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HOLY COW!  This is the ultimate.  If this does not demonstrate the stupidity level of our current society, I don’t know what does.  Brainwashed and mindless they follow the trends and buy the lie.  This guy says that “WE” have created a false concept that meat means animals.  Really? I mean Really?  How foolish of “WE”.  I thought that GOD created meat and gave us permission to eat it.  I thought he was teaching us the concept that in order for us to live in our sinful condition blood had to be shed.  When we were primarily hunters and farmers that concept was very clear.  Now, that our society has become DEPENDENT on the “Scientific Community”  we have come to look to them for ALL THINGS.  They are “creating” their version of “meat”.  This guy who owns the company doesn’t even know whether he is a “Vegan” or not because he eats both the meat made by his chefs and the “meat” product he “grows” from animal cells.  They call it “clean meat”.  CLEAN FROM WHAT or as opposed to what? 

They claim they want to avoid the suffering of animals.  WELL, if they slaughtered the animals the way GOD subscribed there is NO SUFFERING.  And if they treated their stock animals the way that GOD subscribed the animals would live quite healthy productive lives.  BUT, MAN does not want GOD.  That is what their “clean meat” is clean from, GOD.  Just like the current society wants to be “FREE” from GOD and his laws.  Well, I am so glad I am old.  I don’t like the way society is headed and I hope to not have to suffer it for long.  Do you really trust the scientific community? 

These younger generations have no concept of reality.  They have lived under the influence of Technology and Media all of their lives.  They are clueless. The only thing they know about food supply is that you go to the store and buy a package, or you drive to the local drive through and pick up a meal.  They buy whatever they are told on television.  They believe that ALL MEAT has to be brought to them through animal cruelty.  THAT IS A LIE!   That is what this technological world has perpetrated upon us through Corporate farming.  THAT is not how GOD ordained it.  Do you know that I had a Radiologist tell me that we don’t need rain because we are a technological society and we make our own water?  Are you kidding?  He believed this, and he was a college graduate! He told me that in 1986. So much for our education system.  

How do you know what is in this “clean meat”.  In Asia, you would not know what you are eating.  They have learned to “create” food items from plastic and all kinds of garbage.  They can even make a raw egg that looks real!  Even their rice is plastic. There are scientists in Japan who create “meat” from POOP.  And the same scientific community has already been poisoning your food, water, and air,  with all kinds of poisons.  They also protest vehemently that vaccines are CLEAN AND SAFE.   DO YOU REALLY TRUST THEM?   I prefer to eat what GOD created.  I KNOW I can trust HIM.

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Published on May 10, 2019
How will clean meat change our food industry? Is clean meat the future and if so, how will clean meat change our way of living or are we ignoring it to satisfy our hunger for meat? A documentary about clean meat, it´s production and the question, if we really want to change our lifestyle into a sustainable one.

As for the title of my article, I have to admit it was click bait.  I don’t get anything if you open my article.  I am not monetized, nor do I earn any points, or even recognition.  I am only hoping that you will find something in my work that touches your spirit and moves you to turn from evil.

TRUE ANIMAL lovers know how to raise animals in safe and comfortable environments.  This has nothing to do with preventing Animal Cruelty.  THIS has everything to do with creating a world of narcissistic, self-gratifying heathens that turn their back on the CREATOR to worship GNOSTICISM/SCIENTISM.  True Animal lovers are thankful that there are animals that can provide life-giving nourishment to our bodies.  We appreciate the animals that provide that for us.  Those farmers who know GOD, love those animals like they are part of the family.  

That is why they are destroying the food supply by burning down the vegetation, poisoning the water, filling the air with toxic chemicals and flooding the land.  Those who are unlucky enough to survive the disasters will be living in a world created by demonic entities.  I believe the people they will allow to remain will be their food supply. Why do I believe that?  The first time the FALLEN and their OFFSPRING were allowed to move about freely on the earth, they developed a taste for BLOOD and FLESH.

Now some want to claim that this next article was a hoax, but of course, that is what they always claim when they want to cover something up.  I say, if someone was trying to hoax us with this article, they had to have a lot of time, money and access to expensive equipment to do it.  

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(NaturalNews) If you think meatless, genetically-modified (GM) soy food products are a poor alternative to real meat, wait until you see the latest in vegetarian meat replacement technology. According to a recent Inhabitat report, Japanese researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a new kind of meatless burger made from soy, steak sauce essence, and — brace yourself — protein matter extracted from human excrement.

Ikeda’s poop burger is literally derived from “sewage mud,” which is just a nice way of saying that it was created from human waste. By extracting the protein and lipids from this “mud,” Ikeda was able to take these components, add a reaction enhancer to them, and process the slurry into a meat-like product. Ikeda then added a steak flavoring agent, soy sauce, and food coloring to the mix, and voila, an imitation meat product that he says tastes just like real beef.

According to reports, the final meat-like product is 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, nine percent minerals, and three percent lipids.

“I admit that few people would be keen to eat it knowing it’s made of human excrement,” said Ikeda in an interview. “As far as the cost is concerned, because at the moment it includes the cost of research, our artificial meat is 10 or 20 times more expensive than normal meat. But once the research is complete and it’s put on the market, we’ll probably be able to price it at roughly the same level as normal meat.”

Ikeda added that, because his turd steaks are low in fat, they will supposedly be of interest to those who love to eat burgers but who want to watch their calorie intake.

You can watch a video explaining Ikeda’s process of turning stool samples into savory steaks here:

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Published on Jun 16, 2011
Entire Poop Burger Article on Tofugu:

Now, here is the thing, the demonic spirits who have been in control of this world for a long time, want to create a world totally devoid of the Creator or anything that he CREATED.  Satan/Azazel is a TRICKSTER, JOKER, he Masquerades as an Angel of Light but he is the SNAKE!  He and his merry band perverted everything when they came down to mate with women.   They corrupted all life and taught mankind how to participate in EVERY KIND OF EVIL.  Enoch 6:8 Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered. Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.

The devil and his gang are laughing at the stupidity of mankind.  They are corrupting everything.  They have the world so blinded and corrupt that they would RATHER EAT POOP, than follow the Laws of the Loving Father/Creator.

This is not food! WAKE UP!!  You are easily fooled because you live by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life.  That is why you don’t care that your love interest is totally fake, false boobs, false bottom, false face, false teeth, false hair, as long as they look good to you and turn you on sexually.  That is the truth.  The same is true of what you put in your mouth.  As long as it looks yummy, smells yummy and tastes good, you will swallow it.  Even if it is DEADLY POISON!   WAKE UP! 

Get out from under the influence of your only true enemies… the Fallen Angels and their Offspring.  Throw off the shackles of their influence and turn back to the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS YOU AND LOVES YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE EVER COULD!

CHINA AND JAPAN have been GODLESS for much longer than we have… LOOK at what is happening there:

Authorities In China Have Discovered A Disturbing Trend In Local Restaurants (Ew)

MARCH 10, 2015  —  By Mike Cahill  


China is a country whose growth is unmatched in pretty much everything. Sadly, one area where that explosive growth strains the country’s resources is in food production. Due to the country’s swelling population, food production is at an all time high. As a consequence, corners tend to be cut during production, and the results are not pretty.

1. Fake Rice Noodles.

Back in 2010, authorities discovered huge quantities of rice noodles were made with rotten grain and potentially poisonous additives. Specifically, 50 factories in southern China near the city of Dongguan were manufacturing the tainted noodles. Authorities estimated that at the time, up to 1.1 million pounds of noodles were being made everyday by these factories before they were shut down.

2. Melamine Milk.

In 2009, 53,000 Chinese babies and children were sickened by milk that had been “enhanced” with the chemical melamine. Melamine is bad news for humans, and is similar in composition to cyanide. Four infants ultimately died because of the tainted milk. It’s thought the melamine was added in an attempt to increase the protein content of the milk.

3. Glowing Pork.

In 2011, a woman bought a pound of pork for dinner. She forgot to put the leftovers away and woke in the middle of the night for some water. That’s when she noticed the pork was glowing blue on the table. Analysis by local food safety officials found that the pork was contaminated with phosphorescent bacteria. Yuck.

Beyond Science 2
Published on Nov 21, 2016
China is known for making made fake things but did you know this includes fake foods? Here are some fake and toxic foods found in china that you need to avoid because they could kill you.

So, they love meat so much, that the only way they can give it up, is if they can fool themselves with something that APPEARS to be just like it.  All the way down to the BLOODY drippings!

Meatless burger that cooks, smells, and bleeds like beef previews in San Francisco

Impossible Foods has perfected a juicy, bleeding, meatless hamburger that mimics beef down to its distinct aroma – and they just debuted the revolutionary vegan patty in San Francisco. Engineered to evoke the taste, smell, and cooking reactions of beef, this food innovation could change family cookouts forever. Impossible Foods founder Patrick Brown told The Wall Street Journal, “The whole mission of this company is to make eating animals unnecessary. So, we don’t want our product to just be delicious, we want it to be as delicious as meat.”

impossible foods, vegan, vegetarian, plant based, patrick brown, veggie burger, burger, food, food technology, green technology, meatless, meat free, meat alternativeNow you can have a juicy, bleeding, meatless burger – and eat it, too. Impossible Foods hit the headlines last year for reaching over $108 million in investments, and the final total is estimated to be around $183 million today. A shining reputation helped Patrick Brown, co-founder of plant-based cheese company Kite Hill, attract investors – including Bill Gates – to his new endeavor. Research and development has been underway in an unassuming Silicon Valley laboratory for over five years, and the fruits, er, proteins of their labor are finally ready for the public.

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San Francisco haunt Jardinière featured the plant-based patty in a pop-up event where it was topped with avocado, caramelized onion, vegan dijonnaise, and served on a potato bun. The burger itself is a product of sophisticated engineering. Coconut oil lends to the juiciness while it cooks (did we mention the patties are purchased raw and cooked up like traditional hamburgers?) and potato compounds create a familiar crisp when prepared. A molecule from honeydew melon creates the mouth-watering aroma akin to grilled meat.

Impossible Foods doesn’t plan on stopping at a few, select pop-up events. Because beef productionrequires more resource input than the final product and is a main culprit in environmental devastation, Brown argues we need to find alternatives, and soon. The Impossible burger gives us an alternative that is both tasty and conscientious.

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Images via Impossible Foods

This final video will probably offend a lot of people.  I don’t particularly care for the language, but the man does speak a lot of truth.  Truth that most will not accept.  If you care to watch it, click the link.


Published on Sep 2, 2015