Will we ever be free of this guy??  He has latched onto our nation like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat.  We just can’t seem to scrape him off.  

If the signs are real and HE IS THE ANTICHRIST, GOD HELP US!  There is a reason why he carries so much weight and continues to not only be influential, but seemingly in control of so much that is happening to our Nation.  There is money behind him.  Now either he is just a puppet doing what he is told, or he has some birth right or status.  It is unnatural the control that he has over people and politics.

Is everyone so totally blind and stupid that they cannot see the damage that was done to our nation by this person?  Well, I guess if they can’t see the truth about Hillary and Bill, than why should we be surprised??  The world has lost its mind, that is all I can say.  WE are in a very hopeless situation.  ONLY GOD can get us out!


UPDATE  6/15/20

Obama makes light of things that are very important to the American people.  In this next video he jokes about the issue of his birth certificate.  This is a very grave topic.  The nation will NEVER know for certain ANYTHING about Obama.  Why?  Because he is a LIAR just like his FATHER… Satan.  

In an unprecedented move, President Barack Hussein Obama released his full birth video during the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner.



**Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary**

Released from his self-imposed neutrality, the former president will soon make the case for Biden that Biden has had trouble making himself.   

(Neutrality?  Seriously, you think we are that stupid?  Just because he has not come out publicly to announce his support for one candidate, does not mean that he has not been extremely acitve in what is going on behind the curtain and behind closed doors.) 

Barack Obama
Former President Barack Obama may find that young progressives view him — rightly or not — as a boomer from a bygone era of diminished ambitions. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

In the end, the most influential politician of 2020 might be the one who has been the most silent.

With Bernie Sanders exiting the race and Joe Biden taking on the mantle of presumptive nominee, the man who hovered quietly over the race for more than a year, Barack Obama, will soon return to the political fray.  (I take that as a threat)

Obama wanted Sanders to have the day to himself, so he refrained from speaking (or tweeting) publicly on Wednesday. But Obama had always said his role in the primaries would be to unite the party when it’s over, and he’s been in close contact with both campaigns as the pandemic both froze the race without a clear victor and also made it more obvious that Biden would eventually prevail.

Over the last few weeks, he’s had multiple conversations with candidates, including Sen. Sanders, about how to best position the Democratic Party to win in November,” said a source familiar with those calls. “While the content of those conversations remain private, there was always agreement that winning in the fall was paramount.”  (When has there ever before been a out-going President that EVER continued to behave as if he were still in office? Decent and honorable men have the good sense to step down and clear the way for the new President.  NOT OBUMA!  He insists on undermining the current seated President in every way possible.)

“A very good day!” one Obama adviser wrote when I asked about Sanders dropping out.

Obama mostly stuck to his pledge not to interfere in the race,(BULLSHIT!) but in 2019 there was one enormously important exception. In mid-November at a Democratic donor event he weighed in forcefully on the left vs. centrist argument that was then dominating the race. He warned Democratic candidates not to confuse actual voters with “left-leaning Twitter feeds.” He said that voters “don’t want to see crazy stuff,” that America is “less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement,” and that politicians pushing immigration policies that deny the existence of a border “may be in for a rude shock.”   (He is wrong about Americans not being REVOLUTIONARY, the way that our Country has changed starting with the Presidency of Barak Obuma, has driven normally conservative and supportive American citizens to the point of revolt.  We want our rights back, we want our Constitution honored and we want from under the oppression of the United Nations!)

If there was a casualty of Obama’s comments, it might have been Elizabeth Warren, who lost her lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire (to Pete Buttigieg) that same week and never regained it. Obama’s warning about the electoral consequences of leftism may have been the most important moment of the 2019 pre-primary season. At the time of those comments, several of Obama’s closest advisers, who all opposed Sanders, told me in interviews that Sanders was a spent force, a mistake that many observers made at the time. Obama was publicly silent for the remainder of the campaign.(Maybe officially/publicly, but not silent behind the scenes.) But one of his closest advisers issued a warning: “If Bernie were running away with it, I think maybe we would all have to say something.”

But some of his aides now concede that behind the scenes Obama played a role in nudging things in Biden’s direction at the crucial moment when the Biden team was organizing former candidates to coalesce around Biden.

“I know he did a few things,” said one longtime close adviser to Obama. “He was talking to Biden regularly in that period. I don’t know exactly what he said, but you can speculate! It’s noteworthy that he called Klobuchar and the others right when they got out.”

A person with knowledge of Obama’s conversation with Buttigieg after the former Indiana mayor exited the race explained it this way: “Obama talked to Pete the night that Pete dropped out. When Pete told Obama that he was 99.9 percent of the way there in terms of endorsing Biden, I would say that Obama was encouraging. But I would also say that Obama was very careful not to be seen as putting a thumb on the scale. He and the people close to him are very careful about the optics — the 2016-style optics. Sanders and his supporters had reason to believe the party put the thumb on the scale for Hillary in 2016 and he wanted to avoid that. Obama wasn’t the driving force, but he was encouraging of people who had those instincts to rally around Biden. (He was doing much more than that.)  But he was very cautious and discreet in how he operated.  (discreet is the same as OCCULT, meaning he was secretive)

A Democratic strategist added, “The truth is, he’d rather be on David Geffen’s yacht than dealing with internal Democratic party bullshit.”  (Oh for sure, he loves the highlife! Hanging with movie stars and the rich and famous. Traveling in luxury. We know how much he and Michael love vacations!  Hell, we paid for enough of them!)

That’s a little unfair, but it plays into a popular stereotype of Obama during the Trump era as too detached from the political fray. (who every thought of Obuma as detached politically?  He has in hand in so much political stuff that he should never have been allowed to be part of.) But Obama has had a fairly consistent strategy of husbanding his political capital (that is a clever way to word that) and only speaking publicly when he was sure it would have some impact (as it seemed to in November) (so clearly he knew exactly what he was doing and the consequences that would follow his remarks.)  and laying back from pure electoral politics until the final stretch of the campaign (as in 2018). (So we see that his support of Hilary at the end of her sad campaign was very strategically planned and executed.)

“[Sanders’ exit from the race] frees up Obama to live up to what he said — that he wasn’t going to put his thumb on the scale until there was a nominee,” said the longtime Obama adviser. “Now he’ll do anything the party and the nominee want to help win the election.”

Barack Obama isn’t running in 2020 – so why is he in all the campaign ads?

Democratic candidates have been vying to link themselves to the popular former president in their television spots

Barack Obama has not endorsed any candidate in the 2020 race but that hasn’t stopped ads for Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg from featuring him prominently.
 Barack Obama has not endorsed any candidate in the 2020 race but that hasn’t stopped ads for Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg from featuring him prominently. Photograph: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

As Democrats vote in Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday, they do so having been inundated with an ad from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign featuring Barack Obama praising her.  (Hmmm, sounds to me like he was not so silent!)

Days later in South Carolina, when Democrats go to vote, they will have been bombarded by four different Democratic presidential campaigns with ads suggesting Obama favors each campaign’s candidate the most. (So did they all lie, or was Obama supporting them from behind the scene? Just not vocally. Perhaps that was part of his game. To leave open the opportunity for them to all claim his support, keeping his name in the minds of the people.)

But the former president has not endorsed any candidate in the primary and is not expected to anytime soon. No candidate has directly asked for Obama’s endorsement either.

Still, the trend of campaigns featuring the popular former Democratic president praising their candidates is a sign of how influential the specter of Obama remains in this primary. It is also an indicator of the value of appearing to carry the Obama mantle.

The ads have been tailored to each candidate’s ideal identity to voters. Warren’s ad, for instance, features Obama calling her one of the “fiercest advocates for the middle class” who is also “tough”.

Elizabeth Warren

People told me the CFPB could never happen, but it did. I was proud to fight alongside President @BarackObama for middle-class families. I know how to fight—and I know how to win.

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Mike Bloomberg ad describes how the former president and former New York mayor worked together on gun control issues – a signature Bloomberg issue – with the president calling him a “leader”.

The ad has received blowback from former Obama staffers, though, and the relationship between Bloomberg and Obama is complicated.

In South Carolina, a Joe Biden campaign ad features clips of Obama, as a narrator describes the president ushering in Obamacare into law and then switches to saying Biden will never let Obamacare be repealed. There too, the intention is clear: tie the candidate to Obama.

The Biden campaign has also used Biden’s time as vice-president to Obama to bash his rival candidate Pete Buttigieg, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Another Biden campaign ad just splices together clips of Obama praising his former vice-president.

The billionaire Tom Steyer, another Democratic presidential candidate, has aired an ad in South Carolina that works harder to connect him to Obama. Steyer is a comparative newcomer to national political campaigns and his ties to Obama are more shallow than those of, say, Biden or Warren. So the ad features the woman behind the popular Obama campaign rally phrase “fired up, ready to go!” saying: “My God, Tom’s fired up and [Donald] Trump got to go.”

Well, it appears that this entire democratic primary has all been about OBAMA, are we sure that HE IS NOT THE CANDIDATE??  Seems like ALL of them were campaigning for OBAMA.