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“Disappearing Heroes… two iconic and otherworldly music figures who passed away” in 2016. “David Bowie and Prince… both musicians have long been praised as mythical, idiosyncratic luminaries who were too great and out-there to truly be from Earth” Source
I am posting the following Blog in FULL.   It is a more in-depth look at the connections between PRINCE and THE QUEEN and THE ARCH OF BAAL.
My prayer is that the information will jar something inside your spirit and cause you to search out the TRUTH.  If you are seeking TRUTH with all your heart you will find it!  As long as you spend your life seeking after wordly gain and personal pleasure, you will be blind and lost and easy prey for the evil forces who desire only to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY!    Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.  What do you treasure?  Where does your heart lie.  Many things seem good but they only serve to pull your attention away from what IS IMPORTANT!  Anything that draws you away from GOD, will ultimately lead to spiritual death!

Proverbs 14:12 
There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Here is the Post. I hope you enjoy it.  Sandra Barr has done an excellent job.  Visit her website and check it out.  Support those whose who are spreading truth!
Sandra Barr
Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Death of a Prince

By Sandra Barr

Part 1, The Old Queen & the Young Prince

As I have documented in many of my blogs, many world events are presented by the media, key words and numbers are included in every report, and the key words and numbers indicate that the event being reported, is inextricably linked to other events.
Do not for a minute believe that these seemingly coincidental things are by accident, the people who control the media are Master Oculists, and it is their primary function to manipulated the masses into forming opinions and beliefs, 99% of humanity are ruled by 1%, and that one percent are energy vampires, they feed of the rest of us, they harvest our emotions and the energy we create. As they control every element of society, they are well placed to ensure that the worker bees produce the energy they need.
The human mind is a powerful piece of apparatus, and most people are not remotely aware of the power of the human mind, if you open your lap top, turn it on, and connect to the net, you have access to limitless information, however if your lap top is not connected to a power source, all you will see is a blank screen.
Every thought, every emotion has a frequency, and there are those who feed off the vibrations that the rest of us create, so they constantly feed us news via the media, in order for us to create whatever energy they need to survive and maintain control.
The 1% control the media, religion, sport, the world of celebrity etc, and they use these mechanisms to harvest the thought energy we create. They use the power of numbers, names, astrology and all manner of things, known and unknown, as tools to create and harvest energy.
Now, lets take a look at the sudden death of Prince.
On April 21, 2016, the world was told that Prince Rogers Nelson had been found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park Studio, his Minnesota home was within the studio complex.
In his “Lets Go Crazy” single, Prince had equated an elevator to the Devil, and the lyrics were all about fighting that Devil and when the Devil wants to take you down, you bang the elevator wall and demand to be brought up closer to God. In an interview with Chris Rock Prince explained the meaning.
And if the elevator tries to bring you down,
Go crazy, punch a higher floor”
In the Canaanite pantheon of Gods EL was the supreme deity, isra-EL, michaEL, gabriEL etc.
So more than just a bit ironic that he was found dead in an EL-evator!
At 9.43 a.m. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office received at 911 call from an unidentified male requesting an ambulance be sent to Prince’s Paisley Park home/studio. The male initially said Prince was unconscious, later in the same call he said he was dead. Emergency services arrived, CPR was administered, he was unresponsive and at 10.07 he was pronounced dead.
Born Saturday June 7, 1958, died Thursday April 21, 2016, he was 57 years old when he died.
Those who are familiar with my past work, will already be aware that various elements of major news stories connect directly and indirectly to the British Royal family.
Prince’s death was on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, and both stories were headline news across the world. A Prince is of course a Royal title, and the colour most associated with Prince is purple. The Royals claim to rule by divine right, and they believe their bloodline gives them the divine right. The colours associated with blood are red and blue, they wear red or blue sashes to emphasis the notion that they carry the correct blood line, this tradition goes right back to the Pharaohs, they wore a red or blue sash to denote that they were Royal. Carvings of ancient Mesopotamian Gods & Kings show them wearing sashes, although it is not known what significance they had, or what colour they were.
When red and blue are mixed they form purple, which is considered to be the most majestic royal colour.
Prince of course sang Purple Rain, and he was obsessed with the colour purple and was often shown either wearing purple or bathed in purple light.

On the day  Prince died, Niagara Falls was one of many places that was bathed in Purple light, Prince fans thought this “Purple Rain” was to honour their hero, turns out it had nothing to do with Prince, it was to mark the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth, and honour her REIGN!

Brewery giants Greene KING own pubs across England, and they produce beers and ales, to mark the Queens 90th birthday, they introduced a limited edition beer, “Purple Reign”! (More on Green King in part 3)

Prince’s own explanation for his greatest hit “Purple Rain”, was that when red and blue are mixed, you get purple, the sky is blue, blood is red, and when you mix the two, you get Purple Rain!

Niagara Falls turned purple on the day Prince died, the “Purple Rain” was not for Prince though, it was for Queen Elizabeth!
Brewery giants Greene KING introduced this limited edition beer to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday
In numerology 9 is the death number, it is the number Satanists associate with their God, on April 21, the Queens age made world headlines, she lives at 90, Prince dies at 57.
90 – 57 =3333: the number that is sacred to Freemasons, and it is the highest of the lower degrees in Freemasonry!

And the purple theme continues! The London Tube is to have a new line, The Queen ELizabeth purple line!
24 trains an hour will run in each direction
66 new trains
£42 billion, projected to be generated to the UK economy by the new line
6 miles, length of new line
£15 billion: cost of new line!
666666…they just keep coming!

It will officially become the ELizabeth line on Dec 18, 12/18 (6+6 and 6+6+6)
Queenie opened the first leg of the new line on 23 Feb 2016. Link

Francis Bacon
 I have spoken at length in past blogs about Francis Bacon, and how the elites still continuously write him into current events. Bacon was charged by King James I (VI in Scotland) to “translate” the Latin Bible into English, re-write might be a better word than translate, just one example of this was that he included at least 9 mentions of unicorns that were not in the Latin Version. 

The Unicorn is the national beast of Scotland, James I was from the House of Stuart, also know as the House of Unicorns, and it was James who introduced the Unicorn into the British coat of arms, still carried by the current Royals, the Rothschild’s and various European Royal families also have Unicorns on their coats of Arms. The Knights Templar also had a Unicorn on their Coat of Arms.


 Queen Elizabeth I preceded James I, and Francis Bacon is widely believed to have been her son. Bacon is also thought to have been the real author of the work attributed to William Shakespeare. Bacon was a devotee of Athena, she carried a spear, and when she shook it, the world was said to be blessed with wisdom, Shakes-Spear. 

The actor William Shakespeare had neither the background, education or intelligence to create the works attributed to him, Francis Bacon had.

Under his own name Francis Bacon penned The New Atlantis, this extraordinary work was a blue print for The New World, in it he outlined how the New World would be ruled by unseen forces, wise men, who would live on their own Island unseen and unknown to the world population, and they would control every element of society through intermediaries. A bit like the Jim Carrey film The Trueman Show. 


Artist depiction of Prince riding his unicorn!
St Germain
Followers of Saint Germain believe he was an incarnation of Francis Bacon, Germain is always depicted, like Prince bathed in violet light, and Germain devotees through meditation and other means attempt to channel the purple light of Saint Germain.
Bacon was a student of John Dee, the renowned Mathematician, cartographer and Magician to Queen Elizabeth I. Between the three, they drew up plans for the British Empire, their vision was not just for the era in which they lived, it was to shape the foundations of the entire world FOREVER, and their blueprints for the creation of a NEW WORLD ORDER, are most definitely still the foundations of how the world is controlled today.
John Dee preforming his magic for Elizabeth I
Dee was a student of Pythagorean doctrines, and he believed that numbers were the basis of all things, and the key to knowledge, and that Gods creation was an act of numbering. Prince Charles is also a student of Pythagorean doctrine, and he has often spoken and written of the divinity of numbers, so when I go into the numerology surrounding Prince’s death, do not think that the numbers associated with it are random.

In communications with Queen Elizabeth 1 , Dee did not sign his name, he signed “007”, he is credited with being Britain’s first secret agent, and Ian Fleming added “007” to James Bond’s title in homage to Dee. There are two numbers and two zeros in the above sentence, Elizabeth 1 and Dee 007
Prince was pronounced dead at 10.07 am.
This is an MTV 1985 interview with Prince, at 2.15, he speaks about James Bond, he says that Bond influenced his style. 

Season 20, episode 4 of the Simpsons was “Treehouse of Horror XIX”, in this episode Homer accidentally kills Krusty the Clown, men in suits then pay Homer to kill some more celebrities, George Clooney, Neil Armstrong and Prince. The men in suits want them dead so that they can use their images to advertise products, you do not have to ask permission or pay a dead celeb to use their image. 
The clip of Homer killing Prince has now went viral on the net, the Simpson’s yet again predict a major happening, after Homer kills Prince he goes to celebrity heaven, when the celebs up there realise why they were killed, they form an army and go back to earth for revenge, of all the dead celebs in the history of the world, they have Prince standing beside Shakespeare, AKA Francis Bacon!

Prince in Celebrity Heaven with William Shakespeare, aka, Francis Bacon

 LINK to the entire episode
LINK to the section where Homer kills Prince
credit to Bessie for finding Prince in heaven with Shakespeare.

King Henry VIII, father of Elizabeth I became king on April 21, 1509

Prince died April 21, 2016, he died on the 507 anniversary of the day henry became King. He was 57 when he died.

  Prince’s 33rd album was Lotusflower, in Buddhism the lotus represents enlightenment, its roots lie deep within the dirty murky waters, yet it strives to the waters surface, and blooms with its head facing the heavens. Its beautiful pink and white flowers in direct contrast to dark roots below.
The album was released in digital format on March 24, 2009, and it was released in France on September 7, 2009.
Queen Elizabeth I was born on 7 September 1533, and she died on 24 March 1609.
So his album was released on the 403 anniversary of her death, and in France it was released on the 476 anniversary of her birth. (Credit to my co-researcher Bessie Totten for this info)
The Palmyra Arch was erected in Trafalgar Square on April 19, 2016, this was the 480 anniversary of the beheading of Elizabeth’s Mother, Queen Anne Bolelyn. The number 4 is the God number, 444, 4, 48 or variants come up so often in my research that I penned an entire blog on the number four to explain its significance. FOUR
William Shakespeare was baptised on April 26, 1564, the date of his birth is unknown, but it supposed he was born a few days earlier.
He died April 23, 1616.

Prince died April 21, 2016, he died in the week that Shakespeare was born and died, and in the days before and after the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Shakespeareans were commemorating the 400 year anniversary of his death.

Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561, and he died April 9, 1626.
The Gregorian calendar was not adopted in England until The Calendar NewStyle Act was introduced in 1750. 
The Gregorian is 13 days ahead of the Julian.
The date of Bacon’s death in the Gregorian calendar is April 22, 1626.
The Queen was born on 21 April, 1926, she was born on the eve of the 300 year anniversary of Bacon’s death.
She celebrated her 90th birthday on the eve of the 390th anniversary of his death, and Prince died on the eve of the 390th anniversary!
Prince and the House of Stuart
Through their Mother princess Diana, Princess’s William and Harry are the bloodline of the Stuart Dynasty.
King James I (VI in Scotland) was from the House of Stuart.
The first Stuart King, and founder of the Stuart Dynasty was Robert II (22 February 1371-19 April 1390) Prince died during the week of the 626 anniversary of Robert’s death.
Robert was the Grandson of Robert the Bruce, he died on June 7, 1329, Prince was born on June 7, 1958, on the 629 anniversary of Robert the Bruce’s death.
When Bruce died, his son David II became King, so he became king on June 7 also.
Between 1371 and 1603 the Stuart Kings ruled Scotland , in 1603 King James VI of Scotland inherited Queen Elizabeth I’s crown, and he became King of Scotland and England. He was married to ANNE of Denmark.
Their son Charles I then became King, he was beheaded during the English civil war, and Oliver Cromwell became the leader of the country after Cromwell died the monarchy was restored and Charles I’s son Charles II became king.
His Coronation was April 23, 1661. So Shakespeare died April 23, 1616, Charles II was Crowned 45 years later on April 23, 1661.
He was succeeded by James II, who also had his Coronation on April 23, in 1685!
He died on 16/9/1701 at the Château de SAINT GERMAIN en-Laye, France.
His first wife was a commoner called ANNE Hyde, their daughters Mary and ANNE both ruled as Queens. Mary Ruled as joint Queen to King William III who overthrew James, and ANNE became Queen when William died.
William was from the House of Orange, he was James nephew and Mary’s cousin as well as her husband.
Anne’s coronation was also on April 23, 1702, she died with no surviving children, and she was the last Stuart monarch. The Stuart bloodline continued, but the house of Stuart was dissolved on her death.
Her successor was the German George I and he was the first monarch from the House of Hanover. We currently use the Gregorian calendar which replaced the Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar was first introduced in 1582, and it is 13 days ahead of the Julian.
It was not at first universally accepted and it was hundreds of years before all countries adopted the Gregorian. For this reason, when you are researching various dignitaries from the past, the Gregorian and Julian dates are often given.
In the Julian Calendar, George was born on May 28, 1660, in the current Gregorian calendar, he was born on June 7, 1660, thats 298 years to the day previous to the birth of Prince.
Paisley Park: Paisley Abbey
Every news report re: the death of Prince has included the fact that he died at Paisley Park, where he had a home and recording Studio.
Paisley is a town in Scotland, and it is home to Paisley Abbey, and Paisley Abbey claims to be “The Cradle of the Stuarts”!
Robert the Bruce had a daughter Marjory, she was married to the sixth High Steward Walter. In 1316 Marjory was out riding near Paisley Abbey, when she had a bad riding accident. At the time she was pregnant with Robert who was later to become King Robert II of Scotland, and the founder of the Stuart Dynasty.
Marjory died, but the baby in her womb was saved.
The Abbey is the final resting place of six High Stewards of Scotland, Princess Marjory Bruce, the wives of King Robert II and King Robert III.
NB: The Stuart name comes from the Scottish Stewart, it was later changed to Stuart, which is French.

Link Paisley Abbey


This is a shot from Google Earth of the Paisley Park Studios where Prince died, all through the Stuart section I have highlighted the name Ann/Anne. Due north of Paisley park Studios is Lake ANN! The name Ann/Anne runs through every generation of the Stuarts, and The Princess Anne daughter of the Queen, is the second highest ranking female royal in the British dynasty after her Mother.
In all the death sacrifice rituals that I have studied, there is always water close by, it is a vital element in any sacrifice. 
Anne Boleyn is the most famous of Henry VIII’s wives, he famously had her beheaded, and her tome is within the Tower of London, which was also the location of her execution. Anne was the Mother of England’s most famous Queen to date, Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen who gave birth to the British Empire, and probably Francis Bacon. I wont even start with the amount of rituals and ceremonies that have taken place at the Tower of London around the remains of Anne Bolelyn, the most recent mega ceremony was the planting of 888,246 ceramic blood red poppies in the grounds around the Tower.
The Tower used have a moat, as mentioned water is a vital component in any ritual or ceremony, the moat had 3 sides, and the 4th side was the river Thames, so Anne Boleyn’s remains were literally surrounded by a water, this would have been deeply occult, Princess Diana’s final resting place is an island surrounded by water which is patrolled by black swans!
 At some stage the moat was filled in, and is now grass, the poppies were planted on the grass that replaced the water, and the Tower looked like it was set within a river of blood, this was the deliberate intentions of the organisers.

The Tower of London, with what used to be a moat, filled with ceramic blood red poppies.
This shot shows the chapel of St Peter circled in yellow, the remains of Anne Boleyn lie under the altar in the church. The red dot is where she was beheaded.

Poppies produce opium, which is not only a drug that the Royal family have profited from handsomely, it is also used to cast spells, it represents blood and sacrifice, sacrifice in the most primitive sense, when they talk of the young men who laid down their lives ,and gave their life force and blood as a sacrifice, they mean it in the deepest darkest occult manner. Soldiers do not swear an oath of allegiance to protect and defend their country, they swear to protect and defend their King/Queen and their heirs!

Kate, William and Harry, knee deep in blood….red poppies.

Part 2: Prince, Princess Diana and The Temple of Baal

A selection of the 711 graffiti that appeared on the Georgia Guidestones.

In September 2014 a cube and graffiti appeared on the Georgia Guidestones, “711” and “ISIS” were scrawled all over the stones, since then I have been seeing 711/117 attached to all major events, ie the Charlie Hebdo event just a few months after the graffiti appeared was on 7-1-15. It is like some kind of code that has been attached to major events.
Link: My Georgia Guidestone blog

The Arch of Septimius at the entrance to the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria

At some time in August 2015 Isis demolished the the Temple of Bel/Baal in Palmyra Syria.
In 32AD the Temple was dedicated to the Mesopotamian God Bel, also known as Baal.
The Arch of Septimius linked the main street of the Colonade in Palmyra and The Temple. It was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Septimius (14 April 193 – 4 February 211) during the 3rd century AD.

On August 30, 2015 there was unconfirmed reports that the Temple had been destroyed, on August 31 the United Nations reported that they had reviewed satellite imagery and they confirmed that the Temple had been destroyed. All news produces emotional reactions of one kind or another, and it was on August 31 that the world was told of the wanton destruction of this ancient site.

This was Diana’s official perfume, “ISIS”

18 years previous, on 31 August 1997 the world was told that Diana was dead, I could write for a week on the links to Diana and ISIS, her one and only official perfume was called ISIS, a huge statue of ISIS in bird form overlooks her memorial in Kensington Gardens.

Left, the Egyptian Goddess ISIS in bird form, this statue is in Kensington Gardens overlooking Diana’s official memorial.

31/08/1997 – 31/08/2016 = 18 years (6+6+6)

On 31/08/1990 Prince staged a concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, he wore a shirt that had odd glyphs/numbers on the cuffs and collar, they clearly had 711 within them!
This was 7 years prior to Diana’s death, and 25 (2+5=7) years to the day before the confirmation of the destruction of the Temple of Baal!   

Apr 22, 2016
The late singer’s onetime fiancée and longtime friend opens up to ET in an emotional new interview

At the time it was reported that the arch of Septimius had survived the carnage, but by October 2015 it too had been destroyed.
In March 2016 Palmyra was liberated by the Syrian army with the help of the Russians, and Isis was defeated. To celebrate this victory the powers that be decided to recreate a replica of the Arch of Septimius and move it from major city to city across the globe.
The God Baal was a Pagan God, and he demanded human sacrifices, he is also known by the name Moleck/Molech, and in many quarters the ruling elite still worship him, Bohemian Grove in the USA is one of the most well known sites where Baal/Moleck/Molech is still worshipped. You could look at this whole escapade as an elaborate way for them to be able to erect a major monument to their God in Major cities, with an unsuspecting public giving their energy to this God who demanded human sacrifices, primarily children.
The Canaanite’s worshipped Baal, and he was seen as a God of vegetation and fertility. Much like the Greek God Pan, who was a God of vegetation and fertility and represented by the colour green, I will get back to Pan later!

Prince demonstrating the eye of Horas pose!

A 20 foot (6.1 m) replica of the central part of the Monumental Arch was carved out of Egyptian marble in Italy by machinery using a 3D computer model. The replica was installed in Trafalgar Square, London on 19 April 2016. It was displayed there for three days, before being moved, it will be re-erected New York and Dubai, and a number of other cities, it will then be sent to Syria.

 The reason given for creating the replica, was that it celebrated ISIS being defeated, ISIS was of course the Primary Egyptian Goddess, the most revered Goddess in the history of the world, she was the Mother of Horus the most revered Sun God in the history of the world, and even today celebrities are frequently seen using using the one eye symbolism of Horas. If you put all the letters of ISIS on top of each other, you see who controls the ISIS that is running a muck in the Middle East 
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !
And they made this replica arch from Egyptian marble, it was made in Italy, Italy is famed the world over for its beautiful marble, yet they used Egyptian marble for this replica arch!
So, on the Queen’s 90th birthday, and the day Prince died, a replica of an arch that was the entrance to the Temple of Baal, was on display at Trafalgar Square in London, when you looked through the arch from one side you seen the dome of the National Gallery, when viewed from the other side you seen Nelson’s column. 
The dome represents the womb, which is the most sacred part of the sacred feminine, and the column is a large phallus…NELSON’s Column. Prince’s given name, Prince Rogers NELSON!
Prince Rogers NELSON! Note the ring, it is the eye of Horas, and it is over his heart. In the secret societies they place their hand on their heart during initiation rituals when swearing allegiance.
hANNa MARY Rothschild.
 In Christianity the most revered female is Mary, Mother of Jesus, possessor of the womb that nurtured the Sun/Son of God. 
The Honourable Hannah MARY Rothschild is the Chair of the Board of the National Gallery, she is the daughter of the infamous Baron Jacob Rothschild, so we had the world focusing its attention on the Dome of the National Gallery, seen through an arch made of Egyptian Marble, that is a replica gateway to the Temple of Baal, I cannot start to explain the occult significance of this, with the Honourable hANNah Mary Rothschilds womb being the most important work of art in the National Gallery!
The name Anne/Ann has been running all through this blog, and Prince died due south of Lake Ann. In mystical terms we are all born from the embryonic pool in the womb.
The name Anne/Ann is a form of the Latin given name Anna, which in turn derives from the Hebrew name HANNAH. 
Saint Anne was the Mother of the virgin Mary, so Hanna Mary Rothschild carries the Madonnas name, along with the Madonnas Mothers name!  LINK
Now would anyone like to hazard a guess when Hanna Mary was born?  She was born on May 22, 1960, she will be 66, 1 month and 1 day after Prince died, the magic 11!
The dome of the National Gallery, viewed through a replica of the gateway to the Temple of Baal.
Now, back to Septimius and the Roman Empire, Rome was founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus, the official date given for the founding of Rome is April 21, 753 BCE! So the Queen was born on the Day Rome was founded, and Prince died on the day it was founded! (Credit for this info Mark Gray, Cosmic Doorways) LINK
Picture credit Mark Gray, Cosmic Doorways
Now, back to the Georgia Guidestones….

As mentioned at the start of this section, in September 2014 two very odd things happened at the stones, a cube was inserted in the stones, I have covered this at length in my blog about the stones, so I will not be covering it here, very odd graffiti was also sprawled on the stones at this time, “ISIS reborn”, “Game on 711”, and a symbol made up from two 711’s was sprawled all over the stones. Since then I am seeing 711/117 all over the place.

On April 18, three days before Prince died, Donald Trump was speaking at a Republican campaign Rally in Buffalo New York, he inadvertently referred to 9/11 as 7/11!
Was this a goof up, or is 7/11 the new 9/11? Footage of Trump and the 7/11 goof up went viral, and by the Queen’s birthday and Prince’s death, it was everywhere, so that 711 was part of many peoples consciousness on 21/04/2016!

Apr 19, 2016
The Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, confused 9/11 with 7-Eleven while delivering a speech in Buffalo, New York. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news

In another odd twist, the Arch of Septimius at Palmyra, is believed to be a Triumphal arch to commemorate the Roman’s victories over the Parthians, and TRUMP is within triumphal!

As can be seen in the picture below, three towers fell on 9/11, the twin towers and World Trade Centre Building 7, 7/11!

The 711/117 code

 Prince’s Mother was Mattie Della Baker, she was born 11-11-33
she died 15-02-2002
Her memorial was on 22-02-02
She is buried in Ford Snelling National Cemetery. 
Left is her grave stone, it is number 117-59.

31 August, 2015, and the UN confirmed the destruction of the Temple of Baal, It was probably destroyed at some stage the during the previous week, but it was on the 31st that the world media outlets reported it, so that was the day the the worlds attention was focused on the site, which was a world heritage site.

117 days later was Boxing Day, 26/12/2015. There must have been nothing important happened on boxing day, as the main story on the front pages was Kate Middleton wearing a green coat the previous day, when she went to church with the other Royal inbreeds. These people do nothing by chance, the colours they wear, and the jewellery they adorn themselves with are all carefully chosen for them. Kate usually wears blue, this reinforces her Madonna image, the Gods all came from either the sea or the sky, so blue is the colour that is associated with the Gods. I can only think of one other occasion when she wore green, and that was the day that they announced to the world that she was pregnant with George, the press all ran with a picture of her in a green dress.
Kate has an oak leaf broach on her green coat, in Freemasonry the twin pillars of Solomon are of the utmost importance, all Masonic Temples have a representation of the pillars. The right side pillar is Boaz, it represents the Hebrew King David and the OAK tree. The left side pillar is Joachim or Jachin, it represents the Yew tree and King Solomon. When they called the Savile enquiry Operation Yew Tree, it was an indicator of who was running the enquiry, and the true purpose of the enquiry!
On the left, the cover of the Prince single “Purple and Gold”, on the right, the Queen on her 90th birthday with a purple and gold cake.
117 days after Boxing Day was April 21, the Queen’s 90th birthday, and the day Prince died. The Queen (EL-izabeth) was seen out and about wearing a green coat dress, adorned with a star of ISIS broach. She was presented with a large purple and gold birthday cake!
More of the ISIS graffiti that appeared on the Georgia Guidestones. “IAM Isis REBORN”.  Note IAM is all one word, the Queens great granddaughter is called MIA. (Daughter of Zara Phillips)
So April 21 was 234 days after the announcement that the Temple had been destroyed, 117 + 117 = 234.

And a replica of the entrance arch to the Temple was on show in central London, with the dome of the National Gallery on show from one side, and Nelson’s column on show from the other side! And guess what height Nelson’s column is???? 171 feet!

In another odd coincidence, the bus route that ran between Reigate Garage and Loudwater, via Trafalgar Square, up until 1978, was the green line, number 711. Link

Credit to my co-researcher Bessie Totten for some of the information in this blog, I will be covering Bessie’s research in more detail in part 3
Part 3

Whats Egypt got to do with it?
Over the years I have continuously shown how in modern times, they act out myths from the past, and the most heavily promoted celebrities are associated one way or another with Gods from the past. Celebrity is the new religion, and these manufactured icons are put on stage surrounded with symbols that represent one ancient God or another, and the mass hysteria created by them is harvested.
By celebrity I do not just mean pop stars, actors, sports stars and generally anyone who the media promote endlessly falls into this category.
Just for a moment, imagine you are in spirit, and you are floating over a football stadium when a big match is being played, imagine if you could capture the energy created by the humans within that stadium, can you even start to imagine the power you would have if you could capture and harness that energy?
I cannot fully understand myself how they do this, but I know that they do it. There are rituals they act out in public, and rituals they preform in private, they work with forces seen and unseen.
Now back to Egypt!
The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotiser”, with 5 S’s and 3 I’s left over.
Put the S’s and I’s on top of each other and you get the dollar sign $. ISIS
Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys were brothers and sisters, Set married Nephthys, and Isis married Osiris. Isis was the premier Egyptian Goddess, and they continuously keep her name in the headlines, negative or positive, it does not matter to them, so long as the Goddess’s name is headline news.
Ask yourself why a terrorist organisation, who hate all things Pagan, would want to be known by the name of the most illustrious of the ancient Goddesses?
8 pointed star ISIS broach
As I have already pointed out, Isis can take bird form, her primary symbol is an 8 pointed star, known as The Star of Isis. Queen Elizabeth II wears a Star of Isis on all formal occasions, and she has a large collection of 8 pointed star broaches. As shown in Part 2, she wore one of her Isis broaches on her 90th birthday, and she wore green, the colour of Osirus.
They use these ancient symbols to equate themselves with the ancient Gods, and to harness the energy of the God/Goddess whose symbol they are wearing.
Isis’s husband was Osiris, he was the original GREEN God, the God of vegetation.
They had 3 sons:
Horus, the sun God, Anubis, the God of death and the afterlife, and MIN the God of fertility.
Eye of Horus
Horus, the Sun God is the most revered of their offspring, and numerous pop stars, one way or another use the symbols of Horus, mainly the one eye symbol. There are various pictures of Prince using Horus one eye symbols.
The Anubis being moved up the Thames from the O2 to Trafalgar Square.
Anubis was the God of death and the afterlife, back in October 2007 a 25 ft statue of an Egyptian Anubis was traipsed through London, from the O2 Arena, up the Thames to its final destination, Trafalgar Square. It was resident in Trafalgar Square on October 3, 2007.
3123 (333) days later was April 21, 2016. Prince died, the Queen turned 90 (9- 3+3+3), and they had the Egyptian marble replica of the Palmyra arch on the spot where the Anubis had stood 9 years previous (9 – 3 + 3 + 3)
 As can be seen from the photographs, the dome (womb) of the National Gallery could be seen between the horns of the Anubis, and Nelsons Column (phallus) towered in front of it.
The excuse they presented to the serfs, for having the Egyptian God of the Dead and the afterlife in Trafalgar Square, was that they were advertising an Egyptian exhibition at the O2, and it was just PR!!! Yeah right!
MINN was their third son, he was the dark skinned God of fertility, he is usually depicted with a huge erection. The Greek God Pan was his Greek counterpart.
Since I began research for this blog, I was struck by the large number of pictures that exist of Prince holding his guitar in such a way that it looked like a large penis. 
 His most famous performance was at the Super Bowl in on February 4, 2007. During his performance a huge white silken sheet was blown up, and his silhouette was seen, he held the guitar in such a way, that it looked like a large penis.
 From the onset of his career he incorporated sex in every song and dance, and mimicked MIN/Pan at every opportunity.  
 Pan’s lower half was a goat, he had cloven hooves and horns, with Prince’s petulance for high heels, he looked like he had cloven hooves, and in the Super Bowl performance silhouette part, he appeared to have horns.
The Prince silhouette, taken at the 2007 Super Bowl.
Prince was from MIN-neapolis, which is a city in the State of MIN-esota, on his death, numerous media outlets reported “The Prince of MIN-eapolis is dead!
The m-ISSI-ssippi River runs through MIN-esota, and the whole state is full of lakes and rivers, the official explanation for the name MIN-neapolis, is that MIN is a Dakota Sioux word for water, and POLIS is the Greek for city. There is no explanation for the NEA in between. (anagram ANE). The Dakota Sioux word for water, is actually MNI, and not MIN.
Prince at the Super Bowl, note he is wearing blue and golden yellow, this is the two colours that Min wore
Prince’s most famous performance in his lifetime was the half time show at the Super Bowl XLI (41). He played live to a TV audience of 140 million people.
The Super Bowl has an opening and closing ceremony, believe me, whether it be a sporting occasion, or rock concert, religious terminology is used.
Now, later in 2007, Prince embarked on his Earth tour, and between August 1, 2007, and September 21, 2007 he was actually resident at the O2 Arena in London. The Tutankhamun exhibition began in the O2 55 days later on November 15, 2007. Link
The King Tut exhibition was heavily promoted for months before it opened, so you can be sure all things Egyptian would have been in and around the O2 during Prince’s stint there.  
I would post a pic of him preforming there, sadly the only pics available are strictly copyrighted, Prince even sued one of his own fan sites for using an image that had been taken at one of the O2 gigs! The only free pic available is one of the stage.
The 3121 album cover

3121 was the title of Prince’s 31st studio album, pronounced thirty-one, twenty-one, released March 21, 2006.
Various explanations have been given as to why he called the album 31-21, from Wikipedia:
” The title of the album was believed to be a reference to the address of Prince’s rented Los Angeles mansion. A lawsuit filed against Prince by the landlord (NBA player Carlos Boozer) indicates an entirely different address (1235 Sierra Alta Way). 
However, Prince has repeatedly referred to the property as “3121”; indeed, the lawsuit alleges he painted 3121 on the exterior of the property, and the album’s liner notes indicate that it was “recorded at Paisley Park Studios and 3121.”
According to another explanation the album’s title refers to a verse in the Bible (Psalm 31:21). “Blessed be Jehovah (God/Yahweh), For he has rendered wonderful loving-kindness to me in a city under stress.” Source

The price of tickets for the Prince show at the O2 was set at £31.21
31-21  actually reflects the date he died 4/21 (April 21)!

was a song of Prince’s 1992 album “Love Symbol”. He said that the lyrics were inspired by the book of Revelations. In the video he killed future incarnations of himself that were trapped in glass jars.
This is one verse from the song:
“And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will surely die in spite of
And seven tears, but do not fear
Four in the distance, twelve souls from now
You and me will still be here we will still be here”
This was his death date! 4/21 (12 reversed)
7 wikipediaLyricswas released on 11/17/1992. the 117 code again!
7 video
On his birthday, 7 June 1993, Prince announced he would no longer be called Prince, and he would be known by an unpronounceable symbol. This followed years of problems with his record company Warner Brothers, they claimed they owned his name. Creating the unpronounceable symbol, which Prince had copyrighted, caused them no end of problems, as it could neither be pronounced or even typed, and I presume they had to pay him to use it. The symbol was copyrighted under the title “Love Symbol #2”
Cover of Love Symbol album, released 1992

The symbol had first been used on the cover of his “Love Symbol” album, released October 13, 1992. The screen shot below is from the official video for “When Doves Cry”. It was released May 16, 1984, a variation of the symbol can be clearly seen in the stain glass of the window.

 By 1999 his contractual obligations with Warner Brother were finished, and he signed with Arista Records, on his birthday, June 7, 1999 he gave a news conference and reverted to using his given birth name, Prince.
LINK CNN interview in December 1999, he discusses changing his name to a symbol.
The Symbol was created by Prince and designer Lizz Frey. Prince never offered an explanation as to its meaning, so the press made up their own, and stated that it was a fusion of the Male Mars and Female Venus symbols. “the artist formerly known as Prince” was also an invention of the media.
In an interview after his death Frey claimed that they created the symbol together, she also said:
“He had a rule, and that was we were always to call him boss, and never to look into his eyes directly,”  Source
Frey also recalled:

“He said to me, ‘You have to understand, this symbol is very important,’”
He said, ‘The pronunciation exists on a different level of existence,’ ”

The symbol clearly had deep esoteric significance to Prince, why else would he have said this?
He was the Prince of the city of Min, and he used his guitar as his phallus, his symbol reflects 2 Egyptian symbols that were associated with Min, the Egyptian Ankh, and a barbed spear. It also has a trumpet shape and a spiral. 

In the picture above I have shown the Ankh, which was the most important Egyptian symbol, it represented eternal life, a barbed spear is a spear that has a lower part, a bit like a fishing hook, the lower part means that if it was in the flesh it would be very difficult to pull out. The trumpet shown is an actual Egyptian trumpet that was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. All ancient cultures used spirals, I have not found a definitive meaning for the spiral used by the Egyptians, and other cultures attached various meanings, like the serpent cult, regeneration, the continuous cycle of life and death, and the Universe.

 If we take another look at the screen grab from 1982, the symbol behind Prince is just the ankh and the barbed spear!

Maybe Prince and his designers just made this up, maybe unknown forces influenced them, who knows? But is sure is a mighty big coincidence that the entire glyph is made up of ancient Egyptian symbols, especially the ankh and barbed spear, which are two symbols which are directly related to Min.

 To be continued.
Sandra Barr

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