LGBTP Activists are Pushing Parents to Bring Children to pride Parades

RESTORED: 2/26/22

Abdicate: to renounce or relinquish throne, right, power, claim, responsibility, or the like especially in a formal manner.   A Parent’s main purpose is to PROTECT the children.  Our children are being subjected to the most horrendous, hideous and vile things imaginable, and we are doing NOTHING about it.  Whether or not you want to believe there is a GOD, one day you will stand before HIM and answer for all you have and HAVE NOT DONE!

And so we reap the whirlwind.   I have never understood the fascination with gays and/or drag queens.  I never thought the drag shows were entertaining, never understood why women seemed to love being around gay men so much, never understood who declared gays the experts on style, or why gay men were training our little girls in beauty pageants.  America and likely the world has been elevating the gay community for years.  AND NOW, it has come back to bite us in the butt!  Men in women’s clothes or women dressed in men’s clothes is not entertainment.   It is an abomination!  That is not my opinion that is the WORD OF GOD!   And makeup is deception!  It is a lie.  A mask.  A dark seductive art/craft taught to humans by fallen angels.

Modern Theater can trace its roots back to the Greeks and Romans.  Greeks and Romans were pretty sick. They worshiped pagan gods, played in gay gymnasiums naked,  had all manner of perverted sex, and tortured, maimed and murdered people for entertainment.  Yes, in their “plays”  they had men in women’s clothes playing women.  Men likely possessed by their “muse”, which is a demon.  The Muses are the source of the word “amusement”.  So to be amused/entertained is to be under the spell of the demon spirit. Which ought to give you a clue. Do we really want to simulate this pagan practice??  So we see that theater has been perverted from the beginning. and yet we love to worship the IDOLS who perform.  Everybody wants to be a”star”.   Nobody wants to grow up!  FUN, Entertainment and SELF INDULGENCE is all that interests people today.  Mindless fools chasing vain imaginations, FAME, and fortune!  Willing to do anything to achieve them, including selling their own soul or sacrificing their own children!! 

Folks, I am constantly hearing artists carry on about how they are looking for their “Muse” or how they have found their “Muse”. Creativity is ALWAYS inspired

inspired – adjective

  1. aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do somethingby or as if by supernatural or divine influencean inspired poet.
  2. resulting from such inspiration: an inspired poem; an inspired plan.
  3. inhaled: inspired air.

There are only two spiritual forces at work in the world at all times in all areas of life.  Good and EVIL.   You can come under the care of the CREATOR and be lead by HIS SPIRIT, or you can be under the control of the EVIL ONE and lead by the spirits that accompany him.  CHOOSE WISELY.   The choice you make will determine your future, not only here on this earth but for eternity!

If you cannot see that there is an AGENDA, a spiritual force driving the LGBTQ-P-phenomenon, all I can say is WAKE UP!!  Shake yourself loose from your “PROGRAMMING” and free yourself from the SPELL you are under.

“PEDOSEXUALS” EXPOSED! (WARNING): Children Are Being Sexualized At An EXTREMELY Young Age!    –

This video continues to be CENSORED!


In this Article we are going to take an in-depth look at “DESMOND is Amazing”.  Whether you are a truther who has probably seen enough of this kid already…or you are asleep and have not seen this story at all, or you are somewhere in between, wherever you fit on the spectrum, I hope you will take the time to review all that I am presenting here.  It is all very relevant to what is happening in our society.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen this little child promoted all over the media, both mainstream and alternative.  If you have missed it all, you are either working too hard, too wrapped up in selfies or sound asleep.

Please, let me make it very clear, my heart goes out to this child!  I have nothing against Desmond I can’t say the same for Desmond’s parents.  But, we will address that later.  

So, let’s meet Desmond is Amazing:

Desmond is Amazing: Meet 10-Year Old Drag Kid Desmond – Repost from BuzzFeed’s As Is

Meet The 10-Year-Old Drag Kid Shaping The Future Of Drag Youth

WHOA!  Did you hear what he said?  He said when he was 2 years old and he saw SEASON ONE of RuPaul’s Drag Race he started dressing up.   GET OUT OF HERE!  NO 2-YEAR-OLD CHILD should be watching RU PAUL’s DRAG RACE!! What kind of parents find that program appropriate for little children?  That is horrifying!  That program isn’t even appropriate for adults, as far as I am concerned.  But, certainly, it is not appropriate for 2-year-olds by any stretch of the imagination.  

He states he start “GOING TO DRAG SHOWS WHEN HE WAS 5 YEARS OLD!  Who takes a 5-year-old to a DRAG SHOW?  What kind of an establishment allowed a 5-year-old to enter??

So he says his MOM would watch documentaries about the Club Kids and Blitz Kids and he would watch them.  He states that is how he learned about the culture of New York City.  (This child was being deliberately groomed to be exploited, at the very least his mother was imposing her lifestyle on this little boy.  She was not allowing him to develop his own path and express himself, as she claims.) 

Did you see him prancing and dancing at the GAY PRIDE PARADE?  Have you ever witnessed a GAY PRIDE PARADE??  ALSO DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN.  Those people walk around in various stages of undress, nearly naked or close enough to naked.  Performing all kinds of lude, suggestive acts of a sexual nature, using foul language.  No parent in their right mind would allow a child to be in the same area of a GAY PRIDE PARADE, let alone be a participant.  

This child obviously is not just being allowed to express his own creativity, he is being exposed to strong influences of a very shady and seductive nature.  He is being pimped and promoted, shamelessly.  He is being fed all kinds of flattery and attention designed to prompt and deceive him into believing himself to be some kind of Messiah figure for the Queer lifestyle and Savior of those who are shy and suppressed.

Since Desmond says at 2 years old he watched the RuPaul DRAG RACE and that is what inspired him to express himself through drag… Let’s take a look at what kind of stuff he was exposed to on that program.    WELL… LOOK AT THAT.   YOUTUBE knows that show is not appropriate for children. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked – Season 7, Episode 1   

This is a sample of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Tell me you can see that this is NOT APPROPRIATE for children.

UNTUCKED: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 4 “Good Morning B*tches”

Let me clue you in on what is happening here.  This is nothing new.  This is the ancient pagan religion.  The worship of the Goddess.  The way the pagans worshipped their Goddess was through male shrine prostitutes.  The females were dominant and the males were cross-dressers, trans-sexual, bi, tri and pansexual, submissives used and abused by other males.  Do you not see that is what is happening in our society??  Look around you, where has masculinity gone??  Men are made to feel inferior, guilty even for being male.  Women are becoming men hating dykes!  Yikes! And children are being sexualized at earlier and earlier ages.  We have hit the bottom folks.  Now they want to turn BABIES into sex objects.  WAKE UP!  

What I find the most ridiculous about this whole phenomenon is that supposedly, putting women in charge was to make the world a better place, because, after all, women were kinder, gentler and more emotional and nurturing.   GOOD HEAVENS!  What a joke.  FEMINISTS are so violent, hateful and cold-blooded it is frightening!  I always found men who dress as women offensive because they are only a perverted caricature of real women, but it turns out feminists have become equally disgusting.  It is no wonder that our children are confused!! 

The Origin of Trans Prostitutes by MrE

Reposted on Bitchute

The Origin of Trans Prostitutes by MrE


OK, so if you missed DESMOND is Amazing  on youtube, in the news, or on Television, let me catch you up. 

Take a look at this video.  I think this guy does a good job of breaking down the important points about the way Desmond was presented to the world on Good Morning America. 

11 Year Old Drag Queen Celebrated on Good Morning America!?

Just in case you want to form your own opinion,  here is the full video from Good Morning America.  


This next video is really eye-opening and covers a variety of issues related to this topic, so PLEASE WATCH IT TO THE END!  This lady does a really good job of researching and pointing out some important points. 

Desmond is amazing under mind control?

The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond is Amazing is an 11-year-old drag performer who became a mainstream media darling. However, after a video of him performing at a gay club for tips surfaced online, a dark side was exposed. Is Desmond being exploited?

Is Desmond “expressing himself” or is he being exploited? A look his “career” provides the answers

I did not find one mass media source that even mentioned some of the questionable-for-his-age things associated with his act. Quite to the contrary, all the reports and articles I found celebrate Desmond’s “fierceness” and paint his parents as saints. Why is the coverage surrounding him so Orwellian-ly one-sided?

Desmond is not simply a “boy who likes to dress in drag”. He is being used to push several agendas, including the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia. To do so, he is being pushed into a world that is should be reserved exclusively for consenting adults. Anything else is child abuse.

This is a great article.  To read it in full and view all the photos: Click Here

Desmond is amazing being drugged??



I,Hypocrite – Desmond & The Party Monster

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, so called because it distorts perceptions of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and self. Ketamine acts on a type of glutamate receptor (NMDA receptor) to produce its effects, which are similar to those of the drug PCP. Low-dose intoxication results in impaired attention, learning ability, and memory. 

Ketamine is considered dose-dependent, which means that the effects become more intense the more you take. Individuals under the influence of the drug may be put into a severely confused or helpless state where they can be easily taken advantage of by anyone with a sinister objective. 

At higher doses, Ketamine can cause dreamlike states and hallucinations. In higher doses, users may experience what is called a k-hole, which is a very dangerous and unpleasant ketamine high. It is reached when the user is on the brink of full sedation and is likened to an out of body experience, or even a near-death experience.

Individuals report a variety of different experiences with the drug.  Most report one experiencing the key-hole as a terrifying state from which you fear you will never escape. Some report believing that they are doing participating in a variety of experiences, such as going out and dancing, when in fact they are completely unable to move for hours. It can be accompanied by respiratory depression, muscle twitches, slurred speech, vomiting, nausea, and/or muscle rigidity.

When taken at even higher doses Ketamine can cause delirium and amnesia. Ketamine overdose is also possible in high doses, the amount required for an overdose, of course, depends on the individual and is hard to predict.

Lauren Chen really tells it like it is in this next video.   Be sure and watch this one to the end.


DRAG QUEEN KIDS: The New Normal?

Liberals ‘Drag’ Kids Into Early Sexualization

Lucy Brown: Drag Queen Children? Not Today, Satan!

And there you go… the main lesson here:

“If you want to be a Drag Queen and your folks won’t let you…YOU NEED NEW PARENTS!” –  Lactatia.

“If your parents say, Oh, gay is bad or it’s a sin, pay them no mind and say, If you don’t like me, I’m gonna leave.”  – Desmond  – Source

Pedophile agenda

Now let’s take a look at where this all got started.  Here are some videos on the original  “Club Kids”…  (The original “Club Kids” were teens and young adults, which was bad enough… these new “Club Kids” literally are kids, children, BABIES!)

Drag HerStory Episode 8: Party Monsters! A Brief History of Club Kids

Here is the scoop in Desmond’s pal and his Mom’s idol, probably the person most responsible for Desmond’s promotion, if not directly, indirectly.  Take a look at the kind of persons that surround Desmond.

Michael Alig NYC Club Kids on Geraldo April 17, 1990

Michael Alig NYC Club Kids on Geraldo 1992

New York Club Kids on Phil Donahue talkshow 1993 (complete TV show)

Michael Alig & NYC Club Kids on Geraldo 1994 “Beyond the Glitz & Glamour”

“I’m gonna let me child grow up in this atmosphere because his mother is a lesbian and his father is a transsexual.”

The person you see here in the red hat and wings is the “Kid that was murder, cut to pieces and dumped in the water by Michael Alig.

If you want to pick only one video about Michael Alig to watch,  this next video gives you the clearest picture of who he is and what he did.   It is clear that Michael has not changed.  He was totally blitzed on drugs all the time before the murder, after the murder, while he was in prison and now that he is out.   He is and has always been an excellent manipulator of people.  He is SICK and a degenerate, and this is the being that both Desmond and his mother idolize.  Desmond is seen on this monster’s new platform “PE EW”, appearing like he has been drugged and behaving like they are “very close”.   WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD THAT THIS IS BEING TOLERATED??!!

Party MONSTER Michael Alig Pt 2: Angel Melendez Tragedy & Michael Today

Sep 29, 2017
Twenty years after his manslaughter conviction, “Party Monster” Michael Alig says he’s trying to reinvent himself. In 1996, the club promoter and his roommate Robert “Freeze” Riggs killed acquaintance, Andre “Angel” Melendez. They cut up Melendez’s body and threw it in the Hudson River. They also talked openly about the killing in an effort, he now says, to put the burden on someone else. “I know that nothing I ever do is going to erase the past,” Alig told InsideEdition.com. #InsideEdition


Anyone who knows Micahel Alig will tell you he is a brilliant, charismatic, manipulator who is a genius at promotion.  He worked hard to build the original “CLUB KIDS” into an incredible enterprise.  He enjoys the limelight and the rockstar lifestyle.  He lost it all when he murdered his drug dealer and went to prison.  Now that he is out, the world has changed completely, the empire he built is all but forgotten and he is getting old.   I think that he is behind this whole “CLUB KID” rival using little kids.  HE had to have a gimmick to build around, something sensational, rebellious and off the hook. He knows how to make it into a phenomenon.

I believe that Michael was already working on his new endeavor while he was still in prison.  Making regular contact with people on the outside.

But Mike’s experience was even more extreme. In one prison we were in, Coxsackie, there were six phones for 1,000 inmates. As a result, each one was claimed by a gang. Nevertheless, every day I would see Alig making many a phone call. I asked how this was possible, suspecting a financial arrangement with the Bloods.

“I didn’t have to pay,” he tells me. “They were investing into their futures. To be a leader of a gang takes a modicum of intelligence. The soldiers didn’t have enough to even be interested in me, but the chiefs all tried to cultivate a relationship. They had all seen Party Monster, so they imagined themselves selling overpriced drugs to these rich, clueless, and very white people. Dutch, the Blood general in Coxsackie, made sure I had phone privileges. And access to whatever chemical they were trafficking in that week.

There is already established a “revival” of the Club Kids that has taken it to a new level. It started in 2011. Not that long before Michael’s release from prison in 2014. 

The Return of the Club Kids

‘Le Freake’

Angle grinding, fire breathing, performance piercing, lightbulb eating and hammering six-inch nails up your nose, maybe not your typical night out? It is for the ‘Le Freake’ team. Alongside outfits of fishnet body stockings, gas masks, stilts and bubble wrap (to name a few), this group of eccentrics are reigniting the flame for the Club Kids movement and taking it that one step further.

Although ‘Le Freake’ only started in September 2011, the following it has created is increasing rapidly. Through films such as ‘Party Monster’ documenting the likes of Michael Alig in the prime of the Club Kid era becoming evermore popular, club goers are seeking out nights like this to experience the movement themselves. 

Club Kidz 2.0 (Documentary)

Apparently, this has been the tool that is used to drive the insanely demonic fashions currently on the runway.  That is a whole other article.  If you have not seen the very dark, demonically inspired fashion the “great” fashion icons are pushing… you need to check it out.


Michel relishes his fame as the one who created the “Club Kid” scene.   With his tremendous ego, I just don’t see him being willing to be outdone and forgotten any more than I believe he is any less dependent on drugs, or less capable of violence.

Desmond Napoles is Being Used | Satanic Illuminati Exposed


The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing


One eye hidden in Out Magazine. As stated in previous articles, the one-eye sign is used to represent elite control.


One-eye pose in Blonde Magazine.



Desmond does the “one-eye sign” in Volition magazine.


Bleach hair, eyebrows gone, lots of makeup and, of course, one eye hidden.


However, despite these lofty titles, many consider Desmond’s entire act to be little more than child abuse and exploitation by unscrupulous adult handlers. The controversy surrounding Desmond reached another level when a video of him dancing at a gay bar for tips surfaced online, sparking a bitter debate online and in the media.

At the center of it all is an 11-year-old child who has been exposed to the world of drag since he was a toddler.

Napoles identi es as gay and states that he has been out since a very early age. Napoles’s parents stated that at the age of two or three, they understood that he was “likely gay” and they exposed him to a variety of gay culture, including showing him drag performances and taking him to pride parades. Napoles’s parents stated that he was “openly gay” when he entered kindergarten. Napoles’s mother reports that he began gravitating towards drag performances when he was two and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. According to Napoles’ parents, Napoles is on the autism spectrum and his drag activity helps him relieve symptoms of autism disorder.– Wikipedia, Desmond Napoles Is Desmond “expressing himself” or is he being exploited?

A look his “career” provides the answers. Here are some examples. A YouTube Video With a Convicted Murder On December 25th 2017, Desmond appeared in a YouTube video with Michael Alig – the founder and ringleader of the Club Kids, a group of young New York City clubgoers that became a cultural phenomenon during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Most people know Michael Alig for a darker reason: The gruesome murder of Angel Melendez in 1996 for which he served 17 years in prison for manslaughter.

On the night of March 17, 1996, Alig and his roommate, Robert D. “Freeze” Riggs, murdered Melendez after an argument in Alig’s apartment over many things, including a long-standing drug debt. Alig has claimed many times that he was so high on drugs that his memory of the events is unclear.

According to Riggs, he hit Melendez a total of three times on the head with the hammer. Then Alig grabbed a pillow and tried to smother him. While Melendez was unconscious, Riggs went to the other room; when he returned, he noticed a broken syringe on the oor. Riggs claimed that Alig was pouring “some cleaner or chemical” into Melendez’ mouth, then duct-taped it with the help of Riggs.

After Melendez’s death, Alig and Riggs did not know what to do with the body. They initially left it in the bathtub, which they lled with ice. After a few days, the body began to decompose and became malodorous. After discussing what to do with Melendez’s body and who should do it, Riggs went to Macy’s to buy knives and a box. In exchange for 10 bags of heroin, Alig agreed to dismember Melendez’s body. He cut the legs off, put them in a garbage bag, cut off the head and put it in another bag, and stuffed the rest into a box. Afterwards, he and Riggs threw the box into the Hudson River.– Wikipedia, Michael Alig

Mainstream Media 2018 was a big year for Desmond as he made several appearances in mainstream media.

Desmond’s social media accounts are also full of symbolism.


Dancing For Tips

As if his schedule wasn’t full enough, Desmond also performs in various venues for money. In last December, a video of Desmond dancing at the gay bar 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn surfaced online and caused outrage. Dressed in a crop top and full makeup to look like Gwen Stefani, Desmond danced as adult men threw money on stage … not unlike a stripper.

As you can see, the mother states that being concerned for the well-being of an 11-year-old child is “blatant homophobia”. Does that make sense? What if it was a young girl who was dancing in front of straight men? The outrage would probably have been tenfold. In other posts, Desmond’s mother stresses the fact that Desmond is autistic to justify his act.

Haus of Amazing

Desmond also recently made the news for a new, “groundbreaking” project: Haus of Amazing, a social network where drag kids can share and connect. The website says that “because the drag house is restricted to members age 20 and younger, members can communicate freely and candidly with their peers without the often judgmental interference of adults.”


In Conclusion

Despite everything mentioned above, the mainstream media coverage of Desmond Is Amazing is overwhelmingly glowing. I did not nd one mass media source that even mentioned some of the questionable-for-his-age things associated with his act. Quite to the contrary, all the reports and articles I found celebrate Desmond’s “ erceness” and paint his parents as saints. Why is the coverage surrounding him so Orwellian-ly one-sided? Desmond is not simply a “boy who likes to dress in drag”. He is being used to push several agendas, including the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia. To do so, he is being pushed into a world that is should be reserved exclusively for consenting adults. Anything else is child abuse. P.S. If you appreciated this article, please consider showing your support through a small monthly donation on Patreon. If you prefer, you can also make a one-time donation here. Thank you. Support The Vigilant Citizen on Patreon.


DRAG QUEEN KIDS: Stop ruining children’s lives!

Child Abuse Rampant in Drag Community & Forced Diversity Among Firefighters – Coffee Corner

Neither parent is working.  they live off the kid and go fund me charity.!

Peeew! #447: Michael Alig and Ernie Glam’s Update on Desmond Is Amazing

I hope you watched this video, because it gives you a very clear idea the twisted mind of Michael Alig and what is going on with these little kids and how they are being promoted/exploited.  Desmond is now upset/down hearted because he lost a major contract to a rival Drag Queen Kid.  Michael Alig’s side kick states he has learned a “hard life lesson, there is always going to be someone younger and prettier coming along, no matter what age you are” “maybe its better he learned this harsh lesson at 10 years old rather than at 20 years old or 30” and Michael chimes it “or 50″with a sick giggle.    So, let’s take a closer look at Desmond’s rival. 

Meet the 8-Year-Old Boy Who Transforms Into a Drag Queen Named Lactatia

This 9-year-old drag queen shows us how to slay

NEWS   Home  USA

Published: January 12, 2019  By The Editor For The Christian Journal
10-Year-Old Boy ‘Drag Kd’ Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen

Updated: January 12, 2019 at 1:47 am EST  See Comments

On Monday, 10-year-old Canadian boy Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden was featured in a troubling Huck Magazine piece highlighting the life of a so-called “child drag queen.”

Young Nemis, whose drag name is “Queen Lactacia,” was shot by photographer Jonathan Frederick Turton for the spread. In one of the shots that did not make the magazine, Nemis, in full drag makeup and a black dress, is posing for a photo with the Season 7 winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Violet Chachki. In the shocking photo, Violet is wearing nothing but a pair of heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals, as seen in the screenshot below:

“Interviewed and photographed [Queen Lactatia] for [Huck Magazine] about life as a child drag queen,” posted Turton.4



DId you notice that these kids refer to themselves in the third person, and they refer to their stage name as a person that is in them.   I ask you what normal little boy would be able to tell you the meaning of Lactation?

queenlactatia  –  Lactatia_House Of Mizrahi  (House of Mizrahi is a well known refuge for LGBTs who have been rejected and/or abandoned by their families) 


Baby Drag Artist Extraordinaire💗 Account run by Mom. Defender of the right to be fabulous 

He states his interest in drag was also sparked by watching RU PAUL Drag races (with his sister) when he was 1 year old?   

Definition of nemesis 

capitalized the Greek goddess of retributive justice –  (Is this where his mother derived the name Nemis??)  

plural nemeses\ˈne- mə- ˌsēz  \

aone that inflicts retribution or vengeance.  Many a pursued man fell before his nemesis in the streets …— Agnes Morely Cleaveland   (Is Lactatia’s Mum reaping vengeance on the male species, by shaping her son into a caricature of a woman?)

ba formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent. The team was defeated by its old nemesis.  (Lactatia is obviously a rival to Desmond.  At least in Desmond’s eyes.)

I had to look up voguing cause I had no idea what that meant.  These little kids have been taking lessons in dance and posing, and they have obviously been learning how to walk, talk and gesture like a queen from watching so many drag shows.   They clearly have it down. 

Vogue (dance)  From Wikipedia

Vogue, or voguing, is a highly stylized, modern house dance originating in the late 1980s that evolved out of the Harlemballroom scene of the 1960s.[1] It gained mainstream exposure when it was featured in Madonna‘s song and video “Vogue” (1990), and when showcased in the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning (which went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the 1991 Sundance Film Festival).[2] In its modern form, this dance has become a global phenomenon that continues to evolve both stylistically and demographically.[3]

Inspired by the style of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the famous model poses of Vogue magazine, voguing is characterized by model-like poses integrated with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements.[1] This style of dance arose from Harlemballrooms by African-American drag queens of the early 1960s and their tradition in throwing “shade,” or a subtle insult directed to other queens in order to impress the judges. It was originally called “presentation” and later “performance”.[4] Over the years, the dance evolved into the more intricate and acrobatic form that is now called “vogue”.[2][3][5]

The precise origins of voguing are disputed. Although many cite the story in which Paris Dupree takes out a Vogue magazine and mimics the pose at the beat (and other queens subsequently following), there are other accounts that note voguing may have originated from black gay prison inmates of Rikers Island for the attention of other men and throwing shade.[1] Voguing is continually developed further as an established dance form that is practiced in the LGBT ballroom scene and clubs in major cities throughout the United States and around the globe—mainly New York City and Paris.[3][6]

It is quite apparent that the Mom’s of both these boys are attempting to gain their 15 minutes of fame by exploiting their own children.  They both seem to be “artistic”,  creative, “hip”, women, with an interest in fashion and makeup, and a bizarre attraction for the gay community.   Are they perhaps hyper-feminists?  Do they have an agenda against men?  Or, are they in it purely for the money and secondary fame they achieve by pimping their children out? 

They both have daughters on whom they could practice all these feminine expressions of their art.  Yet, they choose to use the boys, because after all…girls looking like girls is not marketable.  Who would be interested in that?? 

At any rate, they have no genuine concern for the mental, physical and emotional well being of these helpless human beings, not in this current time or for their future.  Have they even considered the horrendous possible consequences of the choices they are making for these kids? 


Mar 27, 2019
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The Alpha Dad thoughts on desmond is amazing

Kids Who Dress In Drag Are Being Manipulated By Adults Who Should Know Better

Kids Who Dress In Drag Are Being Manipulated By Adults Who Should Know Better

As a child, when I looked into my daddy’s eyes, what I wanted to see more than anything else was a sign of acceptance and approval. I rarely saw such affirmation, because my dad was too focused on his own life to be concerned about mine. But in those rare moments when he did pay attention to me and cheer me, I was elated. I wanted more.

“Mom, look at me!” “Dad, see what I can do!” Who doesn’t remember a childhood partially spent craving parental praise?

Children naturally move toward the behaviors that elicit positive responses from the adults in their lives. If mom claps and calls out praises when little Andy successfully bats that teeball, then Andy likely will pursue that endeavor right on into Little League and perhaps all the way a varsity letter in high school. On the other hand, if mom praises little Andy when he parades around the house in a dress his older sister outgrew, Andy likely will pursue that course.

Such was the case of Desmond Napoles. When, at the impressionable age of two, Desmond’s parents began taking him to drag shows, and the toddler saw his parents cheering on the female impersonators, the little child’s future was being shaped—perhaps unalterably. As the visits to the drag shows continued, no doubt Desmond’s developing brain was processing: Prancing around in dresses and wearing wigs and makeup causes mom and dad—and all these other adults—to smile and cheer. I want that!

Desmond, now 11, is now best known by his stage name, Desmond Is Amazing. Desmond has become a transgender institution. He has his own line of fashions and cosmetics and even a magazine. If that’s not enough, he has his own drag queen nightclub that promotes other child drag queens. After all, if one transgender Desmond is amazing, scores of them must be stupendous!

The question, then, is whether influencing a child in this manner is in his or her best interests. Is the transgender lifestyle healthy? A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that transgender people were more likely to be smokers, more likely to be sedentary, and more likely to experience a diminished quality of life due to mental or physical health conditions or unmet health care needs.

If Desmond’s parents had instead taken him repeatedly to extremely violent movies and cheered on the graphic incidents of bloodshed and gore, and Desmond now had declared himself to be a gun-toting gangster, the progressives who now applaud him would be aghast. How dare his parents influence him in such a manner?

In America, the average life expectancy is just short of 80 years. The average life expectancy for gang members in America is a little more than 20 years. The average life expectancy for transgender people in America is a little more than 30 years. So, statistically, American transgenders are somewhat better off than gang members but, on average, they can expect to die five decades sooner than the overall average for Americans.

Young people enter violent gangs primarily for the same reason they play baseball, take up ballet, or parade on stage at drag-queen shows. They crave acceptance and applause. But not all endeavors are equal; not all pursuits have similar outcomes.

Adults—who are supposed to want the best for the children in their care—need to understand that some lifestyles are not in their children’s best interests. Like bentonite clay, children are impressionable. Bentonite clay can be used to create beautiful, long-lasting pottery. Or it can be used as kitty litter and thrown out after a few uses. Not all uses are equal. Not all choices are equal.

Denise Shick is author of “My Daddy’s Secret,” “When Hope Seems Lost,” and “Understanding Gender Confusion.” She serves on the academic council of the International Children’s Rights Institute and directs Help 4 Families Ministry.

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