DAVOS 2022

Davos is the highest town in Europe

Oh, how they love their High Places!  The elevation of their egos is astronomical!

It is time for the DAVOS/WEF Annual Meeting.  Starting Sunday, May 22 and ending Thursday, May 26.  Mark you calendar and be sure to be praying before during and after!!

If you have never seen my post on DAVOS, I suggest you look at it.  You will find a lot of great information and some amazing spiritual insights.

DAVOS – World Economic Forum – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!




A container of psilocybin mushrooms. 
A container of psilocybin mushrooms.Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg

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Follow the money as Tiffany Kary shows you how once-illegal drugs like marijuana and psychedelics are becoming big business.

Welcome to the Dose. Sure, Davos has always sought to raise global consciousness — addressing topics like food scarcity and climate change. But psychedelic drugs? These substances are still illegal in most places. Finding out that influential shamans and companies will present in Davos in parallel with a gathering of the World Economic Forum inspired me to take a look at what the industry has to gain from a platform with the global elite

Psychedelics industry targets power players

The World Economic Forum, a gathering of the global elite now synonymous with the quaint Swiss town of Davos where it’s held, isn’t the usual place you’d expect to find a shaman, do breathwork or get rooted in your body.

But this year’s gathering of government leaders and corporate executives will have access to a “Medical Psychedelic House of Davos” program with almost 40 sessions and speakers, including researchers, entrepreneurs, investors — and some who consider themselves shamans. While not part of the core Davos agenda, which doesn’t permit commercial activity, the program has a space on the town’s main promenade, which traditionally showcases Fortune 500 companies to the conference’s attendees.

The program, a first for Davos, shows how far the psychedelics industry has come, organizers said.

“It’s a really big shift for world leaders to inquire about how they might be able to use psychedelics,” said Marik Hazan, chief executive officer of Energia Holdings Inc., the New York-based business hosting the event. Energia is a holding company for Tabula Rasa Ventures, an accelerator for psychedelic companies, and Hazan is a managing partner at Tabula Rasa. The program aims to spark conversations about rolling out psychedelics responsibly for medical use and encourage countries and companies to include such treatments in health coverage.  (After May 22 the WHO will have the right to force any medical treatments, therapies or emergency measures they deem necessary.)

Other participants include the Chopra Foundation, a nonprofit started by alternative medicine advocate Deepak Choprathe Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Imperial College London, and they University of Ottawa. (Ironic that they fight like heck to keep the masses from seeking out sources of alternative medicine. Yet they are seeking out alternative medicine for use on us.) 

The industry is arriving at Davos amid a renaissance of popular interest in the drugs. Most are still considered illegal, although a number of cities and states have decriminalized some. Stock values for companies have lagged while they await results from long-range clinical trials to test the efficacy and risks of substances such as MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca and 5-MeO-DMT. The AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF has lost over 50% of its value this year.

Other topics on tap include ethical debates, such as how to guard against abusive practices in an industry where people are incredibly vulnerable while under the influence. “What about a Coke bottle in a clinic?” Hazan asked. He said the idea of “putting products in front of people undergoing an experience” needs to be discussed.

But at Davos, business is never out of focus. Other sponsors of the event include Maya Health, a data platform, and Irwin Naturals, a vitamin and supplement company. Some of the larger organizations attending include Compass PathwaysField Trip Health and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS.

Two shamans who plan to attend also don’t shy away from business topics, saying they are deeply entwined in what they do.

Florencia Bollini specializes in 5-Me0-DMT, known as the “God molecule” for the short but intense experiences it invokes. She’s also the founder of two fledgling companies in the psychedelics space. Los Angeles-based Nana is based on a digital platform that will distill Bollini’s decade of experience serving psychedelic substances in the underground. The other, Brighton, England-based Rewire, is seeking $5 million in seed funding that Bollini said will develop a method for 5-MeO-DMT that will improve its efficacy and decrease the risk of negative experiences. Clinical trials are planned for next year.

She expects the Davos experience to be different from her annual pilgrimages to Burning Man, the famous Nevada festival, where she showcases her feminine approach to psychedelic medicine. “It’s important to educate politicians about what heals,” Bollini told me of her mission. “This is a big moment for psychedelics. After working so long now, we are ready to reveal a solution that we know works, because we’ve seen it in the underground over and over again.”

Also attending the event in Davos is Sylvia Benito, who has deep expertise in ayahuasca and has experience managing family investments. She will offer guidance on different approaches that investors can take on psychedelics, such as funding biotech-like companies exploring treatments versus those that operate clinics or retreats where patients receive therapy.

Of course, the event won’t be all lectures and roundtables.

“We’ll have some experiential and immersive experiences,” said Maria Velkova, a managing partner at Tabula Rasa; meditation, breathwork and ecstatic dance among them.

If that’s starting to sound like Burning Man, consider this: “There will be absolutely no drugs on site,” according to a spokeswoman for Energia.



Welcome To The Dose: Davos 2022 & The House Of Psychedelics (Davos Inviting Psychedelic Shamans)

In 2022, Davos elites will have an opportunity to celebrate “oneness” and “connectedness” with magic mushrooms, administered in part by psychedelic shamans of Burning Man. What could go wrong with global leaders tripping out while deciding the future of the whole world?

The World Economic Forum, a gathering of the global elite now synonymous with the quaint Swiss town of Davos where it’s held, isn’t the usual place you’d expect to find a shaman, do breathwork or get rooted in your body.

But this year’s gathering of government leaders and corporate executives will host a “House of Psychedelics” program with almost 40 sessions and speakers, including researchers, entrepreneurs, investors — and some who consider themselves shamans.

While not part of the core Davos agenda, which doesn’t permit commercial activity, the program has a space on the town’s main promenade, which traditionally showcases Fortune 500 companies to the conference’s attendees.
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Believe me the government does not need to do any “experiments” or “studies” on  Mind Altering DRUGS!  They have been testing them out for centuries.  Nor do they need to learn about how they can make a PROFIT on Drugs.  They have been behind the Drug market all along
I gather that the reason for the shamans and psychedelic drug advocates being at this particular meeting is to work a deal whereby both ends can help each other increase their effectiveness.  After all a drugged up public is defenseless.  That is what they want. Of course the more drugs sold the more both sides of this party will prosper financially.
We know that the DAVOS meeting is normally held in the dead of winter in the heart of the highest mountains in Europe.  I suggest that these folks get multiple purposes out of the location.
  1. It is very isolated and easy to protect from spying eyes.
  2. It is high on a mountain top where they can worship their gods and goddesses undisturbed.
  3. There are not only mountains there are lakes.  You always want to       perform your rituals near water.
  4. The Matterhorn is easily accessible. As you can see in the picture below it is a very special mountain.  It is in the form of a pine covered pyramid.  The top of the pyramid which forms the capstone, is hit twice a day by the sunlight which turns only the top GOLD.  The rest of the mountain is shaded by the other mountains around it.  It Stands before a lake, perfectly centered so that the “as above, so below” is clearly demonstrated.
  5. Snow skiing is all around them there and it has great spiritual power as you will see below.  


It looks like they will have snow for their event even though it is May.

Spiritual Symbolism of Snow

Snow has long been used as a symbol in the spiritual beliefs of various cultures. In Christianity, snow’s use as a symbol of purity is evident in Bible verses such as Psalm 51:7, in which the psalmist prays, “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” East Asian philosophies also address snow as something uncontaminated and fresh. In the book Everyday Tao: Living With Balance and Harmony, author Ming-Dao Deng likewise writes that “White is the symbol for purity. In ceremonies, it is the color of spirituality.”

Water in all its forms is a symbol of knowledge. Descending water represents the transmission of knowledge from a higher to a lower place, the flow of information.” Thus, snow falling could represent knowledge being bestowed on people.
In order to form, a snowflake needs both water droplets (in the form of vapor) and a nucleus made up of dust, minerals and other particles in the air. In other words, it’s technically made up of a combination of earth and water.  the water droplets represent the knowledge of God, while the earth represents the material world. Because of this combination, snow could represent an intermediary between heaven and Earth.
While snow may sometimes represent purity or new beginnings, its symbolism can change drastically depending on perspective. For many years, a harsh winter could be a death sentence to those who weren’t prepared for its severity.
Snow can represent the idea of being left “out in the cold,” a situation that can be attributed to financial loss, poverty or poor planning. Or, it can represent isolation, especially the kind of withdrawal that’s sometimes purposefully undertaken to pursue spiritual growth
Snow can also be seen as a sort of necessary death that precedes the recreation of life. In this context, snow can be interpreted as a harsh yet powerful force for rebirth and new beginnings.

Snow has likewise often been used in literature as a metaphor for bleakness, desperation and death.

The mystique of snow is precisely because of its dual quality of heaven meeting earth, water meeting land. Next time you look at the snowflakes gently dropping from heaven, blanketing earth in its white embrace, remember that you are witnessing a kiss – the kiss of the Divine and the mundane.

Security staff guard Outside of the meeting center in Davos.

Davos is a town in the Swiss Alps, within the canton of Graubünden. It’s a popular ski resort with a conference center that hosts the annual World Economic Forum. Downhill and cross-country ski areas include Jakobshorn, Pischa, Rinerhorn and Parsenn. Summer activities include swimming and sailing on Lake Davos, hiking and mountain biking. The Glacier Express, a scenic train ride, connects Davos to the Matterhorn.

The Matterhorn is a mountain of the Alps, straddling the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy. It is a large, near-symmetric pyramidal peak (a pyramid with a GOLD Captstone when it is bathed in sunshine.)  in the extended Monte Rosa (Rose Mountain/ as in Rosicrucian) area of the Pennine Alps, (Pennine –  a mineral approximately (Mg,Fe,Al)6(Si,Al)4O11(OH)8 of the chlorite group consisting of a basic aluminosilicate of magnesium, iron, and aluminum, that is monoclinic and is commonly emerald or olive green)  whose summit is 4,478 metres high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.Wikipedia

Mountains are true unique creations of nature and possess wisdom and information about the earth that’s immensely valuable to mankind.  On top of that they affect the balance of the world which symbolizes the effect it can bring to our spiritual state of mind.  Being close to mountains calms the mind and balances the soul.

Mountains symbolize large and challenging obstacles in your life that demand hard work to overcome them, but once you do, you will feel absolutely invincible and ready to take on the world

A mountain is often associated with perseverance and mental strength as it can become very challenging to climb a mountain and keep on pushing towards your ultimate goals and desires.

In many cultures, mountains are associated with connection towards the divine. Because of this spiritual connection, mountains are known for their ability to spark creative inspiration like no other.  As mountains reach towards the heavens, they are seen as the ultimate natural connectors towards the Universe.


Spiritual Adventures in the Snow: Skiing & Snowboarding as Renewal for Your Soul (Art of Spiritual Living)

Activities that are exhilarating and fun are not usually thought of as spiritual. But to the contrary, such ventures may well point us to our most profound spiritual connections. For when we are able to come fully into the present moment, turn off the noise in our minds, feel our true essence as complete union of body-mind-spirit, we enter into a kind of other worldly state of ecstasy that we can experience only as a spiritual dimension.

Debunking the myth that your body has nothing to do with your spiritual life, avid winter sports enthusiasts Dr. Marcia McFee and Rev. Karen Foster demonstrate how spirituality is fed by play and challenge and how your snow-filled adventures can serve as a set of metaphors for seeing lifes ups and downs as part of a sacred rhythm.

Whether you have a need for speed or are drawn toward more lyrical motion, McFee and Foster offer poignant insights on how you can find your peak spiritual life in your favorite snow sport, no matter your skill level.

I have read before that skiing is a spiritual experience. They say that you feel closest to God when you are flying through the air on your skies.  Much like a pilot feels in a plane… only I guess stronger because you are not enclosed in a vehicle.

DAVOS usually takes place in January, but due to COVID, the January meeting was postponed and they held Virtual Meetings in its place.  Now we will take a look at what went on in the January Virtual meetings.

World Economic Forum Last Updated at May 17, 2022 11:29 IST

Fauci and friends continue to be the face of fear tactics in order to prolong lock downs and encroaching on rights.


video image
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Special Address by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations with Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum.  Mr Guterres lays out the UN vision for “recovering from the paralyzing lingering pandemic”  and meeting their key project… the sustainable development goals.
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This next video is very long but clearly lays out the truth everyone needs to know about DAVOS, WEF, AND THE GLOBAL TAKE OVER.

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Another day, another debacle. Great stuff, Alex. Well done. Global NaZi using Xi is just priceless and extremely evil.

Only that he never walks the streets. When it’s all over Klaus will eat bugs in his solitary confinement. Who voted for Schwab? Who gave him the right to map out our future? These people are just pure evil, they ooze it out of every pore.
3 months, 3 weeks ago

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you are nothing but an animal and we can hack you, we can track you and we can control you.
nwo vaccine covid
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Virtual Davos Agenda 2022 begins***News Topic 701***

“We must use natural solutions” (Nothing they do or create is natural. They are killing everything that is natural.)

“We must narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.” (that does not include the richest elite.  He is talking about the people of the wealthy nations giving up what they have worked hard to create so the poorer nations can step up a level. Not too far mind you. Poor, hungry, dependent people are easier to control.)
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Meet Noah Harari, the official Jewish supremacist scumbag who is the golden boy of the Jewish banking cartels, the World Economic Forum, Aspen Institute and every other organ of the corrupt establishment. Hey as long as you are Jewish and willing to play along in the Jewish genocide against the world – you’re in!

Now that we have AI, we are able to keep all data in one place, NOW we can have a Central Government that makes all the decisions and is able to control EVERYTHING.  How that works for individuals….well, he doesn’t know.

Jewish controlled BLACKSTONE – is buying up all the real estate in the USA including all trailer parks and storage facilities.  They are also purchasing all funeral homes.
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URGENT! For everyone’s sake, share these videos amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity.

The world’s billionaires meet in Davos in January and then, again, in summer, for the World Economic Forum. Together with Klaus Schwab, they use these meetings to orchestrate the Great Reset and to rewrite humanity’s fate, relying on the support of private enterprise. Their agenda? Covid, vaccines, pandemics, depopulation, climate change and transhumanism.

They have found that people trust their companies and corporations and CEOs more than their government, so the new plan is to have the agenda administered through Corporations.
3 months ago

NOW, we get to what is coming up for the DAVOS/WEF Meeting scheduled from Sunday, May 22 to Thursday May 26.   If the date of May 22 sounds familiar, it should.  That is the day that the UN is going to be handed the power take the sovereignty from all Nations and arbitrarily make ALL determinations and decisions regarding public health.  IHR amendments at the May 2022 World Health Assembly.
21 Jan 2022

The World Economic Forum is pleased to announce that it will hold its Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, from Sunday 22 to Thursday 26 May. Under the theme, Working Together, Restoring Trust, the Annual Meeting 2022 will be the first global in-person leadership event since the start of the pandemic.

The Annual Meeting 2022, returning to Davos-Klosters after a two-year hiatus, will offer world leaders an opportunity to take stock of the state of the world and shape partnerships and policies for the crucial period ahead.

Topics on the agenda will include the pandemic recovery, tackling climate change, building a better future for work, accelerating stakeholder capitalism, (meaning making them rich faster) and harnessing the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, said: “After all the virtual meetings taking place in the last two years, leaders from politics, business and civil society have to convene finally in person again. We need to establish the atmosphere of trust that is truly needed to accelerate collaborative action and to address the multiple challenges we face.”  (Isn’t that interesting.  They demanded that we cut off all in person and physical contact even with our own families.  Yet they understand the need for face to face contact.)

The World Economic Forum will continue to communicate closely with the Swiss government on the public health situation in Switzerland. The meeting will take place as long as all necessary conditions are in place to guarantee the health and safety of its participants and the host community.

During the Davos Agenda 2022, (the virtual meeting in January) heads of state and government and international organizations shared their priorities for a challenging year ahead. They joined leaders from business and civil society and spoke on the global economic outlook, inequality, healthy futures, climate and resilience.

Learn about the Forum’s impact and explore the Strategic Intelligence platform
Read the Forum Agenda news site also in Mandarin | Japanese
Social media handles: @wef@davos on Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | TikTok | Facebook
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#news #infowars #MAGA #AlexJones #RonGibson

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What to expect at the 2022 Davos World Economic Forum

Everything you need to know ahead of the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: The World Economic Forum annual meeting, where the brightest minds, most powerful political figures, and global industry leaders all make the climb to Davos, Switzerland, a town nestled in the Swiss Alps, best known for its long ski trails and beautiful scenery. At an altitude of 5,118 feet, Davos is one of the highest towns in Europe. And for one week, it will also be one of the busiest. More than 2,000 attendees are expected to make the trip and take part in the forum-stacked agenda that includes discussions on climate change, economics, geopolitical frictions, and much more.

JOE BIDEN: The cost of this fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen.

BRIAN SOZZI: It’s the first in-person summit since before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is an unusual one. Set against a backdrop of war in Europe and economic uncertainty worldwide, the World Economic Forum says Davos will be the starting point for a new era of global responsibility and cooperation.

 There is a lot of lack of trust globally. We are faced with a very polarized world. We also need countries to collaborate.

BRIAN SOZZI: The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting is normally held in the dead of winter, but this year, spring will be in full bloom, perhaps a hopeful nod to humanity’s future.

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