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Abortion is an evil business.  Not only is it the ANCIENT PRACTICE OF CHILD SACRIFICE given a new facade.  It is ALSO involved in several other DARK PRACTICES 1) Organ Transplant 2) StemCell Marketing 3) AdrenoChrome 4) Fountain of Youth 5) Ageless Beauty Makeup Industry 6) CANNIBALISM.  Don’t believe me?  DO YOUR RESEARCH. 

All those things contribute to the HORROR that is Abortion and the reason it is such a HUGE ISSUE.   There is so much MONEY in Abortion.  There is also so MUCH DARK POWER in abortion.  Those who practice the DARK ARTS,  which is everyone is high positions, know full well that there is spiritual power in the sacrificial MURDER of babies. 

This article is not just about abortion though.  It is about the terrifying explosion of ORGAN HARVESTING that is sweeping across the EARTH.  We are coming into the DARKEST most EVIL DAYS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH!

Prepare your mind because what is coming is going to be OVERWHELMING!    More importantly PREPARE YOUR SPIRIT!   Get right with YOUR CREATOR.  YOU SERIOUSLY NEED HIM!


If this first story does not break your heart, than you don’t have one.   Imagine those tiny little things being kept alive in God knows what kind of conditions and being dissected ALIVE for their body parts! 

Image: Baby body parts trafficking company StemExpress admits to keeping babies ALIVE so that whole, beating hearts and heads can be harvested

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StemExpress, a company that we previously exposed for its involvement in trafficking aborted baby body parts along with Planned Parenthood, is back in the news – and the reason why is sure to disturb you.

According to reports, the company’s CEO admitted during a recent court hearing that StemExpress profits from the sale of fetal hearts and heads harvested from live human babies – meaning babies are being obtained by the biotech industry while they’re still alive, and murdered on-demand to provide “fresh” flesh for “medical research.”

During the hearing, Peter Breen from the Thomas More Society asked a question that was surely on everyone’s mind: Where, exactly, is StemExpress getting these fully intact human children? And it’s a question that demands an answer.

“Both of these are gruesome and violent acts,” he added.

StemExpress CEO laughed about extracting “fresh” body parts from aborted babies

This court hearing was actually centered around David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the group that blew the lid on Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body parts trafficking scheme. Daleiden and Merritt are facing 15 felony counts of illegal taping of confidential information for the undercover footage they captured of Planned Parenthood executives admitting to illegal activity.

Part of this undercover investigation also involved secretly recording StemExpress’ CEO, identified as “Doe 12,” admitting to the company’s collusion with Planned Parenthood in obtaining and selling aborted baby body parts for profit – footage that prompted StemExpress to immediately completely cut ties with Planned Parenthood after it was publicly released.

CMP’s legal team contends that it’s fully legal to record private conversations like this when the purpose is to investigate violent crimes such as abortion. In this case, such violent crimes are happening after babies are born alive, which amounts to infanticide.

Doe 12 was seen in the footage laughing about the extraction of “fresh” body parts from live babies, and joking about the fact that “the eyes are closed” on these babies before they’re sent out to the tech labs – “almost like they don’t want to know what it is,” she further stated.

During her recent testimony, however, Doe 12 was not nearly as honest.

“One thing we’ve observed throughout these proceedings is that these witnesses were much more candid when they spoke to David and Susan on the undercover video than they are on the stand,” Breen added in a statement to LifeSiteNews.

“However, we have been able to establish certain facts that are important through their testimony, and when they deviate from the video, we’ve been able to use the video to show that they’re not telling the truth on the stand.”

Breen further stated before the court that StemExpress is tied to studies conducted at Stanford University that involved utilizing a technique known as Langendorff perfusion, which “requires a beating heart.”

In other words, StemExpress appears to have been obtaining live babies that it then presumably murdered in order to extract their living organs. The company then allegedly sold these living organs to universities, research laboratories, and who knows what other entities, for a hefty profit.

“She wouldn’t admit that patients are not told their abortion procedures could be changed, but we know it to be true,” Breen says about how Doe 12 tried to cover for what StemExpress was really doing.

I know it is hard for people to grasp that this goes on in America in 2019!  But, WAKE UP.  America has gone to the wolves!

Horrifying Facts About Organ Donation Procedures and U.S. Laws

Organ harvesting is a 3-6 hour long surgery performed using paralytic drugs *without* anesthesia. Many misdiagnosed “brain dead” people have woken up shortly before the procedure or while on the operating table. ***Links to source documents below.*** Uniform Anatomical Gift Act:… LifeGift (OPO) Procedural Manual:… LifeSource (OPO) Procedural Manual With Brain Death Testing Guidelines (pg 14). Confirmatory tests (EEG, Cerebral Angiogram, etc…) listed as ‘optional’:… 97% Die Within a Week If Truly Brain Dead:… Concerned Doctors Pressured to Stay Silent For Fear of Discouraging Organ Donations:… Opiate Deaths Fuel Organ Donation:… OPO Wins Ohio Court Battle to Harvest Organs From 21 Year Old Despite Family’s Objections:… No Standardized Tests for Brain Death:… Donation After Cardiac Death:… The Challenge of Organ Donation after Cardiac Death:… 3 Horror Stories from an Anesthesiologist:…

DON’T Voluntarily become an ORGAN DONOR!   Stay out of HOSPITALS if you can possibly manage.

This next story will blow your mind.  One thing it clearly demonstrates is that there is a conspiracy to cover this stuff up.  Funeral Homes, Morgues, Forensic Labs, Coroners, Police, Judges, School systems, even your local School cannot be trusted. 

Funeral home sued in gym mat death

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Kendrick Johnson’s parents are suing the funeral home who handled the teen’s body for misplacing his organs.

If your child dreams of being a movie star, a rap star, a rock’n’roll star, a model, a PARTY KID, or any other type of performer, DO ANYTHING YOU CAN TO HEAD THEM IN ANOTHER DIRECTION AND DISCOURAGE THEM FROM PURSUING THAT DREAM WHICH CAN ONLY BECOME A NIGHTMARE!   The World is a sick place these days, but the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.  The darkest, nastiest, most evil surpassed only by POLITICIANS AND MONARCHS.  Infact, the entertainment industry feeds the Politicians and Monarchs their prey, their victims and their endless supply of BLOOD!

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A model from Atlanta takes a trip to L.A. While driving back to Las Vegas, his rental car breaks down in Death Valley. Highway patrol spots him and brings him to a gas station. While waiting for his friend, he vanishes:

This is part three in this series and focuses on human trafficking for the purpose of harvesting organs and “tissue’ for various reasons. This is a global network affecting just about every country on the planet. This is a tragedy well known by various branches of law enforcement yet prosecution is rare. Corruption is rampant and everyone wants a piece of this lucrative pie. Thank you for watching. Video Series:

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