Temple of Baal – Part 6 – PURPLE RAIN

Purple Rain

Prince Rogers Nelson

——————–(Born: June 7, 1958 – Died: April 21, 2016)

The Death of a Prince and the Hidden
Conspiracy (Part One) (Part Two)

The Suspicious Death of  Singer Prince

God or Satan
Published on Apr 22, 2016
We are investigating the circumstances of his death,” the Carver County Sheriff’s Office told The Times. Prince was found dead on Thursday at Paisley Park Studios at his home in Chanhassen, Minn.


Global Agenda

Published on Apr 22, 2016
Ever since I published a video on December 23rd, 2015 asking if David Bowie’s song ‘Blackstar’ contained subliminal messaging about a pending catastrophe with a time frame happening during this summers Rio Olympics (August 5th to 21st) I have been looking at events and indicators of messages that may be connected with the pending economic, natural or unnatural disasters. With the Illuminati ritual sacrifice performed on Prince this week, I want to continue with my Olympic symbolism theme as I continue to expose The New World Order Agenda of 2016 and how Prince’s death is a symbolic gesture directed at the Olympics. Music Credit PRINCE — When Doves Cry – All Parts Played On Bass Nelson Montana Channel
Published on Apr 26, 2016
In my last Prince video, I made a comment about how Prince had been at a crossroads with his record label and two years to the day of his death he had just settled with Warner Bros. to receive his record catalog back. I also made a cheeky note that Prince is worth more dead to Warner Bros. than he was alive. (Much like Michael Jackson was worth more dead to Sony than he was alive). I ended that discussion on my video with I hope Prince had an updated Will. Today we are hearing that Prince has no WILL. His Estate is worth 300 million dollars and his catalog is worth another half a billion bucks. Makes one wonder. In this video, I continue to connect the bizarre dots and symbolism that I have found with the help of several of my friends and subs, who all know who they are. Enjoy the video. The death of Prince has more twists and turns than a Formula One racetrack. Together we are a great team. Thanks for watching and sharing. Music Credit: Allemande, Wahneta Meixsell
Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-…
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Rocker ‘Prince’ was the secret offspring of Queen Elizabeth and Sammy Davis Jr…

(letsrollforums.com1174 × 801)  Search by image.  Prince died, the Queen turned 90 (9- 3+3+3), and they had the Egyptian marble replica of the Palmyra arch on the spot where the Anubis (The God of Death) had stood 9 years earlier…This gentleman has compiled a great deal of evidence for his claim, that is rather compelling. He makes a very good case. Before you dismiss this out of hand… check out this blog. Of course we cannot prove anything, nor can we ever know for certain. But, it is always good to investigate and be open minded.

Prince and the Lotus FLower





Prince – 666 Lotusflow3r Album Cover
– 3 HEXAGONS, 6 Sides Each
Published on May 30, 2013


There is way to much evidence related to this connection to present here…I strongly suggest you research this topic.
This was an amazing expose on these two iconic “stars”.
This video was censored but here is a repost of that video:  

Prince And The Connection To David Bowie

May 21, 2016

Prince ‘Dolphin’ Heroes. I do not own any rights – for private purposes only.


Illuminati Ritual Season III: THE PRINCE & THE QUEEN

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YouTube –   4/22/2016   by GOD’S SON
YouTube  –  4/26/2016  –  by GOD’S SON
Purple Reign all over the World
This video is focusing on mind control programming they have put into the world to color the world purple. I also discuss the song Purple Rain backwards, and Prince’s song the Cross…
Published on Apr 23, 2016  (sadly this video is no longer available)  But, check out this webpage:
The mystery of iniquity has been at work for thousands of years – with one goal in mind – to bring in the purple reign – to take mankind’s peace and existence from this world – and to replace them with purple – the ones removed by the Flood.
A Call For An Uprising
Published on Feb 4, 2018
The super bowl is a day where people get together and enjoy the game and the commercials but most miss what is happening right in front of their eyes. Hopefully this video will help.

Apr 12, 2018

The Simpsons and Family Guy have predicted the deaths of Robin Williams, Prince, Judge Antonin Scalia and Joan Rivers as well as the 9/11 alleged planes and the Boston Bombing. Video credits:. The Simpsons and Family Guy have predicted the deaths of Robin Williams, Prince, Judge Antonin Scalia and Joan Rivers as well as the 9/11 alleged planes . Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess. Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their children Prince Christian (*2005), Princess Isabella (*2007), Prince Vincent (*2017) and Princess .

Published on Apr 28, 2016
“He’s coming.” Did Prince foreshadow his own death 30 years PRIOR? Was the death of Prince just an Illuminati ritual? Or is there something FAR more sinister brewing? Not only have you been seeing an array of purple promoted in mainstream media, but you’ve been also seeing the theme of purple embedded all over the weather, and even in the clouds. What exactly could they be getting ready for???? In two of Prince’s songs, we see two themes of death and the after world mentioned. But we also see something FAR more cryptic — something even foreshadowing such Cryptic Times as these. But has it ever struck you odd that the DEATH of Prince is also the BIRTH of many other things? For example: – The Queen’s 90th BIRTH-Day (April 21, 2016 — The same day of Prince’s death) – The Church of Satan’s 50th BIRTH-Day (April 30, 2016) – The Empire State Building’s 85th BIRTH-Day (May 1, 2016) – The Illuminati’s 240th BIRTH-Day (May 1, 2016) As you can see, this is no mere coincidence. Now that the “Prince” is “dead,” Another Counterfeit PRINCE is just about ready to give BIRTH and be unleashed to the world — The BEAST, If You Will. And just what will that Counterfeit PRINCE Give BIRTH To???? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! THIS GOES MUCH DEEPER THAN YOU THINK!!!! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA NOW — BECAUSE THE BEAST IS READY TO BE UNLEASHED!!!!!!! ALSO SEE —  


Prince and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy

Prince and the Pineal Gland & Third Eye 

Prince was obviously a complex man and artist. Throughout his career he kept us guessing as to whether or not he was an “Illuminati” occultist or if he was hip to the conspiracy and tried to reveal it to the masses. His artwork and symbolism suggests he was interested in Eastern occultism concepts such as the pineal gland-third eye; yet his religion remained to be that of a Jehovah’s Witness.

Prince And The Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy

With much sadness I thought it would be of interest to explore the strange path of Prince from inception to his early death. The concept of Illuminati blood sacrifice is never far from the lips of conspiracy theorists and I believe that to be for good reason. Prince was only 57 and appeared to be in decent shape, so it only begs the question of why he passed so young. Let’s take a look…


Prince was obviously a complex man and artist. Throughout his career he kept us guessing as to whether or not he was an “Illuminati” occultist or if he was hip to the conspiracy and tried to reveal it to the masses. His artwork and symbolism suggests he was interested in Eastern occultism concepts such as the pineal gland-third eye; yet his religion remained to be that of a Jehovah’s Witness.

In fact, shortly before his death the Twitter page that represents Prince changed the main image to his third eye being opened:



In 1993 he changed his name to Prince logo.svg, as a form of rebellion from the record label that “owned” him:

Prince is the name that my mother gave me at birth. Warner Bros. took the name, trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing tool to promote all of the music that I wrote. The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros…

He infamously scrawled the word “SLAVE” on his face as a form of protest against an industry that surely has a dark side worth considering…

The symbol he chose was a combination of the male and female symbols- suggesting he was into this recurring Illuminati theme of gender neutralization. There could be more behind the LGBT movement than just equal rights if you consider the beliefs of the secret history of the occult. They believe that humans were originally androgynous beings and someday will return to this “perfected” state.

Was Prince interested in pursuing the pan gender- perfected state?

Was this a symbol of the alchemical wedding and embracing opposites?

prince and the illuminati 05

We know that there is an attempt at destroying the male-female paradigm in order to usher in the digital matrix hell through transhumanism, so maybe this was one form of early predictive programming sent to us from Warner Bros. under the guise of a staged rebellion from this famous musician.

We’ve seen recent attempts at making the pan gender movement more mainstream with the questionable motivations behind Bruce Jenner’s transition and Miley Cyrus claiming to be the same. The article from Elle UK with Miley tells us about her pansexuality:

She then goes on to discuss her opinions on gender, and relationships saying, ‘I’m very open about it – I’m pansexual. But I’m not in a relationship. I’m 22, I’m going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with.

The concern here is NOT LGBT rights (I’m totally fine with that); my concern is that these celebrities are in fact NOT LGBT, pan gender, or pansexual. In fact, it’s even worse than that because they are trying to become the voice of the LGBT community when in fact they may not even be so (e.g. Miley’s dating history of men up until her “pansexuality” comment and now she is into women all of a sudden?…).

I believe they are being used as stunts to push the message in order to steer society down a path of merging opposites and pursuing the alchemical wedding and androgynous “perfection”; a symbol embodied in the familiar Baphomet…


At the 2013 Billboard Awards he sported a ring with a giant “All Seeing Eye” on it:

Prince wasn’t a total stranger to the “All Seeing Eye” symbolism elsewhere either; take a look at some of his album covers:


Prince went on mainstream television and proceeded to warn us about chemtrails, the New World Order, and much more; as featured in an article I wrote in 2013:

Prince was on a late night show of Tavis Smiley’s and starts dropping knowledge on chemtrails, New World Order at the UN, and a global manipulation. He said that we are all indentured servants, and currently slaves on a plantation. Prince said he doesn’t vote because he is a Jehovah’s Witness, although he said he thinks Obama means well.

He said that he could recall literal aggression when seeing chemtrails as a child, and a speech that Dick Gregory gave that everyone needs to listen to. He also makes an enlightening point that there were several presidents before George Washington, which I don’t recall ever hearing before either?…

But think back to your history books — The United States declared its independence in 1776, yet Washington did not take office until April 30, 1789.

So who was running the country during these initial years of this young country?

It was the first eight U.S. Presidents.

In fact, the first President of the United States was one John Hanson.

I can hear you now — John who?

John Hanson, the first President of the United States.

Don’t go checking the encyclopedia for this guy’s name — he is one of those great men that are lost to history. If you’re extremely lucky, you may actually find a brief mention of his name. (It’s in the Encyclopedia Britannica.)

The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation.


In terms of Illuminati Occult & Holiday Traditions; Prince passed away during a crucial time period for those that follow the pagan calendar. Many claim that the “Illuminati” conduct blood sacrifices in the thirteen days leading up to May 1st- a holiday known as Beltane.

The bonfires were previously called “bailfires” referencing fires for the god Moloch, aka Ba’al. So, in essence we could call them “Ba’alfires.” The blood sacrifice of humans to this occult god Ba’al being is played out in different forms.


When it comes to the idea of using alter egos; Prince takes the cake. Before Nicki Minaj and Jhene Aiko touted multiple personalities and names, Prince was rotating through various personas- suggesting he was either channeling spiritual energies, or experimenting musically. This concept was also featured in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

We’ve explored the power of rituals and also the magical laws of names and words. This shows us the importance in selecting a good name. This could explain why rappers change their names from their “governments” into aliases and alter egos. Many will claim the stage names are a tradition handed down through the hip hop culture since its inception, but one has to wonder where this concept originated. Practically every rapper or R&B artist has at least one alias stage name; many have more than one (with Prince the reigning champ with over seven aliases):

    • Shawn Carter = Jay-Z = Hova = Jigga = Iceberg Slim
    • Marshall Mathers = Eminem = Slim Shady
    • Cordozar Calvin Broadus = Snoop Doggy Dogg = Snoop Dogg = Snoopzilla = Snoop Lion
    • Dwayne Carter Jr. = Lil Wayne = Young Weezy = Young Tuneche = Weezy F. Baby
    • Curtis Jackson = 50 Cent
    • Sean Combs = Puff Daddy = P. Diddy = Diddy
    • William Roberts = Rick Ross
    • Cameron Thomaz = Wiz Khalifa
    • Tauheed Epps = Tity Boi = 2 Chainz
    • Onika Maraj = Nicki Minaj = Roman Zolanski = The Harujuku Barbie
    • Rakim Mayers = A$AP Rocky
    • Ben Haggerty = Macklemore
    • Jhene Aiko = J. Hennessy
    • Tracy Marrow = Ice T
    • Janet Jackson = Damita Jo
    • Prince Rogers Nelson = Prince = Jamie Starr = Alexander Nevermind = Joey Coco = Paisley Park = The Purple One = The artist formerly known as Prince
    • Beyoncé Knowles = Beyoncé = Sasha Fierce = Yonce = Beezus
    • Will Smith = The Fresh Prince
    • O’Shea Jackson = Ice Cube
    • Robert Diggs = The Rza = Bobby Digital
    • Taalib Johnson = Musiq Soulchild = Purple
    • Justin Bieber = Shawty Mane
    • Mariah Carey = Mimi = Bianca

An interview with Prince suggests that we’re in the ballpark of occultism when we consider that he thought he was destroying the ego concept by taking on new names (from PrinceText.tripod.com):

“I was just getting tired of seeing my name,” he explains. “If you give away an idea, you still own that idea. In fact, giving it away strengthens it. Why do people feel they have to take credit for everything they do? Ego — that’s the only reason.”

Earlier in that same interview he talks about the music creation process and making a choice in which you must confront the ego:

“Sometimes your brain kind of splits in two — your ego tells you one thing, and the rest of you says something else. You have to go with what you know is right.”

This talk about confronting the ego, split personalities, and tapping into the creative spiritual channel all plays into the themes we’ve talked about so often before.


Prince wrote a popular song called Baby I’m a Star which also ties us into Aleister Crowley if you consider this passage from SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

The support for the argument of the music industry forcing us into the Aeon of Horus starts with the emphasis on individuality. Our culture is experiencing never before seen levels of narcissism with social media and interconnectivity with one another. Through social media people can highlight themselves in whatever way they like; generally with a favorable outlook on how “exciting” their lives are, or perhaps how good looking they are. Psychologist and author Dr. Jean Twenge points out several studies of data and trends that indicate the millennial generation (people born after 1982) on average have a higher amount of narcissism and selfish behavior. This appears to be directly correlated with the technology and social media the millennials grew up with. Just taking a look around at pop culture and fashion indicates that there is an ever growing trend of people focusing on themselves and less worried about our society as a whole (e.g. crude shirts that put other people down without reason, fascination with death and skulls, lack of empathy for one another, etc.). The University of Michigan study entitled You’re so vain took a look at how people interact with social media and found the younger people used it as a tool for boasting and carving an image of extraordinary individuality. This supports the idea that we’re living in an age of self-actualization and trying to find our place in this world, but at the same time not being able to separate ourselves from desiring to be the celebrities we are so consumed with. Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law 1:3 states:

Every man and every woman is a star.

People put on a persona online that fits the image of a celebrity, and in a sense they believe they are a celebrity when they accumulate followers. Many online personalities have actually become celebrities through their YouTube channels or perhaps from starring on a reality show. In this modern time, anyone can become Crowley’s “star.”


In what could be the oddest peculiarity of Prince’s insight into the ways of the occult; he managed to predict the 9/11 attacks in 1998 at a concert in the Netherlands. You can clearly hear him say that Osama bin Laden was going to “drop the bomb” in 2001.


As I mentioned in my second post about this topic (*yes- this paragraph/section is an update to the original post); L.A. Reid told us of some very interesting ideas that Prince had regarding the symbolic meaning of the elevator as the Devil.


One thing that is for certain (unfortunately), is that with the passing of Prince there is sure to be a horde of vampires waiting to take advantage of his work and monetize it fully. We saw this happen when Michael Jackson died and Sony proceeded to recollect the Beatles music collection (something they long desired to obtain but couldn’t do it in fear of the fan’s reprisals– allegedly).

Some are claiming that Prince faked his own death because of his final statement to fans on the prior Saturday (as per Express.co.uk):

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers”.

He also supposedly made a cryptic post to Instagram and then deleted which suggested something was coming to get him- (as per RINF.com) This is sort of like how David Bowie followed “God” on Twitter before passing.

For those who also remember the freaky, nasty, dark side of Prince…click the link to review an excellent article. 

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