The Cumbre Vieja volcano is registering the longest period of inactivity since the beginning of the eruption. As reported on its Twitter account by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands, Involcan , “there has been no volcanic tremor in Cumbre Vieja since 9:00 pm yesterday.” The volcanic tremor is an indicator of the movement of lava under the surface.

However, the Institute has warned that this stretch without tremor ” does not imply a completion of the eruption , since on occasions its cessation has been followed by a new increase in activity.” In the graph that they have posted on social networks, a peak of activity is perfectly observed throughout Monday and then a drastic decrease in activity.

Cumbre Vieja erupted on September 19 and this weekend it became the longest volcano in the history of the island of La Palma. Rubén López, a volcanologist at the National Geographic Institute , explained on TVE that “the volcano is now very changing” and that no conclusions can yet be drawn about whether the current situation could be the beginning of the end of the eruption.

“We are very aware and we are monitoring it to the minute. Now the volcano is very changeable. We have gone from a low activity to suddenly a great pulse of activity and now no activity, we have to wait a long time to see the evolution and see what it is telling us,said the expert.

This is how the Tajuya eruption was told in 1585: "The plain became a mountain and it seemed the end of the world"

The chronicles of almost five centuries ago tell that the earth began to cast a “frightful fire and burning rocks”, that the cracks howled “like a distressed animal” and that […]