Witchcraft is a DANGEROUS Game

Those who work for the enemy of our souls are inexhaustible when it comes to convincing us that we are marginalized, abused, shorted, slighted, unfairly treated, injured or neglected. The devil loves to show you all the STUFF you are missing out on.  He dangles the images in front of you.  Look, other people have brand new cars, million dollar mansions, gold and silver and diamonds galore, they are having all the fun.  Look at how people adore them.  Look at the gifts they get, the places they go, the awards they win. Those seeds of envy are planted in your mind.  That is where problems arise.  

What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you? You desire and do not have, so you murder. You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel.  James 4:1-4

Sadly it is the fallen nature of man to be selfish.  To desire our own gain, our own way.  This is the sin nature that we inherited because of the fall of Adam and Eve.  It is NOT how we were created.  Believe it or not, it is not in our own best interest.  Often the things we think we want, need, have to have, will in the end destroy us.  Why?  Because they are desires that were planted in our hearts by demonic forces.  We think that these desires come from our spirit… but they do not.  We most often don’t know what we need.  GOD knows, because he made us.  He knows where we come from and where we are going.  His desires for us are always for our blessing and ultimate good.  We see everything in our lives through a veil. We don’t understand the spiritual world, until we turn to GOD and He opens our eyes to the truth.  The devil is the god of this world and he has us blinded.  He tempts us with all the things of this world, which are all really meaningless.  They are temporal, meaning they are only here for a time and then they are gone.  The things that really matter are of the spirit.  Developing our inner spirit and storing up for ourselves treasures in heaven.  That is where our focus really needs to be.  But the devil keeps us distracted by trinkets.  He convinces us that this life is all that matters and in this life to be happy you need things.  YOU need to have what you WANT, at any cost.  God calls you to a higher walk.  Where there is peace and joy unspeakable, and in heaven great reward.   But, our carnal nature says NO, I want what I want and I want it NOW.  The sparkly shiney stuff, the fame and fortune, the sexual pleasure and the pride of having the most stuff or the best stuff.,  the titles and adoration, the SELF SATISFACTION.  I WANT IT NOW!  

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.  1 Samuel 15:23

And that is how Witchcraft was born.  The demonic forces convinced humans that they can have whatever they want, all they need is a little help…  Sure, there is a price, their are rules…there are sacrifices.  BUT, YOU can shape YOUR world into WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE.  

Being selfish, humans don’t really care about what is right, or what other people need or want.  They certainly don’t care what GOD wants.  What’s God done for them lately, anyway?   FOOLS. 

DISCLAIMER: In my posts I normally collect a number of written articles and videos related to the topic.  I hightlight in red or black the parts of the articles that I think are important to note and try to leave it to the reader to come to their own conclusions. The object is to bring the facts/truths to your attention and cause you to look further into them yourself.  Why?  Because that is the only way to make the subject real to you.  When you view the available information, search it our on your own, hopefully guided by the Holy Spirit, YOUR CONCLUSION is exactly that YOURS.   It means something to you.  It may be similar to mine or it may be completely different.  We are all on our own course and in different places with our spiritual development.  I pray that GOD speaks to you in a way that touches you.  IF you see notes in green, those are my comments.  Anything else, you find the source links on the titles, and the author and date will be below the titles.  Just because I post an article or video in my articles, it does not mean that I agree with the author or support their stand.  It does mean that I felt there was worthwhile information to be gleaned.


3 TikTok Witches Explain How Spells Can Help #BlackLivesMatter

“Defunding the police will need the power of everyone in America.”

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Before late May, #witchtok content featured subtle romance spells, negative energy hexes, and full moon rituals. But following widespread demonstrations protesting the killing of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality, the witches of TikTok have been doing spells in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Practitioners explain that while witchcraft might not have an obvious contemporary link to the racial equality protests, there is a deep-rooted connection.

In the videos, witches of all races and ethnicities light candles, perform lunar rituals, say incantations, and ask for protection for Black protestors. (PROTECTION BY AND FROM WHOM? They don’t want to tell you that.  They seek the aid of demonic spirits.  You know that demonic spirits do not provide this aid for nothing.  They require blood.) In some videos, they recite hexes aimed at the police or anyone who might harm the demonstrators. The videos have hashtags like #witchesforblm and #blackwitch and #witchesoftiktok. Some witches are showcasing the work they are doing on their own, while others are using TikTok to teach viewers how to perform simple spells, draw sigils, and manifest progressive allyship themselves.

Protection spells work by manifesting a strong intention for the safety of the protestors. Spells could be as simple as burning a white candle or doing a complex ritual,” Celina tells Bustle.

Hexes and curses can be used to slow police down — witchcraft is all about manipulating the supernatural to your will,”Celina says. (Witchcraft is about employing demonic forces to assist you in forcing YOUR WILL ON OTHERS. Make no mistake about that.  The “Supernatural” powers they are referring to are demons.  Demons have power and will use it to perform tasks…for a price.  The ultimate price is always blood sacrifice.) According to Alexia, there are risks and logistics involved with hexing, like exposing yourself to negative energy or potentially getting blocked or shadowbanned on TikTok, but she’s “perfectly fine with seeing witches stand up for what is right.” To Alexia, hexes are one of the only ways to protect people that are hundreds of miles away or that you haven’t met. “Defunding the police will need the power of everyone in America,” she adds.

So how do you hex the police? “These spells work in the form of asking our Ancestors (This is a lie, there is no communication between us and dead humans, the only “spirits” you can talk to are the demonic spirits that GOD condemned to walk the earth.  All communication between dead relatives and living souls is blocked.  Demons who want access to your soul, will pretend to be your dead Aunt or some famous person, or someone who lived in the house before you… or anyone that you will believe and accept.  ALL spirits these witches are dealing with are EVIL.. they disguise themselves until you are in too deep. Once you are under their control…you don’t even recognize truth anymore.)  — those who have been subjected to the injustices of this land, stolen Africans, murdered revolutionaries, martyrs and innocent lives taken during the Civil Rights Movement — and our own ancestral background [for help],” Reina explains.

While some videos seem like they’re teaching others to perform the same spells or rituals, Reina says that the workings are “delicate” and have rules, in many cases requiring the practitioner to have protection of their own. Meaning, if you are a newbie witch, it’s not a great idea to try a spell on your own. Still, Reina notes that calling the workings “dangerous” evokes a sense of fear that should not be associated with Pan-Afro spirituality. “These practices should be honored and handled with care. If you are looking to curse or hex or alter a course, I highly suggest hiring a seasoned practitioner— and especially in the support of BLM, hire a Black/Pan-Afro practitioner,” she adds.  (They know that dealing with these spirits is DANGEROUS.)

The witches of TikTok would like their new followers to know that the practice is more common and more dynamic than they might realize. “I know many witches and practitioners who are also psychologists, counselors, physicians, non-profit organizers,(So, if you are dealing with anyone in these types of service, beware, you may be dealing with witches. In fact the odds are pretty good.  Witches, Pedophiles, Satanists, Sadists… all like to gain access to people through these types of services.) all who work to heal the community and provide services that would benefit our systems if we placed more funding and care towards these organizations and individuals,” Reina says.


LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING… You know who wants to do away with Police, and really do away with rules or laws.  CRIMINALS!!  People who want what you have, and they want to take it anyway they like.

What we need in this society is a LOT LESS SELF LOVE, and a lot more PEACE.  People need to learn from whence their blessings flow.  People need to understand that GOD is in CONTROL and HE KNOWS BEST.  STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR WILL and Learn how to TRUST HIS WILL and seek it.  RESIST the DEVIL and he will flee from you.  I know that I am talking to a wall, when it comes to those who have chosen to reject GOD.  But, for those who are on the fence…I hope you will get off it.  Reconsider what is really important in this life.  That is your immortal soul.  You will spend ETERNITY… that is a long time…in one camp or the other.  Once the things of this world have passed… they are gone.  You had them for what will be a flash in a pan.. if the face of ETERNITY.  But, the things of GOD and godliness… will live forever.  The rewards that GOD has for you will never fade.  


This Is How Real-Life Resistance Witches Say They’re Taking Down the Patriarchy

And why one witch believes their hex on Trump worked.

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According to Dakota Bracciale, the co-owner of a Brooklyn occult store responsible for organizing a recent public hexing against Brett Kavanaugh, using spells for political protection is nothing new. “[Witchcraft] was always practiced by the people who were the outliers, who were on the fringes,” Bracciale says. “Those people oftentimes had to also be the arbiter of their own justice.

Hexing for political gain in the present day arguably began with Gerald Gardner, the man behind Wicca. (Wait, WHAT?  I thought that this was all about Feminism.  The one who started all this is a MAN?)  Legend has it that in 1940, in the English town of Highcliffe-on-Sea, Gardner joined a local coven of witches and put a hex on Adolf Hitler. And in the half-century since, Bracciale says mass hexing protests have often targeted men who carelessly wield power—like Trump and much of his administration.

According to Bracciale, hex protests against political officials this year have been worth their weight in candles. “We hexed Trump last summer. What happened from last summer until now? I don’t know how many convictions in the Mueller probe; the Stormy Daniels scandal; the New York Times exposé on how he’s a financial vampire.” Bracciale considers the Trump hex a success. “That’s something that I’m very proud of.”

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In tandem with the #MeToo movement, some witches have shifted their hexing attention to target men accused of sexual assault, like convicted sex offender Brock Turner or, most recently, Brett Kavanaugh. The purposes of these hexes is to publicly condemn and shame these men, and in some cases inflict physical harm.

Not all witches are on the side of hexing. Stacy Rapp, owner of Enchantments, the oldest witchcraft store in New York City, does not promote dark magic. She argues that hexing could backfire and cause those being cursed to gain more power, especially when it comes to the public condemnation of political officials. “All spells work with energy and send that energy towards an intended target,” Rapp says. “Even if you are trying to send negative energy, you’re still sending energy. To do a hex on Kavanaugh? You’re giving him power.”

If you are going to cast spells for political change, Rapp encourages spells that bolster social change and the progress of your favorite groups. In her store, she sells candles and materials like glitter that give costumers the option to cast positive spells to influence election outcomes, or support organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Despite differences in opinion on whether mass hexes should be utilized on “bad men,” every witch I spoke to said they believed there was one key way to create change: Getting out to vote.

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As feminist witch Sophia Saint Thomas puts it: “You need votes, you need millions and millions of people for change. We don’t just need very politically active leftist witches in Brooklyn. We need all of America to really cause enough change.”

So, if you really want to mess with the patriarchy this November, go vote. But: If you want to buy a candle from Enchantments and throw some rainbow glitter around to support your party this election, it may be worth the trip. You know what they say about magic—it works in mysterious ways.

All these years witches have been declaring that hexes and spells were a figment of a hysterical public, that there were no real witches.  There were just women who loved and honored nature.  Now, I hope the public is getting a glimpse of the truth.  The TRUTH is that when people are practicing Pagan magic, things do happen.  Curses and hexes empowered by demonic spirits can be very dangerous and destructive.  People had good reason to fear such things.  There were probably some innocent women who suffered because of the acts of evil witches and zealous witch hunters.  However,  that does not negate the fact that WITCHES ARE REAL and they are all about cursing those they perceive as standing in the way of their desires.

When GOD created us, he gave us authority over our own being.  Nothing else.  We once had autority over the earth and the beasts of the earth… but we lost that in the Garden.  In our current state, we only have authority over our own soul.  Nothing can enter into us without our permission.  However, many of us give permission to demons without realizing what we are doing.  When we are tempted and we give in to that temptation…we open the door..   When we give in to anger and/or resentment; when we give into sexual lust and/or perversion; when we lie, cheat, steal; when we participate in false religion i.e. yoga, nature worship, ancester/saint worship, magic, zodiac/astrology; idols like movie stars and musicians; when we sculpt, or paint, or photograph anything we place above the knowledge of GOD; when we focus on our bodies/appearance i.e. body building, make up, plastic surgery, fashion; when we bring into our homes ANTYTHING that is connected with other relgions/customs we open the door for demons.  At that point we have lost control over our own spirt.  

What we all need to remember at all times is that we cannot change anything but ourselves.  Our response to the things of life determine who we are and what we will be.  We cannot and should not try to force the world around us to conform to our desires.

That is what Witchcraft/Magic is all about, forcing the world to conform to our desire.  THAT IS EVIL!

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