CHILDREN OF THE SPACE AGE.  Since the 50’s we have been bombarded with visuals of space.  Space travel, space aliens, it is in our music, on our TV’s, in the Movies, on posters and advertising.  Our heads, hearts and spirits have been fed a continuous stream.  Young people today cannot even distinguish truth from fiction.  Most of them believe there is life on other planets, many believe those entities visit our earth and some even believe that they are ALIENS.

There is no respect for life anymore.  There is no respect for anything.  The world has lost it’s mind.  Because there is no respect for life… there is nothing to stop them from treating human beings like garbage.

When I tried to share with people 10 – 20 years ago, about what they were planning and working to do to humanity, people thought I was crazy.  They would not even listen.  They trusted “SCIENCE” and the Media.   NOW, all that they were planning to do is BEING DONE!!

Today we are going to look at the new world of BABIES.  The creation of the future.

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What got me onto this subject today was a video that popped up on my suggested list.  It consisted of nothing but images, but one of those images hit a familiar cord with me.  Here is the video.