You must watch this video.  Even if you have seen it before, watch it again.  Let the truth that is revealed in it sink into your spirit.

Though you may not fully grasp all the technical aspects, you can clearly understand that these vaccines are a weapon designed with the purpose of wiping out the population.  Once you truly understand the motivation behind it, recognize who is doing it, and realize that it permeates all that they do; you will KNOW that you cannot, must not take ANY VACCINES!  Or any other thing they can get into your body.

The ruling elite have declared WAR on the people of the Earth.  I know that sounds crazy to most of you.  Watch this video, your mind may be instantly changed.

We are living in the 4th Reich.  Why should it surprise us that everything Hitler did to those he despised, the ruling elite are doing to us.  Of course it is all being done on a much GRANDER SCALE.  We know that the Nazis never stopped their hideous practices.  They spread out across the world and trained the nations how to torture, maim and murder.  They also taught Propaganda and how to fool and manipulate the people.  Folks are buying the same line they bought back then.

Well, let me tell you folks, in the beginning everyone loved Hitler. They believed all the lies and allowed themselves to be used.  At first it was all voluntary, and the hatred was aimed at one group.  But eventually, Hitler ruled with an iron fist and everyone trembled.  No one was safe.

There are many more vaccines in store for the masses.  The WHO already has a list of MANDATORY VACCINES for ALL AGES.  The future is full of new additions.  They will find a way to control or KILL each and every one of us.  Either one is fine with them.

Share this video with EVERYONE!!  You don’t know how many lives you may save.  You see this truth is even more important that the nanobots that will control you or the mRNA/RNA that will change you, or whether or not the vaccine is effective… or if any vaccine is effective.  THIS is the TRUTH about ALL the Vaccines coming down the line.  THEY ARE DESIGNED TO KILL YOU.  Quickly or slowly…either way YOU WILL DIE!


First published at 02:50 UTC on December 4th, 2021.
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 Source: Camelot Daily. Warning this content is disturbing. More videos from around the clown world:

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