Don’t believe in Global Warming… but THIS REALLY RAISES MY BLOOD PRESSURE!

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The insect apocalypse | DW Documentary

DW Documentary
Published on Apr 17, 2019
The world’s insect population has declined by three quarters in the last 30 years and many species have become extinct. And it’s all man’s fault. This documentary looks at the dramatic consequences of this hitherto unrecognized catastrophe.



I am sorry, I just have to speak up!   I watched this video and it is the arrogance of “Scientists” that gets me riled.  In this video, they keep blaming the destruction of the ecosystem and the loss of insect life on “man”.  They talk about how “scientists” are so concerned.  BULLSHIT!  FOR at least 30 years we simple people have been screaming about the evidence that cell towers and all the other technology that “SCIENTISTS” created and keep pushing on all of us, was killing insects and birds and affecting plant life.  Do those in power care? NO.  

And it is “Scientists” that created all the pesticides, plastics and styrofoam and all the other chemicals that are KILLING not only the plants and animals but HUMANS as well.  This has been proven over and over again, but do they do anything to stop it?  NO, HELL NO!

And of course, we have the “Scientists” to thank for what they like to call “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, starting with the CHEMTRAILS.  All that poison they are using to fill up the skies.  People can barely breathe I can’t imagine what is happening to the tiny lungs of birds and bees.  

They have been drilling and Fracking and exploding things for so long, I don’t believe there is a single inch of the earth that has not been affected.  Who created the equipment and chemicals they use to wreak all this havoc on the land?  SCIENTISTS.

What to wear to work at CERN!

Let’s not forget CERN, Fermilab and all the other Colliders and related labs all over the globe.  We don’t even know what goes on in those places.  The Scientists at CERN said they don’t even care if they destroy the EARTH, they have to see what they can do.  

How many years now have these “Scientists” been playing with the weather, using radio waves, Direct Energy Weapons, Electromagnetic Energy and Cloud seeding?  ALL of these things affect the natural habitats of ALL LIFE!  Heck, they are proving now that even the “Windmills” they created to protect our environment are disruptive and destructive to ALL LIFE. 

They fill our water systems with all types of chemical waste from the factories that produce their destructive technologies.  They create all manner of poisons they call “medicine” as well as “party drugs” and “alternative reality drugs” they employ to help them reach the “illumined ones” and receive more ideas for more “creations”.  These poisons end up in our water which then gets into the air. All of which are destroying the systems of EVERY LIVING THING.

With the advent of DNA technology, they have been “experimenting” with development of all types of bacteria, diseases and life forms.  All kept secret so we don’t even know what they have unleashed into our environment.

As if all that was not enough, they are rolling out 5G the waves of which already are proving to be EXTREMELY DISRUPTED AND DESTRUCTIVE.   AND THEY WANT TO BLAME the people?   They want the people to accept their plan to return the world to its “original condition”.

But, their idea of the “Original Condition” is not natural at all!!  Not at all.  They have polluted everything about the environment with their chemicals, nuclear waste, and TRASH created by their Technology. They have created so many hybrids of all species, especially the MAN EATING kind it is obvious that the only thing they want to do is WIPE OUT THE POPULATION!  

It is not “MAN” that is killing  EVERYTHING ON EARTH!  Man has been around since the beginning.  IT is GREED and the ELITE that are killing the EARTH.  The elite who own all the Corporations and hold all the Power Positions in Government, who run the world and make all the decisions that result in the TECHNOLOGY that is forced on the masses, they are responsible for the shape that we find the EARTH in today.   

People were quite happy without all their “SCIENTIFIC CREATIONS”.   If  “MAN” were left to live his life his own way, he would have a nice little home shared with his wife and filled with happy children who laugh and play in the sun.  


For all of you whose faith is in “Science” read the following.  There is no threat to the Glaciers, there is no GLOBAL WARMING.  They are quietly removing all their FEAR PORN related to this farce.

UPDATE 6/10/19

Published on Jun 9, 2019

Glaciers appear to be growing, not melting in recent years at Glacier National Park. Officials at Glacier National Park (GNP) have begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature which told visitors that the Park’s glaciers were all expected to disappear by either 2020 or 2030. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: If the link above is for some ODD Reason Not Working, Try This One!…

UPDATE 6/9/19

Well, yes I know they have changed their mantra to Climate Change instead of Global Warming because the evidence was proving there is no global warming.  But, for those of you who still BELIEVE… who have not yet seen the light, who still trust Scientism… Watch this video.  Why, because “Scientists” are still claiming that the coastal floodings are due to rising ocean waters caused by melting Glaciers from GLOBAL WARMING…

Montana Glaciers Refusing To Cooperate

Published on Jun 8, 2019

Experts predicted the ice in Glacier National Park would be gone by the year 1948, then 2002, then 2020 and now 2044. But there are reports coming out that the glaciers have been growing for the past decade. NOAA responds in their usual fashion by tampering with the temperature data.\