Folks, do you know what it means when your first line of defense is taken down?   Now, I am not saying that TEXAS is the only state holding the line.  The southern border states have taken the bulk of the onslaught for a very long time.  Yes, there are some wide open spaces down here… but that is not the goal of these folks.  They don’t want the dried up desert places… we are just their access points.

When you see the outrageous numbers that have been coming into our nation just in the past couple years… that does not include all of them even just back to 2008 when the snake got in.  These are just the numbers arriving in the last couple years!  When you see the numbers you have to recognize that there is no way the southern states can accommodate that kind of influx.

Yes, I understand that all over the world nations are being forced to take in illegal immigrants.  This is a global agenda.  However, NOWHERE IN THE WORLD is there an INVASION the size and scope of what is happening in the United States!!

The USA has been the bastion of freedom in the world for a very long.  We are a thorn in the claw of those who seek to take dominion over the earth.  This is WAR!!  We are being invaded!!   If we don’t stand now, its over.  When the USA Falls… so goes the WORLD.  The global Authoritarian Government will be established.

It is time to stand!!  In whatever way you are prepared to stand.

There are all ready millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS among us, and millions more ready to burst in.  When do we say enough?  When every last true American is dead?

You may not like Texas or Texans, but you better lay that aside and  recognize your real enemies.  And you better do it quick!