Before the ROCKS CRY OUT


In today’s society, especially in America, we take great pride in our education.  Afterall, we spent the better part of at least 15 years of our lives in school.  We ought to be smart!  In our minds we are the smartest generation to ever live.  I mean, we are so advanced in technology, right?  It is hard for us to accept that we have been bamboozled.  There is so much of our own world that we don’t know and/or have forgotten.  History has been erased and covered up for thousands of years.  We are so far from creation that we have no clue as to the truth of HOW we were created.  We don’t understand the world around us that we can see, taste, smell, touch and hear.  Yet we imagine we “know” about the what is out in the universe thousands of lightyears away.  I find it amusing.   God points this out to us in His Word in the book of John.

If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?

There is a lot we do not understand about nature and those things that surround us everyday.  Especially ROCKS!  We don’t need to send rockets out in space to find adventure and amazing discoveries.  We just need to forget what we think we know about our earthly environment and study it first hand with an open heart and mind.  The EARTH is an amazing place, designed for us.

In my research for my articles, I have been learning a lot.  I have only scratched the surface on the topic of ROCKS.  There is so much to learn and discover.  It behooves us to delve into this subject NOW.  Why?  Because the ones who are running this world know so much more about it than we do.  They are using that knowledge to gain control and to enslave us. 

Now, this article is not about speakers built to look like rocks so as to blend in with the outdoors and be safe from water damage.  However, in my research for this article, I came across the information on the speakers shown in the photo at the top of the page.  Speakers that look like rocks.  You can place them about your staging area and they look like part of the natural environment.  They are made to be safe around water.  So, the rocks are literally crying out! I found this article and thought it was very relative to the topic. 

The Rocks Have Cried Out – You know that verse about the rocks crying out if God’s people don’t praise Him?

Well, it’s happened. I heard rocks singing. No lie. I’m being absolutely honest.

I was walking with my brother a few days ago at a park. Alright, it was an amusement park. We had just ridden an incredible rollercoaster and turned a corner to find our next thrill, when I heard a sound. It was music. Being a curious person, I started looking around for the source.

And there they were. What at first glance seemed to be rocks were two speakers. I laughed and then had to explain my sudden burst of happiness with my brother who had no clue what was going on.

It sounds silly, but since then I’ve thought a lot about that moment recorded in Luke 19 when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees.

Right at the crest, where Mount Olives begins its descent, the whole crowd of disciples burst into enthusiastic praise over all the mighty works they had witnessed:

“Blessed is He who comes, the King in God’s name! All’s well in heaven! Glory in the high places! Some Pharisees from the crowd told him, ‘Teacher, get your disciples under control!’ But he said, ‘If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.'”(Luke 19:37 – 40)

It may be hard to understand how I could possibly gain a spiritual lesson from two would-be rock speakers. But, God can use anything to speak to us if we just open our ears.

I encourage you to allow yourself to be completely poured out to the Lord. Consciously glorify Him through all you do and say.

Don’t be like the Pharisees whom Jesus reprimanded. Never allow your heart to become apathetic even for a moment and judge those who abandon all to worship Christ with their lives. Open your mouth wide to honor Him not just because of His grace and forgiveness, but simply for whom He is – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Can God change your life?

God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God. You can also send us your prayer requests.

Mar 18, 2013
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I believe that the elite are tunneling under ground not only to build their bug out cities to escape the coming disaster, but with another motive as well.  I believe that they are hollowing out certain areas through tunneling and fracking to allow the electromagnetic waves to flow where they want them to flow.  You may have already seen these experiments with sound/frequencies and water.  They are simply fascinating.

Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2

When a Water Droplet Is Exposed to Sound Frequencies Peter Cullinane. Energy in motion emotion emoting vibration as thought waves (everything’s a wave were it maybe fast or slow everything vibratates nothing rests the O.f Vibrational E.nregy ( L.O.V.E )

So, obviously, water is affected by frequencies, so that means we are also, being that our bodies are 70% water.  IF water is affected that way, let’s see what frequencies do to sand from which most rocks are made.

Check this out.   This video will demonstrate how sand responds to frequencies.  They tested different frequencies and found that sand granuals move quickly to form geometric shapes when hit with frequencies.   It is fascinating! 

Jun 6, 2013
Music: Dark Wave –

That was a very enlightening video… however, not a new discovery take a look…

Science Friday  SCIARTS

Seeing the Patterns in Sound

A pair of artists finds ghostly imagery in sound vibrations.

Vibrations of D. Credit: Louviere + Vanessa

In the late 18th century, German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni demonstrated how vibrations could be used to create striking imagery. By spreading fine sand across the top of a metal plate and running a violin bow alongside, Chladni showed that the sand would settle into distinct patterns, depending on the frequencies of the sound waves produced by the bow.

Centuries later, in the 1960s, a Swiss physician named Hans Jenny built on Chladni’s experiments in an effort to study vibrational phenomena—what he called “cymatics.” Visual artist Jeff Louviere happened upon the works of Jenny and Chladni while researching another project, and he and his partner, photographer Vanessa Brown, became inspired to conduct their own experiments to see what sound could look like. The resulting work became Resonantia (Latin for “echo”), a multimedia project centered around 12 images produced by vibrations.

Vibrations of C. Credit: Louviere + Vanessa

Vibrations of C. Credit: Louviere + VanessaTo create the images, the pair (also known as Louviere + Vanessa) built their own version of a Chladni plate in their New Orleans home. Louviere dismantled one of his guitar amps and separated the speaker, aiming it upwards. On top of the speaker, he placed a lined box and filled it with water and black food coloring. He then hooked the speaker up to an amp plugged into a frequency generator—that is, a computer program with an oscillator—that he could use to play musical notes at various frequencies. A bright ring light mounted over the box illuminated the water below.

As Louviere cycled through musical notes at different frequencies and volumes, from low to ear-piercing—“there was a point where it was so high we had to put the dogs outside so it wouldn’t hurt their ears,” he says—Brown took photographs through the ring light of the water formations produced by the vibrations.

“It was just constant shooting, and trying like every frequency we could stand,” Louviere says.

Brown took about 2,000 photographs in total, and the duo narrowed those down to a dozen, based on the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. They chose the images with the most complex or aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Louviere says he was surprised by some of the patterns they produced. “It’s the first time we’ve done a series of work where we didn’t know what the end result was going to look like,” he says. One of his favorites is the image for F sharp, which is “kind of a weird sound,” he says. The result looked “like a puffer fish or an alien or something; it’s got all these crazy lines in it. That one was pretty remarkable.”

And the image for G turned out to be even more eerie. Louviere had been researching the frequencies of various sounds like heartbeats and hurricanes when he read a conspiracy theory about a strange hum called the brown note—a low frequency that would supposedly cause people to lose control of their bowels. When Louviere tried to hit that frequency with their device, Brown captured a vibration pattern that looked like a demonic face.

Vibrations of G. Credit: Louviere + Vanessa
Vibrations of G. Credit: Louviere + Vanessa

It looked like Satan,” Louviere says. “We were like, oh my god.”

Satanic visages aside, the images themselves are a creative example of physics at work. “It’s kind of a classic demonstration in acoustics,” says Trevor Cox, a professor of acoustic engineering at the University of Salford in England. “These are actual physical patterns.”

Every object has a characteristic frequency, or frequencies, at which it vibrates most, with the least input of energy. Those vibrations are associated with standing wave patterns called modes. When the Chladni plate, for instance, vibrates in one of its modes, a pattern appears in the sand on the plate.

“What’s happening is, the sand is moving away from the bits [on the plate] where it’s vibrating a lot” says Cox, and it’s settling in places where there are no vibrations (these places are called “nodes”). And, “if you up the frequency, you’ll find the patterns get really complicated,” because more of those nodes occur.

Cox, who isn’t affiliated with Resonantia, surmises that the patterns depicted in the images formed when the water vibrated in its natural mode. The bright light that Brown shone on the water illuminated the areas that rippled the most.

To achieve the vintage look of the final images, Louviere + Vanessa first printed each photograph onto kozo paper, which is thin and tissue-like, and lay that on top of a metal substrate covered in gold leaf. Then they poured resin over the paper, which turned transparent, allowing the gold leaf to shine through.

The prints have been on display at various galleries across the United States, including A Gallery for Fine Photography in New Orleans and the Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can also learn more about a record and music video that Louviere + Vanessa produced for Resonantia, based on the sounds and images, here.

Did you catch the date that this experiment was published by Ernst Chladni?  Somewhere between 1756-1827 his lifespan.  What?  And that is just when we know of one that was published.  Remember the printing press was not invented until the 1440s.   So, this knowledge has likely been around for a very long time.   
Ok, so we see that grains of sand and drops of water can be manipulated by sound/frequencies/waves.   Let’s take a look at some bigger rock formations.  


Popular Utah rock-climbing spot vibrates in time with earth, wind, and waves

Castleton Tower rock formation vibrates at resonances of 0.8 and 1 Hz, respectively.

Castleton Tower in Utah's Moab National Park is a top rock-climbing destination.
Enlarge / Castleton Tower in Utah’s Moab National Park is a top rock-climbing destination.
Public domain

Scientists at the University of Utah have made the first detailed seismic measurements of a pillar-shaped sandstone formation in Utah known as Castleton Tower. [corrected] The structure vibrates at two key resonant frequencies, according to a new paper in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. That means it’s likely to withstand earthquakes of low to moderate magnitudes. The methodology the Utah team developed can also be applied to other natural rock structures to determine how vulnerable they are to seismic and other similar activity.

“We often view such grand and prominent landforms as permanent features of our landscape, when in reality, they are continuously moving and evolving,” said co-author Riley Finnegan, a graduate student at the University of Utah. “Because nothing is truly static, there is always energy propagating throughout the earth, which serves as a constant vibration source for the rock.”

The research team has an entire webpage devoted to its seismic recordings of the natural resonances (vibrations) that come out of the Utah arches. The arches are the impressive red rock formations, about 10 miles from the town of Moab, and the team has sped up the recordings into audible sound. Those structures can bend, sway, and shake in response to any number of factors: wind gusts, distant seismic tremors, thermal stresses, local traffic, and so forth. The arches often amplify the energy passing through them if the frequencies are just right. Understanding those dynamics is crucial to being able to predict how the structures will respond in the event of an earthquake or similar disruption. Yet there haven’t been many ongoing efforts to do so over the years, despite a great deal of research on manmade civil structures.

One of the major challenges to studying the arches is gaining the access necessary to make those vibrational measurements in the first place. Either the formations are restricted (the better to preserve them for posterity), or it’s simply too difficult to place sensors in hard-to-reach spots on the formations. That’s what makes this new dataset of ambient vibrations from the 120-meter (393-foot) Castleton Tower so significant.

“As of just a few years ago, there were almost no measurements of this kind in existence,” said co-author Jeff Moore, a University of Utah geologist who led the study. “So every feature we measure is something new.”

This visualization exaggerates the movement of Castleton Tower in its primary resonant frequencies.
Click to View / This visualization exaggerates the movement of Castleton Tower in its primary resonant frequencies.
Jeff Moore Lab/University of Utah

Finnegan and her colleagues managed to collect their data with the help of two experienced rock climbers. They were able to climb the tower and place seismometers in key spots: at the base of the structure (to serve as a reference) and another at the top. The climbers stayed with the instrument for three hours as it recorded data, then climbed back down to return it to the researchers.

The Utah team already knew from prior work that the unique geometry of taller structures like Castleton Tower will vibrate at lower-resonance frequencies than smaller ones—much like thick guitar strings have lower pitches than thin ones. The researchers’ analysis showed two strong, distinct peaks in the data at 0.8 and 1.0 Hz, respectively, which they identified as the structure’s first two resonant frequencies. That makes the structure vulnerable to strong-magnitude earthquakes, which are fortunately quite rare in the region. Smaller quakes—or minor vibrations from traffic, construction machinery, or other environmental factors—are unlikely to trigger the natural resonances of the tower.

That said, “While some forces humans create might appear minor, our research is addressing the long-term effects of these forces on the rate of erosion and structural degradation over time,” said Moore. The model he and his students developed for Castleton Tower should also be applicable to other natural rock formations, taking into account such factors as height, slenderness, and material composition. That will help monitor any changes in structural integrity over time.

“I hope that climbers and anyone who is fortunate enough to stand in the shadow of this stone giant will see it in a new light moving forward,” said co-author Paul Geimer, another Utah graduate student. “As with the desert landscape in which it resides, Castleton Tower is dynamic and energetic, subtly responding to changes in the surrounding environment.”

DOI: Bulletin of the Seismological

This Rock Has a Voice And You Can Listen to It

Geologists have captured the low, deep hum of Castleton Tower near Moab

IF you click the link above and visit this website, you can read more about it and actually listen to the recording.


Ultrasound is ideally suited for noninvasive manipulation as it can focus easily through the skin and thin bone. Also, sound can travel quickly (1500 m/s in water) and a well-designed transducer-amplifier-waveform generator can generate stimulus pulses of varying duration (10 milliseconds) and at high frequencies.

We have demonstrated the efficacy of the “sonogenetic” method in the nematode, C. elegans. We discovered that the pore-forming subunit of a mechanotransduction channel (TRP-4) increases the concentration of calcium ions within the target cells in response to ultrasound stimulus. Increasing calcium ions can activate neurons and contract muscles, and perhaps even alter immune cells or other cell populations.

We predict that it will be possible to identify other channels and variants with altered thresholds, kinetics and ion permeabilities to specific ultrasound intensities. The noninvasive nature of this approach is ideally suited to control the function of target neurons and non-neuronal cells deep within animals and plants.

There are numerous studies on the effects of different types of frequencies and sound waves on the human body, especially the brain and heart.  Scientists are always at least 20-100 years ahead of what they release to the public.  They have known for a very long time how these things affect us and how they can use this knowledge to manipulate and control us.  If you have not learned by now ANYTHING THAT CAN BE TURNED TO EVIL WILL BE TURNED TO EVIL.  Everything that we learn how to use will be carried to the extreme by evil people.  ESPECIALLY SCIENTISTS AND GOVERNMENTS.  

About 25 years ago, I was in a health food store and met a man who was conducting a book signing and Q & A.  He was an actual descendant of King David and he had written a book about how the human body is made up of water which actually performs like crystals.  The water is our body receives radio waves.  Sound waves.  These sound waves affect our bodily functions, our emotions and our brain activity.  

Scientists are geo-engineering the environment in all kinds of ways in order to control the human race.  Everything they are putting in our food, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the skies over our head is being saturated with chemicals, nano particles, metals and anything else they can find to use for that purpose.  Believe me or don’t, but I am telling you the TRUTH. 

Physics of waves: Covers Quantum Waves, sound waves, and light waves. Easy to understand explanation of refraction, reflection, and many other topics. Important correction: In the section of refraction, the colors are reversed. Violet light slows down in water more than red light, and violet light therefore bends more than red light when it transitions from air to water.

This next item is full of new age teaching, but really it is ancient religion.  Before the world knew CHRIST/GOD, pagan teaching.   I am not condoning this mumbo jumbo.   I am merely showing you what the ones who run the world are spouting.  This is what they want you to accept.   Only part of the article is posted here.  If you are interested you can read the rest by clicking the link. 

Design Alchemy | The Legacy Project


Sacred Geometry and The New Science

By Robert Gulick
A Presentation with Slides to the International Forum on New Science
Fort Collins, CO. 1993


     In the traditions of the ancient wisdom the fundamental unity of existence was expressed in sacred geometry.  The language of creation was written in number and geometry, encoded in the artifacts of culture. The laws of form are sacred equations relating mind and body, spirit and matter. All things, all being and energy, manifest in form…their essential nature, the basis of reality, is vibration.  Each state of being and of consciousness has its characteristic frequency pattern.  To expand the mind, to transcend a state of being, requires a sympathetic resonance, an attunement, to the corresponding vibrational pattern.  The “new science” and the ancient wisdom are synthesizing into a sacred science which can recreate a more holistic, integrated world in which humanity evolves in consciousness and is connected to the multi-dimensions of being.

     “To know God, Nature and Man, one must first know geometry.”

     At the roots of the great mystical traditions there is an ancient wisdom, “the perennial philosophy”, that embraced realities both seen and transcendent…that understood the mystery of life and the fundamental unity of all existence.  This wisdom was encoded as a sacred geometry into the design of temples and art, language and music, ritual and social structure creating a sacred architecture in the fabric of human culture.  Through a Canon of number and geometry, proportion and measure, the man-made world was once a reflection of universal order and harmony…a microcosm.  The application of the laws of form that relate mind in matter generated in symbolic, social and physical environments a formative field which conditioned evolving humanity to higher, more integrated states of being.  Within it a transformation could be achieved, the mind expanded, the emotions balanced and the body healed and made whole.  (HOGWASH! How dare they quote scripture!)

     A multi-disciplinary, holistic new science is emerging now that is validating that ancient wisdom.  Springing from multi-dimensional theories of being, consciousness and reality, it again recognizes that fundamental unity.  As it rediscovers universal principles and seeks to understand original cause, as it transcends the reductive materialism of the past technological age, a synthesis is created, a sacred science.  This new synthesis provides a framework for understanding principles of a technology of transformation, an applied metaphysics.  In the re-design of culture it may create a transformative environment, an alchemical architecture, which nurtures a expansion of consciousness or what Jonas Salk called “meta-biological evolution”.  The purpose of a sacred science is simply the enlightenment of mankind.  (wait, I thought we were merging with the machine and becoming technology)

     There is only one unified force…which forms all things of one substance, light or consciousness.   There is only one basic form, the sine wave-Fourier transform, whose summations and foldings create all complex forms.  Even (according to string theory) the dimensions of reality are folded within it.  In its quest for the grand unified theory, for the “GUTS” of reality, the new science is reformulating the ancient Law of One:

There is One Boundless, Immutable Reality…One Absolute Being…One Creative Principle.  It is All That Is. There is nothing more and nothing less. It is Beginning without time or space.  Each moment, each point (each quanta) is total and complete.  All of Creation is the Absolute manifesting in various forms, densities and dimensions.  The vast universes are the body of this Absolute Being…evolution is its method.  All things are within It…It is within and conditions all things.  Nothing is separate…all life is connected in this Oneness.   You and I share this Supreme Identity…We are each identical with it.  In essence we are one.

     The ancient tradition of sacred geometry provides the language in a modern context to express the sacred science.It reveals the pattern and process of universal law…the principles applied in creating a sacred architecture.The codes of creation, are written in the sacred geometry of form, mapping the process of creation-evolution, the structure of cosmos and the relationship between Spirit or consciousness and matter.Sacred geometry is the language of archetypes…it encodes the science of creational formation, the patterns that order creative principles and energy into form manifestation in any dimension. 

     Spirit and the body, energy and substance are related through the laws of form.“Form is the experience (or the effect) of mind in matter” (Lawlor)…it is in-form-ation.It is the means for the embodiment and expression of consciousness in the archetypal patterns which Spirit takes in material expression…the “patterns that connect”.Sacred geometry then describes the form equations for the translation of energy into matter, the interface between spirit and matter.To the ancient mind “everything that existed had form, materialized as volume, an expression of point, line and surface” (Lawlor)…the physical world was a play of symbols of forms, square-triangle-circle, representing higher realities.Only form was perceptible.What could not be symbolized could not be perceived and therefore did not exist. 

     Consciousness, as all being…all manifestation, is essentially energy and thus vibration.It manifests in universal harmonic patterns, frequency defined form. The fundamental nature of reality is in the wave…it is vibrational.Every state of being from an atom, a flower, man, and star to a thought, feeling and dream occupies a characteristic frequency pattern.The secret of light is in the wave.In a vibrational universe, where all being is form created by the activity of light, there is no more separation between earth and air, between matter and consciousness, than there is between the colors of a rainbow.All are frequency.A state of being or an expansion of consciousness is achieved simply as an attunement, or a phase coherence, to the corresponding frequency generated pattern through sympathetic resonance.

     Form, then, is the product of vibration in substance.It results from the act of the primal division of unity, of the separation of being out of the undifferentiated totality.Form springs from duality, from the nature of polarity, the primal cyclic oscillation of being and not-being, hence the vibrational nature of existence.

That is  all a load of CRAP!  GOD created you in HIS OWN IMAGE, individually each with your own personality and characteristics.  WHY?  Because GOD wanted fellowship.  A family.  He already had angels who were created to OBEY.  He wanted fellowship with people who freely CHOOSE HIM.  GOD wants to share HIS LOVE with those who LOVE HIM.   We are so much more than vibrations, or light.  DON’T BUY INTO THIS METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHICAL HUMBUG!!!!

At the Vesica Institute we believe that it is important to understand the core principles behind vibrational medicine and vibrational science, so let’s start by exploring a bit of the background to Cymatics.

The term “Cyma” comes from the Greek root “Kyma” meaning “Wave.” Cymatics has been described as the Science of Wave Phenomena, in the sense of vibrational wave forces. It particularly demonstrates how precise sound vibrations can structure matter into any form— and by extension, how vibration stands behind the creation of the physical world itself.  For this reason, Cymatics has become a major touchstone for all types of modern Vibrational Medicine and Vibrational Science. It empirically demonstrates — in a way that is visual and immediate — the power of Vibration to create and change physical structures.

Though it is true that GOD created the world by speaking it into existence,  I am certain that WE cannot create and change physical structures by the power of Vibrations.  I do believe that they believe it and that to a certain extent they are able to affect us physically, emotionally and mentally.  For those of us who are not under the BLOOD, they can effect us spiritually.   BUT GOD, is in CONTROL of all things.  HE protects those who love him from ALL EVIL.  This is ultimately HIS CREATION and HE WILL DESTROY IT and BUILD A NEW ONE before He will allow the enemy to complete his plans for this world. 


Our Planet Rang Like a Bell for 20 Minutes, And Scientists Don’t Know Why

Strange ‘Waves’ Rippled Around the World, And Scientists Can’t Figure out Why

November 11 was marked by a strange an inexplicable phenomenon, scientific instruments picked up seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away but strangely no one actually felt them.

It wasn’t an earthquake. In fact, no one knows what it was.

Meteorite? Submarine volcano? Nuclear test? Aliens? We don’t know.

The mysterious seismic signals recorded coming from near an island between Africa and Madigascar on November 11. Image Credit: Anthony Lomax
The mysterious seismic signals recorded coming from near an island between Africa and Madagascar on November 11. Image Credit: Anthony Lomax

As the waves rippled away from the shores of Mayotte, the seismic sensors began ringing in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

******* Pax@matarikipax

This is a most odd and unusual seismic signal.
Recorded at Kilima Mbogo, Kenya … 

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Strangely, the waves caused our planet to ring like a bell for more than 20 minutes, and as everything happened, no one even noticed it as not a single human being felt the strange phenomena.

According to Colombia University seismologist Göran Ekström, it was as though our planet rang like a bell, maintaining a low-frequency monotone as it spread.

All of this is extremely weird.

Anthony Lomax 🌍🇪🇺@ALomaxNet

Closest easily available BRB seismic station is GE SBV in north Madagascar.

Anthony Lomax 🌍🇪🇺@ALomaxNet

SBV, like the other stations, shows long monochromatic signal with ~17s period (mono-freq Rayleigh waves?). But filtered above 1Hz SBV (lower plot) also shows seismic(?) signals from repeating sources, with some ~50s apart. Maybe some large, shallow, oscillating volcanic source?

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By their very nature, Earthquakes usually are registered as short-sharp ‘crack’.
Due to the tensions in the Earth’s crust being released, pulses of identifiable seismic waves radiate outwards from where the quake occurs.

Scientists say that the first signal is referred to as a Primary wave: the P wave or primary wave is the fastest kind of seismic wave, and, consequently, the first to ‘arrive’ at a seismic station. The P wave can move through solid rock and fluids, like water or the liquid layers of the earth. It pushes and pulls the rock it moves through just like sound waves push and pull the air.

After the P wave, we see have the so-called secondary wave: these high-frequency waves tend to ‘wiggle’ somewhat more. S waves move rock particles up and down.

Then come the surface waves which are slow, deep rumbles that tend to linger, and can circle the Earth several times.

The strange thing about the November 11 event is that no Primary or Secondary waves were detected.

All that was registered were deep, resonate surface waves, and that caught experts completely by surprise.

What’s even weirder is that the surface waves did not ‘rumble’ as an earthquake’s surface wave tends to.

Instead, it maintained a much cleaner — almost musical — frequency.

Strange seismic waves were picked up circling the globe on November 11. Now seismologists are trying to figure out why

Notice anything odd on November 11? Geologists did. A deep thrum rippled around the world — lingering a whole 20 minutes. It wasn’t an earthquake. Nobody knows what it was …

A geologic map is a map of the different types of rocks that are on the surface of the Earth. By mapping different rock types, geologists can determine the relationships between different rock formations which can then be used to find mineral resources, oil, and gravel deposits. Also, you want to know what type of rock you are building on or else you might have a Leaning Tower of  Pisa or a pile of rubble after a strong earthquake. 

USGS  – excerpts posted here, see the full article by clicking the link.

Introduction to Geologic Mapping
Geologic mapping is a highly interpretive, scientific process that can produce a range of map products for many different uses, including assessing ground-water quality and contamination risks; predicting earthquake, volcano, and landslide hazards; characterizing energy and mineral resources and their extraction costs; waste repository siting; land management and land-use planning; and general education.

In addition to the conventional venues for obtaining maps (such as bookstores and sales offices), GIS and the Internet have made it possible to reach and educate new and potential users of geologic maps. Maps and databases now are available on the Internet in a variety of formats. Some formats (for example, Adobe® Portable Document Format, or PDF) are designed for the visual display of a map and do not require specialized software, whereas other formats (for example, ArcInfoTM) are used by professionals with the appropriate software for the detailed analysis of a map database. To provide the public with access to such analyses without requiring them to purchase the software, numerous agencies are experimenting with software that permits users to view maps and to submit queries and view results within a Web browser. This technology is becoming increasingly widespread and should prove ever more useful as the following conditions are met:

  1. Increased availability of digital geology information
  2. Standardized database structure, terminology, and interchange format
  3. Increased Internet bandwidth
  4. Advances in the software for serving map data.

New advances in mapping and preparation of map products made possible by advances in GIS and information technology have not altered the basic science of geology but offer new techniques for organizing, maintaining, and analyzing map data, and, potentially, for increasing its use by the public and by scientists.


Scientists mapping Earth in 3D, from the inside out

The wacky adventures of scientists traveling to the Earth’s core have been a favorite plot line in Hollywood over the decades, but actually getting there is mostly science fiction.

Now, a group of scientists is using some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to do what could be the next best thing.

Princeton’s Jeroen Tromp and colleagues are eavesdropping on the seismic vibrations produced by earthquakes, and using the data to create a map of the Earth’s mantle, the semisolid rock that stretches to a depth of 1,800 miles, about halfway down to the planet’s center and about 300 times deeper than humans have drilled. The research could help understand and predict future earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

“We need to scour the maps for interesting and unexpected features,” Tromp told CBS News. “But it’s really a 3D mapping expedition.”

To do this, Tromp and his colleagues will exploit an interesting phenomenon related to seismic activity below the surface of the Earth. As seismic waves travel, they change speed depending on the density, temperature and type of rock they’re moving through, for instance slowing down when traveling through an underground aquifer or magma.

This three-dimensional image displays contours of locations where seismic wave speeds are faster than average.EBRU BOZDAĞ, UNIVERSITY OF NICE SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, AND DAVID PUGMIRE, OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY

Thousands of seismographic stations worldwide make recordings, or seismograms, that detail the movement produced by seismic waves, which typically travel at speeds of several miles per second and last several minutes. By combining seismographic readings of roughly 3,000 quakes of magnitude 5.5 and greater the geologists can produce a three-dimensional model of the structures under the Earth’s surface.

For the task, Tromp’s team will use the supercomputer called Titan, which can perform more than 20 quadrillion calculations per second and is located at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

The technique, called seismic tomography, has been compared to the computerized tomography used in medical CAT scans, in which a scanner captures a series of X-ray images from different viewpoints, creating cross-sectional images that can be combined into 3D images.

Tromp acknowledged he doesn’t think his research could one day lead to a scientist actually reaching the mantle. But he said it could help seismologists do a better job of predicting the damage from future earthquakes and the possibility of volcanic activity.

For example, they might find a fragment of a tectonic plate that broke off and sank into the mantle. The resulting map could tell seismologists more about the precise locations of underlying tectonic plates, which can trigger earthquakes when they shift or slide against each other. The maps could also reveal the locations of magma that, if it comes to the surface, causes volcanic activity.

The Globalists are making sure no stone is left unturned.  No pun intended.  They are counting everything and everyone, they are mapping everything and everyone they are controlling everything and everyone.  Believe me, they are ready.  Now when they close the trap, there will be nowhere to hide!  

They have equipment that can read everything above ground, in buildings, underground, underwater, in the air.  They have it all mapped, locked down and under surveillance! 

These people are all about black magic and ancient gods and goddesses.   Have you ever noticed that they name everything after the ancient gods and ancient religion or they name them after Demonic entities and practices??

Titan (supercomputer)  –  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Active Became operational October 29, 2012; decommissioned August 2, 2019
Sponsors US DOE and NOAA (<10%)
Operators Cray Inc.
Location Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Architecture 18,688 AMD Opteron 6274 16-core CPUs
18,688 Nvidia Tesla K20X GPUs
Power 8.2 MW
Operating system Cray Linux Environment
Space 404 m2 (4352 ft2)
Memory 693.5 TiB (584 TiB CPU and 109.5 TiB GPU)
Storage 40 PB, 1.4 TB/s IO Lustre filesystem
Speed 17.59 petaFLOPS (LINPACK)
27 petaFLOPS theoretical peak
Cost $97 million
Ranking TOP500: 4th, June 2017[1]
Purpose Scientific research (global Dominance)
Legacy Ranked 1 on TOP500 when built.
First GPU based supercomputer to perform over 10 petaFLOPS
Web site

Jun 27, 2019 … Saturn’s largest moon, Titan has an earthlike cycle of liquids flowing across its surface.

Titans (mythology) – Wikipedia

In Greek mythology, the Titans were the pre-Olympian gods. According to the Theogony of Hesiod, they were the twelve children of the primordial parents …

Titan | Definition of Titan by Merriam-Webster

Titan definition is – any of a family of giants in Greek mythology born of Uranus and Gaea and ruling the earth until overthrown by the Olympian gods. How to use ..

Mar 20, 2018
In the near future, a military family uproot their lives so they can participate in a ground-breaking experiment to accelerate man’s genetic evolution. The goal? To relocate humanity to another planet and avoid extinction. Starring Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and Nathalie Emmanuel. Watch The Titan on Netflix:


esa -Science & Exploration   

Global geologic map of Titan

YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO!  It contains some really awesome information and revelations about the Elite and their plans for YOU!

Beyond The Headlines Discuss The Georgia GuideStones

Jan 24, 2020

Overpopulation is a hoax, a big fat lie to trap us into thinking we shouldn’t make children. This phony eugenics tactic justifies the illegalization of polygamy, chemtrails, vaccines and a horde of other things that are designed to kill us. The Georgie guidestones are a testimony to this, erected to bore witness to their evil plan.


#BarnabasNagy #OverPopulationHoax #GeorgiaGuidestones #BillGatesVaccines

Learn more about it:  Temple of BAAL – Part 8 – Coming Through

In November of 2009, there was a “TIMEWAVE” that emanated from the mysterious “Gateway to the Sun” in the Bolivian Andes region called Tiahuanaco.  The mysterious 10 Ton monolithic is carved from a single block of Andesite granite.  The upper portions of the gate are carved with beautiful and intricate designs, including a human figure, condors, toxodons, elephants and some symbols. Directly in the center is the so-called Sun God with rays shooting from its face in all directions. The god is holding a stylized staff in each hand which may represent thunder and lightning.   read about it here.

Learn more about it:  ROCK CAIRNS – Part 1 – Not What You THINK – YOU NEED TO LEARN THE TRUTH


Image result for Crystals



Dec 13, 2017

The Rocks are CRYING OUT!!  In more ways than one.  At the same time that they are doing all this… archaeologists are discovering new evidence everyday.  Digging in the rocks and dirt, they are PROVING the TRUTH OF THE BIBLE on a daily basis.  

ARE YOU PRAISING HIS NAME??  OR will the ROCKS beat you to it??

Psalm 113:3

Praise ye the LORD. Praise, O ye servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD.

Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and for evermore.

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’S name is to be praised.