PROOF: They will, they are, they can, they have and they DO!

Nope? You still don’t see anything?   Strange Sounds

WELL, WELL, WELL.  Wait until you get a load of what we have today!!  After all these years, who would have thought.

There is a lot of detail in each of the articles posted here.  It is good to get as much as you can to give you a clear picture of what is and what has been going on.  Read all the details if you like, or skim through and catch the highlights. Whatever works for you.  JUST DON’T MISS THIS POST!!  



UPDATE ADDED 10/8/23   – Just another way they are redistributing wealthy, taking it from the US and giving it away to countries like Saudi Arabia.   Now, Saudi Arabia is hardly a poor or undeveloped nation.  So, they cannot claim they are using it to make retribution to the indigenous nations.  

The Bureau of Land Management is taking land from ranchers, farmers and homesteaders, stealing their livelihoods and leaving them destitute, and then make sweetheart deals with foreign interests and huge corporations.

NOT COOL!!  The Weather Makers say that they aren’t doing anything to steal water from anyone.  This sure makes them liars!   Only God knows how many other schemes like this they have working already or what other ways they have found to deplete our reserves or those of other nations.



The best of Israel’s agri-tech and clean-tech innovation is combined in a new oasis system that could help feed millions of desert-dwellers.

These crops are being grown with solar-energy desalinated water.
August 9, 2012, Updated July 15, 2015

Growing the most crop per drop of water is an Israeli specialty. With little rain and a hot desert sun as unforgiving as the Sahara, Israel’s high-tech researchers and farmers have combined their expertise to grow a cornucopia of salt-tolerant crops in dry desert conditions. People from hungry countries far and wide come to learn from Israel’s expertise.

Now, a new research project by two desert research institutes has strung several Israeli agriculture and clean-tech specialties together to help alleviate world hunger and push back the desert through an artificial desert oasis using low-cost desalination technology that runs on solar power.

A small model is up and running in the desert north of the Dead Sea, while the researchers aim to build a larger testing and training facility for agronomists from across Israel and other countries.

This new desert oasis, engineered by researchers from Ben-Gurion University and the Central and Northern Arava Research and Development center, follows decades of Israeli accomplishments in plant genetics married with desalination and solar energy advances.

No mirage

Ben-Gurion University’s Rami Messalem has been researching desalination membranes since the 1960s

Deserts get little or no rainfall, but often there are aquifers deep below the surface that may hold an abundance of water. The problem is getting the salt out of this water so it can be useful for farmers to grow cash crops. The new oasis solves the problem with an ecosystem that produces a variety of freshwater and salt-hardy crops that feed on saline wastewater from the desalination process. It’s in tune with Mother Earth and affordable for some of the poorest farmers subsisting on areas of encroaching desert.   JEWS referencing “Mother Earth”? Shame on them!! 

From the outset, the main idea was to create a solution to feed the world’s hungry, says Rami Messalem from Ben-Gurion University’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research. A Jewish philanthropist from Switzerland gave the researchers the fuel to develop the sustainable system, which hinges on a low-energy desalination nano-filter designed and engineered at Messalem’s lab.


With experience in membrane technology since the 1960s, Messalem says this filter is unique because it runs on about a quarter of the power that traditional desalination units require. This means that fewer expensive solar panels are needed to support it off-grid, although the oasis can also run on electricity from the grid.

Membrane Technology – an overview … –

Membrane technology is a physical technique that involves filtration of wastewater and able to remove diverse size ranges (micro to nano) of contaminants via specialized membranes with diverse filtration characteristics (hydrophobicity, surface charge, pore size) to facilitate the contaminant removal.

Etymology, origin and meaning of membrane by etymonline

early 15c., “thin layer of skin or soft tissue of the body,” a term in anatomy, from Latin membrana “a skin, membrane; parchment (skin prepared for writing),” from membrum “limb, member of the body” (see member). The etymological sense is “that which covers the members of the body.”


The entire system was designed with cash-strapped countries in mind.

“There is no use to try and compete with huge companies who make the best membrane which can do the right job. It’s very easy to make these kinds of filters and put them out into the market,” Messalem tells ISRAEL21c. “What we are using here has been designed very cleverly, and we’ve accomplished this with some tricks.”

He notes, “One of the biggest challenges when using desalination technologies is what to do with the waste concentratethe brine. We found that there are some plants like the red beet, which is a halophyte, a plant that likes salty water.”

Brackish water cannot be sent back down into the soil because it pollutes the groundwater below. Red beets are one solution for soaking it up above ground, and another is using the concentrate to raise ornamental fish in the desert, a business already proven successful in Israel.

Test oasis up and running

The desalination filter in the new oasis system removes the undesirable salts while leaving in the minerals to sustain plant life. In fact, the filters are engineered in such a way, explains Messalem, that farmer could use less fertilizer for their crops — a bonus for the environment, too.

The solar-powered model oasis, located on a quarter of an acre near the Dead Sea, is successfully sustaining four different crops. Each system would be custom-made to maximize each customer’s particular crop needs and energy availability.

This is good news for regions in the Middle East and Africa where micro-farmers are losing ground to desertification.

A 1.25-acre area has been leased to develop into an operational demonstration site and field school where Israel’s thousands of agricultural visitors could come to learn the new oasis method every year. Learning directly from the people who built it could be a life-changing experience for those looking to farm for their future, such as the Nigerian rebels who come to Israel to learn how to trade their weapons for plows.


BERLIN – As the world struggles to rein in emissions of climate-changing gases and limit planetary warming, a new technological silver bullet is gaining supporters. Geoengineering –the large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s natural systemshas been popularized as a means of counteracting the negative effects of climate change.

Proponents of this science feed the illusion that there is a way to engineer an exit from the climate crisis, meet the goals of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, and maintain a consumption-heavy lifestyle.

But this solution is not as simple as proponents would have us believe. Betting on climate engineering – either as a planetary insurance policy or as a last-ditch measure to combat rising temperatures – is not only risky; it also directs attention away from the only solution we know will work: reducing carbon emissions.

Each of the engineered technologies being discussed carries dangers and uncertainties. For example, the only way to test the effectiveness of solar radiation management (SRM) on a global scale would be to carry out experiments in the environment either by spraying particles into the stratosphere, or by artificially modifying clouds. While such tests would be designed to determine whether SRM could reflect enough sunlight to cool the planet, experimentation itself could cause irreversible damageCurrent models predict that SRM deployment would alter global precipitation patterns, damage the ozone layer, and undermine the livelihoods of millions of people.

Beyond the ecological risks, critics warn that, once deployed globally, SRM could spawn powerful weapons, giving states, corporations, or individuals the ability to manipulate climate for strategic gain (an idea that not even Hollywood can resist). But perhaps the most important criticism is a political one: in a world of challenged multilateralism, how would global ecological interventions be governed?

Similar questions surround the other major group of climate engineering technologies under debateso-called carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Proponents of these technologies propose removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it underground or in the oceans. Some CDR approaches are already prohibited, owing to concerns about possible environmental consequences. For example, fertilization of oceans with carbon-sequestering plankton was banned by the London Protocol on marine pollution in 2008. Parties to that decision worried about the potential damage to marine life.

But other CDR approaches are gaining support. One of the most discussed ideas aims to integrate biomass with carbon capture and storage (CCS) techniques. Called “bioenergy with CCS,” or BECCS, this method seeks to pair the CO2-absorption capabilities of fast-growing plants with underground CO2 storage methods. Proponents argue that BECCS would actually yield “negative” emissions.

Yet, as with other engineered solutions, the promises are simply too good to be true. For example, huge amounts of energy, water, and fertilizer would be required to operate BECCS systems successfully. The effects on land use would likely lead to terrestrial species losses, and increase land competition and displacement of local populations. Some forecasts even suggest that the land clearing and construction activities associated with these projects could lead to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions, at least in the short term.

Then there is the issue of scale. In order for BECCS to achieve emissions limits set by the Paris agreement, between 430 million and 580 million hectares (1.1 billion to 1.4 billion acres) of land would be needed to grow the required vegetation. That is a staggering one third of the world’s arable land.

Simply put, there are safer – and proven – ways to withdraw CO2 from the atmosphere. Rather than creating artificial CO2-binding “farms,” governments should focus on protecting already-existing natural ecosystems and allowing degraded ones to recover. Rainforests, oceans, and peatlands (such as bogs) have immense CO2 storage capacities and do not require untested technological manipulation.

By pushing unproven technologies as a cure for all climate-changing ills, proponents are suggesting that the world faces an unavoidable choice: geoengineering or disaster. But this is disingenuous. Political preferences, not scientific or ecological necessity, explain the appeal of geoengineering.

Unfortunately, current debates about climate engineering are undemocratic and dominated by technocratic worldviews, natural science and engineering perspectives, and vested interests in the fossil-fuel industries. Developing countries, indigenous peoples, and local communities must be given a prominent voice, so that all risks can be fully considered before any geoengineering technology is tested or implemented.

So what conversation should we be having about geoengineering?

For starters, we need to rethink the existing governance landscape. In 2010, parties to the United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) agreed to a de facto international moratorium on climate-related geoengineering. But today, with powerful advocates generating so much pressure to bring geoengineering technologies out of the lab, informal bans are no longer sufficient. The world urgently needs an honest debate on the research, deployment, and governance of these technologies; the CBD and the London Protocol are essential starting points for these governance discussions.

Among the technologies that require the most scrutiny are CDR projects that threaten indigenous lands, food security, and water availability. Such large-scale technological schemes must be regulated diligently, to ensure that climate-change solutions do not adversely affect sustainable development or human rights.

In addition, the outdoor testing and deployment of SRM technologies, because of their potential to weaken human rights, democracy, and international peace, should be banned outright. This ban should be overseen by a robust and accountable multilateral global governance mechanism.

No silver bullet for climate change has yet been found. And while geoengineering technologies remain mostly aspirational, there are proven mitigation options that can and should be implemented vigorously. These include scaling up renewable energy, phasing out fossil fuels (including an early retirement of existing fossil infrastructure), wider diffusion of sustainable agroecological agriculture, and decreased energy and resource input into our economy.

We cannot afford to gamble with the future of our planet. If we engage in a serious discussion about ecologically sustainable and socially just measures to protect the Earth’s climate, there will be no need to roll the dice on geoengineering.


Turning Israel’s Negev Desert into an Oasis – YouTube

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THE RUNDOWN | Israel’s Negev desert is turning into a hub of technology, thanks to hi-tech entrepreneurs and startups uniting powers in the …
YouTube · i24NEWS English · May 28, 2018


 The following article is available in PDF form, if you want to read the details.  I pulled most of the pictures so you can see that this stuff is real and how much effort and energy they have been putting into designing and developing these geo engineering systems.   Note that this paper was written in 2005.  So they had already been testing and using these technologies for a long time before the paper was written.
To view the full document just click the title link:


OK, folks!!  NOW there is no reason for anyone to deny that WEATHER MODIFICATION EXISTS an that it has been being practiced by our Government as well as other government for many years!!!  


They have been EXPERIMENTING with WEATHER CONTROL over our heads, on the ground where we live and underneath it.  WE have been their guinea pigs for decades and they have denied, denied, denied; laughing in our faces.  Heartless, mindless, soulless monsters!

Chemtrails vs. contrails (video)

American Chemical Society
Feb 6, 2018 — 6, 2018 — It’s easy to look at the white trail behind a jet aircraft and imagine all manner of chemicals raining down from above. However, …
If you’ve ever seen a jet fly across the sky, you may have noticed that there is sometimes a thin white line behind it. These clouds are contrails, …
The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are actually …
NOW, from what you have read above along with all of the other evidence you have been shown by TRUTHERS across the world, you should recognize that ALL NATIONS CONSPIRE AGAINST US.  ALL GOVERNMENTS are part of the MASTER PLAN to bring in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that they are all of one mind and everybody likes each other.  They are just like the DEMONS whom they serve.  Without GOD, their is no love, no compassion, no TRUTH.  It is EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES.   Though they sign contracts and agreements and hold their little meetings. They are truly all out for their own interests.  There is no HONOR among thieves.  EVEN the demons in HELL will fight and scrape for their piece of the pie.  Everyone wants to come out on TOP.
KNOWING THAT, and seeing that they have developed these WEATHER CONTROL technologies to the point that they are willing to let you in on the secret, well…at least at little bit.  YOU SHOULD BE VERY SERIOUS and CONCERNED.
The ENTIRE POINT of Weather Control is CONTROL!!  Power CORRUPTS!!  These maniacs will not stop!  The reason why they kept their secret so fiercely guarded is because they were not developing it for our GOOD!  They were developing it as a WEAPON!  From the very beginning it purpose was made very clear.
Listen to the following video very closely!  

So, the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!  NOW, the whole world knows that Weather Control is real and Available.

ALL Nations will be clamoring for the power.  As President Johnson said “HE WHO CONTROLS THE WEATHER RULES THE WORLD!”  

No nation wants to be left behind.  Weaponized Weather is a REALITY NOW.  Just one more KEY POINT for the NEW GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.  After all, they cannot allow such a threat to exist.  IT MUST BE CONTAINED!  THERE MUST BE RULES, REGULATIONS, LAWS and ENFORCEMENT!!!

As we read above:
The world urgently needs an honest debate on the research, deployment, and governance of these technologies
; the CBD and the London Protocol are essential starting points for these governance discussions.

Among the technologies that require the most scrutiny are CDR projects that threaten indigenous lands, food security, and water availability. Such large-scale technological schemes must be regulated diligently, to ensure that climate-change solutions do not adversely affect sustainable development or human rights.