ALARM! ALARM! – FROM DAVE HODGES! Use your Common Sense!

OK, folks.  Here you go.  The United Nations is telling you that they RUN the USA.  They can’t do anything about China and their human rights violations, or their aggression, they can’t do anything about the human rights violations and aggression in the Middle East or ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! But they can sure stick their nose in the current US situation and interfere with what our President is doing his best to protect his citizens, and they are going to give ORDERS/COMMANDS???  Seems they are constantly forcing their will on our Nation, with immigration, with the Border Wall, with education, with our parks and natural resources,  and countless other issues/events.  When are we going to realize that there is no benefit to the existence of the United Nations? Will you remain blind until the UN TROOPS are policing your streets and the surveillance cameras are monitoring your every move, word and thought?  What’s it gonna take to make you see?  When they confiscate your home, and take your children to the government facility, and put you on the list for the guillotine?

Wake up people.  We need to dismantle the UN or at least throw them out of NEW YORK CITY!



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By John Rolls (Reporter)

Monday, July 27, 2020 19:29

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We should evict the U.N.; they are not part of America!

Screw the U.N. need to just throw them out.. If Trump pulls Patriots will clean house.

Throw them off of American soil and if they don’t get that’s a act of war against America

The United nimcompoops can mind their own business. This is just another of a long list of reasons to exit the United nimcompoops.

Obummer signed the kigali and allows un troops on our soil without asking. Thank obummer for that. And congress for pushing same. We are sovereign no un troops!!