There is a lot to learn about Lahaina’s Mysterious WIldfire

The recent Fires in Hawaii have raised a lot of controversy and outrage.  There are so many things that just do not add up and so many more that give one pause.  What exactly happened there?  Where does the truth lie. We know for certain that the fire in Lahaina was a true tragedy and … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit UPDATES ADDED 4/7/23 EUdict dictionary: Latin – English translate Italian detected – Concedere  to  English  – grant What does numquam mean in Latin? – What does numquam mean in Latin? English Translation. never. More meanings for numquam. never adverb. nunquam, nusquam, nequando. concedere‎ (Latin, Italian): meaning, definition – WordSense concedere ( Italian) Origin & history From Latin concēdere, present … Click Here to Read More

St. John’s Day/Longest Day/Litha/Summer Solstice – PAGANISM RISING

Warning: This article contains some things not suitable for children. Today was a holiday for Pagans, Witches, Illumanists and Freemasons around the world.  A very important day.  It is my opinion that we need to educate ourselves about these things.  WHY?  Because they are returning in full force.  As more and more people get caught … Click Here to Read More