplished the original intended task of correcting a gene that causes blindness, but it had also resulted in 1,500 other small changes and 100 large changes. Not one of those changes had been predicted by the researchers.”

CRISPR Gene-Editing Might Cause Thousands of Unintended Mutations

Even though this new tool has not been tested and proven, in fact it has been proven to create thousands of unintended mutations, still they have made this program available to young children in our schools, for experimentation??!!!

The Truth About Crispr & Gene Editing

How A Gene Editing Tool Went From Labs To A Middle-School Classroom

DIY CRISPR Kits, Learn Modern Science By Doing

UPDATE:  Now they are making DNA mutation available for do it your-selfers to use at home.  So any idiot who can afford the price can pollute DNA to their hearts delight.

Do-it-yourself CRISPR genome editing kits bring genetic engineering to your kitchen bench

Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA

If you think that any of this is a good idea, you have not thought it through.  When we allow this to begin we need to understand that the darkest possibilities will be the end result.  Have you really considered how deep and how dark this could get? 

From Gene-Editing Cures to Bioweapon Nightmare

Crispr has driven biotech investment, but also the possibility of dangerous applications. 

DNA (.aep source attached) by HolyPix on Dribbble

Birth of Baby With Three Parents’ DNA Marks Success for Banned Technique

A sperm being injected into an egg during an in vitro fertilization procedure.CreditJean-Paul Chassenet /Science Source

By Gina Kolata; Sept. 27, 2016

A few months ago, after a fertility procedure at a Mexican clinic, a healthy baby boy was born in New York to a couple from Jordan. It was the first live birth of a child who has been called — to the dismay of scientists who say the term is grossly misleading — a three-parent baby.

“This is huge,” said Dr. Richard J. Paulson, president-elect of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, after the birth was reported on Tuesday.


Gene editing: What is it and should we worry?

Gene editing: What is it and should we worry?

Gene editing is one of the most controversial scientific breakthroughs in modern history. This week a Chinese scientist was forced to pause a clinical trial amid global outcry over its ethical limits. But what is gene editing?

RT takes a look at what exactly gene editing entails, why it could benefit people most at risk of disease – and how it could also spell the beginning of the end.

What is gene editing?

Gene editing is a relatively new technology that allows scientists to rewrite DNA by correcting ‘bad’ genes or adding new ones. It has been used to treat children that were predisposed to serious genetic illnesses or incurable cancer, as well as HIV patients.

The Crispr-Cas9, invented six years ago, is the leading molecular tool in gene editing. It allows doctors to zone in on a specific region in a organism’s genetic code and effectively disable a gene.

What are the pros and cons for our health?

Of course, the excitement surrounding gene editing, and overarching pro in the debate, is its potential to save people who would otherwise likely inherit a terminal or debilitating illness. It has already been used to modify people’s immune systems to fight diseases.

Genetic disorders ranging from the inconvenient to the fatal can be passed down through the generations. Not only can gene editing eliminate a child’s predisposition to cystic fibrosis, cancer or HIV, it can also save their children’s children’s children’s children… you get the picture.

READ MORE: Chinese scientist behind ‘gene-edited-babies’ claim pauses trial after public outcry

However, as a relatively new scientific breakthrough, it’s important to know that the long-term effects of gene editing have yet to be determined. Gene editing can also affect the patient’s sperm or egg cells, meaning complications or side effects could also affect future generations.

Furthermore, off-target edits are a dangerous common problem where healthy genes (or crucial regulatory DNA) are impacted by the editing process.

What are the pros and cons morally?

Morally, the question of gene editing is very much up in the air. The debate rages on over how much science should influence man’s physical future, and if such extraordinary advances will remain out of the reach of the average – or poorer – person.

This week, a Chinese scientist announced he had conducted a human trial on embryos before the process was categorically proven to be safe. He Jiankui claims he successfully edited the genes of twin girls whose father is HIV positive, but was forced to pull the breaks after authorities ordered a probe into his trials.

Over a hundred Chinese researchers signed a statement dubbing the experiment “crazy.”

Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at the School of Biosciences in the University of Kent, told RT of his criticism of Jiankui’s work, saying: “In a world where scientists, by and large, try to be aware of ethical and social issues surrounding the work that we do, this report takes us back to the Stone Age.”

One key moral element concerns the passing down of side-effects after gene editing is carried out on a foetus or child – the treatment can affect their later parenting options, without their initial consent to undergo the process themselves.

There is also the risk of gene editing turning into a futuristic form of eugenics, in which the decisions on who can or cannot have children are taken out of people’s own hands entirely.   

Eugenics 2.0: We’re at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More

In his last work, before he passed away, Stephen Hawking predicted gene editing would lead to a superhuman race within this century. He anticipated that the temptation to create smarter and healthier humans, or so-called ‘designer babies’, will be too much for the rich, who will eventually all but eliminate “unimproved humans.”

READ MORE: Wealthy will create ‘superhuman race’: Stephen Hawking essays reveal dark prediction

Griffin says that ethical concerns should always be a fundamental part of such medical developments.

Scientists cannot be seen to be trying to forge ahead in the absence of ethical constraint. An international treaty on embryo research is now an absolute priority to prevent this happening again,” Griffin explained.

Gene editing of embryos holds great promise for a range of issues if dealt with in a responsible manner, and within an appropriate ethical framework.”

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