Baal means lord, in the sense of owner, possessor (or master). Jaguar released an advertisement commercial titled “Master Plan” for their next-generation vehicle the Jaguar XE with a big-budget campaign starring A-class celebrities including: Tom Hiddleston (known for his role as ‘Loki’ in the Avengers) and Nicholas Hoult (known for his role as the ‘Beast’ in X-men: First Class). Baal is synonymous with Ba’al or Beelzebub, ‘The Lord of the Flies’ and is depicted throughout the ages as a bull-horned deity, which is exactly the dark character Loki portrays:
Let’s just say.. this goes far deeper than anyone could imagine.

Note from the Video Director:The arch of Baal is telegraphing what is coming. The new Jaguar commercial is the same spirit showing you Baal’s nefarious plans.

“These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” (Revelation 17:13 KJV Holy Bible)
There are three Jaguar commercialsMaster Plan 1Master Plan 2 and British Villains that all telegraph utter destruction and ultimate desolation for the human race, ‘the beast’ being unleashed throughout the world. This is extremely urgent and critical information!
►For the complete, astounding, spiritual disclosure of all three Jaguar commercials revealing the enemies plans in plain sight and RED ALERT WARNING