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The evidence of the NWO is everywhere and in every aspect of your life and even your being.  They are not going to be happy just controlling your income and spending… they want to control your heart rate, your breathing, your thoughts, and even your desires.  THIS IS ABOUT TOTAL CONTROL.  I get the feeling that many of you are not getting the message.  I am excited to see more and more individuals, groups  and even entire areas of people waking up and taking action.  

As I said, they have their tentacles in EVERYTHING, and naturally, I have neither time nor space to cover all of that.  However, there are a number of different areas that I feel are very important for you to understand and I have attempted to present them here. 

It is too late to stop them, but it is not to late to save yourselves and the ones you love from becoming one with the beast. 

All of the items in this post are here to help you to get a better picture of the truth of what they are up to.  Their plan for YOUR LIFE.  I hope you will take the time to review everything with an open mind and heart.   pacer

We will start with this first video on the Gotthard Tunnel Opening.  Obviously, this is not a new story. I have covered the Gotthard Tunnel Opening from several angles, so I was not sure if this next video would be worthwhile.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Tom Horn took a fresh look at the video, now that the initial shock of it has worn down, and he did some investigating.  In this video he addressed some aspects of it that I haven’t covered.  I have not seen them covered anywhere else either.  Please view the whole video.  It will be worth the time.

World Leaders Attend Ritual To Awaken The Anti-Christ!! – Dr. Tom Horn Must See Video


If you can’t open the video above, you can listen to the full documentary on SOUNDCLOUD by clicking the link below.

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of The Global Elite [Full Investigative Documentary] by Simulation (

May first there was an incident in New Mexico that caught the attention of one of my favorite youtuber, ManyFish.  If you have never heard him before, it may take you a while to follow him.  Take your time and replay the parts that move too quickly.  There is some very interesting information revealed.  

At the Crossroads. 666 Into a Full Gallup Towards the AI Beast System. Come Out of Her My People!

May 7, 2020

Gallup New Mexico, what a perfect location to work out the details of how they can subdue a city of 22,000. Supposedly over 0.9% at best death rate. They will try to force test you, separate you from your home and family and do it against your will whether you are sick or not… do you get it? “forced quarenteen” aka FEMA Camps This is all unfolding very quickly. The world will promise you peace and safety so long as you adhere to their way of thinking. Well, their thinking is pure evil continually! I pray you see. If you agree to their system you are eventually and quite literally, selling your soul. Do you know Jesus Christ? May his grace and peace be with you all!…


The real horror of the Epstein case still has not been brought to the public.  Though it is bad enough that he used and abused hundreds of teenage girls, the truth is that was just the tip of the iceberg.  That island was used as a Temple for ritual torture and sacrifice of countless numbers of little children.  The evidence is there, including the piles of bones of small children found in the water just below his “Temple” Building on the cliff.  But this next video is not about that, sadly.  However, it is full of a lot of other information you need to know.  Are you beginning to see that the ELITES, who like to stay OCCULTED/HIDDEN from public scrutiny, only come out of hiding when they want sex or to take captives/sacrifices/booty.  These criminals need to be prosecuted.  DON’T let the Epstein case and the evidence that was discovered fall away from public view and outcry!  Keep that issue in the spotlight!  Demand the truth and demand full disclosure.  

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite

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One of the United States Minor Outlying Islands

First published at 04:59 UTC on February 11th, 2021.


By 2030, they want EVERYONE living in a SMART CITY.  There will be only extremely limited travel.  Which should tell you that we are in the endtimes, because right now we’ve seen knowledge increase at an unprecedented rate and people have been free to all across the face of the earth.  With the recent surge of immigration that has happened in astounding numbers.  However, soon that will cease.
Daniel 12:4
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
this video has been censored.  I found it again on Bitchute.
First published at 02:02 UTC on May 21st, 2020.

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The Last American Vagabond

The Last American Vagabond

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After Hours Live:


Premiered Apr 13, 2020
William Binney worked for the National Security Agency as a code-breaker for more than 30 years. At a recent conference, he said their ultimate goal is total population control.


In case you are not aware, let me make this very clear, everything that the elite are doing is about your DNA.  It is about YOU, about changing you/controlling you/destroying you/keeping you from returning to the Creator and the Garden.   

It is all about the blood, the DNA.  I have addressed this in many of my series/articles.   The reason they do everything they do, is because they are driven by the Fallen Angels.  The Fallen believe that they can defeat GOD, if they can turn you from God and to Satan.  If they can change you, genetically, and cause you to become unredeemable, just like them.  They are also looking for indestructible bodies to inhabit because the children of the fallen, had fleshly bodies and immortal souls. They currently have to keep looking for new souls to inhabit, because humans die.  By merging mankind with machines, they can create a new form of life, that is not affected by death. 

The Real Intention Behind Coronavirus Testing Is About Harvesting Your DNA for a Government Database (Videos)

The Coronavirus has effectively put the world in a police statelike lockdown and to add to this imprisonment, the government now wants to be able to collect our DNA and place it into their databases, under the guise of disease testing.

Testing, testing, and more testing: This is all that the government can talk about these days in response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – that and a future vaccine, of course. But what if we told you that the true intent behind mass testing is to steal people’s DNA and store it away in government databases?

It might sound like some kind of crazy sci-fi flick, but hear us out. Back in late April when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked about what happens after a person is tested for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and whether the results “automatically go into some kind of database,” this was Cuomo’s chilling response:

Yes, your result will be logged into both a state and county database through an electronic lab reporting system. The database includes your name.

When further pressed about what a positive test result entails from the government’s standpoint, Cuomo explained that all newly infected are being ordered by their county health departments to quarantine for 14 days from the time of their most recent symptoms. They are also being asked to procure the names of anyone they may have come into contact with so that they, too, can be told to quarantine.

This directly ties into the contact tracing push from people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who want an “army of contact tracers” to sweep the nation and hunt down anyone who might have been infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Be sure to listen to the following episode of The Health Ranger Report in which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks to Dr. Judy Mikovits about these and other authoritarian measures being thrown at the people in response to this “plandemic:”

WHO official: A vaccine for coronavirus may never arrive

In addition to the typical swabbing protocol, another form of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) testing apparently involvestaking blood samplesby pricking people’s fingers, which the federal government is now implementing at pharmacies across America.

This combination of collecting both saliva and blood would seem to suggest that dark forces are perhaps trying to profile people’s genomes for some other purpose besides keeping them “safe” from a virus.

Keep in mind that there maynever even be a vaccinefor the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), at least according to Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO, a professor of global health at Imperial College London.

As it turns out, it is quite difficult to produce an effective vaccine for a virus, let alone one that continues to mutate and basically become new viruses. If a vaccine is, in fact, released, chances are it will not be effective nor will it be safe.

“There are some viruses that we still do not have vaccines against,” Nabarro is quoted as saying. “We can’t make an absolute assumption that a vaccine will appear at all, or if it does appear, whether it will pass all the tests of efficacy and safety.”

Without a vaccine, experts are automatically predicting that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) will never go away and instead become an annual event. And they are saying this while completely ignoring nutrition, supplementation, and other lifestyle changes that could easily protect the masses at a minimal cost.

“It’s absolutely essential that all societies everywhere get themselves into a position where they are able to defend against the coronavirus as a constant threat, and to be able to go about social life and economic activity with the virus in our midst,” Nabarro says.

Re-Upload – Dr. Andrew Kaufman They Want to Genetically Modify Us with the COVID 19 Vaccine

This video has been censored.  I found it again on Bitchute.


First published at 02:04 UTC on May 14th, 2020.


In this powerful interview Spiro is joined by Doctor Andrew Kaufman. Spiro and Dr. Kaufman discuss the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of a global health emergency.

Doctor Kaufman lays his reputation and his career on the line as he blows the whistle on what he describes as a manufactured crisis to carry out a pre-planned agenda to facilitate global governance and population control.

Doctor Kaufman is a well-educated medical professional who convincingly illustrates, using the CDC’s own technical data, how the public has been manipulated on the grandest scale.

Doctor Kaufman’s Website

Doctor Kaufman’s Youtube


Riss Flex
Apr 21, 2020
Check out the Microsoft patent here:…


This could be installed with the vaccine,  Hmmmmmmm………..

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Check out the Microsoft patent here:…


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Publication NumberWO/2020/060606
Publication Date26.03.2020
International Application No.PCT/US2019/038084
International Filing Date20.06.2019





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Priority Data

16/138,518 21.09.2018 US
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Designated States


front page image



Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.


L’activité du corps humain associée à une tâche fournie à un utilisateur peut être utilisée dans un processus de minage d’un système de cryptomonnaie. Un serveur peut fournir une tâche à un dispositif d’un utilisateur qui est couplé de manière à communiquer avec le serveur. Un capteur couplé de manière à communiquer avec un dispositif de l’utilisateur ou compris dans ce dernier peut détecter l’activité corporelle de l’utilisateur. Des données d’activité corporelle peuvent être générées sur la base de l’activité corporelle détectée de l’utilisateur. Le système de cryptomonnaie de la présente invention couplé de manière à communiquer avec le dispositif de l’utilisateur peut vérifier si les données d’activité corporelle satisfont une ou plusieurs conditions définies par le système de cryptomonnaie, et attribuer une cryptomonnaie à l’utilisateur dont les données d’activité corporelle sont vérifiées.

Also published as

Latest bibliographic data on file with the International Bureau

Feb 18, 2011
The series is devided into 10 parts and is created by IQ groups to unveil the hidden policies of media and mind controling and it contains some extremely important information.





Microsoft wants to patent mind control

Battling Zuck for the brain-computer interface

GOT TIPS?32 Reg comments

Microsofthas applied to patent a brain control interface, so you’ll be able to “think” your way around a computer device, hands free.

Last year, Facebook claimed to have 60 engineers engaged in BCI [brain computer interface] but Microsoft isn’t going to take this sitting down. It’s erm, sitting down and thinking really hard.

The application Changing an application state using neurological datawas filed last year, and published last week. The inventors recently filed a related patent for a continuous motion controller powered by the brain. (US 2017/0329392: Continuous Motion Controls Operable Using Neurological Data).

Brain patent screengrab

The team responsible for both includes principal lead scientist at the Applied Science Group in the Windows division, Kazuhito Koishida as well as Professor Jaeyoun Kim, who has developed an artificial eye. Another member of the team, Cem Keski, has years of experience developing hand gesture controls. So maybe PreCrime chief John Anderton’s theatrical hand gesture UI, as shown in the movie Minority Report, isn’t so far away.

Since the human nervous system registers a response milliseconds before an action is carried out, it should be possible to capture the signal and translate it to a corresponding action.

The earlier patent application notes that such systems require training to refine the interface, because the EEG signature differs from user to user, although there is sufficient commonality to get users going right away with simple gestures.

Facebook said last year it wanted to transcribe thoughts to speech – a vastly more ambitious exercise.

And Nissan last week talked up controlling a car using brainwaves. The flaw in this scenario is that the driver needs to have a functioning brain. So Mercedes drivers need not apply. ®

United States
US 2003.0171688A1
(12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2003/0171688A1
Yo0 et al. (43) Pub. Date: Sep. 11, 2003
(76) Inventors: Jae Sup Yoo, Seoul (KR); Jae Chun
Yoo, Seoul (KR)
Correspondence Address:
(21) Appl. No.: 10/199,346
(22) Filed: Jul. 19, 2002
(30) Foreign Application Priority Data
Mar. 6, 2002 (KR)………………………………… 2002-11846
Publication Classification
(51) Int. Cl. ……………………………………………. A61B 5/04
(52) U.S. Cl. …………………………………………………….. 600/544
A mind controller is disclosed. The mind controller can induce a user’s brain waves into an alpha wave State or a theta wave State by Sensing and analyzing human brain waves and then transmitting a mind control audio message Suitable for the analyzed human brain waves to the user, So that the user can improve mental concentration power or memory for himself/herself. The mind controller for actiVating brain waves generated from the user’s brain, includes:
an EEG(Electroencephalogram) Sensor for Sensing fre quency band corresponding to alpha waves and theta waves from the brain waves generated from the user’s brain; an MCU(Memory Control Unit) for analyzing whether the brain waves sensed by the EEG sensor are alpha waves or theta waves through a built-in program of a brain wave analysis program pack and controlling output of a message, which corresponds to the alpha waves or the theta waves, out
of mind control audio messages of an MP3 pack, an audio decoder for demodulating Signal converted into data in the MP3 pack by control signal output from the MCU; a D/A converter for receiving Signal provided from the audio decoder and converting the Signal into analog audio signal; and audio output means for converting and providing the analog audio signal into Sound.

Patent Application Publication Sep. 11, 2003 Sheet 1 of 2 US 2003/0171688A1
FIG 1.


Patent Application Publication Sep. 11, 2003 Sheet 2 of 2 US 2003/0171688A1

B — 40
8 O 70 60
US 2003/0171688A1
0001) 1. Field of the Invention
0002 The present invention relates to a mind controller, and more particularly, to a mind controller, which can induce a user’s brain waves into an alpha wave State or a theta wave State by Sensing and analyzing human brain waves and then transmitting a mind control audio message Suitable for the
analyzed human brain waves to the user, So that the user can improve mental concentration power or memory for himself/herself.
0003 2. Background of the Related Art
0004. In generally, human brain waves consist of beta waves (14 cycle) of a normal consciousness level, alpha waves (14 cycle-7 cycle) of an inside consciousness level and theta waves (7 cycle-4 cycle), and delta waves (less than 4 cycle) of a unconsciousness level. Here, it has been well known that when human brain waves are in an alpha wave State and a theta wave State, people’s body and mind can be relaxed and thereby people’s memory and judgment
can be improved. Also, it has been well known that if such relaxation training in mind and body is continued, people’s creative power and intuition are improved.
0005 There are a lot of devices and methods for inducing alpha waves to a user. Out of the prior arts, a method for inducing the alpha waves to the user by giving the user an external stimulus (ultrasonic waves, Sound or light) is a method to continuously apply the external Stimulus artificially without regard to the State of the user’s brain waves.
0006. However, the method has several disadvantages that people cannot confirm that the brain waves are induced into alpha waves actually and the continuous external Stimulus is harmful to human body.
0007 Accordingly, the present invention is directed to a mind controller that substantially obviates one or more problems due to limitations and  disadvantages of the related art.
0008 An object o the present invention is to provide a mind controller, which can induce a user’s brain waves into an alpha wave State and a theta wave State by Sensing and analyzing human waves and then transmitting a mind control audio message Suitable for the analyzed human waves to
the user, So that the user can improve mental concentration power or memory for himself/herself.
0009 Additional advantages, objects, and features of the invention will be set forth in part in the description which follows and in part will become apparent to those having ordinary skill in the art upon examination of the following or may be learned from practice of the invention. The objectives and other advantages of the invention may be realized and attained by the Structure particularly pointed out in the written description and claims hereof as well as the appended drawings.
0.010 To achieve these objects and other advantages and
in accordance with the purpose of the invention, as embodied and broadly described herein, a mind controller forSep. 11, 2003 activating brain waves generated from a user’s brain includes: an EEG(Electroencephalogram) Sensor for Sensing frequency band corresponding to alpha waves and theta
waves from the brain waves generated from the user’s brain; an MCU(Memory Control Unit) for analyzing whether the brain waves sensed by the EEG sensor are alpha waves or theta waves through a built-in program of a brain wave analysis program pack and controlling output of a message, which corresponds to the alpha waves or the theta waves, out of mind control audio messages of an MP3 pack, an audio decoder for demodulating Signal converted into data in the MP3 pack by control signal output from the MCU; a D/A converter for receiving Signal provided from the audio decoder and converting the Signal into analog audio signal; and audio output means for converting and providing the analog audio signal into Sound. The mind controller further includes an LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) connected to the MCU, the LCD displaying the brain state sensed through the EEG sensor and functions selected by a plurality of function buttons.
0011. It is to be understood that both the foregoing general description and the following detailed description of the present invention are exemplary and explanatory and are intended to provide further explanation of the invention as claimed.
0012. The accompanying drawings, which are included to provide a further understanding of the invention and are incorporated in and constitute a part of this application, illustrate embodiment(s) of the invention and together with the description Serve to explain the principle of the invention. In the drawings:
0013 FIG. 1 is a configuration view showing an external appearance of a mind controller according to the present invention; and 0014 FIG. 2 is a block diagram of an inside structure of the mind controller according to the present invention.
0015 Reference will now be made in detail to the pre ferred embodiments of the present invention, examples of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings. 0016. As shown in FIG. 1, a mind controller 100 of the present invention includes a plurality of function buttons 102 and an LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) 104 located at the front Surface thereof, and a plurality of connection means located at the Side Surfaces thereof. A first connection means
105 out of the plurality of connection means is an interface or connecting an earphone or a headphone 90, and a Second connection means 106 is an interface for connecting a program pack 108.
0017. The program pack 108 mounted into the mind controller 100 through the second connection means 106 of the mind controller 100 is used for improving mental Strength or learning power by inserting the program pack 108 Suitable for a user’s purpose.
0018. The LCD 104 displays a state of a user’s brain waves, Such as beta waves, alpha waves, theta waves and  US 2003/0171688A1 delta waves, which are generated from the user’s brain, through the mind controller 100.
0019. Furthermore, the mind controller 100 has a dry cellinside or is Supplied with electric power from the outside.
0020. As shown in FIG. 2, the inside of the mind
controller includes an EEG (Electroencephalogram) Sensor 10, an A/D converter 20, a MCU(Memory Control Unit) 30, an MP3(MPEG Audio Layer-3) pack 40, an audio decoder 50, a D/A converter 60, an amplifier 70, an audio output means 80, and the ear phone or the head phone 90.
0021. The EEG sensor 10 is mounted on the earphone or the headphone 90 to Sense weak frequency band generated from the user’s brain. The sensed signal is input to the A/D converter 20, the A/D converter 20 amplifies such signal into signal that is capable of being recognized in the MCU 30. The amplified analog Signal is converted into digital Signal, and the digital signal is input to the MCU 30.
0022. The MCU 30 analyzes whether the user’s brain waves are alpha waves or theta waves through the built-in program of the brain wave analysis program pack according  to the digital Signal level, controls output of a message corresponding to the alpha waves or theta waves out of mind
control audio messages of the MP3 pack, displays it on the LCD 104, and operates the audio decoder 50 by the built-in program of the brain wave analysis program pack.
0023 The audio decoder 50 receives and demodulates the mind control audio message data from the MP3 pack 40, converts the demodulated digital signal into analog signal through the D/A converter 60. The converted analog signal is amplified through the amplifier 70, and the audio signal is
output to the earphone or the headphone 90 connected through the first connection means 102 of the audio output means 80.
0024 Moreover, it is preferable that the plurality of function buttons 102 disposed on the front surface of the mind controller 100 allow the user to select and play one of the mind control messages provided to the user when the operation of the built-in program of the brain wave analysis program pack is operated.
0.025 In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the mind controller is manufactured in a portable device type for improving and activating mental Strength according to the brain wave States, but it will be appreciated that the components used in the present invention are mounted in the existing audio devices, televisions or computers. For example, the device of the present invention can be mounted in the audio device or the computer, and thereby, the same mind control program as the present invention can be carried out.
0026. As described above, the mind controller according to the present invention is manufactured in the portable Sep. 11, 2003 device type to improve and activate mental Strength to reach the alpha wave or theta wave State by operating the mind control program according to the brain wave State. However,
the present invention is not restricted to a portable device type, and can be applied to other appliances, Such as the audio devices, televisions, computers and So on.
0027. As described above, the mind controller of the present invention induces the user’s brain waves into the alpha wave or theta wave State by Sensing and analyzing the user’s brain waves ad transmitting the mind control audio message Suitable for the analyzed brain waves to the user, thereby improving the user’s mental Strength and learning power, recovering the user from fatigue, removing insomnia and curing patients diseases.
0028. The forgoing embodiment is merely exemplary and is not to be construed as limiting the present invention. The present teachings can be readily applied to other types of apparatuses. The description of the present invention is intended to be illustrative, and not to limit the scope of the claims. Many alternatives, modifications, and variations will be apparent to those skilled in the art.
What is claimed is:

1. A mind controller for activating brain waves generated from a user’s brain, comprising:
an EEG(Electroencephalogram) Sensor for Sensing frequency band corresponding to alpha waves and theta waves from the brain waves generated from the user’s brain; an MCU(Memory Control Unit) for analyzing whether the brain waves sensed by the EEG sensor are alpha waves or theta waves through a built-in program of a brain wave analysis program pack and controlling output of a message, which corresponds to the alpha waves or the theta waves, out of mind control audio messages of an MP3 pack; an audio decoder for demodulating Signal converted into data in the MP3 pack by control signal output from the MCU; a D/A converter for receiving Signal provided from the audio decoder and converting the Signal into analog audio signal; and audio output means for converting and providing the analog audio signal into Sound.
2. The mind controller according to claim 1, further comprising an LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) connected to the MCU, the LCD displaying the brain state sensed through the EEG sensor and functions selected by a plurality of function buttons.


May 20, 2020



The contents of this presentation are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This presentation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Josh: With us today on the summit is, Patrick Wood. Patrick, thanks so much for joining us today.

Patrick: You’re welcome, Josh. Good to be here.

Josh: Patrick is a leading and critical expert on sustainable development, green economy, UN Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, and historic technocracy. That basically means he’s one of the best researchers out there that in the past decades, has really helped to delve into the conversation around these topics and around how the dots connect behind the scenes. He’s the author of Technocracy Rising, and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, volumes 1 and 2, with the late Anthony C. Sutton. Wood remains a leading expert on the elitist Trilateral Commission, their policies and achievements, and creating their self-proclaimed New International Economic Order, which is the essence of sustainable development on a global scale.So we’re going to be diving into it today. We’re going to be kind of separating out the truth from the lies and really distilling some dot connecting. We’re going to get into solutions. We’re going to get into really understanding the bigger picture here, in terms of technocracy. Technocracy is a word that you’re really helping, Patrick, to bring forward into our lexicon; to understand how technology is intentionally being used to be the new control mechanism in our society. So let’s dive right in. Tell us about your perspective. What is 5G? What is the Internet of Things and how do they intersect? What’s the purpose here?

Patrick: Right, exactly. Just to lay a little bit of background. Technocracy originally was conceived at Columbia University in 1932. They got kicked out, the whole group got kicked out of Columbia for a couple of reasons. But they started a commercial operation called Technocracy Incorporated, where they had membership, people paid dues, and membership cards. And it was very popular in America, they had up to 600,000 card carrying members at one time. It was a pretty big deal. It pretty much fizzled out in the late 1930s. But it was resuscitated in the late 1960s, early 1970s, with the foundation of the Trilateral Commission, 1973 in particular, with David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzeziński. Brzeziński had written a book, while he was at Columbia University, by the way, called Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. That’s what started the modern iteration of technocracy again. We could call it neo-technocracy. I just choose not to because nobody knows what technocracy is anyway. So I don’t have to really make that distinction.

But the Trilateral Commission fed the doctrine of technocracy to the United Nations in 1992, under the auspices of sustainable development. We hear this everywhere today, sustainable this, sustainable that; sustainable development. It’s a resource based economic system that depends on allocation of resources. Not allocation by a price based economic system, which we understand today but direct allocation of resources by the “managers” of those resources. And now, the UN has kind of got this idea of setting up a global common trust, where resources will be transferred to them. They will manage the allocation and the licensing and so on of resources and you and I will basically be excluded.

The program completely wipes out private property, not allowed. The United Nations has sworn that they are going to uproot capitalism and free enterprise altogether, for the sake of replacing it with sustainable development. All of this is baseline stuff and I cover all that in my book, so I’m not going to go into it a lot more; but this is kind of the background. In the original Bible, if you will, of technocracy, it was called the Technocracy Study Course, written by MKing. Hubbert; mostly. That also was the guy that started peak oil theory, by the way, in 1954. We’ve heard a lot about that too.

But Hubbert was a co-founder of the Technocracy Incorporated Organization. And in that, they described the criteria that were necessary for technocracy to take root. In that criteria, energy management was number one. They wanted to track every single erg of power that was used within the economic system. Secondly, they wanted to surveil and monitor everything in society, all consumption, all production, of where people were, what they were doing, and so on.They didn’t have the technology back then but we do today.

And I believe they saw the day when technology was coming, if for no other reason that when they were at Columbia, they were housed together in the same area, with the early iteration of IBM. Which was then making the first Hollerith computer, the tabulator. It was later used in Germany and Europe and so on for tracking statistics and things like concentration camps, and ugly stuff like that. Well, anyway, they were rubbing shoulders with visionaries, and they considered themselves to be visionaries anyway, because they were with Columbia University after all. So that is the background. Technology now has matured greatly since 1973.

We have things today that were barely even conceived of back then. As computers have advanced, as software technology has advanced, for instance, we now have artificial intelligence. This was not really a discipline back in 1973 at all. We now have the ability to transmit data in ways that we never conceived of, back in 1973,using wireless technology. This new body, this recent body of technology now, is being used to accomplish the original goals of technocracy.

That’s my point in this whole thing. The technology has advanced. Some people would say, “Well, it’s just people inventing things, after all,” and that’s probably true in a sense. But as soon as it’s invented, the technology gets hijacked by this group of technocrats, if you will, turned around, weaponized and used back against the people that it seeks to control.That’s where we are today. We’re talking about 5G, I’ll just throw this out; 5G is not about cell phones. It’s being sold that way. “Your cell phones are going to be so much faster.” You can get the latest and greatest new iPhone, you could pay whatever. Probably by the time it comes out you’re going to pay $2,000 for a smartphone that will do 5G. And you can get your movies downloaded in three seconds, instead of three minutes.” They say, “Wow, what a benefit!”

It’s not about cell phone speed up. I’ve listened to the speeches of the CEOs of Verizon, T Mobile, AT&T, and consistently, you can see them salivating. Not over voice communications or human communication on cell phones, but they’re salivating over the Internet of Things. And this is what they’re talking incessantly about. That 5G is going to light up the Internet of Things that will allow all of the data collection, all of the devices out there that could be  connected to the internet, it’s going to draw all that data back in real time. And when I say real time, that’s hard for most people to understand what that means.

The latest wireless technology, 4G, is fast, no doubt; but 5G takes it to a completely different level. Not only are the data transmission speeds higher, much higher but the other factor in internet communications, is called latency. Latency has to do with how long it takes that first little ping back and forth, to say, “I’m ready to send,” and the other one says, “I’m ready to receive.” And so they have to go back and forth, back and forth all the time. Determining, “Are you ready to receive it? Are you ready to send it?”

Now, this sounds like a miniscule thing. Typically, in a home situation where you have a Wi Fi router, your latency time can be something like 20 to 30 milliseconds and we say, “Ooh, that’s really fast,” and it is, but it’s not real time. 5G technology has gotten the latency period down to one millisecond or less. This is incredible, this is absolutely revolutionary. What this means is, the sensors embedded in a city will be able to send data in real time back to the central computer. Where artificial intelligence will be waiting to analyze it, to model it; to extract all of the useful information out of it.This is what the biggest carriers are salivating over. They want that data. We used to say in the 70s, Josh, follow the money; follow the power. That’s still true to some extent. Well, of course it is. Money always seems to come into it somewhere. But today, as far as technocracy is concerned, here’s how you watch this; follow the data, follow the power. Go where the data is. Look for the data flow. Look for who’s receiving… not first collecting, and then look who’s receiving the data. And what are they doing to it? All of the people in the data world today are claiming that data is the new oil of the 21st century. And they’re absolutely right. The money and the value today, the income stream is in the data that these technocrats are able to extract from society.

So when you talk about smart city, implementing all these sensors around. Whether they be light poles with microphones and cameras and the 5G transmitters. Whether it be sensors in elevators and buildings and thermostats and smart meters on the sides of homes and businesses and smart meters for the water and the gas, all that kind of stuff. Autonomous vehicles, by the way, driving around in the city and so on; all those things are going to be connected via the Internet of Things. By the time they’re done implementing 100%, smart city technology in one given area, a computer with sufficient resources will be able to literally model the city in real time. And to rotate it and look into it in different areas they want to look at. This has never been possible.

Josh: What are some of the applications of that? And before you answer that, I’ll just maybe say that I have a good friend who has coined this saying, “We scare because we care.” And so we’re going to go into a little bit of these, you know, potentially scary areas, to really look at, like what this technology is and or could be used for. So that we can deal with this, with what is actually happening, bring the conversation forward, and intentionally change course, collectively. Like that’s what we’re talking about here, right? We’re talking about having a period of time in which we’re coming to terms with this reality. We’re investigating solutions. And we’re getting intentional about it. But let’s just go into this, Patrick. What are some of your deepest concerns? What are you seeing in terms of application here and in the future, with this technology?

Patrick: This whole body of truth we’re talking about here has to do with social control. That’s what technocracy was about in the first place. That’s what sustainable development is about today, with Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda and so on, from the United Nations. It’s about social control.This is what the Green New Deal is all about that AOC has introduced into our country, with a firestorm I might add. Everybody’s talking about it now. This is about social control; getting you to do what they want you to do. It takes away private choice, it takes away citizen choice, it takes away citizen concerns completely and says, essentially… this is such an ego trip, “We know what’s best for you. You should trust us to make all your decisions for you.

Your purchasing decisions, your medical decisions, your travel decisions, your consumption decisions; how many children you have decisions. Everything under the sun is envisioned right now, is on the table for them to exercise social control over you and I.This is not just by mistake or unintended. This is the way it was from the beginning. Now we’re really feeling the bite, Josh, is the problem. Look at China. China has implemented the social credit scoring system over there that’s affected every person in their country. All 1.4 billion people have been enrolled into the social credit system, with their pictures, with biometric data, with all of the data. Everything that happens, they know; the government does.

They’re applying artificial intelligence now to rank and rate and sort all the people in the country. The outliers that are troublemakers, like you and me… the outliers are simply dropped out of the system; they’re excluded. There’s 13 million people right now in China on the blacklist that have been relegated to be second class citizens. They can’t travel the way other people do. They can’t go to the same schools that other people want to go to. They can’t live in the same areas that other people want to live in. They can’t buy the same stuff that other people want to buy. This is so dystopian. It’s beyond dystopia. This is what’s coming to America, because this is the heartbeat of technocracy. This is the heartbeat of social control.

Josh: Wow. And I remember you writing on things like pre-crime; like that movie, Minority Report that probably a lot of people are familiar with. Do you want to touch on that and any other specific ways that you’ve been reporting on, on your website, technocracynews? Other specific ways that this technology is sought to be implemented?

Patrick: Well, you have it, pre-crime is a pretty good example. You have, in our country today, in America today, a rollout of surveillance technology that’s very similar, if not identical, to what’s being used in China. Although American companies now have the technology and they’re selling it to police departments across America. Exactly the same concept and functionality of the software used in China, to be able to identify people walking down a street, using a public camera. Tracking people by name by, you know, a little box or whatever, a balloon over their head, saying, “There goes Josh del Sol. He’s going down to get a coffee at his favorite coffee place,”or whatever. This technology in America is being sold to police departments across the country right now, by aggressive, pinstripe suit type, you know, not IBM salesman but that’s kind of the picture you have when you have professional sales people. They’re going out to police departments to market this surveillance software. Police departments are gobbling it up at incredible rates. And a lot of people will say, “This isn’t legal,” or, “It isn’t right,” or whatever, that, “We don’t want that here.”But police departments come to find out, Josh, there is no federal regulation, not one single federal regulation or law that prevents a local police department from implementing this ubiquitous type of surveillance software.And implementing any kind of AI software for pre-crime analysis that they can get their hands on. It’s just a matter of money. Now, police departments don’t have a lot of money. So as the price came down on this software, hardware combination, more and more police departments said, “We can afford that. Well, we can get rid of maybe a half a dozen patrolmen we don’t need anymore, but use their salary to pay for it.”That’s what they’ve done. So now this is sweeping America. Americans individually, have not caught up mentally with what’s going on in police enforcement across our country. But when they use this pre-crime technique to try and predict where crime is going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and by who it’s going to be perpetrated, this goes into such a dangerous, dangerous ground. Because to a technocrat mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to be 90% accurate. If they can get something that’s 90% accurate, well, they’re thrilled. “It’s wonderful. We have pre-crime analysis and we can go out now and do all this stuff.” But here’s what they just ignore; what about the 10%?What about the 10% that get busted for something they had nothing to do with? This is such dangerous, utopian like thinking; that Americans haven’t yet got their mind around. “90% is good enough,” that’s not the way America ever worked. Our legal system, the rule of law. Okay, it’s not perfect because maybe people aren’t perfect sometimes, but the rule of law applied the same law to everybody uniformly.

Not so with pre-crime analysis software or any other thing like that, that works on artificial intelligence. It’s not going to apply equally. It’s been proven to have biases, in other words, the bias of the programmer has been seen now to be reflected in the software. And 90% accuracy leaves the other 10% out in the cold to get busted for any cockeyed thing that somebody comes up with. And even if they are proven not guilty in the end, they’ve ruined their life in the meantime, by the mere accusation that they did something.

Josh: Yeah, I mean, thank you so much for painting that picture because this is obviously scary, to move from the rule of law to an AI system making assumptions that affect people’s rights, because that’s what we’re talking about here. It’s technocracy. It’s the potential for chaos.It’s the potential for complete and utter dependence on the system and loss of individual rights and common order. So thank you for that. Obviously it’s disturbing. So, Patrick, you’ve also been doing work on exposing smart region initiatives, smart cities, and smart region initiatives. Tell us about that.

Patrick: Well, okay. First, certainly we have the technology. We’ve talked a little bit about some of the things that go into smart cities. We’ve missed a lot of stuff too, it’s a very complex area, and it’s a big area; but we’ve kind of laid the groundwork. There are some really disturbing technologies out there  that these technocrats are trying to impose upon cities, to implement the data pump, to get data out of the cities. The money is in the data, remember. So when you hear these large companies like the AT&Ts of the world, talking about getting the smart city technology out to entire cities, they’re talking about creating a huge data pump within that city.

Now, there’s a problem in cities. A problem not to us, we are the city. The problem to them, is that there’s those pesky city councils out there that just continue to ask questions. And they continue to want to know, “Well, how is this going to really protect our citizens?” And there are representatives, right? We elect them. We may not like some of them. I don’t like all of mine, but still, they’re on the front line to protect the people in the city and do things for the city, the way the city wants them to be done; the people. Technocrats hate… this entire smart city crowd hate city councils because there’s so many of them.

There’s thousands and thousands of cities across the country that are kind of woke, if you will, now. They’re watching for this kind of stuff. So, instead of trying to go directly to the cities to negotiate for smart city technology implementation, in Phoenix, Arizona, of all places, there’s a pilot programgoing on right today that every other community in the country is watching like a hawk. And it’s called Smart Region Initiative.How it started here, Arizona State University, which bills themselves as being the most sustainable university in the country, they actually offer up to a PhD degree in sustainable development. So they’re really up on it.

They have risen up, gotten ahold of three other NGOs in the area. (Obama, the “Community Organizer” LOVES TO USE NGOs Non Government Organizations to undermine our system of government and implement whatever policy they want to enforce.) One is a chamber of commerce like organization. Another is just a new startup, kind of a data development management company. And they’ve all created this consortium together, called the Smart Region Initiative. This is very similar to the Council of Government concept that’s already implemented across the country. So a form of regional government, patently unconstitutional, by the way, but it’s out there. We have locally, councils of governments called the Maricopa Association of Governments. It also is concerned with 22 cities and 4.2 million people, something like that. And this Smart Region Initiative is working hand in hand with the Maricopa Association of Governments to develop smart city technology to be implemented across the region.

Josh: Without the consent or permission or approval of any city government. That’s the basis of this FCC law that basically is a power grab, right? I mean, they don’t want to have to ask permission anywhere.

Patrick: You’re absolutely right. So the cities have contributed no input to this group whatsoever. There’s no elected officials that belong to this particular group. In the case of the Maricopa Association of Governments, every city is supposed to contribute one council person to this larger Regional Council. But that does not give representation to the people in the cities.

That’s a model of the European Union, for Pete’s sake, where each country gets to send one or two representatives to the EU Congress. They get two minutes to say something, once a year and they complain. So, this form of regional governance is off the wall. But in the case of smart city technology, this little consortium, this little cozy consortium of academia, the ASU, along with these other nonprofit groups who have all kinds of different motives for being there in the first place; they have simply stood up and said, “We know what’s best for this region.”And they don’t know anything about this region, other than most of them may live here. They don’t know the 4.2 million people in this region. And this whole thing, the whole program, Josh, is absolutely bogus, as far as I’m concerned. It should be scrubbed off the face of the map.

However, because the cities and the Maricopa Association of Governments are involved in this, all of a sudden, they have this newfound authority in the eyes of peoplethat live here. “Whoa, you mean the smart region initiative says we need to do it this way, huh?” Yeah, that’s what they said, “Well, I guess we’d better do it that way then.” They’re not even questioning these decisions that come down. In the meantime, this is an absolute goldmine for the AT&Ts, the T Mobiles and so on of the world, the Verizons that are coming in, setting up this data pump; because now they can get uniform deployment of technology across the entire region.

And imagine how much more valuable that is to them than having 22 individual systems, having to be negotiated, implemented, etc. around. Now they get everything in one fell swoop. They get it faster because it’s going to be done all at once across the entire region. And meantime, the region here in our area, I can tell you, knows nothing about this whatsoever. They’re completely oblivious. There’s been no publicity.Maybe just a couple of press releases send out but no publicity whatsoever. And even worse, people from all over our country are looking at Phoenix as an example, waiting, saying to themselves, “If they do it, man, we’re on the bandwagon. We’re right behind them, we’re going to do it too.” There’s even people in Europe that are watching the Phoenix situation right now. They want to do the same thing. Set up these smart region initiatives, where they can just blanket the whole technology, the whole suite of things across an entire region. And in our case, in Phoenix, they’re going to catch 22 cities and 4.2 million people; bang, slam dunk.

Josh: Wow. So with smart meters, that has gone forward in the name of climate action. With 5G, that is being pushed forward in the name of convenience or keeping up with the progress of technology or competition with China. And it’s like a new Cold War, right? That’s been kind of propped up, perhaps, between US and China. Isn’t that what Trump is saying why he wants 5G, 6G and any kind of G?

Patrick: Well yeah, any kind of G. President Trump has said that the United States must win the 5G war. Whenever you have something complex like this, the way to get it done quickly is to turn it into a race.I’ve seen this so many times. In fact, I used to do this with my two young sons when they were young. All you had to do was suggest, “Let’s have a race. Let’s run,” or whatever. “Oh, yeah.” Well, they want to compete against each other. That was guaranteed to burn off some energy, if nothing else. Anytime, like President Trump says, “We have a race with China. We have to beat China,” everybody, all of a sudden, “That’s a challenge. That’s a challenge.” “Oh, you’re darn right, we need to beat China.” “Why?” “You know, those people over there are doing all kinds of things to their citizens or whatever. We need to beat them to the punch and do it even worse…” I say this jokingly, “Do it even worse to our people.”

But this is the mentality, I believe, of the Trump administration, saying, “We need to beat China in this race.” They’re actually speeding up the implementation of 5G in our country. We’ve seen them work through the FCC, which you just alluded to, to take away the authority of cities to charge and independent negotiations with carriers. So now, there’s a federal mandate from the top down to get this 5G stuff implemented. And it goes even beyond that because all of the smart city things we’re talking about, Josh, are part of a larger construct called infrastructure.Infrastructure. We think of it as, “There’s a pothole in front of my house. I’d like to get it fixed.” Or, “There’s a bridge that is unsafe down the road. I’d like to see that fixed.” That’s not infrastructure to the technocrat mind.

Infrastructure is all of the electronic stuff that’s being implemented across the country, to connect people in cities together. And the data centers together to suck the data.This is infrastructure. Just recently, President Trump emerged from a meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, having concluded a deal for infrastructure spending in America. And Schumer came out of the meeting… he’s an arch enemy of Trump, he hates Trump’s guts, and I think probably vice versa… he came out of the meeting saying, “We had a great meeting with the President. Why, he even suggested more money than we suggested for infrastructure, and he upped the ante.” And so President Trump put on the table for infrastructure spending, $2 trillion.

Josh: Wow.

Patrick: Huge. Where will this $200 million go? Are they talking about bridges? Are they talking about potholes? Are they talking about repaving the freeways? No, they’re not. They’re talking about the infrastructure that we’re talking about here. To blanket our country with smart city technology, and everything that goes to shore it up, for the largest social engineering project in the history of the world.

Josh: Wow. I just want to confirm, is that two trillion or 200 million?

Patrick: Two trillion.

Josh: Two trillion, right, they’re two vastly different numbers. I just wanted to clarify that. Wow. I just want to kind of put this in context. I’m kind of struggling to do so right now, other than to say that this is the biggest thing that’s happening. What Patrick is talking about is 5G, and we need to understand that it’s not just a one dimensional conversation. So this is going to be something that we encourage you to do your own research on and get educated about this aspect; this dot connecting aspect of 5g. I think Patrick perhaps could help people really understand the ‘why’. Really understand things in a big picture and really be able to then reach an even larger amount of people with this information. So it’s not just about the health. That is a serious concern that this is going forward with no safety studies. Would you agree?

Patrick: I would agree.

Josh: But there’s a huge other conversation. So yeah, please continue. Help us to contextualize this and lead us to… you know, eventually we want to get to what specifically our best steps to take are.

Patrick: Right, let me just add on top of this, the philosophical idea which is prevalent with this whole technocrat crowd, going back to the 30s. Going through the United Nations, we see this everywhere. When we talk about resources. When we talk about resources, we’re thinking about timber,  lumber, oil, food coming off the land, things getting mined out of the earth; resources. We think of water as a resource. To the technocrat mind, resources also include you and me. All humans are simply resources on the table, with all these other resources. That need to be worked and managed in concert with each other, to save the planet, so to speak. I say save the planet figuratively. That’s what they say. They’re not saving the planet, trust me.But humans are reduced to being simply another resource on the face of the earth, no different than the cattle or the sheep, or the goats or any anything else. Even trees in the forest and the farmland growing cauliflower up on the farm. We’re just resources to be managed. In their mind, we’re no better than a cow or a sheep. So we’re just there to be managed. Now, when Americans or when people concerned about the health effects of 5G, get all worked up and they go to wherever they go to protest… when they’re facing a technocrat, in the technocrats mind, “Why are you talking to me? Why should I care? You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

“So what’s the problem here? You’re just a resource, don’t you understand?You’re just a resource. The health issue, we don’t care about the health issues. Because you know what, if you’ve got 50,000 cattle in a feedlot, you obviously don’t want to lose the whole herd. That would be dumb. But you know what, cattle die in a feedlot for all kinds of reasons.They pull up a tractor to put them in the bucket and they haul ’em off. They take them to the sausage grinder or something, I don’t know.” That brings up another bad thought about an old movie called [inaudible]. I didn’t mean it, folks.

But you see, when you reduce humanity to be just another animal, the mindset that comes out of that, Josh, is dangerous, and its anti-human, in my opinion. It’s flat out anti-human. So all of the health concerns, if you’re addressing technocrats, will fall on deaf ears.They won’t have anything to say to you, because they’re going to be looking at you and saying, “You guys are really crazy to be talking about this to us because there’s just nothing to be concerned about here. Who are you anyway? You’re just an animal, like all the other animals.

Josh: Let’s talk about this sort of anti-human type mentality. I mean, perhaps in the microcosm, it can be that part that we struggle within. It could be the dissociative mind or the ego or whatever, right? But on the on the larger scale, it seems to be that yes, there is like this, whatever force or source it’s coming from, it is a collective unconsciousness that seems to have a death wish, let’s say; or have a death wish, and then project that on to other people, in the context of control. So, this is something that, again, another aspect of this, I came across, perhaps when reading your work about the Club of Rome. When which they concluded… basically, they created the context for this battle. What did the Club of Rome do or say, and what’s the takeaway?

Patrick: First, I’ll say there was a great overlap between the Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission. And we wrote about that in our book, Trilaterals Over Washington, back in the 70s. What the Club of Rome did is they threw up a kind of an Al Gore-esque panic attack, sky is falling. By saying that we have a radical shortage of resources in the world. And if we don’t allocate those resources more wisely, that we’re all basically going to die. And humanity is going to come to a screeching halt. Well, their book, their work, called Limits to Power, was widely, widely circulated amongst the global elite especially. I doubt many people, even in this audience that we’re addressing right now, probably have ever heard of that book before. But it had a huge impact on the global elite.

And so the Club of Rome prescribed, essentially everything that the United Nations is doing today with resource management. A resource based economic  system; control all the resources. Myself and Sutton said this, by the way, even though we didn’t understand technocracy back in the early days, as I do now. We said that the goal of the global elite was to get their hands on the resources directly, not just on the money that comes out of them, generated from them, but get their hands on the resources directly.This makes sense. In a historical sense, this makes very good sense to them, not to me, but it does to them. Because there comes a time when money runs out of usefulness, there comes a time when money becomes worthless, by definition, because they’re chipping away at it a little bit more every year. Since 1913, the dollar has lost like 99% of its value. There’s going to come a time when it’s 100% and money will meet nothing. We’re almost at that point right now, by the way. But when money becomes worthless, and I think they saw this even back in ’73, when money becomes worthless, what do you do for an encore? Well, if you control and own the resources, it doesn’t matter what type of accounting system you put on top of it. If you’ve got the resources, and everybody else wants them, just  wait for it to sort itself out. And you’re going to own everything again because you’ve got the resources in your pocket.

This is why the United Nations has been busy gobbling up heritage zones and stuff around the world.This is why, in our country, in America now, the US government owns, I think 38% or 36% of the landmass of our nation. It’s owned by the government. And people go, “What? Our government owns that much property?” Yes, they do. “Are they allowed to?” Well, the constitution doesn’t say they can but they just went and did it. And that’s land that you and I can’t use for legitimate economic purposes.

And the United Nations has been doing this all around the world. So the global elite now are in a position to, I think one day, let the financial system go all together. It won’t matter to them anymore because they will have the actual resources behind everything to recreate themselves in any way they want to recreate themselves, when the time comes.

Josh: Wow. Some of your work has gotten into opportunity zones. What is that?

Patrick: Well, this is new. Again, I get shocked… people say, “How can you get shocked?” I get shocked at the stuff I run across; that I never saw coming. And I think my ear is to the ground on a lot of stuff but recently I discovered this whole opportunity zone concept. This was created by an act of Congress in December 2017, signed into law by President Trump. And it was called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. In that act was a provision to create opportunity zones. These are supposed to be low income designations within states that will achieve certain tax advantages, if people invest into these opportunity zones.

They’re self-certifying zones that the governors of every state were allowed to define. “Well, what do you want your state to be in an opportunity zone?” So they started drawing the maps, whatever, in every state. The President then signs an executive order one year later, in December 2018, that created a national administrative council, including some cabinet members; that will shepherd the opportunity zone initiative across America. So it’s actually been formalized within the government now. It’s a big thing. Today, Josh, there are 8,700 opportunity zones created across America and they’re all focused on investing money into these areas.

Now, here’s the thing about this. If you have an asset that has a very, very low tax base. In other words, you bought maybe for a penny, and now it’s worth 100 bucks. If you sell that asset, you’re going to pay through the nose, capital gains taxes. Big investors hate that because it just drives their income, and they pay the highest possible income tax rate on it. And so they want to avoid capital gains taxes anywhere they can. Well, this opportunity zone setup allows for somebody to sell assets like that, reinvest the money into the opportunity zone, and defer their capital gains taxes for at least six years.

Now, that’s huge.

And what we’ve seen in practice so far, is that the biggest opportunity here is for public private partnerships to be created, where people can pool their money together in these opportunity zones, invest the money into the city on anything they want, including light poles, or sensors, or street sensors, or anything else. Invest the money in there and they can reap whatever benefits they can get out of it; and they defer their taxes for a long time. Now, what’s happened in practice so far, is that I found some opportunity zones early on, that said, “This is our opportunity to implement smart city technology in that area,” in that low income area.

Well, low income areas have no ability to really to fight anything like this because they’re low income and they don’t have the resources. They don’t have the political infrastructure, probably and they simply just don’t have the money. Maybe they don’t have the education. So it’s easy to get this implemented. So here’s the big question; where did this legislation in 2017 come from? Who backed it? And what was it all about?This organization called the Economic Innovation Group that was kind of the primary NGO behind this legislation, the founder and executive chairman is, Sean Parker.

Now, for those who don’t recognize Sean Parker’s name, I’ll just read one line from his bio. He was a co-founder of Napster at age 19, and Plaxo at 21. In 2004, he joined with Mark Zuckerberg to develop the online social network, Facebook. Has anybody ever heard of Facebook? And served as Facebook’s founding president. And the bio goes on. But you get the point. Here is a guy who is Mr. Data himself, right?And he’s pushing this, Now I can tell you what, this is all about the data. Remember, I said, “Follow the data; follow the power,”? This is a data grab of epic proportions.We’ll see how it plays out.

Josh: Yeah. Before we get into actions, kind of moving towards wrapping up here, Patrick, I wanted just to touch into this. So 5G, linked with Internet of Things, linked with AI, linked with transhumanism. What’s your take on that?

Patrick: Well, it is and I’ve suggested this quite a bit. Both transhumanism and technocracy…

Josh: First, let’s define it. What is transhumanism?

Patrick: Well, transhumanism is the religious proposition that, through the use of advanced technology, man can escape the human condition. In layman’s terms that means, can become immortal. They want to escape death, that’s the bottom line. This philosophy, and the father of transhumanism, and the father of technocracy are the same person. It just so happens, it’s the same person. You can check the books on it, if anybody doesn’t believe that; you can. His name is Henri de Saint-Simon. He was a French philosopherthat lived around 1800. He wrote extensively on both topics, and he is now considered to be the father of both.

He developed the religious concept of scientism. That science was the solution to man’s everything. Got a problem? “You know, scientists can come in and save the day, because they’re better than everyone else. They’re smarter and they can predict the future.” Well, we’re not going to go into scientism right now, but there’s a lot been written about scientism. CS Lewis, by the way, wrote a number of papers against scientism, fighting it; debunking it, if you will. Transhumanism is based on the concept of scientism. We can use the technology to escape death. That’s the ultimate problem.

Josh: Merging man and machine.

Patrick: That’s right. And I describe it like this, technocracy is to the formation of society as transhumanism is to the people who will inhabit society, if that makes sense. Okay, so a technocratic society would be most perfectly filled by transhumans. The transhuman philosophy believes today that by using this advanced technology, they will create humanity 2.0. They believe through genetic modification especially, that they can hijack literally, the forces of evolution.

Okay, now evolution is not a Christian biblical concept, of course, but to those who come from an evolution frame of mind in the first place, where they believe everything was just incidental and you know, just happened; they believe now that through science, they can take over the process of evolution and direct future evolution, themselves. This is really twisted, I hate to tell you. It really is just wow, these people are out on a limb. They think that they’re going to create humanity 2.0. Now, humanity 2.0 would be the perfect type of humanity to live within a purely technocratic society.

Josh: And when you say ‘they’, like the elite, you’re talking about the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, right?

Patrick: Anybody that adopts that philosophy; absolutely. I mean, there’s billions of people outside of those elite groups that you could look at and you can see them involved in scientism. You could them a technocrat, you could call them a transhuman; they may not have any idea what the global elite is doing. But the philosophy has permeated, the religion of it has permeated people’s thinking process, and it is a religion. Scientism is a religion.

Josh: It isn’t just materialism, it’s what can happen, the depths of depravity to which the human mind can go, when it ceases to see the essence, the value, or the spark of divinity or the soul in other human beings.

Patrick: Science becomes a god, bottom line. To a scientismist, science is the god. Science can do no wrong. Science is settled. Science is indisputable. Do what science says. Don’t be a denier or you’ll be punished. It’s a religious proposition all the way down the line. But science is set up as some kind of an immutable god that can provide answers for everything man wants to know; all truth, it’s found in science. “Just listen to science. Don’t listen to God. Don’t listen to ethics or moral discussion or whatever. Just listen to science.”

Josh: Wow, well you’ve given us a ton to think about today, Patrick, and thank you for helping to bring light to all of these topics. And really, just to explain the ‘why’, the bigger picture, the dot connecting around 5G. I really appreciate that, on behalf of the audience. Just as we wrap up here, what can you tell us in terms of solutions? From your perspective, where do you see it most effective for the people to put their energy, if we want a positive future outcome here?

Patrick: Absolutely. At this point, the only possible line of defense that we can put in place is at the local level; the city, and county level. And I encourage people to get active locally. To get to know their city council people. To run for city council. To run for all kinds of various offices around their city. And intercounty, get on any kind of board you can get on and get your seat at the table. Somebody, a liberal actually, suggested one time to a friend of mine, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are what’s for dinner.” Don’t do that anymore. You can get involved in your local civic matters and make a huge difference.

Case in point, of all places, San Francisco; San Francisco, the bastion of liberalness and progressiveness in America. And I was born there, I should know, there’s no city in America that’s more progressive and liberal and off the wall, than San Francisco. Their city council just banned facial recognition technology from the city.

Josh: Excellent.

Patrick: They’ve banned it. Okay, don’t tell me that the cities don’t have power; they do. But if the citizens don’t go and request the local city, magistrates, and the council members to take a stand on their behalf on these issues, they won’t do it. You have to go and get involved. That’s one reason, by the way, that I created Citizens for Free Speech last year, in turn which created, as a social networking platform just for local activists to go after issues like this. And people are welcome to go there if they want to; and sign up.

And believe me, if you come in and you’re disingenuous, and you’re a troll or you’ve got some other idea that you’re going to crack the safe, we’ll throw you out faster than a country heartbeat. This is a private network for people like us that are really desiring to get in and set our country back straight again on a local basis. And you can check it out, and

Josh: Excellent. Patrick, thank you so much. I absolutely, to the highest level, recommend that people check out your book, Technocracy Rising. And also your previous work, which was, Trilaterals Over Washington. You just bring such a grounded, research based depth, without the conspiracy theory, and help us to really understand; and there it is.

Patrick: And my latest book, by the way, Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order. I’m not sure you’ve seen this one yet.

Josh: I haven’t seen that one. Thank you for letting us know about that.

Patrick: Absolutely. This is the more current iteration of how… kind of like what we’ve been talking about here, using current examples to demonstrate these initiatives and stuff. On how they’re implementing technocracy. So it’s worthwhile. I call it connecting the dots.

Josh: Absolutely, yeah. And just to everyone watching out there, I just want to… just from my heart, you heard Patrick’s message just right now, about how important it is to educate and communicate with your local officials right now. Not only your local officials, but local community members, and people both online and offline. This is off the cuff, I just wanted to… I’m just trying to figure out from a business standpoint, if this is even possible, but I’d want to somehow encourage you to share this talk and this series with your local governments. That’s one of the reasons why we’re putting on this summit. So, please… We’re going to make it more clear on how you can do that.

But if you do purchase this series, at the end of the free period, you have my permission to take that video and put it on a zip drive or upload it privately and send a link to your local elected officials. Okay, this is really important that we understand that this is the type of research right here, being done by Patrick and others on this summit, that can change minds and perspectives of those in positions of power and gatekeepers in local government. So, while we don’t have everything defined, we do know that our intention is to get this out to as many people as possible. And I, from my heart, want to support that as being as easy as possible. So, Patrick, thank you so much for your time today.

This has been an incredible conversation, and we look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Patrick: Thanks for the opportunity, Josh. I really appreciate it.


Telecom employee was told to install 5G tower with Covid 19 circuit board

May 13, 2020
First published at 06:23 UTC on May 14th, 2020.
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No more Screw you tube

 Telecom employee was told to install 5G tower with Covid 19 circuit board

BigTech just purged the president of the United States and untold numbers of creators and users. We are working around the clock to keep up, but could do with extra help. Consider a $5 donation today. Thank you – BitChute.


Husia Cat
aPR 21, 2020
COV ert ID entification – Busted. Gates patent 606060 for Bio Digital I.D.

Bill Gates Patent 666 We All Knew This Was Coming › watch
Apr 18, 2020 · Uploaded by Jazzyman

Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations

As tattoos continue to become more mainstreamed among certain demographics within society, it should come as little surprise that big pharma is keen to roll out this latest “wearable tech” solution.

To make sure that you’ve had all of your required doses of government mandated vaccines, scientists at MIT have created a new ink which can be embedded in the skin which can be read using a special infra-red smart phone camera app.

Futurism reports…

“The invisible “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots — tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light — that glows under infrared light. The pattern — and vaccine — gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.”

The research groups findings were published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

“In other words, they’ve found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient’s skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper — and their low-risk tracking system could greatly simplify the process of maintaining accurate vaccine records, especially on a larger scale.”

“In areas where paper vaccination cards are often lost or do not exist at all, and electronic databases are unheard of, this technology could enable the rapid and anonymous detection of patient vaccination history to ensure that every child is vaccinated,” said MIT researcher Kevin McHugh.

More interesting though is how useful this new technology will be from a corporate point of view, downstream tech such as this will make production and distribution more efficient upstream, as vaccine manufactures can more efficiently identify who needs which product.

Essentially, this is new tech which can allow public administrators, law enforcement and corporate employers, to check within seconds to make sure that you are “safe” to be around,” and do not pose ‘a danger to the rest of the community.’

Interestingly, the funding for this new vaccine tattoo technology has come from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team’s research.

“According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself, who has been personally involved in efforts to eradicate polio and measles through vaccinations.”

Using tattoos for the administration of vaccine products is not new however, and most likely MIT and the Gates family were inspired by a program started more than 10 years ago, in which a group of German scientists began work using tattoos on mice as means to deliver a new generation of experimental DNA vaccines, specifically with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

It should be noted that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have come under heavy criticism for an aggressive HPV vaccination “health project” in India, which according to local reports, has resulted in many young girls falling ill, including some deaths.

In 2009, several schools for tribal children in Khammam district in Telangana — then a part of undivided Andhra Pradesh — became sites for observation studies for a cervical cancer vaccine that was administered to thousands of girls aged between nine and 15. The girls were administered the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in three rounds that year under the supervision of state health department officials. The vaccine used was Gardasil, manufactured by Merck. It was administered to around 16,000 girls in the district, many of whom stayed in state government-run hostels meant for tribal students.

Months later, many girls started falling ill and by 2010 five of them died. Two more deaths were reported from Vadodara, Gujarat, where an estimated 14,000 children studying in schools meant for tribal children were also vaccinated with another brand of HPV vaccine, Cervarix, manufactured by GSK. Earlier in the week, the Associated Press reported that scores of teenaged girls were hospitalised in a small town in northern Colombia with symptoms that parents suspect could be an adverse reaction to Gardasil.

Although large in scale, this tragic incident is just one of many documented events involving Gardasil, including numerous lawsuits (for example, see here and here) which were found in favor of the victims.

Could this technology be utilized by governments as an exclusionary tool, or as a mechanism for social engineering? Certainly he potential is there to streamline these two methods of ‘people management.’ Currently the US government is quietly implementing the REAL ID Act which now requires Americans to hold a biometric ID in order to travel on airplanes. US lawmakers have been pushing for this from the 1980s, when former Attorney General William French Smith had proposed to implement a ‘perfectly harmless national ID system’ for which another cabinet minister at the time also proposed to ‘tattoo a number on each American’s forearm.’ To some, this may seem like the stuff of science fiction, and yet it’s been openly discussed by government for decades.

Not surprisingly, the establishment press, funded by the transnational corporations like pharmaceutical firms Merck and GSK, along with government officials and departments, are actively campaigning to shut down any questions or queries into the safety of vaccines. Any dissent or skeptics are being labeled by media and government with the pejorative term, “anti-vaxers”. Mainstream publication Quartz gives the establishment’s argument against “anti-vaxers” here:

This connection is rejected by mainstream scientists. Andrew Wakefield, the source of this conspiracy theory, was struck off by the UK’s General Medical Council for acting dishonestly and irresponsibly, and his published research was retracted by The Lancet. Earlier this year, a study of over 650,000 children in Denmark concluded that there was no evidence of a connection between MMR and autism—even among children who were seen to be of heightened risk, such as those with autistic siblings. Still, Wakefield’s ideas continue to have enormous influence. A survey of 2,600 parents published in January by the Royal Society for Public Health shows that 21% of parents in the UK think MMR causes unwanted side effects and almost 10% of parents chose not to give their child the MMR vaccine, mainly because of fears about side effects.

Interestingly, to bolster there claim, they supply polling data derived from the pharmaceutical industrial complex itself:

In June, The Wellcome Trust published the results of a survey of over 140,000 people. Only 73% in Northern Europe (which includes the UK), 59% in Western Europe, and 40% in Eastern Europe agreed with the statement that vaccines are safe. The figure was 72% for the US. The WHO listed vaccine hesitancy as a top ten global health threat for 2019 and one that “threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.”

However, there are numerous sources of independent research and data which is now available that indicates how the over prescription of vaccines can pose a serious health risk.

One recent study by Neil Z. Miller entitled, Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe, outlines a clear pattern of risk, particularly with regards to the over-administering of vaccines to young children.

Numerous other studies have been published which delineate the risks involved with over-vaccination, some of their findings are summarized here.

Watch the independent films VAXED and VAXED II


First published at 17:48 UTC on April 4th, 2021.
Educational documentary on vaccine experiences.
To Watch the Video On BITCHUTE: CLICK HERE


First published at 08:23 UTC on August 3rd, 2020.

In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when the Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored its documentary selection, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE, amid pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests. The film’s subject, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control, had done the unthinkable, as far as Big Pharma was concerned: He had admitted that the results of a pivotal vaccine safety study conducted by the CDC were fraudulent. That revelation had catapulted VAXXED from obscurity to notoriety—as well as made it a huge target of censorship. In no time, the film became a worldwide trending topic and sold out in every theater around the U.S.—and eventually in other countries—where it opened.

Stunned by the enormous number of parents lining up outside the theaters with vaccine-injury stories to share, VAXXED producer Polly Tommey began to live-stream their voices. Each story reached millions of watchers worldwide. A beleaguered community that had once been silenced was finally empowered to rise up.

One outcome of VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE and the live-streamed injury accounts that trailed in its wake was a second film, produced in 2019 and titled VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE’S TRUTH. This follow-up documentary covers scenes from the more than 50,000 miles that Polly and the VAXXED team traveled in the U.S. and around the world. The thousands of interviews they conducted with parents and doctors who have nothing to gain and everything to lose have exposed the alarming extent of the vaccine injury epidemic.

We will have accomplished our mission when these two films’ messages reach every single parent and guardian of young children on this planet and cause them to ask themselves: “Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we’ve been told?”

To Watch the Video On BITCHUTE: CLICK HERE

First published at 20:56 UTC on August 25th, 2019.

“The Remedy” (2019-08-23) by Tony Pantalleresco.
Several topics discussed in this video.
Mentioned links in the notes can be found at broadcasted by Tony Pantalleresco in and uploaded at Indep

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Apr 7, 2020
Will you be forced to have a Digital ID? Is this global pandemic just a cover for Bill Gates and ID2020 to put your biometrics & identity on the blockchain? Besides Gates, elite familie like the Rockefellers are behind the ID2020 alliance & are known supporters of biometric digital IDs. But who is building the technology behind these coming IDs or “Immunity Certificates”? Tune in to find out as today we uncover it all! 👌Subscribe to The Chico Channel–…