They want to make RED NOSE DAY every Friday, by getting you to contribute money on a monthly basis!  DON’T give these people the time of day.  It is a CON and a Scam and just another way to take your hard earned money!  “Philanthropy” has been turned into a dirty word as far as I am concerned. These billionaires hide behind the title of “Charity” while they rob the people blind, to build up their wealth.  If you want to help someone… go out and find someone to help.  That should be pretty easy today in our current society. There are billions of people struggling to stay alive.  DON’T THROW YOUR MONEY into the POCKETS OF THE RICH!

I guess they did not make their goal with this year’s event.  They need to bleed you even more… STOP THEM!!!!

Make a Monthly Gift

Cynthia, I don’t think anyone could have anticipated that the first six months of 2020 would take us through crisis after crisis – a devastating pandemic, economic uncertainty, and a global response to racial inequity.

This period has further demonstrated how our systems of education, public health, and justice have been built in ways that discount the needs of communities of color. Children and families who were already struggling are being set back even further, and the organizations they rely on will continue to face challenges in meeting their needs.

And yet, I remain hopeful. I’ve seen first-hand how the power of people coming together can make extraordinary things possible for children who need our help the most. But we know changing the story for children doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And it’s going to take all of us. That’s why we created The Sandbox — a growing community of monthly donors dedicated to building opportunities and solutions for children to thrive, every single day, all year long.

Become a Monthly Donor Now

Right now, our partners are providing essential services for children where the need is greatest. They’re also developing programs that will help communities create lasting, meaningful change. Through a monthly gift, you can help ensure children will know where their next meals are coming from, have access to crucial medical care, and can get a quality education. You can unlock a lifetime of potential. Can we count on you, Cynthia?

Making sure that every child has healthy food, a safe home, and a quality education takes all of us. We need your help to lift children out of poverty. Will you make your first gift today and make it an everyday commitment to lifting children out of poverty?

$10/month   $25/month   $50/month

I sincerely believe we’ll come out on the other side of this crisis with a greater sense of solidarity – and a stronger understanding of how each of us can and must do everything in our power to ensure that every child is empowered to reach their full potential.

By becoming a member of The Sandbox and making a monthly donation, you help fund programs that can break the cycle of poverty and create a more just world for children here at home, and around the world.

Together we can change the story for good.

I hope you’ll join us.


Alison Moore
CEO, Comic Relief US

Funds from this organization, (I won’t even call it a charity) go to support Bill Gates and his draconian vaccination program that experiments on third world populations and has already maimed and/or killed millions of children worldwide.  DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE!

RED is the COLOR of:

It is associated with SET the Ancient God of Storms. Red, in some cultures, is considered the opposite of white. Which makes sense when you consider the Bible verse that says “Though your sins be as SCARLET(RED) I will make them WHITE as snow.” It is also likely why the Devil is most often thought to be dressed in red, while God’s saints and angels are clothed in white.

Check out this site on Red in Ancient Egypt:

Given the above information, it appears to me that this ritual, or spell, is meant to bring in the Endtime brutality, bloodshed, wars, violent weather, devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes that accompany the entrance of Appollo/Abaddon the Anti-Christ.


NBC/Trae Patton

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Adam Scott Kick Off The Night and Star In “Celebrity Escape Room” Supporting the Annual Campaign to End Child Poverty

Lot’s of disarming, entertaining, warm up followed by a massive well crafted propagandized sales presentation.  Shearing the Sheep!  Don’t Believe the HYPE!  Keep reading below. 

The annual Red Nose Day Special will observe Superstar Escape Room with an leisure showcase that includes music, comedy and poignant movies. The movies will share tales of kids and younger individuals who have been affected by poverty and the way Red Nose Day funds have helped change their story for good.

They have obviously produced some “MOVIES” and we all know that movies are real, right.  Showcase style movies, made with a production crew and cast to help convince you of the legitimacy of this “cause”.   You are going to trust Hollywood and Hollywood actors to bring you truth?  Are you kidding??  RESEARCH for yourselves.  I have met people who train people how to become MILLIONAIRES by creating a 510C3 Charity.  It is a CON GAME.  They only have to donate 2% of what they determine to be their proceeds, that is what is left after they pay ALL that they can call expenses.  WAKE UP!    I know it is easier for you to write a check or buy a Red Nose…but itis all a lie!  Do you honestly believe that all the BILLIONS of Dollars that have been contributed have really been used to help those in need?  COME ON… open your eyes.  Look around,  the world is going to HELL.  The rich are getting richer and richer and the poor are being driven out of what little they have to call their own.  People, including children are homeless and starving.  How is that??  People around the world, but especially in the USA have donated unimaginable sums of money and an equally unimaginable amount of their own time, sweat and blood.  WHY is not making a difference???   WHY?????   Because the money NEVER makes it to the place it was intended to go. At least not in amounts that should considering what has been raised.  

Seriously folks, if you really want to help children who are suffering, homeless, hungry, abused and/or abandoned, take a look around your neighborhood.  They are not hard to find.  If you don’t have money or don’t want to hand out money to strangers, help them find some support group, shelter, or buy them a warm drink, a hot meal, a room for the night (or a weekend or week), where they can get a bath and wash our their clothes.  Offer them a coat or blanket. Let them use your phone to reconnect with family, buy them a bus ticket home.  You will be guaranteed to know where your money goes if you give it DIRECTLY to those who need it.  Not to mention the warm feeling you will get when you see what you are able to do to help another human being.  BRING HUMANITY BACK TO HUMANITY!!  Kill the Corporate Charity LIE!!   Neighbors helping Neighbors, face to face and elbow to elbow, that is what makes a difference.

The Truth is that this is so much more than just a Charity Campaign.  This deception is designed to get you aligned with the wrong team.  Keep Reading! 

Red Nose Day

Bill and Melinda Gates “They are the Richest and among the World’s Most Influential Power Couples” according to CBS Sunday Morning.   They are touting the Red Nose Day “charity” as being centered on feeding the hungry children of the world.  The truth is, they are using it to raise funds for their WORLD WIDE IMMUNIZATION PROJECT intended to inject ID TRACING MICROBES into ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. 
Please see my article: The Mark of the BEAST is at YOUR DOOR-


Get your red nose at the ready, May 21 is Red Nose Day in the USA! This special holiday got its start in England in 1988, and today it’s one of the largest fundraisers in the UK. The day is sponsored by Comic Relief, a British charity that raises money for people in need in the United Kingdom and Africa. Red Nose Day happens every two years on the second or third Friday in March. In the past 30 years, the event has raised over £1 billion. The day features a telethon, TV specials, and events around the country.  Funds raised by means of Red Nose Day are cut up evenly between home and worldwide applications.


How to Observe Red Nose Day

  1. Wear a red nose

    One of the easiest ways to get involved in Red Nose Day is to wear a red nose! Special noses are sold at Walgreens stores.  £1 all $1 proceeds go to Red Nose Day!  ($.50 goes to Walgreen’s and $.50 to Red Nose Day)

    This is very important because it locks you in to the spirit connected to this ritual.  YOU are taking action that declares your participation.

  2. Watch the NBC broadcast

    Invite friends and family over to watch the marathon NBC broadcast together! Wear red noses and laugh at your favorite celebrities doing very silly things to raise money. And of course, don’t forget to call in and pledge your dollars!

    This is very important because it connects you with the HIVE.  Adds you into the POWER GRID bringing your energy to the magick.  AND ohh so important not to forget to pledge!!  Your money is your worship!

  3. Fundraise for Red Nose Day

    Take to the streets with your Red Nose Day joy! The organizers of Red Nose Day have a lot of ideas for raising money in a fun way. From Bake Sales to Sponsored Silences and road races, there is sure to be a way to for you to raise money, and have fun doing it!

    WELL, no need to even state the importance of this step…but I will.  This is THE most important step.   BRING THAT MONEY IN!!


Sean Hayes and Kelly Clarkson wear red noses in support of Red Nose Day, a charity event that raises awareness for child poverty.   Ron Batzdorff / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Editor’s note:
 This is an updated version of a story that originally ran on May 25, 2017.

May 25 is Red Nose Day in the United States.

Odds are you’re one of the Americans who don’t know exactly what that means. In 2016, Comic Relief USA, which stages the event, surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that “60 percent didn’t quite understand what we did,” says Janet Scardino, CEO of the group.

The short explanation: It’s a campaign to raise money to fight child poverty. (hmm, do you see any improvement in the child poverty situation???  Just how do they fight it?  Where does the money go?  In a world where it is illegal to feed the hungry and those who do are shutdown and/or arrested and thrown in jail, it is hard for me to believe that the elite behind this “charity/holiday truly care about feeding the hungry.  If you are like me, you get sick of seeing the same tired outreach videos over and over again, with no real impact to be seen on the world stage.  Poverty, hunger, homelessness and abuse is at an ALL TIME  HIGH.   Where does all that money go??  Sure, they will show you films of someone who says they have been helped, but consider all the charities involved and all the money raised.  For them claim to have impacted anyone all they have to do is donate a tiny little portion of money to a charity that claims to be doing the work.  It is a farce!  Believe me.  If you were ever able to see a complete open and honest breakdown of the funds brought in and how they are distributed, it would make you ANGRY! ) 

But how does buying a red foam nose at a drugstore for a buck help the cause? And does this charity with the silly name really do good work?

We did some reporting, and here’s what we learned.

The British charity Comic Relief started Red Nose Day in England in 1985 as a way to raise money to fight child poverty. Why Red Nose Day and not, say, Fight Child Poverty Day? It’s hard to get a definitive answer. But it appears the organizers wanted a symbol that would make people laugh. Everyone fromJustin Timberlake to Mindy Kaling have put on red noses to promote the fundraising effort.

Red Nose Day is held every two years in the U.K. and has raised $1.4billion (1+4=5), which is distributed to charities that fight child poverty.  (That is very vague.  What charities and how do THEY fight child poverty?)

Four years ago, the event crossed over to the U.S., where it’s become an annual event. In the weeks leading up to Red Nose Day and on the day itself, money is raised in all sorts of ways. Of the dollar people pay to buy a red nose — including a new sparkly version flecked with silver glitter — at Walgreens and Duane Reade drugstores, 50 centsgoes to charity (the other half covers the cost of producing the nose). (and what covers the cost of all the personnel involved and the advertising budget and the activities, concerts and events centered around this holiday?)

Since April 2, the charity has sold 9million (9 is sacred and the cube of 3. 999 is 666 inverted) red noses, resulting in $4.5 million in proceeds (4+5=9 another 9). But there’s lots of other ways to give. On the fundraising website Omaze (Chaldean Numerology The numerical value of omaze in Chaldean Numerology is: 6; Pythagorean Numerology The numerical value of omaze in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6), people can donate up to $5,000 to win a picnic with actor Hugh Grant at the park featured in Notting Hill or join the cast of The Crown (Corona) for a garden tea party. Eighty (80) percent of the donations raised from these experiences goes to Red Nose Day USA. (they don’t even tell us how much of the “proceeds” from these fundraisers goes to “fight child hunger”.

In the weeks leading up to the big day, the charity releases short online films to encourage donations. In one video, Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls, a longtime supporter of Red Nose Day, visits Koro Kocho, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Nairobi, and talks to the organizers and students of BoxGirls, a Red Nose Day-supported programthat uses boxing to teach girls self-defense and help build up confidence.  (WHAT?? Wait, RED NOSE DAY supports other charities with the funds they receive??  I thought they were raising money to feed hungry kids.)

The highlight of the event is a three-hour telethon, which will take place on Thursday night on NBC, hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick. Viewers are urged to call in and make a donation during the programming . It includes a game show, hosted by comedian Jane Lynch, featuring Jack Black, Kelly Clarkson and Isla Fisher, and a special episode of Celebrity Ninja Warrior. (and all this air time, production costs and celebrity participation is free, right? Or is that deducted from the “proceeds”?)

The last hour of the evening will include videos of Comic Relief’s work to combat child poverty in the U.S., Puerto Rico and poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  (Wait a minute, with all the immigrants fleeing poverty in their native lands and all the American kids whose families have been displaced and with everyone out of work, what is being done to feed the hungry children RIGHT HERE?)

The charity works with nonprofit organizations like Feeding America, the Boys & Girls Clubs of AmericaSave the Children and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to distribute food and medicine to children in need. According to the organization’s 2015 tax filings, these partners receive 85 percent of Comic Relief’s proceeds.

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

Red Nose Day also receives funding from corporations like M&Ms, which donated $1 million this year. And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a supporter of NPR, is offering a public match of $250,000 to encourage donations via email.   (Bill and Melinda the VACCINE pushers, this charity mentions providing vaccines.  Hmmm I wonder who makes money on those? And notice, they want everyone getting regular vaccines throughout their entire LIFE!  God only knows what they are already putting in them, and what they may put in them in the future.  Right into your bloodstream!)

Charity Navigator, which rates nonprofits using a four-star evaluation system, has found that most of Red Nose Day’s charity partners have a three or four-star rating (Why are charities supporting other charities? Isn’t the money supposed to be used for the specific purpose it was raised?)

Then there’s the question of the goofiness of it all. Part of the appeal of Red Nose Day is that it makes people feel good,says David Bishai, a professor who specializes in economics and public health at Johns Hopkins University. “The red nose doesn’t drag you into the dark side of the poor, showing you children with swollen bellies. That’s not fun,” he says. “The [campaigners] say: We understand there’s terrible suffering in the world and we’re doing something about it.” (WHAT? Seriously folks, DO WE REALLY NEED TO BE TRICKED INTO CHARITY???   WHY DON’T WE JUST REACH OUT ONE ON ONE TO THOSE IN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES THAT WE CAN SEE AND TOUCH?  That is really the only way you can KNOW that you are helping someone. Charity has become a HUGE BUSINESS!  A CORRUPT BUSINESS!)

It sounds gimmicky, but academics who study charitable giving don’t seem to mind. “I could have been holy about it — but they’re helping Americans think about those less well-off in other countries,” says Bishai. “Give them a break.”  (Believe me folks, they spend plenty of time and money studying the psychology of “giving” and how to manipulate you. IT is NOT about helping people.  It is all about the benjamins!  All about the GOLD.  All about getting YOUR money in THEIR CONTROL. Using any means necessary. I have had people tell me that they don’t give money to anyone begging on the street because “they are just after your money”.   LOL.   I would much rather give MY money to someone who is honestly reaching out for it one on one, than the bandits who hide behind corporations, religion and politics.  THEY ARE ALL AFTER YOUR MONEY.  But the poor soul on the street, is most likely desperate and most often not of their own doing.  While the rich cats behind their suits and their desks, don’t NEED anything they just can’t get enough EVER!  They want it ALL!)

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.  STOP GIVING TO ORGANIZATIONS and find someone in your area you can buy lunch, or drive to an appointment, or bring a hot family meal to, or give some clothes to, or provide a place to sleep for the night.  You will be amazed at how it changes your life for the better!!  And how it can change the world!!

Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit

Clown BlueyClown History

The history of clowns is a vast subject and one could write a book about it if one had time! Luckily, there have been others with the willpower! There have been several good books on the subject, notably “Clowns” by Douglas Newton; “Bring on the Clowns” by Beryl Hugill; “Clowning Through” by Frank Foster and “Clowns & Pantomimes” by M. Willson Disher to mention just a very small selection. I have used several in my research for this article and I acknowledge the authors with gratitude! Please see my Bibliography at the end of this article.   (There is some good information in this article. You can view the entire article by clicking the link above)


an alchemist, a magician.  a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior.

a deceiver; cheat; fraud.
a person who plays tricks.
a supernatural figure appearing in various guises and typically engaging in mischievous activities, important in the folklore and mythology of many primitive peoples and usually conceived as a culture hero.

Pranksternoun   One who causes minor trouble or damage:
devilimpmischiefrascalroguescamp. Informal:

– Pathological liars, or “mythomaniacs,” may be suffering from histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder.

someone who plays practical jokes on others
cut-uphoaxerpractical  jokertrickertrickster
Type of: bad hatmischief-makertrouble makertroublemakertroubler 
someone who deliberately stirs up trouble

..Practical Joker..

1. practical joker – n -someone who plays practical jokes on others
cut-up, hoaxer, prankster, tricker, trickster bad hat, mischief-maker, troublemaker, troublemaker, troubler – someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
2. practical joke – n –A mischievous trick played on a person, especially one that causes the victim to experience embarrassment, indignity, or discomfort.   Source:


No matter the intent of the liar or nobility of the goal.  A LIE is a LIE!

lie – [ lahy ]


a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

something intended or serving to convey a false impression;
imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.
an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.
an untrue or inaccurate statement that may or may not be believed true by the speaker or writer

verb (used without object), lied, ly·ing.

to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.
to express what is false; convey a false impression.

verb (used with object), lied, ly·ing.

to bring about or affect by lying
(often used reflexively):
to lie oneself out of a difficulty;
accustomed to lying his way out of difficulties.



OCCULT = Hidden/Secret/Covered-Up

disguise – [ dis-gahyz, dih-skahyz ]

verb (used with object), dis·guised, dis·guis·ing.

to change the appearance or guise of so as to conceal identity or mislead, as by means of deceptive garb: The king was disguised as a peasant.
to conceal or cover up the truth or actual character of by a counterfeit form or appearance;
: to disguise one’s intentions


that which disguises; something that serves or is intended for concealment of identity, character, or quality;
a deceptive covering, condition, manner, etc.: Noble words can be the disguise of base intentions.
the makeup, mask, costume, or overall changed appearance of an entertainer: a clown’s disguise.
the act of disguising:to speak without disguise.
the state of being disguised;
masquerade: The gods appeared in disguise.
guiseveilcloakcamouflagetrickeryconceal, beliedeceivehideobscurealterblind, color,  pretensioncostumefacadedresscounterfeit, coloring,

Wake Up America Seminars

The Devil’s Liesexcerpts presented here, view the entire article by clicking the link. 

Here is an oxymoron to think about: The devil is an unbelievable liar! The devil is so good at lying that many of God’s glorious angels did not detect his deceit nor understand his manipulative schemes. The devil is a genius and among created beings he has no equal in the universe. When people in positions of trust and respect promote his lies as truth, they especially honor Lucifer. Because Satan’s subtle lies gained the stature of truth in some of the seven churches of Revelation, they are the subject for this month’s study.

Lucifer was the first liar and with his lies he deceived one-third of Heaven’s angels. (Revelation 12:4) This was an incredible accomplishment! The dullest angel is brighter than the smartest human being and yet, Lucifer was able to deceive a minimum of 200 million angels* while living in God’s house!

The Bible also says that Lucifer convinced angels to wage war against Almighty God! (Revelation 12:7-9) It would take a very convincing liar to persuade intelligent angels to rebel against Almighty God! If you think this was an amazing accomplishment, the Bible indicates the devil will again convince created beings – mere mortals this time – to wage war against Jesus at the Second Coming. (Revelation 17:14) So, do not be fooled. The devil’s lies can be so subtle that they are almost impossible to detect.


SSatanas a CLOWN in Pop Culture Illuminati Symbolism

Revolution Season Finale Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.  The Clown is waking up.


Are you beginning to see the picture?  REMEMBER that Satan is not only an Entity he is a SPIRITUAL FORCE!  The spiritual force behind all that is evil.  The spiritual force that is directing and orchestrating what is happening in the world right now, which he views as HIS KINGDOM.  

You only have two choices.  You are either on the GOD/GOOD/LIGHT side or you are on SATAN/BAD/DARK.  There are no other options.  Do you really want to align yourself with what is evil?  

The is currently run by symbols and numbers.  That is the language of the ones who serve the DEVIL.  Pay attention to numbers and symbols if you do not want to be deceived.  DECEPTION IS SATAN’s GREATEST TOOL/WEAPON.


YouTube  · 10/15/2019  · by Tere Joyce


The trickster figure Reynard the Fox as depicted in an 1869 children’s book by Michel Rodange.

Found in the mythologyfolklore, and religion of virtually all world cultures, a trickster is a figure who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules of behavior. The trickster breaks the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously, for example the Norse Loki, but usually the trickster’s impact is unintentional, resulting in positive effects. Often, the rule-breaking takes the form of practical jokes or thievery. Tricksters can be cunning or foolish or both; they are often funny even when performing sacred tasks. The Native AmericanLakota sacred Heyoka (clown) is an example. His role is to play tricks and games and so doing, raises awareness and acts as an equalizer.
Some classical examples of Tricksters in various mythologies are Mercurius in Roman mythology, Hermes in Greek mythology, Eshu in Yoruba mythology, Loki in Norse mythology, and Wakdjunga in Winnebago mythology. Today the trickster survives as a character archetype, although not necessarily a supernatural or divine figure. He or she is usually depicted as a clever, mischievous person or creature, who tries to survive the dangers and challenges of the world using trickery and deceit as a defense. Many children’s fairy tales continue to use Tricksters to juxtapose perceived incongruities in the world. Some modern examples of the Trickster are the cartoon character Bugs Bunny and Charlie Chaplin‘s Tramp.