THE UN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND – Part 9 – REWILDING – Part 3 – RESOURCES AND Further Information

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This section of the Article is designed to bring you a little more in-depth information on REWILDING…but also to provide you with some excellent resources whether you just want to educate yourself on the topic or you want to actively become involved in the effort to maintain your freedom.  

Understanding Sustainable Development and How It Affects You


“It is critical every citizen understands the importance of the 5th Amendment which guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and property. Without property we lose our ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Further, without property to use for collateral, we have nothing against which to borrow to build our wealth. We then become little more than serfs to whatever governance has power over us.”  Source

“Politicians of both parties, and agencies at the federal and state levels are working together to create the UN’s vision of controlling 50% of America, and the federal government already owns about 50% of the western US.  Karl Marx wrote, “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence:  Abolish all private property.”  The UN and their eco-socialist ilk have pledged to take our land and our freedom, and the people in our government are helping them!

All property owners should ask themselves if they would prefer to control their own land, or would they prefer their land be managed by a global management system of government experts?  The socialists have been working unimpeded for years, and it is apparent freedom loving Americans need to play catch-up.  We cannot rely upon, or trust, our government or politicians to do it for us.  There is a new paradigm we must accept; only we the people can stop this.”  Source

North Western Research Institute

Welcome to North Western Research Institute.

This website is a very good source of information.  I strongly recommend you visit it often.   Click the link above.

Are you wondering about why life doesn’t seem to be the way it was 30-50 years ago (if you’re as old as me)?  It was much simpler then.  When I was young, my friends and I started a Koolaid stand and sold cups of the nectar to passersby.  Now that’s not possible.  In order to start a Koolaid stand today requires a permit (permission from the government agency), along with a fee; a business license (fee); and compliance with all kinds of rules and regulations – which ends of costing more than you would ever earn.  The entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well in those “olden” days – not so anymore, sadly.

What happened?

The method of governance has changed – so slowly in many cases that it has almost been unseen.  But it has been changing.  From the vision of our Founding Fathers – to the vision of Marx – slowly but surely, it’s been moving in a “new” direction.

There is an increase of different forms of governance emerging in the United States other than a constitutional republic, (i.e., governing by consensus; “sustainable development”, public/private partnerships) which adversely affects individual liberties as established by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. These new tools of governance are moving us further into a socialist/Marxist/communist system we previously recognized as a danger to our freedom and something to be defended against.  These changes centralize control over our lives, even though many here still value liberty and control over our own lives.

One that has (and is) catching the attention of the American individuals around the country is UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development – and its implementation at local levels, through ICLEI.  See a brief comparison of the UN Charter to the Communist Manifesto, by Walter H. Schneider, translator.

Click here for a one-page, concise description of UN Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development – and how it affects and will affect your life.

This website is dedicated to sharing information about how the change is taking place – and what people are doing to stem the tide.  Take the time to utilize the information and resources here to educate yourself – and should you come to the same conclusion as many Americans, that our nation has moved – and continues to move – in the opposite direction than that given to us at such a high price by our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women who have sacrificed to keep us free – get involved and take action.  There are many good examples given here as to what folks across our country have already done – and continue to do.

Folks are learning about, and taking action, to have their cities and counties withdraw from ICLEI.  Here are some of the success stories.

Want to learn more?  Check out the resources offered through this website, and then get involved in your own community.  Are you an elected representative, or would you like to share this information with your elected representative?  You can download the following, and forward it or print it out to review:  How Public Officials can Recognize Agenda 21 .  Even more information can be found here:  Help Public Officials Recognize Agenda 21.

Watch a comprehensive presentation “Sustainable Desctruction – Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America


The Replacement of local governments and elected officials with Regionally Appointed governments, known as COGs (Councils of Governments). COGs have one purpose: end local, democratically elected governments and replace them with autocratically controlled regional bureaucracies willing to promote sustainability and one world government. It means the destruction of the middle-class through income re-distribution, applying impossibly restrictive regulations that destroy the concept of private property and the deliberate de-industrialization of America.

Shortly after his inauguration in 1993, President Bill Clinton created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by executive order. By making “sustainable development” a permanent feature of all Federal policy within the Administrative Branch, he effectively bypassed Congress and threw the Agenda 21 implementation process into high gear, forever changing the mission of Federal agencies from “serving the people” to “serving the environment”. Although Agenda 21 was never ratified by the Senate as required by law, 95% of all Federal regulations are tied to UN Agenda 21/2030 sustainability policies that target American sovereignty. (Presentation – 2014)

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On another note, in Washington state there is a move to create a 51st State.  Read about it here:

This is another excellent source of information.  Here is their link to their homepage.

The following information on Smart Growth is taken from a more extensive document about how Agenda 21/2030 will affect you.  Please visit the article and acquire some deeper understanding.  Click the link below.

For the People and their Public Officials
Prepared by Freedom Advocates
Recognize Unalienable Rights
w w w.Freedom

The Wildlands Network
The Wildlands Network (aka Wildlands Project) is the plan to eliminate human presence on “at least” 50 percent of the American landscape,25 and to heavily control human activity on most of the rest of American land. Examples of the piece-by-piece implementation of the Wildlands Network include road closures, the policy of breaching dams and the adoption of United Nations World Heritage Sites –
which are systematically being restricted and closed to use.

“Conservation biologists now agree that protecting isolated pockets of habitat isn’t enough to protect our bears, jaguars, beavers, birds and other wildlife – the only way to protect them is to practice conservation on a continental scale,” announced Wildlands Project Executive Director, Leanne Klyza Linck, at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference on September 12, 2003.
The most significant tools of the Wildlands Network is the rapidly expanding imposition of habitat protection” provisions under the Endangered Species Act, the adoption of “conservation easements” and direct land acquisitions from battered “willing sellers.” The Wildlands Network seeks to collectivize all natural resources (e.g., water) and centralize all use decisions under bureaucratic direction, often implemented through public private partnerships.

Smart Growth

The rural land use plan embodied in the Wildlands Network is inextricably tied to its urban counterpart, Smart Growth. As human beings are barred from rural land, there will be a concentration of human activity in urban areas. Through Smart Growth, the infrastructure is being created for a post-private property era in which human action is subject to centralized government control. With the combined implementation of Smart Growth and the Wildlands Network, humans will be herded into urban centers and the animals will run free.
Sometimes called “comprehensive planning,” “growth management,”26 “New Urbanism,” or “Sustainable Communities,” Smart Growth is the centralized control of every aspect of urban life: energy and water use, housing stock and allocation, population levels and control, public health and dietary regimens, resources and recycling, “social justice” and education, toxic technology and waste management, transportation modes and mobility restrictions, business and economic activity including capping and trading energy.

– 16 –
25. Reed Noss, who made this assertion in 1992, reiterated his commitment in a recent interview: “Fifty percent is an estimate I made years ago of the proportion of an average region that would need to be managed for conservation in order to meet well-accepted conservation goals … [It] turns out I was pretty much on the mark …” (Range Magazine, Fall 2003, p42). Noss has been the Science Editor for Wild Earth, the quarterly publication of the Wildlands Project. 26. “…we call our [U.N. advocated planning] processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management, or smart growth.” Lawrence, J. Gary, op cit.

Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21
– 17 –
Smart Growth policies include:

  • • Transportation plans that reduce freedom of mobility, forcing people to live near where
    they work, and transforming communities into heavily-regulated but “self-sufficient”
    feudalistic “transit villages.”
    • Programs to herd citizens into tax-subsidized, government controlled, mixed-use developments27 called “human settlements.” These settlements are sometimes distinguished from one another by how productive or useful the citizens are for society.28
    • Heavy restrictions on development in most areas and the promotion of extremely dense development, constructed and managed by government “partners” in other selected areas, typically focused on transit hubs.
    • Rations on public services, such as health care, drinking water29 and energy resources (and sources).

A typical day in the Orwellian society created by Smart Growth would consist of an individual waking up in her government-provided housing unit, eating a ration of government-subsidized foods purchased at a government-sanctioned grocery store, walking her children (if she has any) to the government-run child care center, boarding government-subsidized public transit to go to her government job, then returning to her quarters later that evening.

27. The lure of paying as little as $150 per year in taxes on properties valued at $1.5 million has led to high occupancy in some developments in Portland, Oregon, for example.
28. The Smart Growth plan for Richland County, South Carolina, for example, distinguishes between “employment based villages,” and “non-employment-based villages,” with special gated communities set aside for the wealthy individuals responsible for the plan. Most of the “non-employment-based villages” are slated to be built in areas currently populated by the descendants of liberated slaves.
29. Reasonable access to water in urban areas is defined as “the availability of 20 litres per capita per day at a distance
no longer than 1,000 metres.” Global Water Supply and Assessment Report 2000.
Understanding Sustainable Development –

Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21
– 18 –

NAFTA Superhighway Trade Corridor and Toll Road System

Terri Hall, founder of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom ( prepared the
following in her article:

Some have tried to convince the public that the Trans-Texas Corridor and NAFTA Superhighways are dead, never existed or are even a myth. Yet, Congress recently passed a new, two-year federal highway bill called Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) that not only gives priority funding to these “high priority” trade corridors, but also makes it easier to hand them over to private multi-national corporations using controversial public private partnership contract arrangements that promote and enhance the tolling of America at the taxpayer’s expense. Now three intercontinental U.S. corridors are planned by the federal government, as illustrated by this map.

Map Legend:
Trans-Can Connector
30. Hall, Terri. “MAP-21: Congress-Obama expand NAFTA Superhighway Trade Corridor and Toll Road System,” July 17,
Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21


Sustainable Development aka U.N. Agenda 21 aka 2030 Agenda

Sustainability Agendas push words and programs that sound good, but are not. Here is a pamphlet for you and/or your elected representatives that explains things.

5th Printing 

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White Paper Version

Sustainable Development – A Brief Analysis flyer
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Published on Mar 4, 2018

#NaftaSuperHighway The Northern American Union and their plans to make America great again! NAFTA original deal was agreed upon under the guise of the TRIFECTA deal. That private Spanish company who owns the tolls on these roads in Texas for the next 50 years, SOUND LIKE THE CARTEL! If you live in the pathway of this proposed highway be expecting floods, natural disaster like weather, or even as we have seen in Atlanta, explosions on your existing roadways. This will also mean less jobs for OUR AMERICAN WORKERS AS THE SHIPS WILL BE ABLE TO BYPASS OUR UNIONIZED PORTS AND SEND IT STRAIGHT TO MEXICO. THEN MEXICAN TRUCK DRIVERS WILL BE HAULING THE STUFF TO KANSAS SMART PORT, PUTTING TRUCK DRIVERS OUT OF WORK TOO Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video are in fair use, free speech and for educational and informational purposes



A 2008 Lou Dobbs show reminds us of the agreements that the Bush & Clinton administrations singed on to that gave away the southern border!
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My slide presentation “REWILDING AMERICA” is set up on Youtube as an “unlisted” video, which means you cannot find it by searching Youtube, you must use this link to access the video page.  Once on the video page, you can copy and share the link.  You can also watch the video by clicking the “play” button below.

In this presentation I cover the basic doctrines of REWILDING and demonstrate how it has become FEDERAL policy.

  • Basic definitions – “Cores, Corridors, and Carnivores”
  • Critical Habitat Designations and Species Recovery Zones        (Frogs and toads, grizzly bears, jaguars, and gray wolves.)
  • GAP Analysis, PAD-US, UN-WDPA
  • Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
  • Flaws in the Endangered Species Act
  • Bi-national, tri-national and international treaty obligations
  • Steps we must take in order to derail the REWILDING agenda.
  • Why the truth matters! 

The soundtrack is not the best, so I will apologize ahead of time.  However, the information is just too important, and too timely, to spend any more time editing.

Please note:  This presentation is intended as a basic introduction to REWILDING. There is much more that can be said about each of the various topics presented in the video.   When I share this presentation in person with a group, I provide handouts with additional information and bring with me numerous studies and thousands of pages of documentation in over a dozen notebooks.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here, or on the Youtube video page.