Wow…this topic is a doozy.  I hope you got your spiritual ears and eyes open.  This is not one that you can afford to take lightly.  This is the final culmination of all that the devil and his crew have been laboring toward.  This is the NEW WORLD.  The NEW REALITY.  THE NEW NORMAL for … Click Here to Read More

Crisper’s Progression – GOD HELP US

When I first started sharing the truth about Genetic Engineering and Crispr people there was very little publicly known that would give credence to what I was sharing.  NOW, things have progressed to an alarming level.  If you are not already aware of the truth of these matters you are not keeping up with what … Click Here to Read More

THE PLAN – We should have listened!

IMPORTANT UPDATES: 2021-07-27; 12:55:11 Tags:  COMMUNIST DC, WEF GREAT RESET, 5G, Transhumanism, COVID,  Global Government, KAMALA, Obama, Indian Variant, Avatar, Photon Belt, Alcyone When you know the truth about the Global Government, 5G, Transhumanism, and COVID you will understand that by complying with this evil agenda you are contributing to and aligning yourself (giving allegiance) … Click Here to Read More


“Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.”  wikipedia This post will convince you that they are working very hard to CHANGE our entire beings by polluting and/or altering our DNA.   If … Click Here to Read More


Restored 2/19/22 ANCIENT WAYS – ANCIENT DEMONS!!!  HEADS UP!  BEWARE!  I see more and more that our leaders and corporations and sporting organizations, even schools are demanding that we take a knee to honor the BLM.   I also see that our young people who have been programmed by our education system are in their core … Click Here to Read More


COVID 19 was custom made to provide the perfect roll out of every wet dream the elite/illumined/freemasons have been coddling and nurturing all these hundreds of years.  Amazing.   Just as I was sharing with you in my article Fire Ant Scenario; January 1, 2020  They have caught us unawares just like the attack of Fire ants.   If … Click Here to Read More

The KOBE Bryant Story – The Devil is in the Details that you probably missed. – Part 1 of 2

RESTORED: 3/21/22 Since the Garden of Eden humankind has been seeking immortality apart from GOD.  Not surprising, for those who do not know GOD, immortality is really the only thing that seems to be a worthy endeavor.  Life is meaningless without relationship with GOD.  The one who created us is the only one who can … Click Here to Read More


UPDATES ADDED at the end: 8/12/22 You can believe me or not.  I KNOW that back in probably the late 70s early 80’s I saw a PHIL DONAHUE show where he had guests on to talk about the new headset for the rich.  It was a virtual reality headset, and it was part of a … Click Here to Read More