Olympic Opening Beijing

The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Beijing was so beautiful it was mesmerizing.   After all,  how evil can snowflakes be?? Well, let me tell you… that is how magic works.  Deception, slight of hand, distraction.  Keeping your eyes on the beautiful floating snowflakes, dancing children, flying doves, butterflies; etc.   Meanwhile this was probably … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Saturn, Druids, Phoenecians, Romans, Greeks, Nimrod, Apollo, Wicker Man, Diana, Poseidon, Zeus, Hexagon, Lucifer RESTORED: 08/16/2021; RESTORED 4/25/22; RESTORED 5/26/23 Wow, I so wish I had more time.  Since my days to post on this site are numbered, I am going to try to get out as much information to you as I can.  … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 08/12/2021; 10:43:19 AM​ “Disappearing Heroes… two iconic and otherworldly music figures who passed away” in 2016. “David Bowie and Prince… both musicians have long been praised as mythical, idiosyncratic luminaries who were too great and out-there to truly be from Earth” Source I am posting the following Blog in FULL.   It is a more … Click Here to Read More

Temple of Baal – Part 6 – PURPLE RAIN

09-04-2016;  RESTORED 08/12/2021; RESTORED 4/13/22 Purple Rain Prince Rogers Nelson ——————–(Born: June 7, 1958 – Died: April 21, 2016) The Death of a Prince and the Hidden Conspiracy (Part One) (Part Two) The Suspicious Death of  Singer Prince God or Satan Published on Apr 22, 2016 We are investigating the circumstances of his death,” the Carver County Sheriff’s Office told The Times. … Click Here to Read More