Life can sometimes give you a blessing in disguise! When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter in Canada adopted Esther the pig, they thought she was a pygmy piglet. Two years and 667 lbs later, their “tiny piglet” turned out to be a full-size commercial pig, but the love and friendship that they experienced from Esther had already changed their lives for the better.

When they realized how intelligent and friendly Esther was (pigs are as smart as dogs, and considered by many to be cleaner animals), they couldn’t stomach the idea that they were eating other pigs that were just as smart and friendly, so they became vegans. They were so deeply affected by their life with Esther, in fact, that they were inspired to devote their loves to building an animal shelter.

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When Steve and Derek adopted Esther, she weighed just 3 pounds

Two years later, this little piggy weighs in at 670 pounds!

The couple decided to keep her anyway…