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Photo Credit: Golden Gate  Bridge –  Gateway to the Heaven’s

Gateways are very important in the realm of the heavenlies.  God is the one who set things in order.  He sets the boundaries for everything.  He commanded the Sun, Moon and stars to follow their set paths.  If you would like to read how God Ordained the luminaries of the heavens, read the book of Enoch: Book of the Heavenly Luninaries.


The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
H.R. Charles Oxford: The Clarendon Press
Section III. Chapters LXXII-LXXXII
The Book of the Heavenly Luminaries

Jeremiah 31

Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day, who sets in order the moon and stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar—the LORD of Hosts is His name:

36  “Only if this fixed order departed from My presence, declares the LORD, would Israel’s descendants ever cease to be a nation before Me.”

37  This is what the LORD says: “Only if the heavens above could be measured and the foundations of the earth below searched out, would I reject all of Israel’s descendants because of all they have done,”

Revolutions of the Luminaries  excerpts only, to view the entire article, click the link. 

Was an advanced lunisolar system within the knowledge of early astronomers?

May 31, 2013 (+4)

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6 portal divisions in each annual cycle

Gates of the Sun   excerpts only, to view the entire article, click the link.


On the freemasons website that Wayne Herschel is referring to on the Key of Solomon website, the freemasons speak of the wisdom of the ancient Philosophers who regarded the soul of man to have its origins in Heaven. The soul was believed to incarnate into the flesh after having descended from Heaven passing through the Gate of Man. Having lived another live on Earth the soul eventually left the body after death and returned to Heaven again this time passing through the Gate of God. The Gate of Man corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic at 5° Gemini (sidereal zodiac) while the Gate of God corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic in 5° Sagittarius.

The Greek writer Macrobius called these gates on the ecliptic, through which the souls ascended and descended to Heaven, the Gates of the Sun. This is because not only mortal man but also the Sun dies and is reborn in the precession cycle at the very same gates. When the Sun resides on the gates of the Sun at an equinox or solstice, it represents a Galactic Alignment and Great Celestial Conjunction.

What happens during the 39 year period of a Great Celestial Conjunction is that the Sun at the equinox or solstice slowly shifts through the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way.

Winter Solstice Galactic Alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Equator

On Earth, the River Nile was the reflection of this great river in the sky, in accordance with the Hermetic principle “as above, so below.” Herschel’s earliest ingenious research has demonstrated that all of the pyramids along the river Nile represent constellations along the Milky Way, not just Orion! There are more than 50 pyramids in total, and their true meaning can only be deciphered when one considers the whole of Egypt.

During a Great Celestial Conjunction, the Sun crosses that great river in the sky, the Milky Way. Egyptologists explain that the solar God Ra (and Horus) required a boat because they sailed the Heavens from sunrise in the East to sunset in the West. At night, Ra travelled the Netherworld to be reborn in the morning at sunrise. Egyptologists reject the idea that the Egyptians understood the Precession of the Equinoxes and that the Sun also sojourns along the zodiac in a 26,000 year journey corresponding with the Precession Cycle.

In the Book of the Gates, the travel of the Sun at night along with the deceased pharaoh into the Netherworld is described. The Sun enters the Netherworld in the first hour just after sunset to be reborn in the morning at sunrise after a twelve hour nocturnal journey. There are many parallels, however, with the precessional journey of the Sun along the twelve signs of the zodiac to be discovered in the Book of the Gates. The 12 hours in the Book of Gates are structured into four groups of three hours, denoting a cross in the face of the clock. In the 12th hour Nun raises the solar barque with the scarab beetle of the Sun God from the primeval waters (Milky Way?), this is the hour of the rebirth of the Sun.

Left: Nun raises the solar barque from the primeval waters at ‘sunrise’, the time of the rebirth of the Sun.

Left: Grave statue of Tjel mayor of Memphis under Amenhotep III Dutch national museum of antiquities, Leiden.
Right: Sarcophagus with crossed arms and X cross on chest, Dutch National Museum of antiquities, Leiden.

During Ra’s travel through all of the twelve signs of the zodiac in the precession cycle, he will be requiring a boat to twice cross that great river in the sky, the Milky Way! It is probably the only reason why the Egyptian deities required a Sun barque in the first place. Boats are used to cross waters, not skies, so it was used not for their nightly ecliptic travel from East to West through the Netherworld, but for their travels along the zodiac in the precession cycle. It is during this journey that the Sun would be required to cross the waters of the Milky Way at least twice. The Book of the Gates may therefore have been misinterpreted by Egyptologists as the nocturnal journey of the Sun simply because they reject the idea that the Egyptians understood Precession! Keep in mind that only twice per year on the equinox the day and night will be exactly 12 hours in length. It is therefore far more logical that the 12 hours in the Book of the Gates are in fact the 12 zodiacal Ages of the Precession Cycle.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were buried with their arms crossed holding Ankhs in their hands. This posture of the deceased pharaoh can be found on sarcophagus and in statues throughout Egypt. The Ankh represents a cross symbol.

Silver and Golden cross in the Coat of Arms of the Vatican

Since the Greek inherited much of their wisdom from the Egyptians, it’s more than reasonable to suspect that the gate or portal mentioned in the Book of the Gates through which the pharaoh enters the Netherworld is, in fact, the Gate of God that the Greek writer Macrobius writes about. The Gate of God was also called the Golden Gate, while the Gate of Men was called the Silver Gate. The very same Egyptian cross symbolism used by the pharaohs associated with the Golden and Silver gates of the soul (and the Sun) can still be recognized in the coat of arms of the Vatican, consisting of two crossed keys; one Golden, one Silver. 

The Golden Gate is the ecliptic Milky Way crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the zodiacwhile the Silver Gate is the Milky Way ecliptic crossing at the Gemini-Taurus nexus. The Silver Gate was represented by the horns of Isis and the associated bull Taurus.

The Silver Gate is also clearly depicted in the Narmer Palette (3100 BC) named after the Egyptian pharaoh. The Narmer Palette shows the celestial goddess bull Bat (Taurus) with her horns bent over pointing exactly to the place of the rebirth of the Sun, the Silver Gate. The two cow’s heads on top of the palette also represent Bat. In-between the two cow goddesses a hieroglyph is depicted representing the rising of the Sun in between two mountains on the horizon. It’s a hieroglyph that is very similar to the Akhet hieroglyph with the same significance.

God taught mankind about the nature of the world and how it works.  He taught mankind what they needed to know. They were not ignorant.  They understood the true origins of all things and who created it.

The Fallen Angels, taught mankind things they were not intended to know, not because they wanted to help mankind.  They actually want to destroy mankind.  They taught things that bring destruction and judgement.  


Technology of the Fallen Angels- The true History of The Earth

To view the entire article, click the link.

Such an interesting interview about the true history of the Earth which is being covered up. How fallen angels came down to earth with their technology to control it and us, we worshipped them as gods. (sound familiar!)

Most megalithic structures are evidence of the technology of the fallen ones.

Gateway to the heavens




        .        .        .’The eastern gate
Where the great sun begins his state

The doors of Heaven seem slowly to open, and what are called the bright flocks of the Dawn step out of the dark stable, returning to their wonted pastures. . . . Not only the east, but the west, and the south, and the north, the whole temple of Heaven, is illuminated.‘—MAX MÜLLER (Comp. Myth.).

WHEN the earth, or rather the wall of mountains surrounding the utmost bounds of ocean, was the foundation of the solid sky, some contrivance was necessary to account for the disappearance and return of the sun. A new sun, it was thought, was created in the morning to die at night, the creature of a day. Others believed that when it reached the ocean it was floated round by the north to the place of rising in the east; or that, as the earth rose in the north like a great mountain, the sun was periodically hidden behind it. The general early view, however, was that there were two openings—the Gates of the East, and the Gates of the West. Through the one the sun enters in the morning the mundane temple, to pass out at the other in the evening, and thence pursue its way back by the dark path of the under world.

In the Veda:—’The dawn shone with brilliance and opened for us the doors that open high and wide with their frames.’

‘Sun, thou shinest in the lowest heavens: Thou openest the bolts which close the high heavens: Thou openest the gate of Heaven.’ Or:—’In the great door of the high heavens in the opening which belongs to thee.’ Steps led up the sky from the east gate and descended to the west (Lenormant). Dr Hayes Ward in the American Journal of Archæology (Vol. 3), shows some dozen Babylonian seals, with intaglios of the Sun-god passing through the double-valved gate of the East and beginning to climb the mountain of the sky. The gate has two guardian figures.

To the Egyptians, the sun was The Opener. The gates to the grave land are often mentioned in the Book of the Dead, and are figured on the tombs.

Equinoxes. The pediment pictures the eternal drama of the dawn, ‘the whole subject is a reflection of the sky as in a mirror.’

The great portico of the Parthenon is the very gate of the sun. Out of it the sun rises and the night withdraws, above it stand the gods on Olympus.

Finally the gate is one of the most essential symbols, religious or political. Holy places like Babel were ‘God’s gates,’ and at the gate the king met the people in judgment. Eastern palaces had a porch like Solomon’s, ‘a porch for the throne where he might judge, even the porch of judgment’ (1 Kings vii. 7).

Having traced the tradition, we are in a position to sketch the ritual of the sunrise at the eastern portal, with the aid of the fine description by Ezekiel of the ‘abominations done in Israel.’ ‘And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five-and-twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east, and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

It is the moment of sunrise, chill and expectant; all the gates are thrown open to the east. The worshippers are waiting, and the golden tips of the obelisks are already burning. The sun shows its red rim through the open ceremonial gate of the outer court. They prostrate themselves.

There is a sudden awaking sense of heat and life and light, a passing vibration in the air. The little bells festooned from pillar to pillar shiver out silver notes; a deep strain vibrates from the sanctuary. They stand on their feet. The great gates of the temple close with a clangour that reverberates like thunder.

Baal has entered into his temple.

Last January, this next photo was captured by a lady who happened to see the sun with what appeared to be a halo.  She grabbed her phone and took the shot.  When she looked at the photo afterward she was shocked to see what looks like a STARGATE.   Check it out.  

What appears to be a REAL Stargate next to the Sun! Oh my…

Jan 6, 2019
January 6, 2019: ~Sky Phenomenon~ | *Stargate* Special “Thanks” to Michele, MrMBB333.

I found this article on HiddenintheCraig’s site.  He does really great research.  You should check out his site periodically.  Anyway he had some light to bring to this particular sighting. 

Published by C.A. Patin
I write about what others tend to ignore. 

January 7, 2019

Background of the photo. Taken by Michele in SoCal on 12/15/18 at 11:01 am. You can watch the video here:

Watch the video before going on.


So what is this? Real or fake? Some think it’s a Stargate. Some think it’s Photoshopped. Some think it’s the reflection of the lens in the glass of the camera. Now imo it could be 1 or 2. 3 would make sense but this woman in SoCal claims she took the picture with her iPhone and it wasn’t with a DSLR. 3 would be the most logical reason but the wrong camera was used for a hoax like that. So is it real or fake because honestly I don’t know anymore with all the crazy stuff I’ve been seeing.

Now here is what is interesting about this photo. At 11:01 am in California, the Sun was at the right knee of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is the restrainer or serpent bearer, remember that. This happened right where the Golden Gate is located or what they call the Gate of the Gods. People believe that this is where the “gods” or fallen angels in this case, are able to come in and out of this realm.

Did she somehow catch an image of this “golden gate” or if she was that smart enough to photoshop it and fake it, did she know the background of exactly what I’m taking about here? I think its possible but not likely.

Now if you go back to the day before (12/14/18) then you’ll remember that I posted crazy pictures from where I’m at in SoCal of our sunset that looked like a fire in the sky. We have never ever seen anything like that here in my lifetime. I just find it strange that the sunset prior to the day this picture was taken looked the way it did.   The photo of the Stargate was taken on  12/15/18

And then the next day she got this image in this photo.

Now December 15th is 7 Tevet on a Hebrew Calender. In 468 BC, the Persians arrested 3 Babylonian Jews and put them to death 11 days later. This started persecution of the Babylonian Jews and the beginning of the 70 years prophecy in Jeremiah and Daniel. And remember that Kabbalah comes from these Babylonian Jews who claim they got this knowledge from the fallen. (Could this mean that this was the beginning of the endtime persecution of God’s people, the beginning of the 7 years of Tribulation, or Daniel’s 70th year?)

So what is it? If it is fake then it was well planned and Michele is obviously into occult and esoteric things. If it’s genuine, well…that was perfect timing for a ritual for those Kabbalists.


San Francisco, Golden Gate Gridge

Mar 6, 2015
Aerial views of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge and the City of San Francisco in the background. On this day the bridge was shrouded in awesome San Francisco fog. This is the final video edit using footage from 3 flights I made back in November 30, 2013 at the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. I flew a DJI Phantom1 quadcopter drone and captured video using a GoPro Hero 3+ black edition camera slung on a 2-dimensional gimbal mounted to the belly of the quadcopter.

The way the land is structured combined with the waters of the ocean meeting the waters of the bay, the entire Golden Gate Strait is often filled with fog.  This fog gives the bridge a very eerie feeling, almost mystical.   This fact only magnifies the attraction that people seem to have for this bridge.  It is not something that one can easily understand.  I know my father was so drawn to this bridge he used to beg my mother to paint it for him.  He was so entranced by this bridge the fascination never left him.  

The Godlen Gate Bridge has been known as the single most popular site for suicide in the world.  People are so enticed by this bridge that many of them come here either intending to commit suicide or inspired to do so once they arrive.  

It seems to many people to have some sort of connection with the “other side” an otherworldly appeal.  The idea of suicide to many becomes very romanticised for them there and they form the thought that it might be “easy” for them to pass through to the other side from that point. 

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California (USA)

1) 11 emergency/crisis counseling telephones are located on the sidewalks that can connect people to trained suicide prevention counselors.
2) Bicycle patrols, motor patrols, and Bridge workers are all trained to detect persons exhibiting suicidal behaviors.
3) The traveling public also assists in reporting activity though the use of cell phones.


2- Golden-Gate-Bridge-San Francisco-California-USA


Image Source

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has been described as the most popular suicide spot in the world. This 75year-old structure has seen more than 1,500 (known) suicides since it opened in 1937. And according to some sources, the average is one every two weeks. The worst year was 1995, when there were 45 suicides. Yet a large number of people decide not to jump at the last minute. In 2006, 70 suicidal people were taken off the bridge before they made the 220-foot(67-meter (6+7=13) leap.

One of the few survivors is Ken Baldwin, a married 28-year-old man who had previously attempted suicide with painkillers and alcohol. He reported that his reason for leaping off the bridge was to force people to see that he was “hurting.”

“I still see my hands coming off the railing. I instantly realised that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable – except for having jumped,” Baldwin told The New Yorker. He was fortunate enough not to be killed on impact and was picked up by the coastguard.

The number of suicides at previous hotspots like the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge has been greatly reduced thanks to suicide barriers. And the fact that self-destruction is still so easy at the Golden Gate Bridge has led to calls for greater protective measures. So far, however, the cost and aesthetics have prevented action from being taken.


Jumpers – The Fatal Grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge

Every two weeks, on average, someone jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the world’s leading suicide location.

Matchless in its Art Deco splendor, the Golden Gate is also unrivalled as a symbol: it is a threshold that presides over the end of the continent and a gangway to the void beyond. Just being there, the minister said, his words growing increasingly incoherent, left him in a rather suicidal mood. The Golden Gate, he said, is “a symbol of human ingenuity, technological genius, but social failure.”  Rev Jim Jones

“Jumpers are drawn to the Golden Gate because they believe it’s a gateway to another place.

The Golden Gate Bridge is to suicides what Niagara Falls is to honeymooners.”

At the bridge’s opening ceremony, in May of 1937, (Joseph) Strauss (Chief Engineer of the Bridge) read a statement in a low voice, his hands trembling. “What Nature rent asunder long ago man has joined today,” he said. The class poet at Ohio University, class of ’91, Strauss also wrote an ode to mark the occasion:

As harps for the winds of heaven,
My web-like cables are spun;
I offer my span for the traffic of man,
At the gate of the setting sun.

That bridge is more than a bridge: it’s alive, it speaks to people. Some people come here, find themselves, and leave; some come here, find themselves, and jump.”

“What makes the bridge so popular,” Gladys Hansen, the city’s unofficial historian, says, citing the ten million tourists who visit the bridge each year, “is that it’s a monument, a monument to death.”

“And some of the ideas are very old, ideas about whether suicidal people are people to fear and hate.” In centuries past, suicides were buried at night at a crossroads, under piles of stones, or had stakes driven through their hearts to prevent their unquiet spirits from troubling the rest of us. In the United States today, someone takes his own life every eighteen minutes, and suicide is much more common than homicide.


The following articles/items are posted here to demonstrate the various activities that demonstrate the Golden Gate area is and has been for a long time, a center of paranormal activity and very clearly a place where extraterrestrial/demonic/entities have access and are active.  These things also demonstrate that there are human activities that invite and exasperate this interaction with other dimensions.spacer


Bay Area was site of psychic spy tests


1995-11-29 04:00:00 PDT UNITED STATES; SOVIET UNION; SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA — The U.S. government conducted experiments with Bay Area researchers to determine whether extrasensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition could be used as “psychic spy tools” against the Soviet Union and other countries, according to a newly released study of the project.

Psychic spies were used to try to pinpoint the location of Moammar Gadhafi before the U.S. bombing of Libya in 1986, to find out how much plutonium North Korea had in 1994, to discover what Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was planning during the Gulf War and to locate various drug lords and terrorists, University of Oregon psychology Professor Ray Hyman, one of the authors of the study, said Tuesday.

Dale Graff, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency‘s ESP program, told ABC’s “Nightline” that psychics had provided the name of the city and the building where the Red Brigades terrorist group was holding kidnapped Brig. Gen. James Dozier in Italy in 1981.

Dozier was freed by Italian police after 42 days. News reports at the time said the police were assisted by an undisclosed number of U.S. State and Defense Department specialists using sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment.

Hyman and UC-Davis statistician Jessica Utts were commissioned by the CIA to evaluate the psychic spying project, code-named “Stargate.” The government spent $20 million over two decades on the project, the researchers said.

Several of the psychics’ powers were tested in the Bay Area before the spies were put to work divining the secrets of America’s enemies, Hyman said.

Experiments here focused largely on “remote viewing,” which involved psychic communication between a “sender” and a “viewer,” Hyman said.

In one instance, a sender was sent to different Bay Area locations, stopping at the windmills in Altamont Pass, Hyman said. In a laboratory 100 miles away, the viewer was asked to draw the images the sender saw. The viewer drew windmills, Hyman said.

Researchers disagree

Hyman and Utts, looking at the previously classified U.S. government research, came to different conclusions about whether the project was worthwhile.

“The case for psychic functioning has been scientifically proven,” Utts said, adding that such spying could be effective if used with other intelligence operations.

“The bottom line,” said Utts, “is that there’s something there that needs to be explained.”

Hyman disagreed. “None of those psychics did a bit of good for the government,” he said.

“With the experiment at Altamont with the windmills, you may not know all the details,” Hyman said. “The person may have been drawing images for hours and finally he draws something that resembles windmills. Once in a while, something is bound to match.”

Bob Steiner, founder of the Bay Area Skeptics, a group that investigates claims of the paranormal, scoffed at Utts’ conclusion.

“They had one series of studies,” Steiner said. “Utts looked at the studies and said, “There’s no more reason to study this. Let’s now go and find out how it works. We’ll just assume it works.’ “

Worried about Soviet psychics<

The CIA initiated Stargate in the early 1970s because of concerns that the Soviets had developed their own brand of sophisticated psychic spying tools, Utts and Hyman said.

The Bay Area research was conducted first at SRI International in Menlo Park and, beginning in 1990, at Science Applications International Corp. in Palo Alto.

The psychic spying was later turned over to the Defense Intelligence Agency and was operated out of Fort Meade, Md., Hyman and Utts said.

At least until last summer, Hyman said, there were three psychic spies who continued to work out of Fort Meade. He said the psychic spies were former CIA intelligence analysts.

CIA spokesman Mark Mansfield confirmed the existence of Stargate and the study, but wouldn’t comment on whether psychic spying was still going on at Fort Meade.

Utts and Hyman turned their report over to the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C., in September. The institute had been contacted by the CIA, working with the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Hyman believes the CIA commissioned the study to “show the public they’ve done everything right.”

“They know this sort of research is a political hot potato,” Hyman said. “Some people will feel it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money. Others will feel it’s a great thing. The CIA will have to answer to that.” <

Published October 30, 2016
Updated February 12, 2018
Inside the CIA’s Cold War-era plans for mind control, psychic spies, and one horrifying cat.

Top Secret Typewriter

Dennis Skley/Flickr

Most folks might scoff at the idea that the American government would kidnap its own citizens and brainwash them with alternating rounds of torture and LSD — but that’s exactly what the CIA did from 1953 to 1973.

The CIA brainwashing project was called MKUltra, and it was enormous. At least hundreds of researchers at 80 institutions spent millions of dollars over the project’s 20-year lifespan, using techniques ranging from sleep deprivation to shock therapy, killing several unwilling test subjects along the way.

Finally, in 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms — who had helped run MKUltra earlier in his career — halted the project, officially meant to garner information on how to resist torture, and ordered that the files be destroyed. The surviving documents provide just a glimpse of the project’s vast scope.

More on that later, though. Right now, it’s time to talk about psychic surveillance and robotic spy cats.

Acoustic Kitty: Spy Cats

Acoustic Kitty


Turns out spy movies are not wrong: The best way to have a clandestine conversation is out in public. No matter how soft you speak indoors, there’ll always be a bug or two in the embassy room. Which is why, in 1961, the CIA launched project Acoustic Kitty. to build a team of spy cats.

These “spy cats” would be wired to pick up sound. And it worked — sort of.

They slit the cat open, put batteries in him, wired him up. The tail was used as an antenna. They made a monstrosity,” said Victor Marchetti, an executive assistant to the CIA director during the 1960s. He relayed this to author Jeffrey Richelson, who included Marchetti’s account in his 2001 book, The Wizards of Langley.

Then it came time to test the cat, which they did outside the Russian embassy. And that’s when it ended. As Marchetti tells it:

“They tested him and tested him. They found he would walk off the job when he got hungry, so they put another wire in to override that. Finally, they’re ready. They took it out to a park bench and said, ‘Listen to those two guys. Don’t listen to anything else – not the birds, no cat or dog – just those two guys!’ They put him out of the van, and a taxi comes and runs him over. There they were, sitting in the van with all those dials, and the cat was dead!

Later, a case officer went back to scoop the cat’s remains into a box, and the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology wrote a post-mortem wherein it praised the scientists involved for their hard work, but concluded that building spy cats just wasn’t practical.

You can read part of the official — redacted — report here.

Stargate Project: Remote Viewing

Scud Missile Remote Viewing

MICHEL GANGNE,PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images Saudi soldiers examine the debris of an Iraqi Scud missile that landed in downtown Riyadh on January 22, 1991 after being intercepted by US countermeasures. Allegedly, CIA psychic spies helped locate scud missiles like these during the Gulf War.

You may have seen George Clooney attempt to kill a goat with his mind in the 2009 film The Men Who Stares At Goats. But like the film’s opening credits say: More of this is true than you would believe.

Though neither that film nor the book upon which it was based mention Stargate Project by name, both took inspiration from that indeed real government project that sought to train a group of psychic spies for remote viewing (using extra-sensory perception to surveil a target without actually being physically at or near that target).

With such a top secret mission at hand, only the chairman and ranking members of the Senate and House Appropriations and Armed Services Committees knew of Stargate Project’s existence, which began in 1978.

Befitting such an off-the-grid operation, the project operated out of dilapidated, leaky wooden barracks somewhere in Fort Meade, Maryland. By all accounts, it was a miserable work environment.

Nevertheless, according to some project members at least, they accomplished some truly extraordinary things.

The Washington Post spoke to one project member, Joseph McMoneagle, who was with Stargate from its inception all the way until 1993. As the Post writes, McMoneagle claims that he and other project operatives used their remote viewing abilities to “help locate American hostages, enemy submarines, strategic buildings in foreign countries and who knows what else.”

Typically, the powers that be would give McMoneagle a sealed envelope containing a photo or document and ask him to use his remote viewing skills to provide more information about the subject of said photo or document. For example, McMoneagle’s superiors might provide him with a photo of a man and expect him, using only the powers of remote viewing, to discern where that man was currently located.

Among his more than 450 such missions, McMoneagle claims to have helped the Army locate hostages in Iran, predict where the infamous Skylab station would crash back to Earth, and pinpoint scud missiles during the Gulf War.

Through it all, McMoneagle states that the unit had a success rate of 15 percent, which, as he tells it, is better than plenty of other methods of intelligence gathering.

“Everybody’s got it all backward,” McMoneagle told The Washington Post, referring to the criticism and ridicule Stargate Project received after the CIA shut it down in 1995 and declassified the report that dealt the killing blow. “The project was approved on a year-to-year basis. This approval was based on our performance. So why the hell are they running for cover now?”

But run for cover is precisely what the CIA ultimately did.

The organization had first shut down an earlier remote viewing program in 1975 before Stargate began its run, over the course of which its administration was shuffled between agencies. Stargate then fell to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Defense group that gathers intelligence to be used in foreign combat missions. Stargate lived with the DIA until 1994, at which point the CIA scooped it up, realized it had egg on its face, and ordered a report done on the unit’s effectiveness.

That report found that “remote viewing, as exemplified by the efforts in the current [Stargate Project] program, has not been shown to have value in intelligence operations.” The report furthermore claimed that Stargate’s findings were irrelevant and erroneous, and that project managers may have been changing the data gathered from remote viewing after the fact with the helpful hand of hindsight.

However, one of the report’s authors, UC Davis statistics professor and parapsychologist Jessica Utts, took the dissenting and ultimately marginalized position that remote viewing did in fact work. Utts, a longtime remote viewing proponent and board member of the International Remote Viewing Association, wrote in the report that:

“At this stage, using the standards applied to any other area of science, the case for psychic functioning has been scientifically proven. It would be wasteful of valuable resources to continue to look for proof. Resources should be directed to the pertinent question about how this ability works.”

On the other hand, the report’s other author, University of Oregon psychology professor Ray Hyman wrote:

“Where parapsychologists see consistency, I see inconsistency. Where Utts sees consistency and incontestable proof, I see inconsistency and hints that all is not as rock-solid as she implies.”

In the end, the CIA sided with Hyman, not Utts, and shut the project down in 1995.

At its peak, the Stargate Project employed 22 people. By the end, only three remained. For all their efforts, the project cost the U.S. government $20 million for the privilege of having merely a last-ditch, everything-is-exhausted, option in intelligence gathering.

MKUltra And Operation Midnight Climax

Frank Olson

Baltimore SunFrank Olson, the CIA operative whose death during Operation Midnight Climax helped brings its parent project, MKUltra, to light.

While MKUltra grouped together dozens of different CIA projects involving mind control and drugs, namely LSD, one of the few projects for which we have compelling surviving evidence is Operation Midnight Climax — and why not be at least a little bit coy when you’re using government money to pay prostitutes to drug unsuspecting victims for purposes of interrogation and mind control.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the project operated in two main cities: San Francisco and New York City. The CIA destroyed the New York files, but due to a bureaucratic snafu, the San Francisco files survived, allowing all a glimpse at this audacious project.

The operation went something like this: The CIA would secure rooms with one-way mirrors, install microphones and listening devices into the walls, and hire prostitutes. These prostitutes would then lure men back to the safe houses and dose them with LSD. The men would flip out, and the CIA operatives would study their behavior from behind the mirror, allegedly with a pitcher of martinis nearby, and interrogate the men to see how effective LSD could be as a kind of truth serum.

While the project did yield a few significant findings (i.e. men were more likely to spill secrets after the deed than before), that was about it. In fact, the main thing Operation Midnight Climax proved was how useless LSD was in loosening a person’s tongue. Indeed, the unpredictable drug was actually more likely to have the opposite effect and cause the subject to clam up.

In some cases, however, things got much, much worse.

Wayne Ritchie, a former U.S. Marshal, claims he was made a victim of Operation Midnight Climax after being dosed with LSD during a 1957 holiday party. The San Francisco Weekly wrote up his description of what happened next:

The room began to spin. The red and green lights on the Christmas tree in the corner spiraled wildly. Ritchie’s body temperature rose. His gaze fixed on the dizzying colors around him…He came unglued. Ritchie feared the other marshals didn’t want him around anymore. Then he obsessed about the probation officers across the hall and how they didn’t like him, either. Everyone was out to get him. Ritchie felt he had to escape.

Deep under the influence, Ritchie robbed a bar later that night using two service issue revolvers. He was caught, pled guilty, and, despite his otherwise clean record and the obvious extenuating circumstances, forced to resign from the U.S. Marshals office.

He would work as a painter for the next 34 years. In the 2000s, he tried suing the government but the court ultimately dismissed the case. The surviving deposition of Ira Feldman (a member of the Midnight Climax staff), however, shows the callousness with which the project operated:

[Ritchie’s attorney:] Now, all these people that you personally drugged, you never did any follow-up on them, in the sense of telling them that you had drugged them, did you?
[Government attorney:] Objection. Lacks foundation. Go ahead and answer it, if you can.
[Feldman:] Not all the people that I drugged. I drugged guys involved in about ten, twelve, period. I didn’t do any follow-up, period, because it wasn’t a very good thing to go and say “How do you feel today?” You don’t give them a tip. You just back away and let them worry, like this nitwit, Ritchie.
[Ritchie’s attorney:] When you say “let them worry,” you mean let them have a head full of LSD and let —
[Feldman:] Let them have a full head, like what happened, like what happened with this nut when he got out and got drunk.

By 1963, six years after Ritchie and plenty more cases like his, the government scaled down the sanctioned brothels after the top brass at the CIA began to change. The organization shut down the San Francisco operation completely in 1965, then pulled the plug on New York the following year.

The one prominent fact known about the New York City operation is that in 1953 government hands dosed CIA biological warfare scientist Frank Olson with LSD, who then suffered from extreme anxiety and paranoia. Nine days later, he died after falling from a 13th floor window of the Hotel Statler — some say he jumped, some say he was pushed.

Olson’s family alleged that the government killed him because he was attempting to leave the CIA for good. According to the family, Olson may have threatened to expose secrets relating to biological warfare during the Korean War. In 1976, Olson’s family settled out of court with the U.S. government for $750,000.

This case and the other extant material related to Operation Midnight Climax served as the main evidence that the morass of projects known as MKUltra ever happened.

Next, read about the government conspiracy theories that turned out to actually be true, and then have a look at the four most sinister programs the CIA ever implemented.

WOW, this next video clearly shows UFO’s and other strange phenomenon caught on camera.  The story is being told by a Native American who lives in the area.

This can be the place wherever San Andreas Fault Meets Pacific city town Border. No native Indian ever set foot there as a result of elders say once you are doing you may be unfree within the portal between worlds. April 2017. one Mile east of this alien portal. finish of John Daly avenue close to route one. Driver claimed he crashed the automotive as a result of he saw alien creatures out of this world. He was taken to hospital.Then this Kron four newsman footage surfaced. newsman was able to send the file before his camera was taken by “man in black” as automotive accident proof. Watch terribly closely white Central Intelligence Agency Bus currently
Why does one assume sixty out five hundred USA Billionaires board San Francisco? and people sixty have extra money than four billion of poorer humans combined. many of them created a secret accord and invested with billions of greenbacks to open up the portal to let alien force within the town. Work started in 2006 with symbolic gesture of putting in big bronze Gaius Octavianus sculpturer Gates of Hell in Stanford – ten miles from the particular portal place. Right at the moment, town was overrun with weird those who seem like they came from the various time realm.
It took them eleven years and every one illuminati facilitate they may get to complete the portal. i’ll make a case for however it works in separate video. however i’ll tell you that they used multiple extremist violet lasers projected in specific spot on the sky to burn the outlet within the time area time. In April 2017 science and magic came beside facilitate of billions of greenbacks and their work was finished. This portal was opened in siloxane natural depression. it had been three miles or five kilometers high and created a hole within the sky resulting in area twelve miles or twenty kilometers wide. At the day of gap shocked Bay space residents saw 2 sunsets. One from the west and also the alternative one from the east. National news corporations explained the phenomena spoken language that sun refraction from Pacific and city bay created the illusion of 2 suns setting within the west and east. within the reality, the portal within the east was most brighter than the particular sunset that several were briefly unsighted by the glowing sky. it had been thus bright, that residents of Snow Sierra American state were vocation firefighters telling that Sierra forest is flaming.
following day – entire Pacific shifted off from the shore and UFOs stuffed the sky. within the town it felt such as you coefficient but usual as a result of the robust wind was uptake you upward. That wind additionally spread significant clouds over Bay space. All of them except one. In April multiple news corporations showed you those photos of oval cloud over Golden Gate Bridge. however they didn’t mention that it had been not a cloud in the least however multiple geometrically good phantom disks getting into town skies. They additionally didn’t mention that one oval cloud surprisingly disassembled itself into three dead oval disks. What are the probabilities that it had been done entirely by wind? Curiously, several multiple smaller oval disks stuffed city bay and far of Pacific. native news proclaimed that they came from a Chinese cargo vessel spilling instrumentality of foam plates close to Golden Gate Bridge. However, none of millions these swimming foam plates was found on the shore. several them spilled and not single one found. Ever? however it had been simply the beginning of town transformation.
First, some non material ghost-like substances begin to happen in close parks and forests. They were recorded by a minimum of 0.5 a dozen residents and tourists. Again, the news official clarification was: it is a hearth retardation somehow cryptically escaping from the bottom. there have been no words within the news in the least concerning multiple phantom that were filling city sky. once multiple watcher referred to as major news corporations, they came on air and created the subsequent statement: once disputable reports concerning oval clouds over city, we have a tendency to refrain from any farther comments concerning recently according multiple paranormal activities until the total and throughout investigation is complete. consistent with our sources, recent events ar a part of extraordinarily elaborate and overpriced hoax perpetuated by one or many of city billionaires. Really, city billionaires don’t have anything to try and do with their cash than produce weird part and ground phenomena throughout city area? i do not assume thus. In fact, i do know that portal exists and every one these UFOs ar returning from it, as a result of I saw it with my very own eyes and camera.Reference
This news I covered By Youtube
Benicians gaze skyward — possibly for Martians — using nightvision goggles as part of U.F.O. Nightwatch Encounters sponsored by Tana Newell and Angel Heart 4 You. (PHOTO CONTRIBUTED)

UFO NIGHTWATCH San Francisco – Airbnb › experiences

What you’ll do

MAKE CONTACT Tours are three to four hours long and provide you with an exciting Nightwatch hosted by a UFO expert! We use Military-grade, Gen3 nightvison goggles to see 50,000 times more light in the sky. We really do see high flying objects every night. We watch an observe objects with anomolus behavior practically every tour, and in most cases multiple times throughout the evening. We even use high-powered lasers for signaling UFOs. They really are out there! Tours can be customized for your group. If you want the full experience of mediating/toning as a group and vectoring in ships, please let your host know. We can provide (as some would call) a ‘spiritual experience’ or if you just want to look at the stars close up and watch for sightings, it’s all up to you! During your tour, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and hear others’ amazing stories of ET sightings and contacts. It’s one of the best parts of the tour! We often hear that even without the UFO sightings, the view of the stars is worth the price of the tour. Come enjoy an adventure with us! Preview UFO tours:  (So we have people here reaching out to touch/make contact with entities…unknown entities… ignorantly inviting in only GOD knows what.  Be careful, you will get what you ask for, and you are not going to like it!)



Humans have long been obsessed with the possibility of alternate universes, and a way to instantaneously travel between this one and the next. This concept was popularized by the science-fiction TV show Stargate, and as recently as 2015, NASA admitted to having spent at least a decade researching access points to places outside our world, our universe, even beyond space and time as we know it.

The term Stargate means just that: an otherworldly door or portal to outside realms, hidden within Earth’s and space’s magnetic fields, waiting to transport the enlightened traveler to a place beyond current time limitations. While space seems to be the most likely location for these doorways to other universes, many places on planet Earth have also been attributed with special transportive capabilities, as well as noticeable shifts in energy, different frequencies, and unexplained lights or sounds.

But little to no scientific evidence has supported the theory of ‘wormholes’ in outer space, much less within the Earth’s atmosphere, until NASA’s Jack Scudder found a way to identify the elusive doorways floating between the Earth and the Sun.

Suspected Stargate Location in Space

Similar to an Einstein-Rosen bridge, or ‘worm-hole’, the theory of formation of a space portal is that one occurs when space-time is distorted, either by the intense gravitational fields created by the collapse of a star, or by the mingling magnetic forces of the Earth and Sun crossing in space, enhanced by violent solar winds.Some of these portals are gaping holes for significantly sustained periods of time, while most are short-lived, yawning wide and re-closing several times in a day.

But Stargates can be difficult to find. Their reliable instability, elusiveness, and tendency to be tricky to spot can mean it will take years to locate one. There are no signs leading down this road, let alone pointing to it.

However, a plasma physicist, Jack Scudder, at the University of Iowa, has discovereda technique for spotting the elusive unpredictable portals.Scudder called these newly-discovered road signs X-Points, where the intersecting magnetic fields flowing between the Earth and the Sun propel vast amounts of charged particles out of the portal, easy to spot with the correct instruments and the right data.

Once Scudder was able to recognize the indications of a portal, he was able to find similar patterns occurring all over the place in the Earth’s atmosphere. Observed by NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft, they surround the Earth at a distance from 10,000 to 30,000 miles away.(Bullshit, they always want to make everything so distant, as in time, or space. To maintain the masses at a safe and controllable mind frame, and keep the “scientist” at an advantage.)

Most of them seem to be located where the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields connect to form an unobstructed path, causing the area to pulse with charged particles that also create the Northern Lights and geomagnetic storms we sometimes witness here on Earth.

While not entirely certain what exactly these portals are, Scudder and his team remain optimistic that the answer is not beyond reach.

Stargates are a fascinating overlap of science-fiction and reality, and there are some who claim that we have access to portals here on Earth. Some locations are thought to be compass points on a map designed by sacred geometry and posses the ability to transport us to parallel universes.Among the earthly stargate sites, the most noted are the Stonehenge formation and the Bermuda Triangle, but several other locations are also attributed with being ancient alien portals. (Good heavens, it has been known throughout history that MIRRORS are Portals, just scrying glass like computer screens and Television Screens, crystal balls and pools of water. There are many earthly portals, which can be accessed. Many of them can be easily identified because they were generally sites of Ancient Temples and/or sacrifices.)



Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth

Gate of The Gods

Where: Hayu Marca, Peru

Not far from the Lake Titicaca is one of the most well-known and widely-suspected portals to another world. The Gate of the Gods is an ancient site discovered in 1996 by a local tour guide, Jose Luis Delgado Mamani, and according to lore, the massive stone door was a portal through which heroes of the past entered to join their gods in the next life. Stories also have it that a few of those heroes were able to return through the same door, accompanied by their holy gods, to inspect the world they’d left behind.

The door itself is a large stone structure carved into the face of Hayu Marca mountain, 7 meters high and 7 meters wide, with a smaller recessed door at the base. Since this site is now protected by the Peruvian government as an ancient archeological site, there have not been any recent digs at this location..

Abu Ghurab, Egypt, The Place Of The Gods


Photo credit: Roland Unger

The Abu Sir Pyramids, site of Abu Ghurab, has claimed to be one of the oldest sites on the planet. Within Abu Ghurab, lies an ancient platform made of alabaster (Egyptian crystal) and is said to be in tune with the “vibration” of Earth. It can also “open the senses” in order for a person to communicate and “be one” with higher, sacred energies of the Universe. Essentially, it is a stargate and the sacred energies were the Neters (gods).

Interestingly, legends of their communication and way of travel between their world and ours almost mirrors the legends of the Cherokee Native Americans. The Cherokee tell of how “thought beings”—who are formless—would travel on a “wave of sound” from their home in the Pleiades Star System to Earth.

As the legends of Abu Ghurab being a stargate, there are also signs of what some would perceive to be advanced technology having been used to create the site. One example is the perfectly precise circular markings that have been drilled into the alabaster.

Ancient Stone Arrangement
Under Water Stonehenge Found in Lake Michigan

Where: Lake Michigan

In 2007, 40 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, professor Mark Holley and his colleague Brian Abbot came across a stone formation while using sonar equipment to track shipwrecks. In addition to the familiar stonehenge-like construction, the underwater archeologists also discovered a boulder on which appeared to be a carving of a mastodon — a creature believed to be extinct for at least 10,000 years, which happens to coincide with a time when humans and and mastodons most likely populated the Midwest.

While most scientists believe this to be a petroglyph, some remain convinced that this could be an ancient, prehistoric portal, leading to another world. Currently in question is whether or not the massive stones came to rest there before or after the existence of the lake, and determining the authenticity of the mastodon petroglyph should provide a decent answer.

Is There A Great Lakes Stonehenge Version In Lake Michigan?

In 2007, Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, discovered a series of stones. Some of them arranged in a circle, one of which seemed to show an outlined carving of a mastodon. Mastodons died out almost 10,000 years ago. This ancient formation is located in an undisclosed location 40-feet beneath the surface waters of Lake Michigan.


If verified, the carvings could be as much as 10,000 years old – coincident with the post-Ice Age presence of both humans and mastodons in the upper Midwest.

Great Lakes Stonehenge

In a report by Holley and Brian Abbott to document the expedition, we learn that the archaeologists had been hired to survey a series of shipwrecks using sector scan sonar. The pair was trying to look for lost shipwrecks. What they encountered has been viewed as one of the most incredible archaeological discoveries in decades.


One boulder in the formation is of particular interest. Etched with the markings is 3.5 to 4 feet high and about 5 feet long. Photos show a surface with numerous fissures. Holley said some might be natural while others appear of human origin, but those forming what could be the petroglyph stood out.

Sedona Vortexes/The Doorway of the Gods


Photo credit: Tedsan64

Where: Sedona, Arizona

There are many places in the American Southwest that seem to offer some things a little beyond the ordinary. And none are quite like Sedona, Arizona, where the air and geology lends itself to feeling naturally “spiritually charged.”It’s difficult to argue — beautiful pillars of red-rock buttes, the scent of pines, “vortexes” of energy, and what’s known as the Doorway of the Godsbrings a unique feeling to this place that differs from the surrounding countryside.

According to local legend, tunnels and gateways leading to other worlds exist all over Sedona. Star people, too, are purported to have entered and exited through the portals. The Doorway itself is a large archway of red rock at the top of the mountain. Some have seen blue light emanating from it,and there are even accounts of strange sounds like muted bells or thunder surrounding the rocks on days with clear blue skies.

The vortexes are also attributed with unique capabilities. Formed from energy similar to that found in the human body, the shift in energy can be felt as a subtle vibration, bringing those who experience it a sense of calm and rejuvenation as the outward pulses align with those that naturally occur in the human body. Many have noted feeling these subtle fluctuations in frequencies in the area, although conclusive scientific testing or investigation hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

I can tell you there are all kinds of crazy things occuring in Sedona, and there are all kinds of crazies flocking there to experience them.  Lots of New Age stuff and Magick going on in that area.  Just do a little research yourself and you will find loads of stories, videos, photos.

Stargates: Fantasy or Reality?

Whether yawning wide in space or subtly concealed below a lake or rock outcroppings, the existence of Stargates is a subject that has fascinated many across the globe. Many of these curious people are scientists, who are unable to find any other explanation for either their findings or the stories of those who purportedly witnessed the powerful nature of a Stargate. The possibility of direct paths to other worlds, times, or even universes outside our own, is one that will continue to fascinate us for centuries to come.

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This next item is very interesting.  I almost did not include it because it is obviously not a stargate, or even a supernatural, paranormal item.  However, knowing what we do about the area and the military at the time thes were constructed, and the influence of magick I am not so sure.   It is possible that when these were originally constructed they were really meant to be sympathetic visual magick related to stargates and the extraterrestrial beings.  Now that these have fallen to the shoreline, I believe that they have been purposefully left there for the very same purpose.  Certainly we understand that they were built as military gunneries to secure the port, but you have to admit that their design is rather intriguing.



THE STARGATE AT FORT FUNSTON | Are these the remnants of A.) an ...

The original Battery Bluff’s Panama Mount No. 4 with a 270-degree traverse, 23 June 1937. (GGNRA)

THE STARGATE AT FORT FUNSTON | Are these the remnants of A.) an ...


STARGATE at Ft Funston


Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
Fort Funston: Battery Bluff
(155mm Gun Battery)

Fort Funston
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fort Funston
Funston overlook 2.jpg    

A hang glider launches from Fort Funston Overlook, San Francisco. The launch platform is modified from a former fire control bunker.
Location San FranciscoCalifornia, United States
Coordinates 37°42′54″N 122°30′07″W
Operated by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Website Official website
Lake Merced Military Reservation
Near San FranciscoCalifornia in United States
Type Harbor defense installation
Owner United States Army
Controlled by United States Army Coast Artillery Corps
Built 1900
Fate Decommission 1963

Coast Artilliary Insignia.png Fort Funston is a former harbor defense installation located in the southwestern corner of San Francisco. Formerly known as the Lake Merced Military Reservation, the fort is now a protected area within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). It was named in honor of Frederick N. Funston (1865–1917), a Major General in the United States Army with strong connections to San Francisco, and included several artillery batteries. The fort is located on Skyline Boulevard at John Muir Drive, west of Lake Merced.

The area is covered with a network of trails suitable for hiking or horseback riding. There are two Dutch sand ladders that extend down the dunes to the beach. The beach is known for its magnetic sand[9] and strong currents, discouraging swimming.[10] The strong, steady winds make the cliffs overlooking the beach a popular site for hang gliding. The gliding is rated intermediate difficulty (Level III).[11]Additionally, the world record for the farthest thrown object was set here in 2003 by Erin Hemmings, who threw an Aerobie flying ring 1,333 feet.[12]

Final scene of Stargate Atlantis. Atlantis lays cloaked nearby the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco


Enemy at the Gate (Stargate Atlantis)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Enemy at the Gate
Stargate Atlantis episode
Sheppard, Carter and Davis discuss how to defend Earth from an approaching super Wraith Hive Ship
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 100
Production code 519
Original air date January 9, 2009
Stargate Atlantis (season 5)

“Enemy at the Gate” is the 100th and final episode of the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis. The episode aired on January 9, 2009 on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States, and on January 13, 2009 on Sky1 in the United Kingdom. Written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie as their fifth and final script in the fifth season, “Enemy at the Gate” was produced as the nineteenth episode of the season and was directed by Andy Mikita. It is dedicated to Don S. Davis (Stargate SG-1‘s George Hammond), who died from a heart attack in 2008.

“Enemy at the Gate” involves a Wraith plan to significantly upgrade a Hive Ship by integrating it with stolen Zero Point Modules from Asurans, and picks up a weak transmission from Earth from an alternate reality (“Vegas”), alerting the ship to Earth’s location.

Before the shield fails, the Hive is destroyed by the nuclear warhead. Atlantis is burning up on re-entry, though Carson manages to control the city, and lands in the Pacific Ocean, subsequently cloaking and secretly moving Atlantis to the coast off San Francisco. In the end, the team takes time to admire the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The last scene’s possible connection to Star Trek is pure coincidence. The producers had wanted the city to come down on Earth near a recognizable landmark, as to be different from the previous five years of the show where Atlantis was always located in the middle of the ocean. Martin Gero and Carl Binder were insistent that it should be the Statue of Liberty, but the geography was not plausible enough for leaving the city cloaked for any length of time without anyone noticing and/or getting killed. So the producers settled on San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.[4]

Western Expresses Alphabetically
Map of base towns fed from San Francisco.Western Expresses were private individuals or companies that operated west of the Mississippi River and carried letter mail between cities, mining camps, and other settlements. This group of companies became prominent after 1849. Letter mail was handled by them to areas and towns that did not have established post offices and hence the carriage did not contravene any postal laws that prohibited mail carried privately on postal routes. Although the carriage of letter mail was usually a component of their business, many of these companies also handled gold, parcels, and some even provided banking services. Some issued adhesive stamps for premium services or sold government postal entires that bore an additional frank to indicate prepayment of express fees. Western Expresses came into prominence during the California gold rush and were in their heyday in the 1850’s and 1860’s.
Left: The cities of Marysville, Sacramento, and Stockton acted as base towns for many of the smaller express feeders into the mining regions of inland California. These base towns were themselves fed from San Francisco.
If you click on the links in the box above, you can actually view the documents that were transported, including the envelopes, addresses and stamps.  It is kind of fun, if you have some time, check it out.

San Francisco – Gateway to the Pacific

The San Francisco Port of Embarkation

soldiers leaning over ship railing
Soldiers returning to the Port of San Francisco


I especially remember coming home to San Francisco aboard the General Anderson. It was very foggy when the pilot boarded, but all 3500, or so, troops were on deck waiting for a glimpse of the Golden Gate. And, as we steamed through the gate, the fog dispersed, as if a curtain was parting and there was San Francisco’s skyline basking in early morning sunshine. There was not a dry eye on board as the band on the pier played “California, Here I Come!” It was just great and I will never forget it.– U.S. Serviceman returning in January, 1956

Servicing the Army’s Needs in the Pacific

The massive buildings of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation (SFPE), now known as Lower Fort Mason, were originally built in 1912 to warehouse army supplies and provide docking space for army transport ships. The army first shipped men and supplies to the Pacific through San Francisco in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. America’s involvement in the Spanish-American War reflected a significant shift in how the country perceived itself internationally: with this war, the United States’ interests and responsibilities shifted from managing internal issues to exerting the country’s new power across the Pacific Ocean. The War Department began to build new bases in Hawaii, the Philippines, and various Pacific islands and most of the material for those bases was shipped through San Francisco.

The Port of Embarkation, completed in 1915, included three long wharves designed so the transport ships could align up against them; supplies were stored in adjacent warehouses and sheds. All the buildings were constructed in the Mission Revival style. A railroad tunnel was constructed under Fort Mason and tracks were laid into the port area, single tracks to the three wharves and double tracks to the warehouses. As early as 1912, Fort Mason served as the headquarters for the San Francisco Port of Embarkation. With these new facilities, Fort Mason was transformed from a harbor defense post into a logistical and transport hub for American military operations in the Pacific.

San Francisco Port of Embarkation in the 1930s US Army transport ship at Port of Embarkation
This photo shows the San Francisco Port of Embarkation functioning at full capacity; four transport ships (with a fifth hiding behind the farthest building on the right) are docked along the wharves. Photo circa 1933.


Soldiers and their civilian families clustered around the US Army transport ship, the “President Taft”. Note the number of packing crates around the dock area. Photo circa 1940s.


Intense Activity during World War II

From the 1920s through World War II, the SFPE played a critical role in the movement of supplies and troops to the Pacific. During World War II, the San Francisco Port of Embarkation functioned as the nerve center of a vast network of shipping facilities that spread throughout the Bay Area. The Port’s jurisdiction was far reaching; for various periods of time between 1941 and 1944, the ports of Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA were administered by the San Francisco Port of Embarkation. During the war, the army built a maze of temporary, wood-frame buildings to support the works on the port. In the fall of 1939, the SFPE personnel had expanded to 130 military personnel and over 500 working civilians.

The numbers of men and supplies that passed through the San Francisco Port of Embarkation were staggering. During the 45 months of war, 1,647,174 passengers and 23,589,472 measured tons moved under the San Francisco Port of Embarkation into the Pacific. This total represents two-thirds of all troops sent into the Pacific and more than one-half of all Army cargo moved through West Coast ports. The highest passenger count was logged in August of 1945 when 93,986 outbound passengers were loaded. In 1972, the San Francisco Port of Embarkation was listed as a National Historic Landmark


San Francisco: Gateway to America?

‘Season of the Witch’ explores the Weird City on the West Coast

JUL. 31, 2012

Emma Weissmann


Dragon Gate (San Francisco)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dragon Gate

1 chinatown san francisco arch gateway.JPG Dragon Gate (San Francisco) is located in San Francisco
The gate in 2010 Location in San Francisco

The Dragon Gate (“Chinatown Gate” on some maps) is a south-facing gate at the intersection of Bush Street and Grant Avenue, marking a southern entrance to San Francisco‘s Chinatown, in the U.S. state of California. Built in 1969 as a gift from the Republic of China(Taiwan) in the style of a traditional Chinese pailou,[1] it became one of the most photographed locations in Chinatown, along with the older Sing Fat and Sing Chong buildings (at Grant and California).


In 1953, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce sponsored a bilingual essay contest on how to improve Chinatown business, in the wake of an U.S. embargo on mainland China imports after the People’s Republic of China entered the Korean conflict. The winner of the English division, Charles L. Leong, suggested in his essay, among many things, the erection of an authentic archway to Chinatown at Bush and Grant.[2] A later report from 1963 proposing general plans for the downtown area noted that “north of Bush Street, Grant Avenue, to the casual observer and the visitor, is Chinatown”, establishing the site’s suitability.[3]

In 1956, the Chinatown Improvement Committee, appointed by Mayor George Christopher, made the archway its top priority, but further progress was stalled;[2]:148-151 an early effort to build a gate which started in 1958[4] was suspended in 1961 after funds and materials ran short,[5] then abandoned in 1962.[6] The gate was redesigned in 1963 by Lun Chan, Worley Wong, Morton Rader, and Piero Patri as part of a more ambitious plan to link Chinatown and North Beach via a pedestrian mall and bridge.[4]

In 1967 Mayor John F. Shelley, Mayor Christopher’s successor, also championed the project and sponsored a design competition. This contest to design a gateway was won[7] by a team of three Chinese-Americans, architect Clayton Lee, along with landscape architects Melvin H. Lee and Joseph Yee, who were inspired by Chinese village architecture of ceremonial gates.[8][9] There were twenty entrants in the contest, judged by a jury of five.[7] Materials for the gateway, viz., 120 artisanal ochre tiles, were donated by the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1969.[2]:252[10][11]

Although the gateway was largely completed by April 1969,[12] it was not dedicated until October 18, 1970;Mayor Joseph Alioto, Mayor Shelly’s successor, and Vice-President Yen Chia-kan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) attended the ceremony.[2]:151-152[8]

The Dragon Gate, with its inscription by Sun Yat-sen, has been described as embodying “the ROC government[‘s] symbolic claim on Chinatown”, before the People’s Republic of China gained more influence in Chinatown following Nixon’s 1972 visit to Chinaand further normalization of US-China relations.[1]

ROC’s claim on Chinatown is more than symbolic. This Gateway more likely represents what China’s sees as their very real claim on San Francisco’s Chinatown.   Check out my article:

China – Chinese Police Establishing Presence in the USA? Are they hoisting the “Red” Flag?


Male lion (west portal) Female lion (east portal)
Chinese guardian lions at Dragon Gate

Like most Chinese ceremonial gates, the Chinatown Gateway has three portals facing south. The two smaller west and east (pedestrian) portals flank the larger central (automotive) portal, and the structure is supported on stone columns rising from the sidewalks on either side of Grant. The stone columns adhere to standards for Chinese gateways;[8][9] in contrast, most ‘Chinese’ gateways constructed in the United States use wooden support columns.[13] Each portal is covered with green tiles, leading north along Grant Avenue into Chinatown.

Three shallow steps lead up to each pedestrian portal. Each pedestrian portal features a stone Chinese guardian lion on the side away from the street. By tradition, the lion pair consists of one male and one female. The male lion, at the west portal, stands with his right fore paw atop a pearl or stone, symbolically guarding the structure or empire. The female lion, at the east portal, stands with her left fore paw atop a juvenile lion, symbolically guarding the occupants within.[8] There are also fish and dragons atop the gate; the fish symbolize prosperity, while the dragons symbolize power and fertility. Between the dragons is a ball, symbolizing the earth.[14]

West portal
xìnyì hépíng
‘trust (confidence); peace’.[15]
Center portal
pinyintiānxià wèi gōnglit.
‘All under heaven is for the good of the people’
East portal
zhōngxiào rén’ài

respect (filial piety); love’

Chinese signs, to be read right to left, above the three portals at Dragon Gate
‘All under heaven is for the good of the people’ (a motto attributed to Dr. Sun Yat-sen);[8]

Church of Satan
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Church of Satan

Right: Satanic Temple’s Baphomet Statue


Left: Sigil of Baphomet, an official symbol of LaVeyan Satanism[1]


Abbreviation CoS
Type New religious movement (Satanism)
Classification Atheistic Satanism
Orientation LaVeyan Satanism
Scripture The Satanic Bible
Theology Egotheism
Governance Priesthood
Structure Cabal
High Priest Peter H. Gilmore
Associations Non-ecumenical
Region International
Headquarters Poughkeepsie, New York
Founder Anton Szandor LaVey
Origin April 30, 1966
The Black HouseSan Francisco, California
Separations First Satanic Church (1999), Temple of Set (1975)
Members Not disclosed
Other name(s) The Satanic Church
Publications The Black FlameThe Cloven Hoof
Official website

The Church of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San FranciscoCalifornia, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the Church’s High Priest until his death in 1997. In 2001, Peter H. Gilmore was appointed to the position of High Priest, and the church’s headquarters were moved to Hell’s Kitchen, ManhattanNew York City.[2]

The church does not believe in the Devil, neither a Christian nor Islamic notion of Satan.[3] Peter H. Gilmore describes its members as “skepticalatheists“, embracing the Hebrew root of the word “Satan” as “adversary”. The church views Satan as a positive archetype who represents prideindividualism, and enlightenment, and as a symbol of defiance against the Abrahamic faiths which LaVey criticized for what he saw as the suppression of humanity’s natural instincts.

The Church of Satan describes its structural basis as a cabal that is “an underground cell-system of individuals who share the basis of [our] philosophy”.[4] Membership in the Church of Satan is available on two levels: registered membership and active membership. Registered members are those who choose to affiliate on a formal level by filling out the required information and sending a one time registration fee. Active membership is available for those who wish to take a more active role in the organization, and is subject to the completion of a more comprehensive application.[5] The organization does not disclose official membership numbers. The church provides weddingfuneral, and baptismal services to members. Such ceremonies are performed by a member of the church’s priesthood.

The Church maintains a purist approach to Satanism as expounded by LaVey,[6] rejecting the legitimacy of any other organizations who claim to be Satanists.[7][8] Scholars agree that there is no reliably documented case of Satanic continuity prior to the founding of the Church of Satan.[9] It was the first organized church in modern times to be devoted to the figure of Satan,[6] and according to Faxneld and Petersen, the Church represented “the first public, highly visible, and long-lasting organization which propounded a coherent satanic discourse”.[10]

These Satan Worshipers can protest all they want that they do not believe in the Devil/Satan… but actions speak so much louder than words and their actions are SCREAMING!  They are fooling no one who has a brain.  They are worshiping Satan and lifting up not only his name, his image and his philosophy, but they are performing his actions on the earth, robbing, killing and destroying.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove
Harvey Hancock at Bohemian Grove 1967.jpeg Bohemian Grove (With images) | Bohemian grove, Grove, Bohemian ...
Summer 1967 at Owls Nest Camp. Around table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald ReaganHarvey Hancock (standing), Richard NixonGlenn T. Seaborg, Jack Sparks, Kevin Zinter, unidentified individual, Edwin W. Pauley. The club’s motto “Weaving spiders come not here”
Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,700-acre (1,100 ha) campground at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, United States, belonging to a private San Francisco–based gentlemen’s club known as the Bohemian Club. … By 1882 the members of the Club camped together at various locations in both Marin and …

I was going to post some articles about this group but everything that I found online was like a promo ad for the Bohemian Club.  Man they have been working the damage control since Alex Jones expose’ brought so much attention to their camp.   I am not going to waste anymore time here.  If you want to know more truth about the Bohemian Club, see my article:  

The BEGINNING OF THE END – Part 6 – Movers and the Shakers

Like Most Magick, Pay Attention To What’s Going On In The Background, Not the Foreground.

It’s been long enough now that I can maybe tell this story without getting whacked. It’s about a very revealing 1904 photo taken at NorCal’s notorious all-male, mostly white, rich weirdo hangout Bohemian Grove.

The black’n’white photograph came from a late member of San Francisco’s Bohemian Club, which owns the 2,700 acre Grove in Monte Rio, CA, and annually hosts a half-of-July encampment that attracts some of the most prominent men in the world. Legend has it that wannabe presidents go there to get vetted, though Richard Nixon was recorded saying, “The Bohemian Grove — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine,” so maybe they get more than just vetted.

The secret photo was intended and had been kept as part of the owner’s private collection. But after his number got punched and he started his eternal dirt nap, the rich dude’s family sold off a bunch of his possessions. Unknowingly to them (or so the story goes), part of those possessions were a bunch of secret photos from the early years of Bohemian Grove.

The Grove, deep in the Redwood Forest, is owned by the Bohemian Club, a longtime secret society of sorts that’s not so secret anymore. It started benevolently in 1872 as a gathering of journalists, artists, and musicians. But in only a few years, it was co-opted by wealthy businessmen and other power brokers. Ain’t that always the way?

Anybody who traces the backroom mechanizations of the so-called “elite” parasite-types pays close attention to who attends and what goes on at Bohemian Grove, although not much about the latter ever leaks out. In 2019, the dank Hollywood gossip site Crazy Days and Nights came up with the prior year’s guest list, and it’s…interesting. Senators, CEOs, late night chat show hosts, aging musicians, etc.

It was also in 2019, February, that I was in Mexico and attended the great thinker and former satanist Mark Passio’s paradigm-shifting presentation “Demystifying the Occult. I won’t go on and on about how everybody should watch (or, better, try to attend IRL) this brilliant and soul-elevating all-day presentation, but I will write it once, right there. If there’s a more knowledgable American spiritual philosopher living today than Mark Passio, I don’t know them (though I’m open to suggestions!). There are probably quite a few less intense, however, so he may not be to your taste.

During his masterful presentation, Passio shared the photo I’m talking about. He explained the backstory, and told us to focus not on the men in the foreground, presumably the artists, but the etching that was nailed to a tree behind them.

The “Parade of Power” Marches from Right to Left.

The etching is a “Parade of Power,” explaining how the so-called “elite” see the world, with a hierarchical caste system of societal influence, moving from right to left and beginning with:

8 7 6 5
Finally, at the front of the line, leading the parade with a magic staff, are the Mystics, the Magicians, the Seers. The most respected of all, the channel to the Spirit world, the visionary leaders whom even the most powerful have to follow as Mankind’s destiny is set. Or altered. Then there’s the REAL power guys….who have what looks like a toad, or perhaps TOADY, holding an umbrella over their head. And what’s written on the TOADY’s hat? Why, it’s “PRESS”! Then the money men — bankers, finance, Wall Street’s would-be “masters of the universe.” But… In front of them, the “strong men”: Cops, military, federal law enforcement, other authority figures.
4 3 2 1
After that the creative types and middle class — authors, actors, dancers, white collar workers Then the messy masses: fat, disheveled, bunched together, similar, common, forgettable. Today’s cubicle dwellers, couch potatoes and smartphone addicts Farmers and those who work the land next; honorable toil, but held in very low regard by oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg Transient field peasants last; today, these would be the homeless

So there you have it, a picture worth 1,000 words (actually 840, looks like). Its official title is “13 Men Sitting And Standing In Camp, At The Bohemian Grove 1904,which is weird because we can count 14 men in the picture. Is one of them actually a woman? A mannequin? A child? A corpse? No idea.

Anyway, I took two pictures of the photograph on my phone when it popped up during Mark Passio’s “Demystifying the Occult” presentation. I confirmed I had these pictures numerous times, even showed them to people.

And yet…somewhere between me leaving the Acapulco airport and about 12 hours after getting home, those pictures were gone. Erased from my phone. They were the only pix from the 60 or so that I took that were missing, least as far as I can recall.

Now, a year later, with things more chaotic than ever and the real-life “Parade of Power” becoming clearer, figured I might as well get this info out there. I know where I stand in this equation. Do you?

[POSTSCRIPT: Since this piece was published, the title of the photo has been changed to “14 Men Sitting And Standing In Camp, At The Bohemian Grove 1904.”]

San Francisco

1978 view of the Westerfield house (With images) | Victorian homes ...The Spooky History Of The Westerfeld House

From San Francisco State University to Secret Occult Temple by Bus … › sf_bay_area_ca-22 › poi › San Fra…
Everything you need to know about how to get from San Francisco State University to Secret Occult Temple by public transportation. Download Moovit for


Season of the Witch
I am doing some research and would like any input anybody can offer. I’m interested in everything from Francis Drake / Francis Bacon and their involvement in secret societies, New Atlantis as a story about San Francisco, Golden Gate / Silver Gate (especially any relation to the Golden and Silver Keys of the Papacy), History behind the building of SF buildings and roads and how they relate to Occultism, James Lick and any involvement he might have had, and really just anything. Especially something I might not have listed here.

One of the most curious spots in all of the Bay Area resides in San Jose, the Egyptian Rosicrucian Museum. That’s right, we have a museum run by Rosicrucians in San Jose and it’s awesome. The San Jose Rosicrucians have been around for over 100 years and their Egyptian museum is all sorts of sweet. If museums aren’t your thing you still need to visit because the gardens (free!) located outside of it are a must see.

The Museum.
The Museum.

Also in San Jose is the Winchester Mystery House. I’ve got mixed feelings about the Winchester House. The tours are far too rehearsed for me, and I don’t think any one who works there knows a lick about spiritualism, but it’s such an oddity that it’s worth a visit. The grounds are beautiful and the house its self is a maze. I’ve got no idea if it’s really haunted, but I hope it is.

Fountain at the Winchester Mystery House
Fountain at the Winchester Mystery House

My absolutely favorite spot in San Francisco is Land’s End. It offers wonderful views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, but the best part is the labyrinth. Located at Eagle’s Point the Labyrinth at Land’s End can be difficult to find, but worth the effort (and the hike!). It was vandalized by a bunch of assholes last year but was put back together by a team of volunteers pretty quickly.

You can see a bit of the labyrinth on the right.
You can see a bit of the labyrinth on the right.

My favorite time to visit is at night, I suggest you do the same. Not only is it even more impressive looking, there are also 90% less people milling about. Words don’t do this treasure justice. (And some details on how to get there, especially at night are really helpful.)

The following article was obviously written by an Occultic New Ager.  I do not agree with or condone any of the practices and beliefs in this article.  I post it here to demonstrate what is going on in San Fran. 

Bridging the Occult Societies of San Francisco


“The Initiation” by John Dunivant

(08 June 2013) Today was the New Moon in Sidereal Taurus and the first organizational meeting of the San Francisco Holy Grail Societya social club organized around the exploration and practice of occult mysteries including Rosicrucian, Wicca, hermetic sciences, Qabalah, Tantra, Gnosticism, & Shamanism.

We explored the notion of how Sacrifice for the future is necessary right Now. Sacrifice in it’s extreme form is physical death. We would rather see sacrifice as Change. Unless this change is identified and rapidly embraced, the necessity of physical death as fertilization is inevitable and welcome.

We must sacrifice our old self. We must break down our old selves and assemble someone new. We have the wrong diet, the wrong currency, the wrong governance, the wrong calendar, the wrong zodiac, the wrong energy, the wrong beliefs. Virtually Everything in so-called modern civilization is completely backwards leading us to have a wrong identity that must be sacrificed. We need a radical departure from the habitual waste of everyday existence. But just changing ourselves isn’t enough. We must quickly find new ways to gradually layer this process of sacrifice to make it appeal to others as well.

The past strangles the future. Society must adopt a vegetarian diet, a Bitcoin/Silver/barter based economy, 3rd party governance, a lunar calendar, the sidereal zodiac, a culture based around what alternative energy can provide instead of a runaway culture fueled by petrol, and direct spiritual experience instead of traditional belief. If 23% of the passionate population took to the streets and demanded these Alterations, we’d be living in an Alternate reality by 2014.

Folks need fresh, living myths in order to become more willing to change. They need evidenced stories of the power to manifest dreams and demonstrations of the work it takes to do it. They need stories of proof of non-localized consciousness and the value of seeking out such things. They need Destiny Journalism, Metafiction, & Speculative Fantasy. And they need ritual, ceremony, counseling, education, and initiation rites to inspire personal & cultural revelation.

There is evidence in literature and archeology of a Golden Age in earth’s past. After The Flood, coastal civilization would have been all but wiped out (which makes us largely the descendents of hill-billys). What were they doing differently in the Golden Age that we no longer do? One thing we know is that much of the remaining architecture is focused around the live observation of the heavens. Very few people take this seriously today and through all the smog and light pollution, there’s little desire to do so.

12,000 years ago at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, civilization was founded on an agreement of the stars in the heavens, and the future of civilization is no exception. Sacrifice is needed Now if humankind is ever to see The Age of Sidereal Aquarius, still some 363 years in the future.

The SF Bay Area is the once and future capitol of counterculture. Here are just a few of the currently active occult organizations in and around San Francisco that we might like to explore bridging to build continuity and the alignment of disparate intent:

The Temple Of Set is an institution designed to encourage the cultivation of self-Awareness in life transcending death. “The Temple of Set seeks above all to honor and enshrine consciousness. We wish to apprehend what makes us each individually unique and use this gift to make ourselves stronger in all facets of our being. To do this we preserve and improve the tradition of spiritual distinction from the cultural universe.”

The Holy Grail Society is a social club “organized around the exploration and practice of occult mysteries – Rosicrucian, Wicca, hermetic sciences, Qabalah, Tantra, Gnosticism, Shamanism. The Holy Grail Society is devoted to liberating the individual from the bondage of external morality, cleansing the doors of perception, revealing the true will of the divine Self.”

The San Francisco Astrological Society “serves as an educational, professional and social networking resource to the Bay Area (Tropical) Astrological community, providing an *affordable* monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather and explore this *ancient language*.” Though the SFAS are still Tropical and not yet Sidereal astrologers, they do have a large participatory base primed for Alteration.

The Burning Man Project is establishing an Urban Cultural Center in San Francisco that will provide collaborative gathering and gallery spaces, classrooms, workshops, a library, archives, sites for ritual and ceremony and shared office space for multiple community-based non-profit organizations.” (The NWO NGO’s that are undermining all existing governments.)

The Mission Astrology Group was founded in San Francisco and is the longest running gathering of Western Sidereal Astrologers in the world, currently active in various occult groups in SF.

Project ALTER MAN 47 is essentially a Synchronicity Generator and an experimental quest to help reset and raise Global Awareness. One tangible goal of AM47 is to provide an extreme example of creating culture around what sustainable, alternative energy can support as opposed to mindlessly fueling a runaway culture of excess.  (all the NWO buzz words)

All these and more to be added soon, so stay tuned!AM47 Earth base w fool

@ This page is Anti-Copyright! Reproduce freely, in any manner desired. };^>

click>>> AM47!


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(14 June 2013) Just 6 days after I posted this, a brilliant interview aired on one of my favorite news shows (no, Not the Daily Show) with Dr. Rushkoff about Time and so much else. There are many fascinating parallels between my article “Bridging the Occult Societies of San Francisco” and this one on Thom Hartmann’s excellent show: The Big Picture. The interview: “Conversations with Great Minds: Dr. Rushkoff – When Everything Happens Now” is included here in 2 parts. Take a look at it and tell me what You think!! 

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Proverbs 15:22
22 Without counsel, plans go awry, But in the multitude of counselors they are established.
Proverbs 24:6
6 For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, And in a multitude of counselors there is safety
There is so much about the Golden Gate area we don’t know or understand yet.  There is a very strong connection between this area and EGYPT.  
           If you want to see more about this topic, check out my series: