Situation Update

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know what is happening on the move.  We have run into some snags due to my son being only 36 years old and handicapped and me being almost 70.  We are getting denied for him and I can’t leave him off somewhere on his own.  So, the hunt for possibilities continues.

Please pray for us.

I have put the fund raising campaigns on hold for now.  Besides the issues we are having with the move, there are some issues with the funds tax and income legal issues.  We can’t afford to lose our current living situation or disqualify ourselves completely from housing in Michigan.

Thank you for your love, your blessings and your prayers.  Thanks to those who have already given.  The money we have gotten so far is going to pay for application fees and other related costs of the efforts for our move.

It is such a blessing to serve you all.

Be well, be safe, BE BLESSED!


In His Service,


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