The Beast Of The Earth (Ad-Dabbah) that will rise out of Mecca

You may or may not be aware that the Arab Nations are on the Rise.  They are seeking to be at the TOP of the New World Order.  Of course you are aware that these nations have the Wealth that is required to rebuild using the latest technology.  OIL has made them rich with the help of the current banking system/ruling elite.

In this post you will see many strange events that are happening in Saudi Arabia.  You will also learn about how the Saudi’s are working to change the weather/environment in their  nation.  There will be questions raised as to whether these events are due to the Weather Manipulation, End Time Signs, Judgements on Islam, Climate Change or Miracle of Allah.

We will also look at the teaching from the Koran of the BEAST OF EARTH that will rise up out of Mecca.  And, the Baraq, magical horse-like creature in Islamic tradition that served as the mount of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

The royals of Saudi Arabia are so wealthy they have become Arrogant and full of Pride.  Which is the reason I have posted these first two videos.  So that you can get a glimpse of their arrogance.

Arrogant Oil Prince makes it rain down his opulence as a show of power.


On 23 January 2015, King Abdullah died and Salman ascended the throne.   Click this link for the details.


Well, the Saudi Prince has announced before that He makes it Rain in Saudi Arabia.  He controls the weather.

They have been working on weather control for a long time.