Temple of BAAL – BAAL ARCH Rises again! – Part 1

OK, well, we caught it too late to warn you to pray.  However, we knew we had not seen the last of this Pagan Arch.  They have big plans to bring BAAL Worship back full force.  They are using UNESCO- World Heritage to promote Paganism in all of its forms around the world.  

These Pagan sites should be destroyed. Whether the world wants to believe it or not, Paganism is dark and evil, full of human sacrifice, torture, terror, and destruction.  The World is returning to SLAVERY TO SIN and they are going willingly, out of ignorance.

If you have been following this topic you should be aware that the Arch was supposed to go to the Hague last year, but the event was canceled due to disagreements about how and where it would be presented.  They were not able to make that happen, but this MONTH it was erected once again.  This time in Geneva, on the Place des Nations, the next best thing… or maybe better.  

The following video is a little history of how things have developed from the start.  It is an old video.  It does not include the current activity of the Baal Arch, but it gives a lot of information you need to know. 


In 2015 ISIS destroyed the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, Syria. The following year in 2016, the Institute for Digital Archeology replicated this Arch using 3D Technology in Italy out of Egyptian Marble. This research will sift through the internet rumors and will offer a view as to why this Arch was replicated. You will see why the placement of this Arch and the symbolism is more than mere coincidence and that everything the IDA and their representatives did was for a reason. There is not only spiritual consequences to this Arch but also physical consequences. We will see why their occult “divine feminine” is welcoming their coming “king” with this Arch

The Bride of the Deserts laurel crown of the moon fortress, of the yew tree locust blooming on the Mountain of Strength. (You will understand what this means at the end of this study.)

Is there some sort of significance to the placement of the Arch of Triumph or is it just a random afterthought? I think there has got to be a reason as to why they placed this Arch at the places they have. I want to look at the etymology of the names of where the Arch was placed. It started in London at Trafalgar Square (4/19/16), then went onto New York City 9/19/16), it then headed to Dubai (2/12/17) where it went onto Florence, Italy (3/27/17). It is presently at its 5th stop in Arona, Italy (2/29/17). I can only speculate but I am suggesting by all of the articles and research that I have done, that its 6th stop which may be its final stop will be back home in Palmyra. This could be anytime after September 21st, the first day of 5778 – the year of the capstone for Kabbalists. The Arches last day in Arona, the mountain of strength will be on September 21st.


Syria Celebration
Why is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE sanctioning and encouraging our troops to participate in an International Womens’ Day Festival in Syria?  If you don’t think that is about goddess worship, you need to learn about spiritual things.

Soldiers and civilians standing in a row outside hold hands.

Syria Celebration

U.S. soldiers join community members in northeast Syria for an International Women’s Day Festival, March 8, 2022. Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve continues to advise, assist and enable partner forces in designated areas of Syria to set conditions for long-term security.

So, what do Syrians celebrate on March 8, or thereabouts? 

Well, we have all learned that Mother’s Day is a celebration of the goddess.  Revolution Day?  hmm… let’s look into that and see what it is all about.

I have looked into and don’t think it is anything to celebrate.  So, why are our US Soldiers celebrating goddess worship with Syrians in Syria?  I need to get the book, Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the DesertI will at first opportunity.  So stay tuned.

For Syrians, a bitter, blood-soaked decade

Injured Syrian women after an airstrike in 2012.
Injured Syrian women arrive at a field hospital after an airstrike in the town of Azaz, on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria.
(Khalil Hamra / Associated Press)

It started small. On a Tuesday afternoon a decade ago, a few dozen Syrians gathered in Damascus’ Old Quarter calling for an end to the 40-year Assad dynasty.

In the days that followed, the protest grew. Anti-government demonstrations had already engulfed Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain in a wave quickly dubbed the Arab Spring. Now it was Syria’s turn. As unrest fanned out to other cities, commentators seemed sure that another sclerotic military-backed regime would fall.

Instead, what started as a popular revolution metastasized into civil war. Now, 10 years later, the catastrophe in Syria serves as a bleak example of possibility and hope crushed by conflict, chaos and the seemingly impossible price of change.

Relying on a mix of brute force against his own people, assistance from Russia, Iran and other allies, and missteps by his adversaries, Syrian President Bashar Assad remains in power.

“We didn’t succeed in bringing down the regime,” Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, a prominent Syrian writer and longtime opponent of Assad’s government, said in a recent interview over the social media app Clubhouse. “There’s [still] a Syrian cause, but we lost the Syrian revolution.”

Assad’s “victory” has come at the cost of anywhere from 400,000 to 1 million of his compatriots killed (the U.N. stopped counting years ago); millions more scattered as refugees across Europe and elsewhere; tens of thousands of people disappeared, many of them presumed tortured and killed in government prisons; and a resurgence or emergence of extremist Islamist groups, including Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

The war’s destruction could cost $1 trillion to repair — a sum that Assad, slapped with sanctions and reviled by many in the international community, has no hope of raising.

And his oft-repeated vow to claw back all lost territory has not come to pass. The country remains fractured, with Turkey, Russia, Iran and the U.S. commandeering chunks of Syrian land — with the Syrians still on it — for their own political or security ends.


A Rood Awakening!
Published on Aug 20, 2018
Pastor Carl Gallups lends unique expertise to the correlations between ancient prophecy and modern headlines in Ground Zero: Jerusalem.

This most recent placement of the Arch of Baal took place at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

Palace of Nations – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Interesting how it resembles the Pergamon Altar)

The Palace of Nations (FrenchPalais des Nationspronounced [palɛ de nɑsjɔ̃]) is the home of the United Nations Office at Geneva, located in GenevaSwitzerland. It was built between 1929 and 1938[1] to serve as the headquarters of the League of Nations. It has served as the home of the United Nations Office at Geneva since 1946 when the Secretary-General of the United Nations signed a Headquarters Agreement with the Swiss authorities, although Switzerland did not become a member of the United Nations until 2002.  In 2012 alone, the Palace of Nations hosted more than 10,000 intergovernmental meetings.

They are sneaking these Baal Arch Events in under the wire.  Many of them are not even publicized at all.  Even the major ones are kept hush-hush as much as possible.  They don’t appear to want to have a large crowd anywhere they erect these things.  Numbers don’t seem to matter to them.  It seems to be all about timing and placement, and the sacrifices prior to and after the erection of the BAAL Arch, wherever it goes.  Notice that the Arch was in Geneva April 12 – 27, 2019, while Notre Dame Paris, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, and the churches in Sri Lanka were burning!! 

One thing I have noticed that seems to be of great importance to those who are erecting these arches is the “unveiling” aspect of their ritual.  So, I want to delve a little bit into the spiritual significance of the veil.

The Theological Significance of the Veil

a woman, is a living icon of the church. So when she veils herself here, in the presence of Our Lord, it’s a visible reminder for all of the spousal relationship – the bridal relationship – between the Church and Christ.

That relationship between the Church and Christ is a very deep mystery, indeed. So whenever we see a veiled woman here, before the altar, be she six or be she sixty, it’s a visible reminder for all of us of this spousal relationshp, this bridal relationship between Christ and His Church.

And because the veil also signifies the submission of the bride to the loving care of her husband, it means that the veil of a Catholic woman is also a visible reminder of the perfect submission of the church to the loving rule of Christ.

The veil is a visual sermon, it’s a visual statement, it’s a public proclamation before the Lord that He IS the Lord and that we love Him and that we are ready to obey him. It’s a totally counter-cultural statement proclaiming obedience in the midst of a culture that is totally permeated with this attitude of “I will not serve.”

That, in any age, but especially in ours, is a very great mystery indeed.

The Symbolism of the Veil
By Wor. H. Meij
In the Royal Arch degrees, there is a ceremony called the “passing of the veils”. The veil, still used in many cultures and ceremonies around the world, has several symbolic significances.
In an old Royal Arch lecture, possibly as early as 1800, reads “the Veil of the temple signifies the Son of God, Jesus Christ, hanging upon the Altar of the Cross, as the true veil between God and us…..” In this context, the word veil alludes to a promise, or bond. In ancient Rome a red veil, or a veil with red stripes, distinguished newly-married women from the unmarried, again signifying a bond between them and their husbands. It is also worn by widows, who made a profession of continence. The veil is also a symbol of the pre-enlightened state, hidden knowledge, secrecy, illusion, and ignorance. It conceals, but is often intended as protection rather than deception; it might also be a mark of modesty and virtue in many cultures, often worn by women and girls to display their lack of vanity. In earlier times, women wore veils to Church, to indicate their removal from the vanities of this world. Nuns too were veiled, as the expressions “to take the veil” for entry into cloister life.
According to the famed historian Josephus, there were four veils that adorned the Tabernacle. The white veil signified the earth, the blue veil signified the air, the purple veil signified the sea (because the purple color comes from murex, a shell-fish) and red signified fire. Today, the Passing of the Veils ceremony uses three veils, sometimes four. Veils are also often used to cover a religious, or holy, object to keep it from the public. The significance again is less to conceal something; rather it signifies something special. In Exodus 34, we learn that when Moses came down Mt. Sinai, “the skin of his face shone”, which he had to cover with a veil as the people were unable to look upon his shining face. The Koran (7:44) mentions that a veil divides the damned from the chosen. The unbelievers tell the Prophet in Koran (41:4) that “between us and thee there is a veil”.
The verb, to reveal, comes from re-veil, which signifies to pull back or to cover again something with a veil.

unveil verb [ T  UK  /ʌnˈveɪl/ US  /ʌnˈveɪl/

to remove a covering like a curtain from a new structure at a formal ceremonyin order to show the opening or finishing of a new building or work of art:

The memorial to those who had died in the war was unveiled by the Queen.

If you unveil something new, you show it or make it known for the first time

SO, are they Unveiling what they consider to be their FINISHED WORK.  The defeat of the Church and the resurrection of Paganism?

Headstone Unveiling Ceremony

A headstone unveiling should take place within a year of the death. Many families choose to have the unveiling around the one-year anniversary, though a headstone unveiling may be held at any time in the first year. Before the ceremony begins, the headstone is covered in a sheet or cloth. The family can place the cloth on the headstone, or the cemetery staff may be able to coordinate this. Those in attendance gather around the headstone and recite psalms and perhaps a brief eulogy before removing the cloth.

Lets’ take a deeper look.

Excerpts Taken From: Arch of Baal erected in DC to pagans’ delight
Monday, October 1, 2018  – by: Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)
Click the link above to view the entire article.

Celebrating evil?

Many Americans are wondering why the most wicked false deity found in Scripture infamous for inciting evil practices was invited to the capital of a nation founded by Christians with its Constitution rooted in the Bible.

The central tenet of Baal worship – the most distinguishing characteristic – involved parents gathering around a monstrous idol that included a furnace into which the adults would sacrifice their children on the burning hot altar,” WND added. “Drums would be ritualistically pounded to cover-up the screams of the kids.”

However, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.), along with ranking member Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), promoted the exhibition of the reconstructed monument as the protection of “global cultural heritage,” and they jointly unveiled it as the reconstruction of “Palmyra – Syria’s iconic Triumphal Arch on the National Mall.”

“When you look at this beautiful Arch, we are seeing through the eyes of ancient civilizations, and to have it right here – set against the classical columns of the Capitol – is really extraordinary,” Engel proclaimed when unveiling the reconstructed arch, which was carved from the same Egyptian marble as the original structure. “The thugs of ISIS destroyed the physical arch, but we will not and never allow them to take that profoundly important piece of human history away from us, away from the people of Syria, away from anyone.”

What’s going on here?

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, “The author of the bestsellers, The Harbinger and The Paradigm, noted how moral relativism – also known as secular humanism – has its roots in false gods such as Baal.

And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. 1 Kings 18:21

“Israel is the example – ancient Israel – when they turned away from God, what happened?” Cahn asked, according to WND. “Baal’s importance, or his dynamic, is that when a nation has known God – as Israel knew God – and then they turned away from God, they turned to Baal. Baal is the anti-God. Baal is the substitute god. Baal is the god of apostasy – of the turning away from God.”

Is that not what we see happening all over the world today?  The people are turning or have turned away from the Creator God.  This is the great falling away.  We are witnessing it. 

“Once you create your own god, you can create your own truth,” Cahn pointed out. “Once you create your own truth, you can overrule everything, call good evil and evil good. … Idolatry is linked to relativism, because you’re creating truths. Once you change your gods, everything else changes. It starts with that.”

He also touched on how easily parents gave up their young around the archmuch the same way mothers unapologetically kill and dispose of their children at abortion facilities throughout America today – where more than 60 million preborn children have been “legally” murdered following the notorious 1973 U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade that legalized the lethal pagan practice.

And now, they are legalizing killing babies all the way through the time of birth.  Killing babies that are already born!  They can no longer claim that they are only disposing of “fetuses” that are not considered alive.  That was always a lie from the pit of Hell.  Now they cannot even hide behind that lie. This is PAGANISM RISEN, human sacrifice. 

Understanding the ‘arch-enemy’

The history of the notorious arch goes back not just to Israel, but to ancient Rome and Syria, as well.

“The reproduction of the Arch of Palmyra – a Roman victory arch that stood as the entrance to a pagan temple for almost 2,000 years – replicates the original Roman victory arch … built in Palmyra, Syria, at the end of the second century CE,” Breaking Israel News (BIN) informed. “Originally, it stood in front of the Temple of Bel [Baal], where pagans worshiped the Mesopotamian god – also known as Ba’al – in a form of idol worship that figures prominently in the Bible. The temple was dedicated in 32 CE, but was constructed on the site of a pre-existing temple that goes back to the third millennium BCE.

Since its creation, both Catholics and Muslims have also had their hands the arch’s history.

“The Temple of Bel – along with many other pagan places of worship in the area – was converted into a Catholic church during the Byzantine Era,” BIN’s Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz noted. “Parts of the structure were modified by Arabs in 1132, who preserved the edifice and converted the temple into a mosque.”

This is the true reason why the Church has been so evil and corrupt.  It is built upon DEMONIC ENTITIES who inhabit and control the clergy. 

“The original arch was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in October 2015, but one year later, the Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) used 3-D printing technology to reproduce a 20-foot full-scale replica,” Berkowitz recounted. “The IDA‘s internet announcement of the exhibit describes the reproduction of the arch as their ‘flagship exhibit’ – the replica of the Roman Triumphal Arch of Palmyra.”

Instead of letting the destruction of the arch diminish the world’s intrigue with the pagan relic, archaeologist dug up and resurrected the remembrance of mankind’s evil practices by recreating it through the use of modern-day today technology.

The road show continues …

The Arch of Baal will continue its world tour by sailing across the Atlantic to the Netherlands later this month as inspiration for Muslim refugees.

This is an old article.  As we know the Arch never made it to the Hague.  BUT it did stand in GENEVA.  But, read on, there is good information here that applies. 

“The replica arch will then be reassembled in the Hague – the site of the Dutch Parliament and the UN’s International Criminal Court, [which] is described as the City of Peace and Justice,” Berkowitz informed. “Hosted by the Centre for Global Heritage and Development (CGHD), the arch will be displayed adjacent to the ICC for one month beginning October 17, [and] the Internet announcement of the exhibit describes the arch – a replica of the victory of Roman paganism – as ‘a symbol of cultural resilience’ that will stand as an inspiration to the Netherland’s approximately 100,000 Syrian immigrants.”

Similar to the celebratory way in which U.S. officials described the arch, CGHD introduced the structure as a recreated piece of history to be esteemed by all.

“The Centre for Global Heritage and Development – together with the Institute for Digital Archaeology – organize[d] an event called Heritage for the Future,” Berkowitz informed. “The core of this event is the majestic triumphal arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria – an iconic piece of reconstructed cultural heritage symbolizing cultural resilience, according to the statement.”

The leftist, pro-immigration CGHD – which is bent on Europeans alleviating the so-called “refugee crisis” that transports Muslim immigrants from Islamic terrorist hotbed nations to Europe – argues that the Arch of Baal’s appearance in The Hague will send a positive and comforting message to relocated refugees – especially those from Syria … the original arch’s country of origin.

“Once, in the first centuries of our era, nearby Forum Hadriani – now in the municipality, Leidschendam-Voorburg – was part of the same empire as Palmyra … the Roman Empire,” the CGHD statement announced. “While in some countries Europe’s gates are closing for migrants, the Palmyra Arch is an open gate, offering the opportunity to pass through and look to the future. The arch will now function as a meeting point for Syrian migrants and expats and the Dutch community. Matchmaking events in a tent next to the arch will stimulate encounters between the Syrian workforce and employers, while a range of cultural events will offer the opportunity for anyone to experience the rich cultural heritage of Syria and the Middle East.”

Excerpts taken from: The Arch of Baal in Washington DCSep 26, 2018

Read the entire blog by clicking the link above.

 Hague, the site of the Dutch Parliament and the U.N.’s International Criminal Court. The Hague is described as the City of Peace and Justice,’” the report said.

“The Centre for Global Heritage and Development together with the Institute for Digital Archaeology organize[d] an event called ‘Heritage for the Future.’ The core of this event is the majestic triumphal arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, an iconic piece of reconstructed cultural heritage symbolizing cultural resilience, according to the statement,” the report said.

The Hague is hardly the City of Peace, but it appears to be the Babylonian New Jerusalem. Setting up the Arch of Baal in The Hague is designed to subject the laws of the world to the standards of Baal worship and the lawlessness of paganism.

Promoters try to tell us that this is not a “religious” matter but a matter of “culture” and “world heritage.” This just shows their intent to bring their pagan culture to the world. Their crowning achievement, if they were to succeed, would be to legalize and then normalize child sacrifice as part of our world heritage.

Religion is the basis of culture. One cannot eliminate religion without eliminating its culture.

Breaking End Time Prophetic News: Syria -Israel – Baal Arch – 4-29 Amazing!

OK, so now they are introducing into the mix a portion of the ACTUAL ALTAR OF BAAL.  No denying it anymore.  No way to cover up that they are bringing BAAL WORSHIP to the nations. The ceiling over the altar is representative of the god himself as the covering over the people and their sacrifices.  SO, say hello to BAAL.  

Arch of Baal in Geneva (CERN) Altar in Damascus! May 14 DC 9:11 Sun Rise!

Many Fish
Published on Apr 26, 2019
May 14 DC 9:11 Sunrise completes the pentagram is pretty darn interesting to me! We can see the manifestation of this Satanic spirit and the only defense is the Full Armor of God by Jesus Christ! All of these “occurrences”! Christ Church, Sri Lanka, Notre Dame, Temple Mount…! Rituals, alchemy and black magic to fulfill their false prophesy. The USA was built as it is to further the S.O.S. (synagogue of Satan) plan, and will be destroyed. Learn the parable of the fig tree! Time is short! Praise God! All glory and honor to Him and the Lamb that was slain! His peace and grace to you all! 🙂 Tammy W http://tammyjdub.blogspot.com/ https://www.straitstimes.com/world/mi… https://eblnews.com/video/syria-damas… https://www.suncalc.org/#/38.9024,-77… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_S…


More news you won’t hear about. 3 days ago on April 23rd, the ceiling from the altar of Palmyra’s Temple of Bel was showcased in a special ceremony at the Damascus National Museum. It was placed in Damascus around the same time the Arch of Triumph from Palmyra was placed in Geneva. Before it went on public display it was actually in Brussels and the UNESCO in Paris.

It was displayed in the monumental Colosseum building and in the UN building in the Italian capital. The model was also exhibited in the European Parliament building in Brussels and headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris before being given to the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums. It will be exhibited to the public at the Damascus National Museum in a special ceremony on April 23.” (https://sana.sy/en/?p=163063)

The altar was on the Northern side of the Temple which housed not only Ba’al who is the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter but also housed his cohorts Aglibol and Yarhibol. They were worshipped as a triad or trinity. “The northern niche housed the statues (or perhaps a large relief) of the three gods; the niche was possibly separated from the rest of the cella by a curtain (as in a VEIL?) or a wood screen as the access to the immediate surroundings of the gods was forbidden (this is the meaning of the Greek word adyton). (http://romeartlover.tripod.com/Palmyra2.html)

Adyton – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adyton
The adyton (Ancient Greek: ἄδῠτον, translit. áduton, lit. ‘innermost sanctuary, shrine, not to be entered’) or adytum was a restricted area within the cella of a Greek or Roman temple. The adyton was frequently a small area at the farthest end of the cella from the entrance: at Delphi it


The actual ceiling featured Ba’al or Jupiter in the center being surrounded by the Zodiak. “The lintel of the niche shows a relief of an eagle holding a serpent or a caduceus; it symbolizes the movement of the sun (see a similar relief in a page on a sanctuary in western Syria where the identification of Baal/Bel with Zeus was more evident than in Palmyra). The ceiling of the niche is a single stone with an elaborate decoration portraying at its centre a series of deities: Bel is surrounded by six other deities; their corresponding Greek counterparts are (in Roman names): Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and the Moon. The seven deities were placed inside a vault so they were also a representation of the known planets (five known planets plus the moon and the sun).” (http://romeartlover.tripod.com/Palmyra2.html) “The figures in the centre circle represent the seven planetary divinities (Jupiter in the middle, surrounded by Helios, Selene, Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite and Cronos).” (https://www.flickr.com/photos/spdl_n1/119884918/)

Replica of part of destroyed Palmyra altar unveiled in Syria

APRIL 23, 2019 / 10:34 AM / 4 DAYS AGO

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – A Damascus museum on Tuesday unveiled a replica, built by Italian archaeologists, of part of a temple altar destroyed by Islamic State militants in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

Frances Pinnock, head of the scientific team that worked on the building process, looks at the replica of an altar ceiling from the old Temple of Bel at Syria’s National Museum of Damascus, Syria April 23, 2019. REUTERS/Yamam Alshaar

The 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel at Palmyra was one of the jewels in Syria’s lavish trove of historical monuments, spanning myriad civilizations before the country’s conflict began in 2011.

Islamic State seized Palmyra in May 2015 and demolished many of its ancient structures and objects, while looting others to help finance its operations.

The temple’s ornate stone altar structure was destroyed in October 2015, but an Italian team has rebuilt its ceiling using 3D imaging and skilled stonework.

“It is identical to the original piece with all its details and decorations because the 3D technique is very developed,” said Mamoun Abdul Karim, the former head of the Syrian government’s antiquities department.

“But it is no substitute for the original object,” he added.

The new altar is 4 meters long and built with a combination of plastic and polished stone, said Frances Pinnock of the Sapienza University of Rome, head of the scientific team that worked on the building process.

She said they had proposed building a replica as an emotional response to the destruction of the ceiling, but also to see if it was scientifically possible to construct what was lost.

Abdul Karim called on the international community to make the same effort to restore Syria’s Palmyra as it is making for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, damaged in a fire last week.

“It is an international responsibility,” he said.

Reporting by Kinda Makieh; Editing by Alexandra Hudson

A replica of an altar ceiling from the old Temple of Bel on display at Syria’s National Museum in Damascus, Syria, April 23, 2019. /Reuters Photo‍

It is no mere random selection their presenting this “covering” from the Altar of Baal.  This is very deliberately selected with a purpose behind it.  See how the “ceiling” from the altar looks like a wedding CHUPPAH?  There is truly a method to what appears to be madness.  Follow me. 

The chuppah is a tapestry attached to the tops of four poles. The word chuppah means covering or protection, and is intended as a roof or covering for the bride and groom at their wedding.

The chuppah is not merely a charming folk custom, a ceremonial object carried over from a primitive past. It serves a definite, though complicated, legal purpose: It is the decisive act that formally permits the couple’s new status of marriage to be actualized, and it is the legal conclusion of the marriage process that began with betrothal. Together these two kinyanim (acts of acquisition) are called chuppah ve’kiddushin.

Chuppah symbolizes the groom’s home, and the bride’s new domain. More specifically, the chuppah symbolizes the bridal chamber, where the marital act was consummated in ancient times.

Chuppah covers might be embroidered, quilted or woven and decorated with familiar Jewish icons such as Kiddish cups, Stars of David, scenes of Jerusalem and texts and images from the seven marriage blessings (sheva brachot). Heavenly bodies represent the hope for future generations as numerous as the stars in the heavens.   Source

It is preferable for the chuppah to be outdoors, under the stars, symbolizing the hopes that the couple will be blessed with a large family, in conformity with God’s blessing to Abraham: “I will greatly bless you, and I will exceedingly multiply your children as the stars in heaven.”… Some synagogues and wedding halls have a skylight that opens to allow the chuppah ceremony to be conducted under the sky. Source

The tapestry canopy that we know as chuppah was first identified by Rabbi MosesIssereles (Rema) in the sixteenth century, and we must assume that it was relatively new in his time. The concept, however, is ancient, and the Talmud considers it biblically required for marriage.

The Chuppa is not exclusive to the Jewish people.  This is an ancient custom that is still practiced today by multiple religious nationalities/religious groups.  Here you see a Mandap, the Indian Hindu version. 

I knew that God was showing me that this was related to a wedding/bridal ceremony/ritual.  Today He brought me to this video.  Please watch and listen to it carefully.  If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you can’t miss it.

Wedlock: Exploring the Biblical Picture of Marriage – On the Mark w/Dr. Stephen Pidgeon    

WEDLOCK IS PADLOCK a 30 days mentorship program.

Marriage is a covenant where we ask faith in our faithfulness to that covenant. We transfigure the relationship thereafter, transforming ourselves, for we shape our behaviors by the covenant, we have called forth a spiritual house in which each of us may dwell securely, whether we know it or not, it is a Divine thing we do and it is holy. WEDLOCK IS PADLOCK is a 30 days mentorship program. A unique collection of valuable concepts, thoughts, poetry, and most importantly scriptural truths that enlightens, enliven and enrich life. This timeless information book will challenge you to do more than standby and watch things happen. It will move you into action to put God’s principles of faith into practice in every day of your life. You spirit will be stirred and your mind enriched as you read through the daily expositions. This is a great book for a resource, insight, encouragement, and a burst of revelation and inspiration for those willing to win and succeed in their marital life.

Tower of Baal/The Arch of Triumph Palmyra Rise Again

Image result for palmyra arch geneva

The Tower of Baal or The Arch of Triumph Palmyra rose this week in Geneva, Switzerland.


April 19th through May 1 is a powerful time on the Satanic Calendar and many blood sacrificing events over the years were noted between these dates. (Too many to review for this short posting)

Check out this link for further review.


The Arch of Triumph Palmyra honors the Deity Baal/Molech via blood sacrifices.

Image result for palmyra arch geneva

Last year, the Arch of Triumph Palmyra was raised in Washington, DC. in front of the US Capital Building.

This year, the Arch of Triumph Palmyra sits in front of the Hague and to honor The Hague Convention of 1954 from April 12- April 27th.

Lisa Renee writes about the Tower of Babel

What the Tower of Babel represents to us is also seemingly related to the 9/11 distortions. When you think about the Armageddon software it feels like it’s intertwined with the distortions of the Tower of Babel. Which we know is Satanic, is used in Satanic ritual as a construct. When they do let’s say Satanic Mass or through Crowley Black Magic Grids, you know they talk about the Tower of Babel. The use of the Tower of Babel as a symbol of energy that is used in Satanic Ritual, and I am absolutely certain it’s going back to pull the energy of this Egypt Sumerian invasion time. Because at that point in the timeline there is a record of that invasion and the Satanics are pulling on that energy. And again it’s about drawing in energy, spreading that energy, you know gathering power from it to run this on the Black Magic Grids. And I know that the Tower of Babel is directly related somehow, to a construct that they pull as a battery source. And then also recognizing that the 9/11 agenda, the destruction of the twin towers in New York… somehow again the energy, the consciousness, the fear over that, everything in terms of harnessing the collective consciousness of the 9/11 agenda. There is also something that ties that into the Tower of Babel, as a construct.

So it’s like saying there is a location in the Middle East, because Babylonia is that Iran or Iraq area. This may as well, as we know the mystery of Ezekiel over there, know that he is undergoing this unravel. There could be some things connecting in to this Tower of Babel implant.



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    Bombing in Sri Lanka part of Tower of Baal, blood sacrifice.

The Institute for Digital Archeology

Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Commemorating 20 years of the Second Protocol
to  the Hague Convention
April 12 – 27, 2019

HA_PAL--202.jpg image6.jpeg
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On 25th and 26th April, with the support of the Government of Switzerland, UNESCO is organising one of the most important conferences of 2019 on the subject of cultural heritage protection, “Protecting Cultural Property: International Conference on the 20th Anniversary of the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention”.

The 1954 Hague Convention was adopted following the immense destruction of cultural heritage resulting from the Second World War and was the first international treaty to focus exclusively on the protection of culture in the event of armed conflict. The 1999 amendment to the Convention represents a key landmark in international humanitarian and cultural protection policy and the beginning of a new era of enhanced administrative, legal, and military protection for world culture. The Second Protocol created a new category of enhanced protection for cultural heritage and established an intergovernmental committee to oversee its implementation.

A first-of-its-kind meeting, the UNESCO conference will bring together State representatives, stakeholders, and international experts to reflect on the achievements of the Second Protocol to the 1954 Convention — a key landmark in international humanitarian and cultural protection policy.

Switzerland and Geneva are proud to underline their commitment to peacebuilding and cultural protection through the support of these initiatives.



Genève accueille une réplique de l’Arc de Palmyre

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After visiting many cities, the monument is now on display in Geneva, on the Place des Nations, until April 27, to alert and raise awareness on this fundamental mission of defense of cultures and heritage “human”.

This presence is notably explained by the holding in Geneva of a conference of great importance on the theme of the protection of the cultural heritage (April 25-26), which marks the twentieth anniversary of the “Second Protocol of 1999 for the protection of property in the event of armed conflict “. Twenty years later, what is the situation? Michael Moeller is Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva:

It appears to me that everything about these public displays is related to the wedding ritual.  It is as if BAAL is attempting to usurp Christ and steal His bride.  So, this is what I get out of all I see so far.  They are lifting the veil between us and the “Stars” the Fallen Ones, the ALIENS as they are known by Modern Culture.  These were the ones who were worshipped in Ancient Cultures, BAAL being their main/head god.  He is attempting to bring us into submission to him and his cohorts rather than to Christ and the Father. Let the masses beware.  If you do not know Yah/Father God/The Creator, you will fall for this deception.  BEWARE.  YOU have been warned. 


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