Other Magic Words

We have covered most of the main “Magic Words” used by Magicians, Musicians and poets.  Naturally, these are just the surface as far as Magic goes.  When you get into DARK MAGICK the curses,  magick words and demon names are plentiful.   I am not going there, no matter how much I love you all.  I … Click Here to Read More

It’s about MORE than just Shaking Hands

HOLY GURU BATMAN!  I am blown away everyday at how much mileage they are getting out of this COVID 19/CORONA/WUHAN Virus.  Talk about an UPSET!  CHANGE?  OH YA…ARE WE SEEING CHANGE!  INSTANT CHANGE.  What a testimony to AI/DWAVE/QUANTUM COMPUTING the Algorithm has presented them with a way to accomplish EVERYTHING they have been wanting in … Click Here to Read More