COVID 19 – Wuhan CoronaVirus – Biological Attack on Humanity?

**** MOST of the VIDEOS and Documents that were available when this news first hit have been CENSORED!!!  Even those who are very computer savvy and had found ways to get around the censors have been blocked, deleted and removed.  People have gone to jail, been threatened, assaulted, tortured and/or KILLED for letting the information … Click Here to Read More

2028 – Part 2 – THE END of the UN in 2020? What will REPLACE IT?

The Tower of Babel….  People working to build unity not only without GOD, but in opposition to and defiance of  The ONLY TRUE and LIVING GOD who created all things!  This is the truth of the UNITED NATIONS.  And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in … Click Here to Read More

Update 7/31/19 – USA Events Happening NOW – July

It cannot be disputed.  At ONE TIME this Nation was the GREATEST NATION in the WORLD.   The American public has in the past been the most honorable, hard-working, GOD-FEARING, generous, inspiring people in the WORLD!  I am not talking about our Government.  I am talking about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Individuals who are the backbone of … Click Here to Read More

Let’s Have a Serious Talk About Epidemics – Part 2 – Candida Auris

  Today we are going to talk about Candida Auris.  A fungal disease that was first identified in 2009 in Japan.  It was first discovered in the US in 2013. A retrospective review of Candida strain collections found that the earliest known strain of C. Auris dates to 1996 in South Korea. CDC considers C. Auris an emerging pathogen … Click Here to Read More