Whether it is happening organically or through technology.  Whether it is an Act of GOD,  a natural cycle or Created by Mad Scientist for the Global Elite… the effect is still the same.   Sweltering Heat is dangerous to human beings.  We need to be as prepared as we can and as cautious and aware as we can.

Think about your family and friends.  Stay in touch and do what you can to help them if they are in need.

This is a great time to hold a Praise and Worship meeting.  Sing unto the LORD and Praise Him!  Give thanks for all of the wonderful ways He blesses you and your family everyday!  Share your greatest moments of blessing with your friends.  Talk about all the things He has done in your life.  It will build your faith as well as theirs.  PRAY UNCEASINGLY… that means talk to GOD as you go through your day.  TALK and then LISTEN…   While you are praying…pray for all those who are suffering through all the terrible events playing out at this time.  Pray for all who are separated from their loved ones.  All who are without air conditioning, food, or water.  All who are unable to get the medical supplies they need.  All who have lost their homes, their cars and everything that they owned.  Pray for all who are captives and all who are suffering abuse, neglect, torture and even sacrifice.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

We are entering into some very scary times.  DO NOT LET YOUR FAITH FADE.  DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FALL for the LIES, DECEITS AND TRAPS the enemy has planned for you.  Stay strong in the LORD and in the POWER of HIS MIGHT.  Trust GOD because HE is the only truth.

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