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You know the elite are very clever.  Once they realized that they had the ability to create a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, they created all the hype about “monster zombies” feeding the horror fans and providing the unwashed masses an opportunity to laugh it off, while at the same time planting the fear in the back of their minds.

The truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction. Though there are millions of people who are just unwilling to open their eyes and recognize it, the truth is still the truth.  On this particular topic, the truth is beyond horror.  The ruling elite love to do just that – RULE.  Their lust for power and control drives everything that they do.  The average mind cannot comprehend the evil that exists in the hearts and mind of those who oppose GOD.

CONTROL is the bottom line for them.  CONTROL of EVERYTHING.  Especially the masses over which they reign.  They have always been afraid of an uprising because we outnumber them.  So from the beginning they have been searching for ways to take control of US!!

Sadly, my friends, they have found all the tools they need and now they are in a position to take EVERYTHING FROM US.  Including our minds and our spirits.

If you don’t believe me, hopefully what follows will help to get you at least part way there.

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This man is a spokes person for the ruling elite.  If you don’t think he is talking about humanity becoming mind controlled zombies… listen to this video repeatedly until it gets through.



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Yuval Harari from WEF claims that “Humans are hackable animals” We have no soul and our days of free will are over. Insane!


Clay Clark

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Dr. Yuval Noah Harari states: “Never let a good crisis go to waste. A crisis is an opportunity to do what in normal times people will never agree to, but in a crisis we have no chance. People could look back in a hundred years and identify the coronavirus epidemic as the moment when a new regime of surveillance took over. Specially surveillance under the skin.”

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WATCH – Dr. Yuval Noah Harari Explain Human 2.0 – Why Is Dr. Yuval Harari Explaining How Technology Will Transform Our Bodies & Minds?
Watch Video 1 –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL9uk4hKyg4
Watch Video 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOmQqBX6Dn4

Watch – Doctor Yuval Noah Harari Speaks At the World Economic Forum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3epIv8FN7lQ&t=11s

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli public intellectual, historian and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The current post of the following video is put out by the Onion.  But don’t let that fool you.  This speech was actually given in front of congress years ago.  I have posted it more than once over the years since the first time I saw it.  Again, if you don’t think the Senator is talking about ZOMBIES, listen to this video until the truth sinks in.

Yes, our Government has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan.  Again, I posted this when I first heard of it years ago.

The following article is regarding their latest carrier for the Zombie virus.  You need to recognize that these diseases and all their numerous variations are not occurring naturally.  Don’t you find it odd that for thousands of years, nay billions according to “Science” animal diseases and human diseases were separate.  There was a firmly established blood barrier that kept us protected.  Also, for the most part there were known diseases that remained nearly unchanged.  Now, suddenly, the number of diseases are nearly uncountable, especially when you add in their variations.  And suddenly the blood barrier is removed and diseases are passing between animals and humans.  They try to tell you that is due “evolution” well folks, EVOLUTION is a lie.  We have NEVER in all these years whether thousands or billions seen any thing change from one thing to another without the intervention of man.   IF there was any truth to evolution, it does not occur that rapidly.  It is something that takes place over TIME…LOTS OF TIME.

It is only since “SCIENCE” has discovered how to interfere with our DNA, corrupt our blood and invade our minds that all these frightening things are occurring more and more frequently. 

CDC Says Humans Likely To Contract Fatal Zombie Disease in Near Future

It has spread to more than twenty-five states and two Canadian provinces and is causing deer, moose, caribou, and elk to become zombie-like. A brain-wasting disease that is always fatal is causing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to become concerned due to the likeliness that this wasting condition will spread to humans.

“It is probable that human cases of chronic wasting disease associated with consumption with contaminated meat will be documented in the years ahead,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “It’s possible the number of human cases will be substantial and will not be isolated events.”

What causes chronic wasting disease?

Known as prion disease or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, chronic wasting disease is the type of thing that you might read about in a horror novel, only it’s real, and it’s deadly. In deer, the disease spreads through contaminated body fluids, tissue, drinking water, and food.

Abnormal prion proteins impact the brain and spinal cord. Brain cells eventually burst and leave tiny empty spaces in the brain matter that appear like a sponge. It can take more than a year for symptoms to develop which include weight loss, lack of coordination, drooling, excessive thirst and urination, listlessness, aggression and lack of fear of people.

The first case which almost turns its victim into a type of zombie was found in a captive deer in the late 1960s in Colorado and in wild deer in 1981.  The natural movement of deer spreads the disease which can be quickened when humans move the deer.

More than 15,000 families eat infected meat eat year

According to the outdoor recreation and natural resource research firm Responsive Management, 39% of hunters pursue the sport for meat. A 2017 Alliance for Public Wildlife report said that it is estimated that up to 15,000 hunter families eat infected meat each year and the number is growing annually by 20% because of the spread of the disease.

Although no human has yet to contract the disease from eating infected meat, that may not remain the case in the years to come.

What you need to know to stay safe

Now is the time to know what to do to avoid chronic wasting disease. Everyone should heed these warnings, especially hunters out in the field.

  • Don’t shoot, handle or eat meat from deer and elk that are acting strangely.
  • Don’t touch roadkill.
  • Have your deer or elk tested before eating.
  • Have your meat individually processed to avoid contamination.
  • Wear gloves when handling deer.
  • Avoid using any kitchen utensils when dressing a deer or elk
  • Avoid contact with animal organs, especially the brain and spinal cord tissue.
  • Know where your elk and deer come from before eating.
  • Know the hunting regulations pertaining to chronic wasting disease in your area.

Study supports the reality that zombie disease could threaten humans

Although it was thought to not be a threat to humans for a long time, it is now becoming more likely that this could become a very real possibility. A study conducted at the Alberta Prion Research Institute recently found that the disease can spread to monkey’s who have eaten infected deer meat. The scariest part of all is that the monkeys chosen for the study have a genetic similarity to humans.

Stay informed and stay safe!

Poor little Guinea pigs.  How “Science’ tortures God’s creatures mercilessly in pursuit of their desire to control.

WATCH: Highly Infectious Disease Leaves Pigeons With Twisted Necks, Turns Them Into ‘Zombie Birds’

By: Buzz Staff

Edited By: Akanksha Arora


Last Updated: OCTOBER 31, 2022, 13:11 IST


Pigeon suffering from PPMV. (Image: Instagram/@loftyhopespigeonpositive)

Pigeon suffering from PPMV. (Image: Instagram/@loftyhopespigeonpositive)

The pigeons in the United Kingdom are now contracting Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV).

In what is being deemed a deadly disease, pigeons in the United Kingdom are now contracting Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV). It is a new illness which turns them into zombies. It results in neurological symptoms, which include trembling wings and a severely twisted neck. These affected pigeons become unable to move and can’t fly. Also, they have green feces. A video of a pigeon suffering from the same is going viral on Instagram. Uploaded on handle ‘loftyhopespigeonpositive,’ the video shows the bird with a massively twisted neck.

“If anyone is searching for a sweet little special needs bird, here she is. This is Spring, she is in search of her forever home. She’s a ppmv survivor, who just needs love,” read the caption.

This condition is also called Newcastle’s disease. According to reports, the new disease is a neurological symptom.

Oct 19, 202219 October 2022 The Hindu newspapers analysis.

In the clip, the insect, whose body has completely deshelled, can still be seen walking on what appears to be a grass field. While explaining the reason behind the bizarre behaviour, the IAS officer stated, “Do you know? according to scientists a neuro parasite has taken control of the brain of this dead insect and making it walk…Zombie.” The video of the insect’s creepy walk has gone viral on the internet. Within a span of two days, the short clip has amassed over a million views and more than 26 thousand likes on Twitter. Many users have responded to the clip with chilling comments. One asked, “OMG. Does this happen to humans also?”

Nov 09, 2019IPaul Seaburn
Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious and often severe disease found worldwide that affects birds including domestic poultry. It is caused by a virus in the family of paramyxoviruses. The disease appears in three forms: lentogenic or mild, mesogenic or moderate and velogenic or very virulent, also called exotic Newcastle disease.

Newcastle Disease (Avian Paramyxovirus-1)

Newcastle disease is a highly contagious viral disease that causes respiratory and neurological signs in various avian species. It may cause acute death.


May 28, 2020

Newcastle disease is caused by avian paramyxovirus-1 (APMV-1). APMV-1 generally presents in the following forms based on clinical signs: lentogenic (mild), mesogenic (moderate), and velogenic (severe). Other names for Newcastle disease include: Avian Paramyxovirus-1 (APMV-1), exotic Newcastle disease (END), virulent Newcastle disease (VND), pseudo-fowl pest, pseudo-poultry plague, and Ranikhet disease. Newcastle disease is an important poultry disease because it is endemic in many areas worldwide, including Asia, Africa, and parts of North and South America. Chickens are the most susceptible species and can experience 100% mortality with velogenic strains within 24 – 48 hours. Newcastle disease causes a significant economic impact, especially in developing countries that rely heavily on backyard chickens for income and as a protein source.

Clinical signs

Observed signs can vary greatly depending on the APMV-1 strain and bird host factors (species, age, immunity, etc.).

Respiratory signs may include:

  • nasal/ocular discharge, gasping for air, coughing or rales, sneezing, and conjunctivitis (swelling around the eyes or face)

Neurological signs may include:

  • paralyzed wings or legs, torticollis (twisted neck; Figure 1), muscle tremors or spasms.

Weakness, oral discharge (Figure 2) greenish colored diarrhea (Figure 3), decreased egg production, and eggs that are thin-shelled, pale, and/or have a watery albumin may be observed. With velogenic strains, especially in susceptible chickens, mortality death may be close to 100% in a flock.

Figure 1. Torticollis in a broiler chicken affected with Newcastle disease. Photo credit: Dr. Lorenzoni. Figure 2. Abundant oral secretion in a bird affected with Newcastle disease. Photo: Dr. R. Gallardo.
Figure 3. Greenish fecal material from chickens affected with Newcastle disease.  Photo credit: Dr. R. Gallardo. Figure 4. Hemorrhagic proventricular papillae in a chicken affected with Newcastle disease. Photo credit: Dr. R. Gallardo.

Necropsy findings

Gross lesions may vary but may include hemorrhage of the mucosa of the proventriculus (Figure 4), ceca, and small intestine, due to necrosis of the intestinal wall or lymphoid tissue. In the respiratory tract, hemorrhage and marked congestion may be seen in the trachea (Figure 5). Airsacculitis may also be seen, shown by thickening of the air sacs and mucus (catarrhal) or cheese-like (caseous) build-up, and is often associated with secondary bacterial infections. Laying birds may have egg yolk in the abdominal cavity, degenerative ovarian follicles, and/or hemorrhage of the reproductive tract.

Figure 5. Hemorrhagic trachea of a chicken affected with Newcastle disease. Photo credit: Dr. R. Gallardo.


APMV-1 has been reported in over 240 bird species, and velogenic APMV-1 is endemic in many developing countries. Chickens are the most susceptible to the velogenic strain and the most likely to succumb to disease mortality or have severe clinical signs. Turkeys are usually less susceptible, with lower mortality and less severe morbidity in clinical presentation. Other game bird species such as pheasants, partridges, quail, and guinea fowl have variable susceptibility, but severe clinical signs have been reported with exposure to velogenic strains. Waterfowl species such as ducks and geese are generally the least susceptible and may harbor subclinical infections. Psittacine bird species, including parrots, cockatiels, budgerigars, and conures can be infected, and there have been cases in which they have been subclinical carriers of the virus and have introduced it into areas that were previously not affected. A variety of exotic zoo birds such as ostriches, owls, raptors, and penguins have been affected to varying degrees as well. Outbreaks in wild double-crested cormorants and rock pigeons have been reported throughout the U.S. and Canada, with limited spillover into domestic poultry. There have been sporadic Newcastle disease introductions to U.S. domestic poultry, mainly through the introduction of imported poultry that were infected, as well as wild bird reservoirs.

There have been three extensive U.S. outbreaks of the virulent Newcastle disease, previously known as exotic Newcastle disease (END), based mainly in southern California. The first outbreak occurred from 1971 to 1974 and was linked to the importation of infected psittacine pet birds into the U.S. During the 2002-2003 outbreak, the disease began in illegally imported backyard gamefowl and spread to commercial egg layer farms. The most recent outbreak lasted two years, May 2018 to May 2020, affected backyard gamefowl and spilled into commercial layer facilities; in this outbreak, the disease was called virulent Newcastle disease (VND) because it was no longer considered exotic to the U.S. Wild bird introduction of the virus can also occur from cormorants, pigeons, doves, and migratory waterfowl, which can be subclinical carriers of the disease.

People who are exposed to large amounts of virus may experience a mild and typically self-limiting conjunctivitis (eye swelling, irritation and redness) and flu-like symptoms of fever, headache, and malaise.  Laboratory workers, vaccine crews, and emergency disease poultry responders are most at risk. Conjunctivitis usually resolves without treatment but can be shed in ocular discharge for 4 to 7 days. Due to the relatively minor disease manifestation of Newcastle in humans, it is not a significant zoonotic disease of public health concern and is not considered a foodborne transmitted disease.


APMV-1 is acquired through ingestion or inhalation of manure or respiratory secretions from infected birds. The virus can also be transferred via fomite materials such as contaminated feed, water, shoes, clothing, vehicles, poultry crates and egg trays, and, especially, moist fecal material. Transmission can also occur through infected eggs to hatching chicks for some APMV strains. Incubation period is 2-15 days, with an average of 2-6 days in chickens exposed to velogenic strains. Gallinaceous birds typically shed virus for 1-2 weeks. However, psittacine species such as parrots, macaws, and parakeets can be prolonged shedders of APMV-1 for months to more than a year.


Confirmation of APMV-1 via laboratory diagnosis is important because the virus can mimic many other poultry diseases such as avian influenza. Diagnostic tests may include:

  • Real-Time Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR) – detects the presence of viral RNA from swab samples from oropharyngeal or cloacal swab samples
  • Virus isolation (VI) – determines if viable virus is present by incubating embryonated eggs and determines virus type from swab samples
  • Serology Blood Tests (i.e. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Agar Gel Immunodiffusion (AGID), Hemagglutination Asssay (HA) / Hemagglutination Inhibition Assay (HI)) – identifies antibodies in blood serum; used as a screening test

Differential diagnoses

Avian influenza, Avian Paramyxovirus, Infectious bronchitis, Infectious laryngotracheitis, Avian chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Avian cholera (pasteurellosis), Infectious coryza, acute poisoning (i.e. aflatoxin, insecticides, rodenticides), Egg drop syndrome (EDS 76), Duck plague (duck viral enteritis)


Biosecurity remains the most important protection strategy. Practices such as avoiding visiting other places with birds and restricting visitors around your birds are helpful strategies to limit disease spread. Prior to anyone entering your poultry premises, it is recommended to have them park in a designated area away from your birds, use a properly maintained footbath or wear designated cleaned footwear and/or clothing, and disinfect hands. Clean and disinfect poultry equipment such as cages, crates, egg flat/racks, waterers, and feeders prior to reuse. APMV-1 is an enveloped RNA virus and is susceptible to most common disinfectants. The virus is inactivated by heating to 56 °C (133 °F) for 3 hours or 60 °C (140 °F) for 30 minutes. Acidic conditions with a pH ≤ 2 also kill the virus. Similar to other viruses, APMV-1 can survive for long periods in cool conditions and in organic material such as feces.

Know the signs of illness to report quickly to your local state Department of Agriculture for follow-up to prevent future disease spread. The velogenic form of Newcastle disease is reportable to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), which provides international guidelines for surveillance and eradication. Biosecurity information is also posted on the USDA and CDFA websites to provide education to poultry and pet bird owners to prevent disease.

Vaccination with live or inactivated lentogenic strains (i.e. B1 and/or LaSota) for chickens, turkeys and pigeons are available by mass application in drinking water or aerosol droplet spray. Individual birds can also receive eye or nose droplet vaccination. Layer and breeder birds are often vaccinated prior to the first lay to pass on maternal antibodies to their chicks. Chicks may also be vaccinated at 1-4 days of age at the hatchery, especially if the parent stock was not vaccinated, or at 2-3 weeks of age once maternal antibodies wane. There is often a withdrawal period especially for oil-based vaccines for birds intended for human consumption.

Vaccination with these lentogenic strains provides only a limited protection against more virulent (mesogenic or velogenic) APMV-1 strains. Vaccinated birds exposed to more serious strains may still experience a decline in egg production and neurological signs, with less mortality. Vaccinated poultry can continue to shed virus in feces and saliva, despite vaccination status, but may experience reduced respiratory illness and mortality.


Highlights in the History of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Timeline – 2000-2009


The below timeline gives a summary of significant HPAI and LPAI outbreaks in birds, infections in people, and events from 2000-2009.

  • Timelineicon

    Three chickens

    • Although there are reports of HPAI virus outbreaks in South America during the early 1900s, it was not until 2002 that the first HPAI bird flu virus was detected on this continent. In May 2002, an LPAI H7N3 virus was isolated from commerical poultry in Chile. In June, an HPAI virus of the same subtype was obtained from the same flock28.
    • Also in 2002, one human case of LPAI H7N2 virus infection was identified in the United States2930.
  • Timelineicon

    Male American Wigeon in Flight

    • February 2003, HPAI H7N7 virus caused outbreaks in layer farms in the Netherlands, affecting around 28% of the total national chicken population. This outbreak in poultry was also associated with 89 human cases, 1 of which with fatal outcomes5,31.
      (The Netherland, home of the United Nations and the Ruling Elite. )
    • In December 2003, HPAI H5N1 viruses re-emerged in Asia in wild birds, causing outbreaks in poultry and two fatal human infections in Hong Kong32,33,34.
      (There is no doubt that China is a big player in the World study of infectious diseases as well as the UN’s choice for World Power in the NWO.)
  • Timelineicon
    • Between February and May 2004, an outbreak of bird flu due to an H7N3 virus occurred among poultry in Canada. Within days, the virus causing this outbreak had changed from low to high pathogenicity. There were two human cases identified, both with very mild illness3536: One case was infected with a LPAI virus, and one case was infected with a HPAI H7N3 virus3738.
      (Isn’t that interesting, like they were running some kind of test of the two strains.  We know that Canada is a big player in the NWO.)
    • Additionally, another human case of HPAI H7N2 virus infection was identified, but findings were not published until 20123940.
    • Reports of detections in poultry followed from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, China, Malaysia from January-August 2004 with sporadic human infections of varying severity reported41.
      (All countries controlled by the NWO)
    • In 2004, the United States experienced a poultry outbreak of a North American lineage HPAI H5N2 virus that was restricted to one farm.
      (just who owns that farm, I wonder.  Regardless it is the place where the virus was inserted.)
    • This outbreak was reported in a flock of 7,000 chickens and was the first outbreak of HPAI virus in the United States in 20 years42 (1984 was the prior time?)
  • Timelineicon

    Map graphic

    • From 2003-2005, wild birds spread HPAI H5N1 virus to poultry in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and the HPAI H5N1 virus’s HA surface protein diversified into numerous clades (related groups), and viruses reassorted into multiple genetic lineages (genotypes) that were detected around the world5,41
      (isn’t that interesting, The CRSPR tool had been invented to enable them to change the DNA/Genes/Genetic structure of the virus.)
  • Timelineicon
    • In the spring of 2009, a novel influenza A H1N1 virus emerged in humans. It was detected first in the United States and spread quickly across the United States and the world. This new H1N1 virus contained a unique combination of swine, avian and human influenza genes not previously identified in animals or people. This virus was designated as influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 virus10.
      (Once they broke through the blood barrier that kept animal and human disease separate and they were able to infect a human with an animal disease…it took off like wildfire.)
Page last reviewed: July 5, 2022

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat) sequences were initially discovered in the E. coli genome in 1987, but their function as a safeguard against bacteriophages was not elucidated until 2007.

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Emergence and Evolution of H5N1 Bird Flu PDF image

Last week, Vietnam recorded the first H5 bird flu on a human since 2014

24 Oct 2022

Vietnam reports first human case of bird flu

Vietnam reports first human case of bird flu

Content available in:
Português (Portuguese (Brazil))

Last week, Vietnam recorded the first H5 bird flu on a human since 2014 in the country, and the government ordered new measures to prevent further contamination and trace possible transmission outbreaks. According to local authorities, the patient is a five-year-old girl from the province of Phu Tho (North) hospitalized in a severe condition, with respiratory, liver, and kidney problems.

Tests were carried out on at least 65 people who had contact with the patient, diagnosed on October 17th, and all the samples were negative. Health authorities were also sent to the place where the girl lives to try to determine how the transmission took place.

Medical and veterinary authorities need to closely monitor the bird flu situation so that they can take steps to prevent human infections, said the Vice-minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, referenced by the Vietnam Express. The authorities also ordered that prevention and control plans should be urgently reviewed.

Since 2003, Vietnam has recorded 128 cases of H5 bird flu, with 64 confirmed deaths — before the five-year-old girl’s infection was confirmed, the last cases had occurred in 2014 in two southern provinces. Both patients died.

Local authorities claim that other types of bird flu are still circulating in the country. As a result, they warn the population not to consume meat from sick animals and to avoid products of dubious origin.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), transmission occurs through infected animals’ saliva, mucus, and feces. Symptoms can be mild, such as fever and cough, or

Feb 15, 2018  The H7N4 avian flu strain was first identified among chickens in Australia in 1997, according to the World Health Organization. But this is the first known human case of this strain. But this is …
Jun 1, 2021 BEIJING — A man aged 41 in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu has been confirmed as the first human case of infection with a rare strain of bird flu known as H10N3, China’s National…

Apr 29, 2022  highly contagious strain of avian flu that has likely killed hundreds of birds and spread across more than two dozen states has been detected in a human for the first time in the U.S., officials said Thursday.

The man was working on a commercial farm in Colorado and was involved in culling poultry suspected to be infected when he was directly exposed to the H5N1 flu, the state’s health department said in a release.

Vietnam’s ministry urges efforts against human bird flu following first case after 8 years
This image shows health workers spraying chemicals to disinfect an area affected by avian flu in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has requested authorities at all levels to urgently strengthen measures to curb the spread of avian flu, following a human bird flu infection detected after eight years.

Prompt actions to intensify the prevention and control of avian influenza, caused by different virus strains including A(H5), A(H5N1), A(H5N6) and A(H5N8), must be taken by local administrations nationwide as required in the Veterinary Law, the ministry urged in its recent dispatch.

The urgent request came after a human case of bird flu, caused by the A(H5) virus, was detected in northern Phu Tho Province on October 5, the first human bird flu infection after eight years without such cases across the country, the ministry stated.

The latest case has brought the total number of patients of A(H5N1) avian flu in Vietnam since 2003 to 128, of whom 64, or 50 percent, died.

So far this year, 34 avian influenza outbreaks have been recorded in 19 provinces and cities nationwide, leading to the killing of over 77,000 chickens and other poultry animals, the ministry reported.

The risk of avian influenza spread is very high, the agency warned in its dispatch.

In addition, there is a risk of bird flu virus strains such as A(H7N9), A(H5N2) and A(H5N5), among others, entering Vietnam through transportation, trade, and consumption of poultry and poultry products, including those smuggled or with unknown origin.

In localities with avian influenza outbreaks that have yet gone through 21 days, and locations with poultry testing positive for A(H5) avian influenza virus or being suspected to contract bird flu, local authorities must destroy such infected animals, declare the epidemic, tighten epidemic prevention and control measures, and take urgent steps to stop the spread of the epidemic.

Veterinary authorities in such localities must vaccinate all poultry animals in the affected areas as well as high-risk zones, and coordinate with health agencies in conducting epidemiological investigations, taking samples for testing, determining the cause of bird flu in poultry and humans, and handling the confirmed outbreaks.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requested all local administrations to strengthen poultry quarantine, strictly control the transportation and trade of poultry and poultry products.

It is forbidden to trade and transport poultry and poultry products into Vietnam and strictly handle violations, the ministry said.

Local governments must ask people to close monitor their poultry herds for signs of bird flu and report any suspected cases to competent authorities so that timely preventive measures can be taken, the ministry said.

People are recommended not to consume food processed from sick and dead poultry or from poultry of unknown origin.

The main symptoms of bird flu can appear very quickly and include a very high temperature or feeling hot or shivery, aching muscles, headache, coughing or shortness of breath, according to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

After a person has been infected, it usually takes three to five days for the first symptoms to appear, and more severe complications such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome may happen within days of symptoms appearing.

Receiving treatment quickly and using antiviral medicine may prevent complications and reduce the risk of developing severe illness, the NHS advised.

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Can zombies be real in the future and can we stop them?
Profile photo for Alex Mikhail

If by “zombie” you mean a person sick with a disease that causes violence and possibly cannibalism, then there are probably many ways for that to be created even now. Perhaps by modifying the Rabies virus, which already affects humans.

So yes, zombies can be real in the future. As in 100 years from now, or next Tuesday.


Depending on your definition of zombie, it appears there is some truth to the concept in nature. Take for example the zombie-ant fungus (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), which targets foraging ants, hijacking their tiny nervous systems. If an ant becomes infected with the spore of this fungi, it will begin acting strange. It will seek out a more humid microclimate that helps the fungus to grow, climbing a few inches off the ground where it will clamp down on a leaf or blade of grass, then wait to die. Several days later, the fungus will erupt from the bug like the Chestbursters in “Alien,” spreading spores to ensnare more bugs. A true zombie in nature.


It seems that some tropes never die. But there are countless other examples of zombification in the real world as well. To learn about the real science of zombies, Salon spoke to Athena Aktipis, an associate professor at Arizona State University’s department of psychology. Alongside Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, she also co-hosts the podcast Zombified, which is not a George A. Romero fan club but rather a science education stream that aims to explain “why zombification happens, why we are susceptible to it, and what we can do about it.”

This interview has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

Let’s start with something basic. What initially sparked your interest in zombies?

Many people are surprised to learn that I’m actually not a zombie movie fanatic in general. What attracted me to zombies was their potential as a tool for education and learning, because they’re just kind of these weird, compelling entities that can be metaphors for a lot of things. But there’s actually a biological realism to zombification and many different ways that organisms can hijack each other.

With drugs [produced by plants], for example, that’s actually about the interaction that organisms are having with each other through these chemical signals. A lot of organisms evolved to produce chemicals that change the way that the brain of other organisms function. So there are many sort of intuitive pharmacologists that are just organisms evolving to do stuff that manipulates the brain chemistry of other organisms.

So when we’re talking about zombies, how literal are we getting? Or when we’re talking about this in the scientific realm, is it just metaphorical?

So it’s both. There are real life zombies in the biological world: organisms whose body, brains and behavior are hijacked by other organisms. Full-stop, completely hijacked. And there are degrees of that. So you can have everything from cordyceps fungus completely overtaking all of the ability of an insect to control its fate. Or you could have more subtle influences, like if you’re in a relationship with another human being. It could be a romantic relationship or a parent-child relationship. If you’re being conditioned to behave in a certain way, that’s a certain kind of zombification.

So that doesn’t feel as intense as like, oh, a fungus is like completely taking over the function of your body, and 100 percent hijacking you. But it exists on a spectrum of real life zombification but then we also have more metaphorical zombification.

But there’s a reality of brains and body’s behavior getting hijacked by things that are not you. And so if that’s your definition of a zombie and zombification, then it’s all over the place in the natural world. And we humans are not excluded from that. We’re vulnerable to being zombified as well.

When you talk about stuff like cordyceps fungus I guess I thought it was more of like a metaphor for that insect-fungus relationship. It’s not an actually a dead thing that comes back to life. But you’re talking more about how it’s like this hijacking of the brain. Can we talk about how that happens?

Yeah, there’s so many different kinds of zombies in the movies. Some of them, they’re dead, they’re buried, they come out of the grave. Others, you get bit and then you get turned into a zombie. So that’s more of like an infection kind of zombie.

The original idea of like a zombie that’s buried and then comes back to life comes from Haiti. These practices where people would be given pufferfish poison, and it could slow down their heart rate so much that they seem dead but they’re breathing. So like, sometimes they would be treated as dead, and then they would, you know, quote, unquote, come back to life, but have severe impairments at that point.

The idea is that this was potentially used as a way of controlling slaves back in Haiti. So the idea of the zombie has historical roots that also are quite real in terms of there’s this pufferfish toxin that does severe neurological damage and can create behaviors that seem zombie-like. Humans trying to control other humans is both the literal and the metaphorical aspect of zombies.

I’m really interested in this single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that turns rats into zombies. Can you explain what that is? I guess it’s spread by cat feces?

Yeah, it’s this organism whose lifecycle depends on parasitizing other organisms, and it can infect pretty much all mammals. It’s most well known in cats, but humans can be infected by it, even marine mammals can be infected by it.

If you’re a rat, and you get infected with it, it makes it so that cat urine doesn’t smell bad. In fact, it smells good. It’s sexually arousing to the rodents, and makes them approach the territory of cats, which makes it much more likely that they’ll get consumed by the cat, which then perpetuates the Toxoplasma gondii.

Obviously, [the parasite] is not consciously doing any of this, it just evolved to do it. Because that allowed it to perpetuate itself. A lot of the sort of lessons around zombification is you don’t need for there to be intention for really deep manipulation to be happening, because natural selection will favor organisms that are good at surviving, replicating, transmitting, and making it on to the next generation, regardless of the means.

People can be infected by Toxoplasma gondii. And there’s been some work showing that there’s greater susceptibility to some mental disorders, especially if your mother was infected with it while you were in the womb. Schizophrenia, for example. There have also been a number of studies looking at changes in sort of personality and behavior with Toxoplasma gondii infection. There’s some controversy around those, about whether the methods were sufficient to rule out alternative hypotheses. But there are some studies that show that there’s differences in risk-taking behavior and some differences in personality with different effects, depending if you’re male or female.

So it’s likely that it’s having some effect on humans, but I think that the research is still kind of early as to what exactly the nature is of those effects. Like, there’s no evidence that if you’re infected by Toxoplasma gondii, that makes you more likely to be a person with too many cats in your house. I mean, it’d be cool if that was the case. But I don’t think that anybody’s established that yet.

Tell me about this idea you wrote about with Joe Alcock in The Conversation about how SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID, can also sort of turn people into zombies in a way.

So the basic idea is that if you look at how COVID affects physiology, it actually interferes with pain perception. And so people will feel really good early on when they’re infected. My colleague Joe Alcock is an emergency room physician and we use this idea that if you’re infected, you might not be the undead, but you’re the unsick. Like, you’re actually sick, your body is suffering from this virus, it’s doing a lot of damage, but it’s interfering with your pain perception, so you feel good.

So you actually aren’t engaging in the sickness behavior that is typical, which would be more likely to keep you home and rest. And not just help you recover from the virus, but also would protect others. So by interfering with that pain perception, the virus is essentially putting off the negative effects, the damage that it’s doing to the body in order to keep the organism moving around. And probably transmitting the virus and also keeping the immune system more compromised, because if you’re like, “Oh, I feel great, I’m gonna go do stuff,” then your body isn’t investing as much in immune function. There are also a lot of people who are just completely asymptomatic when they have COVID.

That whole aspect of a COVID hasn’t been studied, in my opinion, in the kind of depth that it should. And I think that’s a strategy that is not uncommon when it comes to infectious agents that can benefit from their hosts being up and around. Sexually transmitted infections will also often have these kinds of features where they actually don’t have negative effects on the host. Because if they did, then they would be less likely to transmit.

So in my opinion, there’s a lot of work that can and should be done around understanding these dynamics [of zombies], because it’s really, really relevant to the new era that we’re in, which is an era of pandemics.


Zombies and Voodoo, both are still living beliefs in Haiti.

On the list of the most well-known monsters from Hollywood movies, zombies clearly occupy one of the top positions. In their cinematographic version, they consume human flesh and brains with the explanation that this fact diminishes their pain of being dead, while humans bitten or hurt by zombies end up becoming zombies as well. In Haiti, zombies not only exist in movies, but as a day-to-day reality that is steeped in Voodoo, which revolves around spirits known as lwa. In Haitian Voodoo (or Haitian Vodou) the Iwa spirits get their names and attributes from traditional West and Central African divinities, and they are also equated with certain Roman Catholic saints.

The ideas behind Voodoo and zombies in Haiti come from African religious beliefs and rituals symbolized by these Haitian ritual objects on display at the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin.The ideas behind Voodoo and zombies in Haiti come from African religious beliefs and rituals symbolized by these Haitian ritual objects on display at the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin.

Haitian Voodoo constitutes a religion centered around one main god alongside whom a multitude of Iwas (or Loas) exist, which are entities in the form of energy spirits which help humans entering into contact with Voodoo. One thing Voodoo adepts desire is to become possessed by such spirits which induce the state of loss of self with the purpose of being consumed by a higher power.

In Haitian Voodoo animal sacrifices are offered to these spirits. The explanation is that, in the moment of the animal’s death an energy is released which can feed those present on a spiritual level. In this way, that which is received from the sacrifice constitutes the purpose of performing the ritual.

Many annual Voodoo celebrations take place in Haiti. And, regardless of the conditions, celebrating these ritualized festivals is never stopped for any reason. An example of this is the Haitian version of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Throughout the duration of this festival, locals dance in cemeteries and they can be observed wearing double sunglasses, which symbolize life and death.

In Voodoo, priests are called “houngan.” They perform their activity in “peristyle” temples where receiving people is done through the act of pouring water on the floor. Everything has a positive (good) or a negative (evil) meaning. The West offers the concept of the good-evil division , while Voodoo does not present this separation. Voodoo recognizes and uses both sides.

A houngan has the possibility to use spirits in order to help individuals, while a bokor, a priest who can practice black magic , has the possibility of also dealing with spells and curses. In Voodoo, the bokor is preoccupied by both the positive and the negative side. He serves the Voodoo spirits with both hands.

In Haiti today Voodoo and the creation of zombies continues to be the work of secret societies and rituals.In Haiti today Voodoo and the creation of zombies continues to be the work of secret societies and rituals.

Voodoo, Secret Societies, and Zombies On Demand!

Voodoo also refers to the existence of astral zombies. These entities are spirits captured by priests who use them. By using these spirits priests can offer help to individuals who wish to obtain large financial gains, or they can be cursed and used for evil purposes. Just like in the situation of the living dead, zombies appear in the form of humans who are physically still alive, but whose eyes indicate in a clear way that life has left their body.

There are not too many conversations about zombies in Haiti that can be overheard in daily life, because zombification, the process of creating a zombie, is an illegal procedure. But there are several secret societies in Haiti that keep the zombie world under control locally. These societies act like a spiritual justice system, and sometimes their verdicts are powerful and irrevocable.

There are also secret societies in Haiti that practice “makanda,” the most violent form of Voodoo black magic. During the war of independence (1801-1804), fighters that poisoned and killed the white colonizers were already practicing this form of black magic. In certain situations, when someone must be punished, but not killed, the secret societies could transform the individual into a zombified slave and use him for forced labor.

Zombification results in the elimination of individuality and a lifetime of slavery commanded by a single master. The master treats the zombie as a sub-human. These days, the Haitian mafia demand sums of around 2000 American dollars for a zombie slave, along with the guarantee of protection from government authorities like the police.

A depiction of a zombie by artist Jean-noël Lafargue at twilight in a field of sugar cane in Haiti, called forth by the Voodoo master.(Left) A depiction of a zombie by artist Jean-noël Lafargue at twilight in a field of sugar cane in Haiti, called forth by the Voodoo master.


In Haiti there have been numerous cases of zombification that have been reported on. The process of zombification is structured in four main stages.

The first stage refers to the trial. When the respected offended person wants to seek justice, that person will go to a bokor to be avenged. That bokor has the obligation to meet the other bokors who are more advanced in rank or in age. Together, they will judge the case and reach a final decision. In cases when the individual’s request is heeded, the zombification process will be applied and the bokor gathering will proceed by preparing the specific poison.

Poisoning represents the second stage of the zombification process. These poisons are very powerful and can be administered via inhalation, swallowing or touch. The poison recipe is the greatest secret of the zombification process. Known ingredients include dried frogs, various substances, dried plants, human bones minced into powder, poison ivy, and the toxin of the puffer fish. Puffer fish are famous in Japan as they are a culinary delicacy but must be specially prepared by a trained chef to avoid the toxic poison in the fish’s internal organs. Each year, the consumption of this fish results in three or four deaths in Japan, and many others suffer severe consequences requiring medical aid.

Once the poison has been administered the soon to be zombie goes through convulsions and stomach cramps followed by the effect of the neuro-toxin from the puffer fish which makes the individual seem dead. If the correct poison dosage is used, the toxin has the effect of reducing the human metabolism to the point where the individual seems dead.

It is very difficult for someone to understand that the poisoned individual still lives. Haiti does not have a very well-developed medical system, and thus the poisoned individual is easily declared dead and taken to the morgue.

Even though, looking from the outside, the individual seems dead, he is aware of his surroundings. He understands that he is being buried, he hears his loved ones crying, he hears the sealing of the lid of the coffin and the way in which the earth from the shovel falls on top of it. But the zombie cannot move or utter a single word. In this way, the person is buried alive, but the individual does not suffocate because his metabolism is slowed to the point in which the brain no longer needs too much oxygen.

Waking the deceased is the third stage of the zombification process. This is represented by the bokor master, or someone appointed by him digging up the “seemingly dead” man. The time up to the moment of digging up the individual can vary from a few days to a week, during which the poison takes effect and induces severe cerebral lesions. As a result, the person is deprived of will and personality and the individual becomes the slave of the bokor.

In the medical world, the disease called catatonic schizophrenia can make an individual seem dead and zombie-like, but it is treatable. However, the victim of the Haitian zombification process cannot be cured.

Continuous slavery is the final stage of the zombification process, a context in which the person has nothing left of his previous life and can only live on as a zombie. To remain alive a zombie must never consume salt. Moreover, the bokor must give the zombie something meant to keep its blood pressure at a low level. This stage of permanent slavery can only end with either the revolt of the zombie or with the death of the bokor. As a zombie no longer has a will, the cases of revolt are extremely rare.

A typical scene at the Voodoo (Right) A typical scene at the Voodoo “power object” market in Lomé, Togo, in a photograph by Dominik Schwarz from 2008.

Spirits from the World Beyond

Voodoo is not reduced solely to the creation of zombies. This originally African religious belief system dates back more than 7000 years, making it one of oldest religions in the world. The activity of the bokors and of the houngans is not just tolerated, but they are visited and consulted by the authorities. As 97% of all the Haitian population believes in Voodoo, witchdoctors are just as valuable as medical doctors.

In addition, white people fear makumba black magic. According to ethnographer Alfred Metraux in a quote from 1959:

The horror which I have encountered at the white people of Haiti can be explained through a kind of revenge of the former slaves: mistreated for generations, they have used their occult powers to terrify their former tyrants. The fear which reined on all the plantations from Haiti was deeply rooted in the souls: it was the horror in front of the magical power of Africa, which disturbed the sleep of slave masters.”

One of those interested in Haiti and Voodoo was the Spanish scholar Juan Jose Revenga who traveled to both Haiti and Africa with the purpose of documenting and finding out as many things as possible about these religious beliefs. He was the witness of a memorable ceremony in Haiti’s Jebe village, which he describes in the following way:

“I saw that most of the doors on which a fetish had been hung were open. Somebody told me that those clay puppets, having a height of about half a meter, were the spirits which were about to make the engun-gu dance, entering beneath them and raising them up in the air with all their might. The music started in a frenetic rhythm. All drank and danced, preparing themselves for that which was about to follow. In that moment the engun-gu appeared, dancing in a circle and surrounding all the audience gathered there. They were like some huge cones, covered to the ground in colored natural fibers and having goat horns on their foreheads. It was explained to me that they represented the ghosts of the past come to the world of the living. […] After those demonstrations, the priests got up walking in turns to the engun-gu. These were waiting for them calmly staying in the square, after which they spit various potions over them and addressed them in old African languages. When they finished with the last of them, they all began again to dance in a circle, until they suddenly stopped, and their helpers raised from the ground the straw cones, under which I expected to discover a man moving the puppet. But underneath it there was nothing but a fetish with a demon face and no man. In the authentic ceremonies the puppet is always animated solely by a fetish. As attentive as I had been, I never managed to see anyone coming out from under the engun-gu. As soon as they placed it back standing on top of the fetish, it began to dance again. Pure and simple, beneath the engun-gu there was nothing else than the horned puppet moving it, and, when they saw it, the villagers began to scream in fear.”

The beliefs from the area mention the fact that whenever an engun-gu touches a person, that individual is soon taken away to the world of darkness.

Voodoo cards depicting the Gros-bon-ange or The Big and Good Angel and a zombie.Voodoo cards depicting the Gros-bon-ange or The Big and Good Angel and a zombie.

Puppets and Death

In Voodoo, the belief referring to the human soul is a dual one, meaning the soul has two parts: the Gros-bon-ange (The Big and Good Angel) and the Ti-bon-ange (The Small Good Angel). The first part denotes the protective spirit that at the moment of death detaches itself from the body, and the second part defines the totality of the person’s deeds. The family of the deceased is obliged a year after his death to perform the ritual of “the extraction from the bottom of the water.”

As a result of this ritual, the Ti-Bon-Ange is summoned back from the place where it retired. It is then retrieved and contained inside a “govi” vessel, a specially prepared vessel meant to replace the body and in which the members of the family can bring the deceased back home in order to serve as a protective spirit. If a bokor steals such a vessel, he can submit the spirit of the deceased to torments on the other side or he can use it for evil purposes.

Voodoo recognizes a lot of Loas from which one can mention here Damballah (the Loa presiding over flowing water), Erzulie (The Black Maiden), Baron Samedi (the spirit of death), and Legba (the Loa that protects sorcerers).

For the purpose of realizing an action at a distance on a certain person, a bokor must enter a trance in such a way as to become possessed by that Loa which he has invoked. In this way, the soul of the bokor is temporarily replaced by the spirit of the respective Loa. In consequence, the bokor can travel spiritually without restrictions and he can cause any kind of harm including death.

In other cases, a puppet can be created which looks similar to the victim and on which something which belonged to the victim is placed. The bokor then performs a series of invocations addressed to Baron Samedi, another Loa, after which he can do things to the puppet that will also happen to the victim.

Today, Voodoo shows no signs of disappearing from Haiti. On the contrary, Voodoo’s various aspects continue to thrive in folkloric Haitian society and continue to fuel new Hollywood movie scripts about zombies.

(Source: ancient-origins.net; December 6, 2021; https://tinyurl.com/6syhr22f)
  • Max Beauvoir, known as the ‘Pope of Voodoo’, died age 79 on Saturday
  • Introduced Harvard professor Wade Davis to shaman named Marcel Pierre after a Haitian man who had been buried 18 years earlier returned to life
  • Pierre gave up recipe to a zombie powder which brought dead back to life
  • Davis wrote ‘Serpent and the Rainbow’ which kicked off the ‘zombie craze’ after it was made into a horror flick by Wes Craven

At 1.15am On May 2, 1962, a Haitian man called Clairvius Narcisse was pronounced dead by two doctors after weeks of an excruciating, mystery fever. His corpse was identified by his two sisters, Marie-Clare and Angelina.

Narcisse’s family buried him in a small cemetery near the dusty town of l’Estere the next day in what should have been the end of his story.

Eighteen years later, in 1980, a heavy-footed, vacant-eyed man approached Angelina at the village market and introduced himself as her brother, the man she buried in 1962.

Narcisse explained to her that he had been resurrected by a witch doctor who had enslaved him on a sugar plantation.

Resurrected: Clairvius Narcisse (pictured in 1980) was pronounced dead by two doctors and buried in 1962. But came back from the dead 18 years later and said a witchdoctor resurrected him

Cult sensation: Wade Davis’ book, Max Beauvoir ‘Pope of Voodoo’ (left), about the search for a magical voodoo powder was adapted into a blockbuster movie (right)

Cult sensation: Wade Davis' book, the Serpent and the Rainbow (left), was adapted into a 'hugely successful' movie by the same name (right) Cult sensation: Wade Davis' book, the Serpent and the Rainbow (left), was adapted into a 'hugely successful' movie by the same name (right)
'Pope of Voodoo': Max Beauvoir (pictured), the Haitian king of the witchdoctors, has died at the age of 79  Mystical: The story of Narcisse being brought back from the dead was accepted by many of the villagers as Haitians (pictured bathing in a sacred pool in Souvenance village) believe in the magical power of voodoo
‘Pope of Voodoo’: Max Beauvoir (pictured), the Haitian king of the witchdoctors, has died at the age of 79 Mystical: The story of Narcisse being brought back from the dead was accepted by many of the villagers as Haitians (pictured bathing in a sacred pool in Souvenance village) believe in the magical power of voodoo
The other side: Canadian ethnobotanist Wade Davis travelled to Haiti in search for the 'zombie powder' which resurrected Clairvius Narcisse (pictured) Walking dead: Narcisse (pictured) claimed that he had been through 'zombification' and more than 200 members of his family and village said they would 'swear' on his resurrection
The other side: Canadian ethnobotanist Wade Davis travelled to Haiti in search for the ‘zombie powder’ which resurrected Clairvius Narcisse (pictured) Walking dead: Narcisse (pictured) claimed that he had been through ‘zombification’ and more than 200 members of his family and village said they would ‘swear’ on his resurrection

Local villagers, like most Haitians who believe in the magical power of Voodoo, accepted the story – but Western scientists were obviously sceptical of his apparent resurrection.

Narcisse’s outlandish tale prompted Harvard professor Wade Davis to trek deep into the Haitian jungle where he met Max Beauvoir, who would later become the king of witch doctors known as the ‘Pope of Voodoo’.

Beauvoir introduced the Professor to a ‘bokor’, or sorcerer, who gave him a magical ‘zombie powder’ recipe with the power to resurrect the dead.

Davis was so convinced by the wonder powder that he wrote the cult book ‘the Serpent and the Rainbow, which was turned into a a movie blockbuster directed by Wes Craven, starring Bill Pullman – and sparked a new genre of zombie movies, myths and horror stories.

The ‘Godfather of Voodoo’, Beauvoir, who passed away on Saturday, was the head of Haiti’s 6,000 ‘houngans’, or witchdoctors.

As their spiritual leader he was credited with the weird and the wonderful from halting a US invasion to saving thousands of voodoo priests from an angry lynch mob, who blamed them for a cholera outbreak.

The charismatic voodoo king was even said to have bewitched former US President Bill Clinton, who fell under his spell at a chance meeting in 1975 and wrote about their encounter in his memoirs.

But to millions of horror fans, Beauvoir’s legacy is the day he and his daughter Rachel led Davis to the witchdoctor and magical voodoo powder, which spawned ‘The Serpent and the Rainbow’ and inspired a generation of zombie movie obsessives.

Donald Cosentino, Professor of World Arts & Cultures at UCLA and Beauvoir’s friend, told MailOnline how that fateful meeting led to a global fascination with the living dead.

‘The Serpent and the Rainbow had a huge influence on the rest of the world. It reignited a lot of discussion about zombies.

‘It made real waves in Euro-American society and it began the re-emergence of other zombie movies.’

He added: ‘Without Max, Wade could never have written this book. And it wouldn’t have been written and there never would been the craze about zombies that ensued.’


Superstitious: A group of men dressed as zombies perform a symbolic ritual in Haiti, where the majority of people that zombies are simply the deceased brought back to life as 'slaves'

Superstitious: A group of men dressed as zombies perform a symbolic ritual in Haiti, where the majority of people that zombies are simply the deceased brought back to life as ‘slaves’

Davis’ book all began as one man’s quest to solve the mystery of the resurrected man, Clairvius Narcisse.

He had theories about the chemicals which could have caused Narcisse to feel disorientated.

He could also explain why back from the dead Narcisse had the sensation of feeling like he was floating outside of his the body, and why his temperature plummeted and he couldn’t speak.

But Davis, an ethnobotanist who specialises in the ‘relationship between people and plants’, was as baffled as anyone at how Narcisse was pronounced deceased by not one, but two US doctors.

To find the truth behind Narcisse’s astonishing story, Davis needed to watch a voodoo priest prepare a concoction, which locals called ‘zombie powder’, which was said to turn people into ‘mindless slaves’.

He approached Beauvoir, who introduced him to a black magic-practising witchdoctor named Marcel Pierre.

Pierre gave Davis the recipe to the mystical potion which occupied the grey no man’s land between magic and science.

He discovered the potion was made from the crushed skull of a deceased baby, freshly-killed blue lizards, a dead toad wrapped in a dried sea worm and an ‘itching pea’ – an exotic type of vine.

But the powder’s most noxious ingredient came from a poisonous puffer fish whose liver and reproductive organs contain tetrodotoxin, a powerful nerve poison thousands of times more toxic than deadly cyanide.

Davis sent a sample of the ‘zombie powder’ to Professor Leon Roizin at the Columbia Presbyterian College, New York, who carried out some quick tests.

Blind belief: Haitian voodoo followers splattered with the blood of sacrificed goats take part in a ceremony during the annual  festival in Souvenance, Haiti Voodoo faith: Haitian black magic followers bathe in a sacred pool during the annual voodoo festival in Souvenance, 100 miles from the capital Port-au-Prince
Blind belief: Haitian voodoo followers splattered with the blood of sacrificed goats take part in a ceremony during the annual  festival in Souvenance, Haiti Voodoo faith: Haitian black magic followers bathe in a sacred pool during the annual voodoo festival in Souvenance, 100 miles from the capital Port-au-Prince


He applied the powder to the shaved backs of laboratory rats who soon became completely comatose and only moved when they were ‘strongly stimulated’.

Six hours later, they were motionless and appeared to be dead but they had a faint heartbeat and lab equipment showed the presence of brainwaves.

Davis was convinced that the powder caused the death and resurrection of victims and turned them into zombies.

He went on to say that those under the spell such as Narcisse were turned into ‘mental slaves’ because their zombie-like state made them easily manipulated.

He said they could be kept in their dreamy state with regular doses of a poisonous plant called datura stramonium, which causes ‘amnesia, delirium and suggestibility’.

Davis’ book and his zombie powder theory was controversial and has never been independently proven to work.

Professor Cosentino, who described voodoo chief Beauvoir as ‘gracious, well-spoken and skilled in many languages‘, also told of his many sensational claims where he said he found antidotes to incurable diseases.

‘I used to speak to him on the phone a lot. One of his grandest claims was that he had an antidote to the HIV virus,’ the professor.

‘He told me personally that he performed a religious ceremony for Indira Gandhi [India’s first female prime minister] by sacrificing a bull.’

Quest: The book was turned into a blockbuster movie starring Bill Pullman (centred) as an anthropologist who goes to Haiti in search of drug that turns people into zombies Trend setter: Davis' book and Wes Craven's movie kick-started the zombie horror genre which has spawned hundreds of movies since
Quest: The book was turned into a blockbuster movie starring Bill Pullman (centred) as an anthropologist who goes to Haiti in search of drug that turns people into zombies Trend setter: Davis’ book and Wes Craven’s movie kick-started the zombie horror genre which has spawned hundreds of movies since

Part of the secret knowledge he associated with was the resurrection of the dead. He wouldn’t have related this to the zombie medicine, but he would have to the AIDS medicine.

‘Max would say that voodoo can be used to capture a person’s soul and also to reanimate a dead person.’

Voodoo, called Vodou by Haitians, evolved in the 17th century when colonists brought slaves to Haiti from West Africa.

The majority of Haiti’s 10 million citizens practise a blend of voodoo mixed with west-African beliefs and elements of (Roman Catholicism) Christianity, today.

Followers see no contradiction in burying a person with the full rites of the Catholic Church while believing that the person can be raised from death by the magic of a ‘bokor’.

Haitians believe zombies are mindless slaves brought back to life by bokors, according to a Webster University report.

They see ‘zombification’ as a form of social sanction which is imposed by witch doctors as a means of ‘maintaining order’ and control in local communities.

Webster University claimed Beauvoir said criminals and people who misbehave are turned into zombies as it removes their desire to commit ‘bad deeds’.

A government statement confirmed Beauvoir died on Saturday in Haiti capital Port-au-Prince after an illness, although the cause is unknown.

President Michel Martelly described his death as a ‘great loss for the country’.

Hugely popular among the Haitian middle class and Westerners alike, Beauvoir calmed tension when witchdoctors were being lynched for ‘causing the cholera outbreak’, which killed more than 2,000 people in 2010.

He also played a crucial role in stopping the planned US invasion of Haiti in 1994, it is claimed.

Then President Bill Clinton, who had met Beauvoir in 1975, threatened to attack Haiti if deposed president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was not reinstated following a military coup.

Haiti’s generals were reluctant to surrender power, but with less than an hour before the attack, acting President Emile Jonassaint rang Beauvoir for his advice.

The voodoo leader told him: ‘Peace is better than war.’

On his words, Jonassaint surrendered to the US, the generals stood down and the invasion was called off at the eleventh hour.

As the global face of the ancient African religion and keeper of its dark secrets, Beauvoir believed voodoo was sensationalised and misunderstood.

Magical figure: Haiti's President Michel Martelly described Beauvoir's (right) death as a 'great loss for the country' Mystical theories: Voodoo followers dive into a massive vat of  mud in Plaine du Nord, Haiti, during a traditional ceremony
Magical figure: Haiti’s President Michel Martelly described Beauvoir’s (right) death as a ‘great loss for the country’ Mystical theories: Voodoo followers dive into a massive vat of  mud in Plaine du Nord, Haiti, during a traditional ceremony
 Ritual: A young vooodoo follower, caked in dried mud, holds the head of a slain bull during a ceremony in Plaine du Nord, Haiti

Ritual: A young vooodoo follower, caked in dried mud, holds the head of a slain bull during a ceremony in Plaine du Nord, Haiti

Kosanba, a California-based association dedicated to studying Haitian voodoo, affectionately called him ‘Papa Max’.

The group said he was a visionary who recognised that there is no divide between science and religion.

He understood the spiritual dimension as it intersects religion and rituals, and mastered all. He was called upon to serve, and he did it well,’ a statement said.

Though you may not feel that the Clintons are relevant, do not pass over these next items.  Within these revelations you will begin to see the corruption and yes especially the spiritual corruption in our rulers and politicians.  The timing of all of this is obvious.  The interest in the medicinal, spiritual and biological aspects of the Zombification of humans I am convinced exploded into what we now see going on with all the new infectious diseases, the food additives, the implants and nanobots, the mind control projects, the God Gene, the transhumanism and all the other craziness that is going on today.


Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret

Yes, I’m going there, and here’s why: To understand the evil motivations of another human, one must explore their psyche to see how and why they operate the way they do. When reviewing the Clintons‘ countless money laundering and pay-to-play schemes, one may ask, what the hell do they need all of this money for? Well, buying people off requires a lot of money. And why do they need to buy people off?  Simple: the Clintons‘ thirst for power is insatiable. Let me say that again: the Clintons‘ thirst for power is insatiable. So much so that they stop at nothing to get what they want while enjoying the stain of destruction they leave along our path. In fact, their hunger for power is so strong, they even seek assistance through the help of voodoo and black magic with the hope of ensuring outcomes.

Some may already be aware of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s experience with voodoo from the passage in Bill Clinton’s memoir “My Life”. However, I don’t believe anyone is aware of their dark secret regarding the former President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his black magic. Did someone say secret? Shhh

Surely their story begins long before the 70’s when it comes to their lust for power and the dark arts, but this journey begins in 1975 when the Clintons took their first trip to Haiti shortly after they married. Bill Clinton found a particular experience to be “the most interesting day of the trip”, and he decided to include it in his memoir. Bill, Hillary, and their friend David Edwards had the opportunity to see voodoo in practice in a village near Port-au-Prince. The priest was Max Beauvoir, who had abandoned his career as a chemical engineer when his voodoo-priest grandfather died and named him as his successor.

Beauvoir gave them a “brief course in voodoo theology” as Clinton described it. Later that afternoon, the ceremony began. Clinton wrote:

After several minutes of rhythmic dancing to pounding drums, the spirits arrived, seizing a woman and a man. The man proceeded to rub a burning torch all over his body and walk on hot coals without being burned. The woman, in a frenzy, screamed repeatedly, then grabbed a live chicken and bit its head off. Then the spirits left and those who had been possessed fell to the ground.”

Clinton wrote that his “brief foray into the world of voodoo” furthered his fascination with “the way different cultures try to make sense of life, nature, and the virtually universal belief that there is a nonphysical spirit force at work in the world.

Clinton had recently lost the race for congress and Arkansas was about to have an opening for attorney general, so he was trying to decide whether to give it another run.

By the time we got back from Haiti, I had determined to run for attorney general,” Clinton recalled. This time, he won – and was on his way to the White House.

One lesson he took from Haiti, he wrote: “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Yes, the Lord does work in mysterious ways Bill, and I don’t think a voodoo ceremony is going to save you now.


‘In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa. 

An air-hostess on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane who has accused him of raping her has spoken out for the first time about her flight to Africa with the pedophile (Epstein), Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey in September 2002.

The star-studded group flew to Africa on Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the Lolita Express.


Bill Clinton’s affair with Voodoo

by Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press.
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Toronto— When it comes to dabbling in the black arts, former U.S. President Bill Clinton has much in common with deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Saddam reportedly wore a stone around his neck to ward off evil. When he was ensconced in his Iraqi palaces, he summoned up the jinn (genies) to do his bidding.

according to historian Joel a. Ruth, a Voodoo sorcerer, supplied to Clinton by the exiled-by-coup John-Bertrand aristide, once put a curse on incumbent President George W. Bush, “by manipulating a doll made in the president’ s image.”

Neither Saddam’s magic stone, a special talisman meant to keep the Grim Reaper at bay, nor the Voodoo sorcerer’ s curse against George W. worked. Saddam languishes in prison awaiting trial. Clinton, relegated to the public speaker’ s tour, was last week paid a $300,000 fee to address a business audience in Bogotá, Colombia.

The long road of destruction aristide carved through poverty-stricken Haiti was paved in part by one William Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton’ s friendship with aristide, a former Catholic priest turned Voodoo practitioner dates back to 1991 when aristide, ousted in a coup, took up residence in Washington, D.C. Joining the cocktail circuit and networking for the political aid needed to help restore his power, he soon found his way within the inner circle of the soon-to-be Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Clinton.

as time would tell, Clinton paid more than a politician’ s lip service to the practice of Voodoo.

according to the Haiti Observateur, “During a March 31, 1995 visit to Haiti under aristide’ s restored rule, Clinton took part in a Voodoo initiative ceremony intended to keep him impervious to Republican attacks and to guarantee his re-election.” (FrontPageMag.com, Feb. 20,. 2004).

No Voodoo ceremony could ward off Monica Lewinsky and the rest, as they say, is history.

His friendship with Clinton now cemented, aristide later began shipping Haitians to the U.S., many of them to Florida shores 600 miles away.

In 1998, Senator John F. Kerry followed in Clinton’ s footsteps and co-sponsored a bill that resulted in amnesty for an estimated 125,000 Haitians granted “temporary asylum” before 1996 because they were fleeing the chaos, terror and poverty inflicted on them, largely by aristide.

aristide, whose last act for Haiti was to declare Voodoo an official religion, fled the country on February 29, 2003 amid a rebellion and pressure from the U.S. and France.

Voodoo,” aristide professed in a speech to Congress attendees, “is one of the great religions in the world alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism“.

Since June 2004, a United Nations stabilization force has been in Haiti. The presence of UN “blue helmets” notwithstanding, lack of security remains the number one problem.

The interim government leading the country since aristide’ s ignominious departure has not improved the life of its citizens. Government commissions are being disbanded as quickly as they are being created and would, were it not for the tragedy, be the stuff of television sitcom comedy.

The children of Port-au-Prince continue to die of hunger. Marauding armed guards still loyal to aristide battle police and there are signs of UN corruption.

a recent spate of violence in which at least 20 people were killed, is forcing U.S. officials to consider deploying american troops to help maintain order ahead of a general election slated for the last quarter of 2005.

While aristide is living a life of a king’ s ransom in exile, most Haitians are subsisting on less than a dollar a day.

Meanwhile, it will take more than black magic to clean the slate of Bill Clinton in a country whose mantra is “Haiti is cursed”.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: judi@canadafreepress.com


Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret

One lesson he took from Haiti, he wrote: “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Yes, the Lord does work in mysterious ways Bill, and I don’t think a voodoo ceremony is going to save you now.

This was potentially the early stages of the Clintons intrigue into the world of voodoo, and they returned several times to Haiti for voodoo ceremonies (and black magic) to assist with Bill’s elections. This may sound like a contrived story, but this has been confirmed by Haitian officials and priests, in addition to my source, a native of Haiti. It is important to understand that surveys have put the number of voodoo adherents in Haiti as high as 85 percent, even among the educated classes, and Houngans (a voodoo priest) are even more important in the Haitian capital than psychiatrists are in Washington, D.C.

The stories that follow were reported in the Haïti Observateur, but were kept from mainstream news in the U.S.. There were a handful of local sources in the U.S. that picked up the story over time. However, there are some interesting details that were not reported, and an event that followed that has not been reported on.

Excerpts from WND’s report covering the Haiti Observateur from 1998:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — In this land where witch doctors carry more clout than conventional PhDs or professional campaign advisers, the average citizen has been provided a mind-boggling explanation for why Bill Clinton so handily beat President George H. W. Bush in 1992, triumphed to re-election easily in 1996 and is now facing impeachment.

Acting on the advice of a “houngan” or sorcerer, supplied by then-exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Clinton did not change his underwear the last week of the 1992 campaign, voodoo practitioners say.

The same houngan also cast a “malediction” on President Bush by manipulating a doll made in the president’s image, goes the story. The torment climaxed when the houngan caused Bush’s projectile vomit into the lap of the Japanese prime minister as the world press looked on, disgracing him with the public.

Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, who was a priest in Aristide’s entourage, claimed that Aristide had developed a powerful grip on Clinton’s psyche through the power of voodoo.

Former President George H. W. Bush under a spell of nausea, vomits on Prime Minister of Japan:

But it didn’t end there, as WND continued:

Both Haitian officials and the Haiti Observateur stated that Clinton reaffirmed his faith in voodoo during his March 31, 1995 visit to the island. The official purpose of the visit as told by the American media was to celebrate Haiti’s supposed “return to democracy. ” However, the Haitian press had a much different story. The headlines of the March 29, 1995 issue of the Haiti Observateur read: “CLINTON ASSISTERA A UNE CEREMONIE VAUDOU EN HAITI” (Clinton to assist in a voodoo ceremony in Haiti). The story, confirmed by Haitian officials, stated that initiating Clinton under the power of voodoo had two purposes to render him impervious to the attacks of his Republican enemies in Washington, and to guarantee his re-election. While the initiation could protect Clinton from his political enemies, they say, it could not protect him from himself.

The ceremony was said to have been hidden within a public event touted as a dedication of a monument to Haiti’s boat people. The focal point was a “magic well” concealed inside a sculptor’s rendition of a brick and concrete boat which was hurriedly constructed for the event in the vicinity of Aristide’s residence at Tabarre.

It should be noted that Aristide, a de-frocked priest, earlier in 1995 had renounced the Catholic Church and said he was returning to the voodoo faith of his ancestors. In July of the same year, he held a large voodoo congress at the National Palace attended by over 300 leading houngans and “bocors” (black magicians — including leaders of the dreaded Bizango Cult,” which practices zombification and human sacrifice). Upon addressing the first voodoo congress, Aristide proclaimed voodoo to be one of the great religions of the world alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism and also announced funding for a national voodoo temple. Both Aristide’s renunciation of the Catholic Church and his voodoo congress, while widely publicized in the Haitian press, were completely suppressed in the American news media.

In the days leading up to Clinton’s visit, according to sources in Haiti, many occult preparations took place. These were intended not only to grant Clinton the power to overcome the challenges facing his presidency and defeat the Whitewater investigations, but also to give Aristide the power to continue to control Clinton.

One account that circulated in Port-au-Prince is that when Aristide dedicated the “secret well” before Clinton’s visit that he “shed the blood of a newborn infant in gratitude to the gods whom he believes allowed his return to power.”

To maximize the occult forces at work, even the date chosen for Clinton’s visit — March 31 — was part of an elaborate ritual. The digits are the reverse of “13,” which the voodoo calendar considers the most propitious date for casting spells. Thus, the voodoo practitioners say, while Clinton believed that he was coming to the well at Tabarre to sell his soul to Lucifer for power and protection through the initiation of voodoo, he was also the victim of a classic Haitian double-cross.

An Interesting Find:

I found the footage from the “return to democracy” event Bill Clinton presented at in Haiti on March 31st in 1995. There was something very ironic I caught when watching this. Bill’s introduction was at exactly 13:33. He immediately proceeded with his (deceitful) speech which carried on right up to exactly 30:31 when he said “merci and thank you”, yet there was a strange glitch right at 30:30 as though it was intentionally cut short by a couple seconds in order to meet the 30:31 mark. Sounds a bit strange, but consider the source. This footage is from the official public record produced by the White House Television (WHTV) crew, provided by the Clinton Presidential Library. That being said, it sure seems like these time markers and the length of the speech was very intentional and so important that they felt the need to alter it by a couple seconds.

What is not told in this story are the details of the black magic ceremony that followed in 1996. Shhh, it’s a secret.

First, I want to explain the difference between Haitian voodoo and black magic. Animals are sometimes sacrificed in Haitian voodoo. A variety of animals are sacrificed, such as pigs, goats, chickens, and bulls. The intent and emphasis of sacrifice is not upon the death of the animal, it is upon the transfusion of its life to the loa; for the understanding is that flesh and blood are of the essence of life and vigor, and these will restore the divine energy of the god,” stated Maya Deren in her book Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti. Sexual acts are a big part of both voodoo and black magic. My source describes black magic ceremonies to be of a very different nature that involves darker aspects of sexual acts prior to rituals and oftentimes babies are sacrificed, their bodies are devoured and blood drank. I asked what happens to their bones, and my source told me they grind them up so nothing is left behind. Yes, I said babies.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide has a background in both voodoo and black magic. Born to peasants in the southern town of Port Salut, Aristide saw violence at an early age. When he was very young, his father was lynched after he was accused of using black magic to commit evil acts. Aristide and the Clintons have quite an extensive history together filled with corruption, deceit and a Coup d’état which I am not going to get into here.

In 1996 Hillary Clinton traveled to Haiti alone to engage in a black magic ceremony to ensure Bill Clinton’s election for his second term as President. My source tells me:

The ceremony orchestrated by Aristide for Bill Clinton’s re-election was done in Tabarre where Aristide resides with the help of black magic priest Wilthan Lherisson. As customary in black magic ceremonies, sexual acts and orgies are part of the ritual, and during that ceremony Hillary had sex with Aristide! Oftentimes these sexual acts lead up to the sacrifice of a baby. In this particular ceremony, I am told a baby was not believed to have been sacrificed. This was not a voodoo ceremony, as the center of the universe for Voodoo is at “Ville Okan” in the NW part of Haiti, near the city of Port de Paix where Aristide is not welcome. This was a black magic ceremony and the Clintons have had powerful black magic priests working for them in Haiti for quite some time.

I want to emphasize that last sentence: The Clinton’s have powerful black magic priests working for them in Haiti. Whether you believe in black magic or not, is irrelevant. It is very real to these people, and their soulless vessels work overtime to achieve all that they desire at the expense of others, including human lives. This in itself offers insight as to how their minds operate and how their psyche works. These are true stories, beginning with the one told by Bill Clinton himself “…and the virtually universal belief that there is a nonphysical spirit force at work in the world.” And his belief that this ceremony played a role in his election as Attorney General of AR further shows this is a path the Clintons have been on for quite some time.

The Clintons’ hands are in everything. They are at the very center of the corrupt power structure. Their thirst for power is insatiable, and they invoke black magic to achieve their desires. Is it any wonder as to why our government agencies and officials are petrified to flip on this soulless duo? Do they fear their names may be added to the Clinton death count, or do they fear a black magic spell will strike them down? Whereas a baby was not sacrificed in this particular ceremony Hillary engaged in, she fully understands the nature of black magic ceremonies and is complicit in the sacrifice of babies. If Hillary is okay with sacrificing babies, what would stop her from sacrificing adults? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sit with that for a moment.

I myself believe in the power of our thoughts, intentions, and light source that we project out to the world. No matter how dark or how evil the Clintons and their affiliates are, they will never strike through those that hold the power of light – even with the use of their dark magic. And in their murky shadow lies the truth we will all continue to expose so as to see them put down in the darkest corner of the world where they belong. GITMO has a cell with their name on it, and is gathering dust as we all eagerly await their arrival.acer

video image 4472:55

Correspondence, Checks, Money Orders: Shellie Wyatt P.O. Box 80844 Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
2 years, 1 month ago


How does it work?

Haitian Zombie Powder – Zombie Powder | HowStuffWorks

Haitian Zombie Powder
A puffer fish, an ingredient in zombie powder.
A puffer fish, an ingredient in zombie powder.

Davis traveled to Haiti at the request of Dr. Nathan S. Kline, who theorized that a drug was responsible for Narcisse’s experiences as a zombie. Since such a drug could have medical uses, particularly in the field of anesthesiology, Kline hoped to gather samples, analyze them and determine how they worked.

Davis learned that Haitians who believed in zombies believed that a bokor‘s sorcerynot a poison or a drug — created them. According to local lore, a bokor captures a victim’s ti bon ange, or the part of the soul directly connected to an individual, to create a zombie. But during his research, Davis discovered that the bokor used complex powders, made from dried and ground plants and animals, in their rituals.

Davis collected eight samples of this zombie powder in four regions of Haiti. Their ingredients were not identical, but seven of the eight samples had four ingredients in common:

  • One or more species of puffer fish, which often contain a deadly neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin
  • marine toad (Bufo marinus), which produces numerous toxic substances
  • hyla tree frog (Osteopilus dominicensis), which secretes an irritating (but not deadly) substance
  • Human remains

In addition, the powders contained other plant and animal ingredients, like lizards and spiders, which would be likely to irritate the skin. Some even included ground glass.

The use of puffer fish intrigued Davis. Tetrodotoxin causes paralysis and death, and victims of tetrodotoxin poisoning often remain conscious until just before death. The paralysis prevents them from reacting to stimulimuch like what Clairvius Narcisse described about his own death. Doctors have also documented cases in which people ingested tetrodotoxin and appeared dead but eventually made a complete recovery.

Davis theorized that the powder, applied topically, created irritation and breaks in the victim’s skin. The tetrodotoxin could then pass into the bloodstream, paralyzing the victim and causing him to appear dead. The family would bury the victim, and the bokor would remove the body from the grave. If all had gone well, the poison would wear off and the victim would believe himself to be a zombie.

While Davis’s theory is promising, it does have some holes. Next, we’ll look at the controversy surrounding Davis’s research.

Investigating the Haitian Zombie (Part 3/6)

Investigating the Haitian Zombie (Part 6/6) – YouTube  

WHAT IF the 2010 Haiti Earthquake was a Prelude to CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse Warning for 2012?!!

A really BIG what if…it’s sounds cookoo stoned but hear me out:

The earthquake was pre-planned (January 2010) to bring the country to ruins. A slew of celebrities, (like Haiti’s ambassador-at-large Sean Penn for one) and political figures helped to raise tens of millions of dollars, but the money was used for some sinister agenda. With Haiti known for its voodoo religion, most involving zombies and cannibalism, what if an elitist group was sent down there to learn about the rituals to conjure up a zombie-like state to people here in the US? What if they invested in mass producing a poisonous substance, similar to what you’re about to read below, with the enslaved help of the survivors?

WOAH I know it sounds WILD but think about the timeline. A year after the quake, nothing much has changed. There are camps set up all over the country where the survivors have lived but why are they still there now? There was the cholera outbreak that further made things worse, sickening some of the survivors to death. Then comes the CDC Zombie Apocalypse campaign in Summer 2011, foreshadowing of the season and of what’s to come for 2012!!

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

CDC BLOG POST- Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

TWO & A HALF YEARS LATER…and what damned?!

By the way, it’s not real ZOMBIES we’re dealing with, it’s the people who are being ZOMBIFIED by a yet unknown substance (NOT bath salts, let’s get that straight!).

I’m sure some of us has figured out by now that random people are being picked and experimented on as guinea pigs with this concoction. Whether it’s being ingested, injected, inhaled or applied topically has yet to be determined. You really have to wonder if this is the TRUTH.

I’ve had a number of dreams in the past few months that possibly hinted at this incoming zombie craze but more so, where it all derived from. I dreamed about Florida and Jamaica specifically…a song about Bob Marley with the lines “Who’s that Brown? Some may, I say, call me Charlie, The word is the herb and I’m deep like Bob Marley”. This was from Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest that came out in the 80s. This connects to Nicki Minaj’s satanic Roman Holiday Grammy performance where she growls and imitates the exact line from the Scenario song: “…like a Dungeon Dragon”. If I had to sum up every dream I’ve had in the past six months, I would say it was leading up to the rise of the Antichrist, the bottomless pit of demon spirits about to be opened and a possible pandemic that will soon erupt out of nowhere, with an environmental cause.

My eyes were about to fall out of my head after reading the blog post below! It’s based on the book Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie by Wade Davis, a Harvard anthropologist/ethnobotanist who also wrote The Serpent and the Rainbow.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

He also wrote about the “zombie cucumber” aka Datura stramonium, which I posted about in this thread:

Thread: Botticelli’s VENUS/”High” MARS – Redheads/Rh Negative Blood – BRAVE’s Merida [UPDATE: A change for Merida causes UPROAR!]

and I felt was depicted in the garden of flowers in the Denver Airport apocalyptic murals:

Thread: BEFORE: London Olympics Ceremony – AFTER: Denver Airport Murals Scenario ?! [UPDATE: Kate Middleton’s Due Date – ONE YEAR LATER 7/27/13 ?!]

An intro to Wade Davis…

Trailer & IMDB page for The Serpent and the Rainbow:

[link to www.imdb.com]

Here’s just a snippet but seriously, it must be read in its entirety!

Both the ingredients and the procedure become extremely important in understanding where the folk beliefs come from as well as the science of zombie making. Although the number and types of ingredients vary from region to region, all preparation for zombie powder seem to include at least one or more species of puffer fish, the large buga toad, the hyla tree frog, ground human remains, and several plants that are capable of irritating the human skin.[22] For instance, the preparation at Valley of Léogane, about 40km west of Port-au-Prince, included human cadavers, a mixture of centipedes, tarantulas and lizards as well as tree frogs two species of puffer fish.[23] The one prepared at Gonaïves, over 100km north of Port-au-Prince, had three stages to the preparation, taking about an entire week to complete the poison. In the first degree of preparation, again, are included a toad and a snake being sealed in a jar. About twenty grams of ground centipedes and two whole tarantulas are mixed with some plants similar to the ones we have listed above. Once they are ground to a powder, they are placed in a jar and buried underground for two days. In the second degree, two more plants locally known as tremblador and desmembres are added, and in the final degree, four more plants capable of causing severe topical irritation are mixed as well as a number of animals, such as ground two species of tarantulas with the skins of the white tree frog in addition to buga toad and a puffer fish.[24] This also somewhat explains the popular belief supported by the account frequently reported why zombies are sometimes seen to “vomit up a number of leaves, or small lizards or a large centipede” which is said to be a sign of illness.[25]

Having administered the poison on the intended victim by either topically applying it on the victim’s skin or by spreading it in the form of a cross on the threshold of the doorway or inside the victim’s shoes, the victim is said to die usually within the next six hours.[26] The Haitians hastily bury their dead to avoid the pungent smell of death in such a warm, tropical climate.[27] This may perhaps explain one of the reasons why zombies are more effectively made during the summer. On the same day at night, the bokor will come to the grave of the buried victim, calling by his name. Then the victim is said to come back to life as a zombie. When the zombie comes out of the ground, it is beaten severely, and “force-fed a paste made up of thee constituents: sweet potato, cane syrup, and concombre zombi.”[28] Concombre zombi, or zombi’s cucumber, is a plant called DaturaEmoji Shocked GIFs | Tenor stramonium, which, containing atropine and scopolamine, can hence induce a state of psychotic delirium marked by disorientation, acute confusion and complete amnesia, as well as agitation, hallucination and rambling speech in the patient. This hallucinogenic paste is applied to the zombie again in the morning after the resurrection, when it reaches its place of confinement.[29] Why is this necessary? After all, a zombie has been successfully made upon its rising from the ground. This beating and ingestion of the paste is what may be termed as an initiation, a baptism for zombies.
[link to isseicreekphilosophy.wordpress.com]


Through the years, researchers and anthropologists have occasionally tried to research the Haitian voudou belief in zombies. In 1937, the author Zora Neale Hurston traveled to Haiti to research Haitian customs for her book Tell My Horse.

In a 1943 interview, Hurston was asked to define exactly what a zombie was. Her reply:

A zombie is supposed to be the living dead: people who die and are resurrected, but without their souls. They can take orders, and they’re supposed to never be tired, and to do what the master says.”

One of the most famous studies of Haitian zombies was ethnobotanist Wade Davis’ 1985 book The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Societies of Haitian Voodoo, Zombies, and Magic. The highly controversial book sought to discover how zombies were created. Wade studied the case of Clairvius Narcisse a man believed to have been turned into an actual zombie through a combination of drugs (including puffer fish venom and toad venom) in order to mimic death and then given the hallucinogenic drug tetrodotoxin to keep him in a zombie-like state.

Davis’ research created a huge stir upon publication, with other researchers claiming his methodology was unscientific and that they couldn’t find evidence of the hallucinogens upon testing his samples.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is among the organizations that have sought to capitalize on the American appetite for all things zombie. In 2012, the CDC raised some eyebrows when it unveiled a page on its website devoted to “zombie preparedness.”

On the page, the CDC’s director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, Dr. Ali Khan, notes, “If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.”


CDC outlines zombie apocalypse plan

Residents told they can prepare for an onslaught of ravenous monsters in the same way they would for a hurricane or pandemic

May 19, 2011

Could the zombie apocalypse be approaching? The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention has issued guidance in the event of a zombie outbreak in the United States.

In a Monday blog posting, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,” Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan writes, “There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for.

AP Photo/Chris Nakashima-Brown

“Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.”

“In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way,” he wrote. “The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder ‘How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?'”

Radiation leaks
CDC spokesman Dave Daigle told Fox News that the idea behind the campaign stemmed from an inquiry they received in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and whether zombies would be a concern following radiation leaks.


Lead article image

U.S. military actually made a zombie apocalypse training manual

Yes, really.


Lewis Parker

Internet Culture

Posted on May 14, 2014   Updated on May 31, 2021, 7:44 am CDT

If the U.S. is ever attacked by evil magic zombies, or even the relatively tame creature that is a chicken zombie, rest assured that the Department of Defense has it covered.

Seriously, a document has apparently been unearthed by Foreign Policy magazine that appears to show either the incredible level of preparedness of the U.S. national security community, or it demonstrates how the people tasked with keeping the nation safe are insane.

The zombie attack training manual, “CONOP 8888,” or “Counter Zombie Dominance,” is dated April 2011, and was supposedly found buried on a secret military computer. It tells military planners how to defeat an invasion of flesh eaters, and how to preserve the sanctity of “non-zombie life.” From magic zombies to chicken zombies, even vegetarian zombies, they’re all in the file, with a plan for how to take them out.

“Zombies pose a threat to all non-zombie human life,” says CONOP8888. “[Strategic Command] will be prepared to preserve the sanctity of human life and conduct operations in support of any human population—including traditional adversaries.”

While the manual says in its disclaimer that “this plan was not acutally designed as a joke,” it still kind of is. What the intelligence community has done here is use “zombie” as a kind of codeword for “enemy,” so as not to look like the Pentagon is planning for an invasion of a particular country, religion, or plague.

To prepare for all possible situations, it says, “We elected to use a completely-impossible scenario that could never be mistaken for a real plan.”

All of which begs the question, of course, if zombies are being used as metaphors for real threats, what the hell are “Vegetarian zombies” doing in there?

Chicken zombies could, of course, mean avian bird flu, and evil magic zombies could easily be a thinly veiled reference to Al’ Qaeda or some other real enemy. But there can be no such thing as a vegetarian zombie. And second, what threat do vegetarians pose, either in this universe or the one inhabited by the person who wrote this manual?

In fact, according to the military zombie survival guide, vegetarian zombies “pose no direct threat to humans because they only eat plant life,” which makes makes total sense.

Perhaps most remarkable about Counter Zombie Dominance manual is that former Vice President Dick Cheney doesn’t appear once. Not once. Or is he the Evil Magic Zombie? AAAARGH!

Read the full zombie apocalypse training manual:  CONPLAN 8888


Spike in gun sales attributed to ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

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SEATTLE — Gun sales are booming, and the federal government is warning people to prepare themselves for a “zombie apocalypse.”

Yes, you read that right. The living dead who populate B-movies and television shows are spurring gun sales and a tongue-in-cheek website from a group not normally known for having a great sense of humor — the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC’s new blog, titled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,” is telling people that if they’re ready for zombies, they’ll also be prepared for hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters that are more likely to hit.

Business has been brisk at Wade’s Gun Shop in Bellevue. In fact, nationwide gun sales on Black Friday — measured by more than 154,000 background checks — was record breaking.

“It was the largest number of background checks in a single day,” said Dave Workman of the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

The volume of background checks actually shut down the FBI’s system twice. Of course, those record sales aren’t entirely due to the zombie craze, but Workman said it played a role.

“That’s the zombie phenomenon,” he said. “It has ignited a whole new generation of shooters out there.”

Like gun shops throughout the country, Wade’s carries special green-tipped zombie ammunition.

“Well, they have to be shot in the brain. I believe that’s why they separated this out,” said John Clarke of Wade’s Gun Shop.

The shop also sells zombie-specific targets and special zombie guns.

“Put the zombie labeling on it to make it a little more appropriate for shooting zombies,” Clarke said.

Zombie training has become so popular that there are even gun clubs that run zombie-shooting matches.


FEMA warns of impending ‘zombie apocalypse’

Agnecy is using the threat of zombies to encourage better disaster management and preparedness

Sep 7, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is asking the public to start preparing for a zombie apocalypse in an effort to encourage better preparedness for real disasters.

With Halloween coming up, FEMA hosted an online seminar for its Citizen Corps organization to assist emergency planners in preparing their communities for possible disasters, according to the Associated Press.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention launched a social media campaign incorporating zombie attacks last year to encourage disaster preparation also.

Image Center for Disease Control and Prevention As part of a public health campaign, the US government is asking its citizens to prepare for zombie attacks to encourage disaster preparedness.
Image Center for Disease Control and Prevention
As part of a public health campaign, the US government is asking its citizens to prepare for zombie attacks to encourage disaster preparedness.

In the same vein as the popular 2009 zombie movie “Zombieland,” some government suggestions followed closely with the film’s 33 rules for dealing with a zombie apocalypse, including carrying a change of unde


CDC Warns Public to Prepare for ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

Are you prepared for the impending zombie invasion?

That’s the question posed by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention in a Monday blog posting gruesomely titled, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.” And while it’s no joke, CDC officials say it’s all about emergency preparation.

“There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for,” the posting reads. “Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.”

The post, written by Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan, instructs readers how to prepare for “flesh-eating zombies” much like how they appeared in Hollywood hits like “Night of the Living Dead” and video games like Resident Evil. Perhaps surprisingly, the same steps you’d take in preparation for an onslaught of ravenous monsters are similar to those suggested in advance of a hurricane or pandemic.

“First of all, you should have an emergency kit in your house,” the posting continues. “This includes things like water, food, and other supplies to get you through the first couple of days before you can locate a zombie-free refugee camp (or in the event of a natural disaster, it will buy you some time until you are able to make your way to an evacuation shelter or utility lines are restored).”

Other items to be stashed in such a kit include medications, duct tape, a battery-powered radio, clothes, copies of important documents and first aid supplies.

“Once you’ve made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan,” the posting continues. “This includes where you would go and who you would call if zombies started appearing outside your doorstep. You can also implement this plan if there is a flood, earthquake or other emergency.”

The idea behind the campaign stemmed from concerns of radiation fears following the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan in March. CDC spokesman Dave Daigle told FoxNews.com that someone had asked CDC officials if zombies would be a concern due to radiation fears in Japan and traffic spiked following that mention.

“It’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek campaign,” Daigle said Wednesday. “We were talking about hurricane preparedness and someone bemoaned that we kept putting out the same messages.”

While metrics for the post are not yet available, Daigle said it has become the most popular CDC blog entry in just two days.

“People are so tuned into zombies,” he said. “People are really dialed in on zombies. The idea is we’re reaching an audience or a segment we’d never reach with typical messages.”


Beware of Burundanga on Business Cards-Truth! & Unverified!

Summary of eRumor:
A viral warning claims that a drug called burundanga on a business card poisoned a woman and advises people to beware of what has become known as “the zombie drug.”
The Truth:
Burundanga is a real drug, but a story about a woman poisoned by burundanga on a business card that has been circulating the web for years is unverified.
First, let’s start with what’s true about this viral email warning.
Burundanga is derived from trees that grow in the jungles of South America. It’s also called Devil’s Breath, scopolamine or simply “the zombie drug.” It has been used in the medical community to prevent vomiting and motion sickness, but it has become known as the world’s scariest drug in the underworld drug trade.
In a Vice documentary, a drug dealer in Columbia described how burundanga could be blown into someone’s face and within minutes, “you can guide them wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child.” That’s because the zombie drug blocks the brain’s ability to form memories and strips its victims of free will and reason for days at a time.
Reports of burundanga poisoning aren’t uncommon in South America. Criminals often use the drugs to sexually assault or rob their victims. The South American publication El Mundo reported in 2013 that a criminal group had used handwritten notes laced with burundanga to poison four victims — which sounds a lot like burundanga on a business card email warning.

We can confirm that burundaga is a real drug used by criminals to leave their victims in a zombie-like trance for days, but we have not been able to verify the specific account of burundanga on a business card poisoning a woman.

burundanga. (Cuba) 1 (objeto sin valor) piece of junk. es burundanga it’s just a piece of junk; de burundanga worthless. 2 (lío) mess; mix-up.

la burundanga  14

It is the popular name of a concoction of Afro-Cuban origin whose meaning is confusion or useless thing. Also are you called burundanga or scopolamine to a drug highly toxic that causes amnesia partial, vision blurred and dryness in the mouth. You say the drug of them violations because overrides the will of the people that it ingest, taking advantage of is of them victims.  Source

Scopolamine or burundanga, the drug that cancels your will

It is true that she also has some medical applications. Clinically, it is used to treat kinetic disease, an uncontrollable tremor derived from multiple sclerosis. In addition to being used as antispasmodic, anti-parkinsonian and local analgesic.

“Drugs are enemies of the future and hope, when we fight against them, we fight for the future”.  -Bob Riley-

The name Burundanga has a Caribbean and Colombian origin. Currently, it refers to a beverage that is used for criminal purposes. However, we know that this word is a derivative of “morondanga”, which comes in turn from “morondo”, meaning “bald or shorn”. The Latin root is “mundus”, which means “clean” and the suffix “anga” is pejorative. Thus, etymologically, Burundanga would like to say something like “leaving the mind clear or empty”.

The origin of burundanga or scopolamine

The scopolamine or burundanga is actually extracted from several plants, almost all Solanaceae. There are references to the use of this psychoactive, since the Middle Ages. We know that it was used as a love filter and during interrogations. It was associated with the “mandrake”, a plant that was very popular with wizards.


Burundanga: what does it do to the body?

We know the effects that some types of drugs cause in our body, but have you ever heard of burundanga?

The burundanga, known in scientific jargon as scopolamine,  has among its most common effects the ability to override the will of those who consume and lack of memories after poisoning. In addition, it is difficult to detect because the body metabolizes and expels the substance without leaving a trace within a few hours after being ingested.

The burundanga is a drug type that generate certain plant species after making your metabolic process. This substance has hallucinogenic effects and causes symptoms such as sleepiness, submission, hypertension and even in large doses, respiratory and cardiac deficiencies.

One of the characteristics of the burundanga is the speed with which it acts. This is due to the fact that, when ingested —be it orally, respiratory or cutaneously—, it has a great facility to cross the protective barrier —blood-brain barrier— between the blood vessels of the brain and the cerebral tissues. It is your gateway to the brain, and therefore takes control of the central and peripheral nervous system.

How does this drug affect the nervous system?

The central nervous system performs conscious and unconscious functions. The burundanga affects conscious operations such as formation of thoughts or memories. Likewise, it also influences reflex acts: in this sense we speak of sleep and the activity of some organs such as the heart.

With regard to the peripheral system, burundanga affects, among others, the control of respiration, digestion and saliva production. Not forgetting voluntary movements, including the defense response to a dangerous situation.

How does burundanga work in the brain?

When burundanga is activated, its first objective is to cause a malfunction in neurotransmitters , such as serotonin. These chemical compounds are responsible for generating the connections that are made in our brain , they create links between neurons to understand the reality that surrounds us. In addition to suppressing the production of neurotransmitters, it also blocks them, so the will of the person is overridden.

This process is also responsible for effects such as drowsiness, semi-consciousness, and amnesia.

On the other hand, being under the effects of burundanga, its regulatory functions, which we carry out automatically, are also conditioned. One of the most serious repercussions is that the heart stops working normally, causing, among other disorders, arrhythmias or ventricular fibrillation.

What effects does it have on the rest of the body?

The brain is the main control organ, from it the orders come out so that our organism works correctly. As its functioning is not adequate, the peripheral nervous system also suffers.

In this regard, one of the most serious disorders affects the pulmonary system , which in the event of poor coordination can lead to respiratory arrest if the amount of burundanga consumed is very high.

It also causes the inability to make complex decisions such as running or defending, since the peripheral system does not know how to react to the incorrect interpretation of the brain to the stimuli that come from outside.

The burundanga remains in the blood approximately 15-30 minutes after being consumed and its trace in the urine  disappears in about 12 hours , so it is very difficult to detect. Although it can be administered orally or through the skin, its action is faster when inhaled.

These characteristics make burundanga a dangerous drug both due to the cancellation of the will of the person who is intoxicated and because of its complexity to be detected. In addition, the amnesia and the confusion that it produces makes it difficult to remember who has consumed it if they have been under its effects or not.


Scientist Predicts Real Zombie Apocalypse Coming Soon

We define a zombie as an entity that is fully or partially under the control of another entity. This includes host-parasite interactions, autonomous technology, and coercion/control in human interactions. These dynamics – where one entity controls another – can lead to unanticipated biological, technological and social consequences.”

In a recent interview with AFP, Dr. Aktipis identifies a single-celled parasite that infects around 40 million Americans and has been known to affect human behavior by infecting the brain in areas that control risk-taking and aggression – two traits of zombies. Aktipis is so concerned about a zombie apocalypse and how to treat victims that she held the first Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance (ZAMA) in 2018 and has another scheduled in 2020. Yes, she’s serious.

“The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance (ZAMA) is committed to providing a positive and respectful environment for humans, zombies and all other monsters. This means creating and maintaining an environment at the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (ZAMM) that is free of coercion, discrimination, cannibalism, harassment and any other non-consensual zombification dynamics.”

woman 702012 640 640x368
How about a little respect?

Aktipis wants us to ignore the gory, brain-eating, entertaining aspects of movie and TV zombies and focus on the fact that ants can be turned into zombies by a parasitic fungus, wasps can be turned into zombies by parasitic wasps and we humans don’t have any real protection from similar zombie parasites already in our bodies … or waiting to creep in when we least expect them to. For example, Toxoplasma gondii – the single-cell parasite living in 40 million Americansgets into the system via undercooked meat and dirty litter boxes. (I’ll never look at an Internet kitten pic the same way again.)

Living parasites aren’t the only cause of human zombies. Aktipis also warns that a person can be controlled that which seems to be the cause of all of our problemsthe media and its main delivery mechanism, the smartphone. The focus of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance preventing all forms of control by outside forces through various medical and psychological means.

Zombie Apocalypse Medicine (ZAM) is a theoretically grounded approach to understanding and treating disease in extreme conditions. These conditions include post-disaster environments, challenging ecological settings such as high altitude and extreme cold, social conditions characterized by mind control and manipulation and scenarios characterized by highly contagious infectious disease. ZAM employs theoretical frameworks including genetic conflict theory, game theory, evolutionary theory, and adaptationism in order to understand how humans and other species have evolved to counter both the physical challenges of apocalyptic conditions and psychological challenges of zombie mind control.

While all of that sounds sophisticated and futuristic, Aktipis warns that disasters, highly contagious infections and mind control are already here and can easily reach zombification levels. That’s why she created the Zombified podcast.

Have you been zombifiedIs something taking over your brain? Zombified is a new podcast about how we are vulnerable to being hijacked by things that are not us. From microbes hijacking behavior, to humans influencing each other, to our brains being taken over by social media, we talk about why zombification happens, why we are susceptible to it, and what we can do about it. “

Like a good Scout, she gave AFP some other cheap and easy ways to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

She recommends keeping a go-bag of vital supplies like first aid kits, duct tape that can be used to fashion a shoe or a weapon, and whiskey to sterilize water and wounds (or drink if things get really bad).”

Duct tape and whiskey – the universal tool and medication. We shouldn’t be surprised if aliens visiting Earth are carrying them too.


No More A Sci-Fi Movie, But Reality: A Zombie Apocalypse IS Scientifically Possible

For many years now, Hollywood has amplified the idea of a zombie apocalypse for a long time, and the stories have grown increasingly popular in pop culture, particularly due to TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Resident Evil and World War Z. And so far we all have been watching it and considered it to be only entertainment. But few people know that it is in fact possible, that it could happen in reality. In May 2011 Although it may seem unbelievable, and this was not a satire piece or a joke. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control, which has been deeply engaged in the fictions of Swine Flu and other so-called “pandemics,” did publicly send a warning to all Americans to at least be prepared for a zombie apocalypse possibility. In a May 16th blog entry on the CDC.gov website you could read, the CDC’s zombie apocalypse article is, of course, an alternative effort to reach a younger crowd by appealing to mainstream youth interests which now include anything having to do with vampires and zombies. The article actually offers a useful but rudimentary set of preparedness tips that include gathering up emergency medicine supplies, food, water and tools. And its real. Recently Red Orbit website reached out to a couple of microbiologists to weigh in on the subject of a “what-if” zombie virus in a real-world science-driven scenario. The scientists were asked to dream up a scenario in which a zombie virus could become reality, and if we take Hollywood out of the picture and instead use what they know about microbiology. Interestingly, both scientists had the same answer for a source: Rabies.

“I think that the Zombie Virus already exists: Rabies. Infection is nearly 100 percent lethal, i.e. it turns you into the walking dead for a while at least, and it causes you to change your behavior by reprogramming you to bite other people to spread the infection. Now if only it kept the corpse walking around,” Jonathan D. Dinman, PhD, Professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland, say: “Essentially, the rabies virus would need to be slightly altered, or would have to evolve, in a way to keep people kicking and screaming for their next victim rather than killing them off just a few days after symptoms occur.” People really should avert their gaze from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and also look at how folks 150 years ago did it. Rabies has to incubate inside the body before showing signs of infection, which includes anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, paralysis, agitation, hypersalivation, difficulty swallowing and hydrophobia — fear of water. This incubation period can last anywhere from 10 days to a year, meaning a “zombie virus outbreak” may look a little slower and less “viral” than movies tend to portray. https://youtu.be/yAXoFIWpVo0 “When we think of rabies, we think of dogs with foaming mouths but this virus is actually the most likely to mutate into something that would be similar to a ‘zombie virus’,” Dr. Samantha Price, an HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist and Research Information Co-ordinator for the UK MND Association, say: “The common symptoms of rabies are dislike of ‘bright lights’ and a fear of water. When you think of the film ‘I am Legend’ the zombie-like creatures here dislike both of these things. Rabies is also transmitted via bodily fluids, bites etc and due to the virus making the individual increasingly aggressive the symptoms of rabies seem to be more alike to a Hollywood zombie than you probably previously thought,” said Dr Price. “Rabies is, however, highly fatal so the virus would need to mutate in a way that would make it less fatalso that it could cause a ‘zombie-like’ outbreak.” Brain Parasites Parasites that turn victims into mindless, zombie-like slaves are fairly common in nature. There’s one called toxoplasmosa gondii that seems to devote its entire existence to being terrifying. This bug infects rats, but can only breed inside the intestines of a cat. The parasite knows it needs to get the rat inside the cat (yes, we realize this sounds like the beginning of the most fucked-up Dr. Seuss poem ever) so the parasite takes over the rat’s freaking brain, and intentionally makes it scurry toward where the cats hang out. The rat is being programmed to get itself eaten, and it doesn’t even know.
There are certain kinds of poisons that slow your bodily functions to the point that you’ll be considered dead, even to a doctor (okay, maybe not to a good doctor). The poison from fugu (Japanese blowfish) can do this. The victims can then be brought back under the effects of a drug like datura stramonium (or other chemicals called alkaloids) that leave them in a trance-like state with no memory, but still able to perform simple tasks like eating, sleeping, moaning and shambling around with their arms outstretched. Another very threatening disease is the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Just check out the symptoms: Changes in gait (walking) Hallucinations Lack of coordination (for example, stumbling and falling) Muscle twitching Myoclonic jerks or seizures Rapidly developing delirium or dementia Yes, the disease is rare (though maybe not as rare as we think) and the afflicted aren’t known to chase after people in murderous mobs. Yet. But, it proves widespread brain infections of the Rage variety are just a matter of waiting for the right disease to come along. If the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease would mutate anything could happen. If the whole sudden, mindless violence idea seems far-fetched, remember that you are just one brain chemical (serotonin) away from turning into a mindless killing machine (they’ve tested it by putting rats in Deathmatch-style cages and watching them turn on each other). All it would take is a disease that destroys the brain’s ability to absorb that one chemical and suddenly it’s a real-world 28 Days Later.  (And you had better believe that they are working on it!!)

Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?

Before they appeared in movies, zombies played an important role in voodoo (or vodoun) culture in West Africa and Haiti. The word probably comes from nzambi, which roughly translates to, “spirit of a dead person.” Zombies are humans without a soul. In the early 1980s, ethnobotanist Wade Davis proposed that zombies were more than mere witchcraft and folklore, and that zombie powder found in Haitian ceremonies might be derived from tetrodotoxin, a powerful neurotoxin that blocks nerve channels. Davis drew his hypothesis partially from real-world examples such as the female jewel wasp (pictured), which injects its tetrodotoxin into a cockroach’s brain, shutting down the roach’s fight-or-flight response. The wasp then leads the drugged bug into its burrow, lays its eggs upon the cockroach’s abdomen and, eight days later, the larvae hatch and feed upon the roach, burrowing into its innards. The cockroach is alive throughout and under the wasp’s control. Also, I highly recommend this book to everyone. 300 pages, color, paperback. The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects. A great gift for the coming holidays to help people prepare.

Mice were turned into Walking Dead -style zombie killers by turning on a light that activated specific brain cells associated with hunting, scientists have revealed.
The scientists, from Yale University in the US and other institutions in China and Brazil, managed to turn them into killing machines using a technique called optogenetics. This allowed them to activate specific brain cells using a laser.

Lead investigator Ivan de Araujo, who was the co-author of a paper on the study which was published earlier this week in Cell explained, “We’d turn the laser on and they’d jump on an object, hold it with their paws and intensely bite it as if they were trying to capture and kill it.”

Watch the video below.  It should scare you!  They have isolated the part of the brain (even your brain) that when stimulated can turn you into a mindless killing machine.  And what do they use to stimulate it??  LASERS.  They have been developing Lasers for decades now and they have it down.  All sizes and power levels with all manner of deliverance tools.  YOU NEED TO WAKE UP! YOU BETTER BELIEVE that “scientist” and the crazed ruling elite ARE DRIVEN to push the limits.  If they dream that it is possible, they have no choice but to try it.  If they try it and they like it…they will find bigger, better more destructive ways to employ it!


The first 10:52 of this video is made up of snips from TV, Movies, and Dramatizations.  The data filled section begins after that.
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“So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” – Voltaire

“The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

“A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

1 year, 9 months ago

OK some back story to this: His T shirt referred to: The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) is the primary rotary-wing support to Department of Defense Special Operations Forces (interesting huh?) . Here is some more info about this dude:Beginning in June 2011, U.S. federal contractor L3 SERVICES INC. Assigned one of its Systems Engineers and Architects Kevin Costlow (52-years old) to a ‘classified Project’ of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The specific U.S. federal contract was valued in excess of $12,000,000 million U.S. dollars for enhancing the Agency-wide Documents Access and Management System computer security monitoring infrastructure; a U.S. Government owned system.

Kevin Costlow, a responsible and respected family man and IT business leader lived an exceptional life without any violence or criminality.

According to research, Kevin Gerard Costlow was an international man who traveled extensively, spoke several languages fluently, was a prominent member of The Washington D.C. Metroplex Area community, having many social and professional friends.

A Montgomery Sheriff’s Department Deputy Supervisor appears on the scene near the traffic accident, facing agitated suspect Kevin Gerard Costlow who – while steadily walking with a wooden stick in his right hand – uses his left hand to briefly display what was hidden under his dark-colored blazer / coat, an ‘identity badge / card’ pinned thereunder to the left-side of his black t-shirt’ (adjacent to its an insignia, bearing two phrases, which read: “DEATH WAITS IN THE DARK” and “NIGHT STALKERS”) while continuing to speak and swing his wooden stick in an attack on that law enforcement officer who eventually fires his .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun 12 times at point blank range directly into the chest of Costlow who continues walking upright, steadily and swiftly forward, never flinching his eyes or body eventually falling to the street.

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said, “There’s more to the story, due to the erratic behavior of this gentleman [ Kevin Costlow ], to include: his driving and his behavior.”

Montgomery County Sheriff Darren M. Popkin said, “This is quite involved; it’s extensive.”

Secret Forensics, Toxicology and Histology Reports –

Clandestine assassination technique applications have been used for many decades by intelligence operations whereby agents have described cleverly and surreptitiously ‘hiding true origins’ for what brings about an ‘actual cause of death’ albeit by chance or circumstance.

Vehicular steering wheels, door handles seat adjustment handles and buttons on radios have been clandestinely painted with an odorless, colorless and quickly drying chemical transport agent known as DiMethylSulfOxide ( DMSO ) designed to carry and introduce a wide variety of other liquid substances (e.g. from ketchup to deadly poisons, psychotropic and sedative medicines, etc.) penetrate human skin pores of fingers and hands to enter the bloodstream of targeted individuals induced by such disabling methods in a variety of forms of unexpected poisonings to exhibit psychosis, loss of vision, or worse.

To-date, no forensic, toxicology or histology laboratory report findings have yet been made public in the case situation of Kevin Gerard Costlow.

Medical Examiner Dr. Carol Allan, M.D. The autopsy revealed that Costlow suffered thirteen 13 gunshot wounds. Ten (10) of the wounds were located in the chest area and the remaining three 3 were located in the right arm. It should be noted the evidence shows that Deputy Pruitt fired twelve 12 shots at Costlow. However, the autopsy report does list one of the gunshot wounds as being “atypical.” Furthermore, the toxicology on Costlow came back negative for the presence of drugs or alcohol.

As part of their investigation, the police interviewed Kevin Costlow’s brother, Steve Costlow, as well as Kevin’s wife, Vera Costlow. Steve Costlow believed that Kevin had suffered a “psychotic break.” Steve said that Kevin has recently been involved in an automobile accident and was currently taking medication due to a previous neck injury. Steve explained that Vera had called him previously and said Kevin had been talking about “dark times” coming. Steve also indicated that Kevin recently made comments about picking up their mother, taking her to confession and indicating that mom would need to have her “last rites.” On the night before the incident, Vera came over to Steve’s house at around 2:00 a.m. Steve explained that he was in the basement when he heard on knock on the door. When he answered the door, he observed Vera and she looked “as white as a ghost.” Vera had told Steve that Kevin was home naked on the floor and screaming that he was Jesus and that “they are going to crucify me.” Vera further iterated that Kevin called Vera the devil and said he was hearing voices.
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If the 5G data and experimental Covid vaccine information shared in this interview with Dr. Lee Vliet & attorney Todd Callender is accurate, the fully vaxxed probably don’t stand much of a chance in coming years – and the rest of us are at grave risk as well. Stand. Fight. Pray.
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How in the world could any covid virus be worse. This dude does not know whether to go to the bathroom or join the army. He is so screwed up.
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Video taken from Covid Vaccine Injuries. – This is heartbreaking! God bless you and heal you from this terrible injury!
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As video platforms shut down be sure to follow us on these platforms:

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For those who have been vaccinated, this eye opening video will either leave you in tears and full of regret for your rush to the Devil’s Door or turn you even more so into the zombie which you are about to become.
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The CDC has been joking about the Zombie apocalypse since 2012. Here’s some of the science and patents which show that a real life zombie apocalypse is no joke.

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Believe me, I am not saying they are turning us all into Zombies strictly by chemistry/Pharmacia and gene/DNA manipulation.  OH NO, My friends.  Those things will only get them so far.  There is an element that is required, the world calls it “magic” and see it as something good.  Some amazing mystical power.  The truth is the power comes from evil spiritual forces.  They are calling on demonic spirits. That is where they get their power, not just in creating zombies, but in all of their working.  Technology, Medicine, Weaponry, etc. That is what all of their symbolism is about.  Why they name all of their projects after deities.  Why they MUST sacrifice continually, to appease the spirits.  It is also why they are all so tremendously evil and without soul or conscience, because they are all possessed by demonic spirits and ruled by PrincipalitiesPowers and Spiritual wickedness in High places.  Which is why they love the High Places, where their gods live.