This very wild and mysterious crisis in the Suez Canal has everyone talking and wondering how on earth it could occur…or why on earth might be a better question.  

I doubt we will ever know for certain.  Hopefully, something will come to light.  Meanwhile here is the information I was able to gather.  

I could dig much deeper, but I wanted to get this out while it is still timely.


My son shared with me this morning that construction of the ship began on Christmas Day.  That lead to further investigation.  

Evergreen is the name of the shipping company that leases the ship. The vessel itself is called Ever Given. named in the company’s “Ever” + “G-word” format. There’s also an Ever Gentle, an Ever Gleamy, an Ever Genius … you get the gist. 

There’s also an Ever Going, which would have been a more ironic name for the ship currently preventing anything going through up the Suez.  Source

Ever Given is one of 13 container ships built to the Imabari 20000 design developed by Imabari Shipbuilding, 11 of which have been chartered by Evergreen Marine and named Ever G—.[4] With a length overall of 399.94 metres (1,312 ft 2 in),[3] it is one of the longest ships in service.


Name: Ever Given[note 1]
Owner: Shoei Kisen Kaisha[1][2]
Operator: Evergreen Marine
Port of registry: Panama City
Builder: Imabari Shipbuilding (Japan)
Yard number: S-1833   ( 1 – 833)
Laid down:  (construction began) 25 December 2015[3]
Launched: 9 May 2018[3] ( 9 –  5 –  2 –  1 –   8)
Completed: 25 Sept 2018[3] ( 2 –5 9 – 2-1- 8)




The area in which Imabari is situated had long been a strategic point for the control of the Seto Inland Sea. As a result, it was controlled by a variety of forces throughout the warring period, including a number of inland sea pirates. The city was officially founded on February 11, 1920.

On January 16, 2005, the towns of HakataKamiuraKikumaMiyakuboNamikataŌmishimaŌnishiTamagawa, and Yoshiumi, and the villages of Asakura and Sekizen (all from Ochi District) were merged into Imabari. As a result, there are no more villages within Ehime Prefecture.


Imabari is home to a large number of shipbuilding and maritime servicing facilities along the northern and eastern coastlines of the city. Facilities include a small container port and maintenance and construction shipyards belonging to Imabari Shipbuilding, Japan’s largest ship builder.

The port has also long been a trading center within Shikoku. The city is home to a large cotton processing industry, with particular emphasis on towels. The city produces around 60% of the towels produced in Japan. As of 1998, there were over 200 towel production plants in the city. The city also specializes in the dyeing industry.

Nankobo is Temple No. 55 of the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage. It’s the only temple of the 88 to be called “bo” instead of the typical “ji”. “Bo” means “small Buddhist temple”, which is ironic because Nankobo is one of the biggest of the 88. It’s very much a city temple, located right in the center of Imabari fronting a main road. It stands in what is in effect a religious agglomeration, a complex of sandy plazas dotted with temple and shrine buildings that stretches for three city blocks. Next to Nankobo is the Bekku Oyamazumi Shrine, also worth a visit. Nankobo is a very interesting sprawl, with cars and buses parked in the middle.

Although it isn’t immediately obvious, the Hondo or main temple building of Nankobo is made of concrete. The original building was destroyed in the bombing of Imabari during WWII. The wooden gate at the entrance to the temple is of recent construction too, although its style is old. The Nio or temple guardians housed in the gate, front and back, are magnificently ferocious and expressive with their chocolaty-looking wood and gilt highlights. If you want to photograph these scary lads, be careful not to fall in the carp pond as you frame your shot.

Every temple on Shikoku’s pilgrimage route has a building called the Daishi-do to venerate Kobo Daishi, the founder of the pilgrimage. The one at Nankobo looks simultaneously old and new—so which is it? In fact it was built in 1916, hence the antique look of its timbers, but it was substantially restored in 2010, which is why its tiles, with their rather bombastic decorations, look so new.

Nankobo is one of six pilgrimage temples located relatively close together in Imabari. The others are Eifuku-ji, Enmei-ji, Senyu-ji, Kokubun-ji, and Taisan-ji. If you choose to visit several of these on a weekend, you’ll probably see some of the same people at each temple because they will be doing exactly the same thing as you. The “Hello again!” thing tends to become something of a running joke.

The whole area around Nankobo merits a leisurely stroll. There are attractive shrines to the left and right of the temple, and behind it there’s a neighborhood of largely one-storey traditional dwellings with leafy gardens.

Imabari  boasts a Castle, a Moat with real sharks, a history of pirates and Samurai.  Imabari Towels are a creative artform specific to this area. Source: Ehime – Imabari & Around 

Did you wonder about the way the ship traced out the shape of a penis, scrotum and a butt?

Did you note above the presence of pirates at the Temple/Shrines to ALA?  Pirates seem to be associated with many pagan gods/goddesses.  Why?  They are theives for one thing, and we know who is the King of Thieves and liars.  They were most often gay as well as they spent so much time at sea.  We know that the world still worships the Sea God.  If you have not seen my two series on the topic, I hope that you will take the time to review them.


Are You Having A Mari-time? Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6


Why Pirates & Mermaids? Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10; Part 11

Meanwhile, this incident seems to be very connected to all the countries that worship the Sea God.  And, piracy at sea.

Pirates: A Pagan Agenda?

In his book, True Sexual Morality, Daniel Heimbach includes a chapter titled, “The Return of Sexual Paganism,” in which he exposes the pagan agenda to revive goddess worship. Pagans, of course, despise the Christian God and reject biblical authority. Naomi Goldenburg, a sexual pagan feminist, writes, “as we watch Christ and Yahweh tumble to the ground, we will [soon] completely outgrow the need for an external god” (Changing of the Gods [Boston: Beacon, 1979], 25). Mary Daly, a former Catholic theologian, considers the biblical God one, who “represents the necrophilia of patriarchy, whereas Goddess affirms the life-loving being of women and nature” (Beyond God the Father [Boston: Beacon, 1973], 29). In place of the Christian God revealed in the Scriptures, pagans are encouraging the worship of the goddess, Artemis, or Diana (Heimbach, 67-69).

Here is where I will make the first comment regarding the recent movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (yes, I actually went to see a movie). One of the subplots in this movie involved the pagan goddess of the sea, Calypso, who was trapped in the fleshly body of Tia Dalma, due to the betrayal of her lover, Davie Jones. After she was released from her human body, the crew bows in fear and reverence before her, as Captain Barbosa suggests that she act on their behalf. Without doubt, the movie is not intended to be Christian; however, the reality of the influence of paganism in our culture struck me all the more. For me, the enchanting Calypso was only an illustration of the goddess worship now encouraged by the “leaders” of the pagan feminist movement.

What floored me even more than the goddess Calypso, however, was the role of the character, Elizabeth Swan. Towards the end of the movie, the pirate lords agree to make her, not Queen of the pirates, but King. Why the film writers did not choose to make her queen, I believe, is directly related to what Heimbach also exposes about the pagan agenda; namely, it seeks to erase gender roles (124-30). Evidently, the film writers had no trouble with making a woman king, that is, giving her the title normally ascribed to a male sovereign. As Calypso illustrated pagan goddess worship, so King Elizabeth Swan illustrated the rising pagan influence which challenges the distinct roles set by the Creator for men and women.

Does the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, have a pagan agenda? It may not. On the other hand, it certainly illustrates it.


We know full well that the demonic influences are feverishly working to bring back Paganism.  Goddess worship made men impotent and feminized, it flaunted every sort of perversion.  Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Transgenderism, Bestiality, even sex with members of ones only family, and of course human sacrifice as well as cannibalism and drinking of blood.  If you don’t see these forces at work in our current society…your brain is not working.

mbari – Wiktionary

  1. mbari(Noun)

    A ceremonial clay shrine filled with clay models of humans or deities, made by the Igbo tribe.

Mbari is a visual art form practiced by the Igbo people in southeast Nigeria consisting of a sacred two- story house constructed as a propitiatory rite houses of the Owerri-Igbo, which are large opened-sided square planned shelters contain many life-sized, painted figures (sculpted in mud to appease the Alusi (deity) and Ala, the earth goddess, with other deities of thunder and water).

Ala A Nigerian goddess of fertility. She also rules the Underworld, and it is believed that the souls of the dead rest within her sacred womb. The cresent moon is her symbol and she is often depicted in works of art as a seated woman holding a small child in her arms. Each year her followers pay homage to her with an event known as the Yam Festival.

Mbari houses are made as a gift to Ala, as a way to acknowledge Ala‘s charitable and overarching presence. Some Mbari houses are dedicated strictly and solely to Ala. Sometimes, however, other gods are represented along with Ala in the structure. [3] Other sculptures which could be included are of officials, craftsmen, foreigners (mainly Europeans), animalslegendary creatures and ancestors.[2] Mbari houses take years to build and building them is regarded as sacred. Along with being representations of abundances and harmony, they are most usually created during times of peace and stability.[4] A ceremony is performed within the structure for a gathering of town leaders. After the ritual is complete, going in or even looking at the Mbari house is considered taboo. The building was not maintained and decayed in the elements.[1]

Chinua Achebe, renowned Nigerian novelist and literary theorist said, in his essay on Mbari, “Mbari was a celebration through art of the world and of life lived in it. It was performed by the community on command by its presiding deity, usually the Earth goddess, Ala, who combined two formidable roles in the Igbo pantheon as fountain of creativity in the world and custodian of the moral order in human society.”[1] The Mbari Club — a cultural centre for writers and artists co-founded in 1961 by Ulli Beier and others in Ibadan — was so named at Achebe’s suggestion.

Now I discovered that they are starting a major undertaking to map out the depths of the ocean.  Not for our benefit mind you.  They want to gain complete control of ALL Weather as well as claim all physical property/land.  This includes the ocean floor and the air we breathe.   They need to have full knowledge of the layout of the ocean and the continents because all that affects the currents and the winds, which they want to control. 

Such an undertaking and intrusion on the ocean requires a sizeable sacrifice to the gods/goddesses of the ocean.  If you have viewed the Maritime posts you are familiar with the rituals even out modern day military continues to offer up to those very gods/goddesses.

Mar 29
A startup team aims to map the ocean floor and its environments with thousands of autonomous robotic submarines. MBARI’s seafloor mapping group assisted in the mapping probe’s sensor development:
2 former Navy Seals are using robot submarines to build ‘Google Earth’ for the ocean
Austin-based startup Terradepth aims to map the ocean floor and its environments with thousands of autonomous robotic submarines.
1 67 15
Marine Landscape Ecology Lab

Learn how drone training programs can help prepare students to join the next generation STEM
Educators need to be aware of this ever-changing landscape of technology and prepare students for it.

James Barry, Principal Investigator

We look at the habitats and lives of deep-sea organisms.  The cold, dark, deep sea is relatively unexplored, so much of our research aims to discover what is there and how it lives.

Our research also strongly centers on understanding the influence of human activities and climate change over the biology and ecology of benthic fauna.  Society needs to know what to expect as this influence expands and intensifies across all ocean ecosystems.

We use advanced marine robots—both remotely operated and autonomous—to take measurements and samples for laboratory analysis.  We are also developing technologies to experiment directly on the seafloor, allowing us to see what it might be like for the animals and habitats if human activities continue contributing to ocean acidification, warming, and deoxygenation.   History of MBARI

Benthic | Definition of Benthic by Merriam-Webster

1of, relating to, or occurring at the bottom of a body of water
2: of, relating to, or occurring in the depths of the ocean Examples of benthic in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web But benthic dwellers are difficult to haul up to the surface alive, let alone chipper.

benthos (n.)

“life forms of the deep ocean and sea floor,” 1891, coined by Haeckel from Greek benthos “depth of the sea,” which is related to bathos “depth,” bathys “deep, high;” which probably is Indo-European but of unknown origin. Adjective benthal is attested from 1877; benthic is attested from 1902.

Benthic: Our Services Are Our Expertise
Higher quality data with less risk. Whether you’re operating at the shoreline or in ultra-deepwater, Benthic offers a complete range of site investigation services, from survey planning to data acquisition and interpretation. Benthic’s proprietary Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) performs seafloor drilling operations allowing clients to receive high-quality data tailored to your specific project objectives, on time and on budget.


Evergreen Symbolic Meanings and Reminders



Evergreen Symbolic Meanings and Reminders

I have a few evergreen (conifer) trees around the house and they mean infinitely more to me than mere landscape features.

Our ancient kin, particularly of the Celtic ilk, observed evergreens as hugely powerful in symbolism. Because they stayed green through the ‘dark half’ of the year, evergreens symbolic meanings included qualities such as:

• Strength
• Stoicism
• Invincibility
• Determination
• Immortality
• Revitalization

Unbending against heavy winter snows and brutal winds – the evergreen won a high place of honor amongst the Celts. In fact, these early clans brought evergreen boughs into the home as a reminder of the indomitable spirit inherent in all life.

I observe the evergreens in my midst as heroes in this winter grip. Ever-bright and ever-clear, their likeness reminds me of the ever-green nature within the core of every human. And so, those glimmery evergreens remind me of the Anahata (the green heart chakra) qualities.


‘Qrops #’s 1279 and 18841279 from April 2018 days: Define EVERGREEN When do you call a plumber?(Evergreen is HRCs secret service code name, and the ships callsign is H3RC.)And 1884 from August 2018 lists various trafficking ports. Many surrounding the Suez Canal are labeled “pending” as compared to others like Epstein Island and Haiti which were labeled “closed”.Long queues of pertinent details are stacked like dominoes, worldwide in action.’ via Jason Stahl on Facebook.  Source

Evergreen is the integrated shipping infrastructure sharing HRC’s secret service code name and participating in the
Clinton Foundation’s international trafficking of children.

W’s protected by Fake News operators like J. Tapper (1279) and expands its tentacles through local subcontracting

For example, in Hai, SAMAR was named its local agent and was in charge of shipping the children out of Hast

HRC did not pick the name Evergreen randomly. It symbolizes prolonged youthful life and is another illustration of the Cult of the Dead Queen discussed in my chemtrail! article

Archaeologists Unearth Egyptian Queen’s Tomb, 13-Foot ‘Book of the Dead’ Scroll
The team also discovered dozens of sarcophagi, wooden masks and ancient board games



The name Evergreen refers to the consumption of children blood and adrenochrome made possible by the activites of
companies like Evergreen Aviation and its partner network In addition to the blood and children supply component.
Evergreen has also played a major role in the Cabal’s international mind control agenda through its chemtrail
dissemination component.

EVERGREEN AVIATION – A Winter Vacation Fit for a ‘Monarch’

=- The Monarch Butterfly Heads South for Winter sample of sick article found on Evergreen website.
EVERGREEN named SAMAR és agent in Haiti.

There is a post on my site that should open your eyes to the fact that these pedophiles have been using the ocean to cover up their perversion for some time now.  They use isolated islands, ships, planes and submarines to transport their victims and hide their hunting parties, sexual rituals, human sacrifice and cannibalism.


Another Anon dives into “Evergreen”   (excerpts only)

Pagan cultures dating back thousands of years believed that the blood of the young possessed restorative powers. They considered it a veritable ‘Fountain of Youth’.

Consuming this drug allows the user to maintain a youthful appearance much later in life than what is typically possible by natural means.

Some sources suggest that it takes several dozen children to produce one liter of the drug, which is purported to be worth over $1 billion on the Black Markets.

Withdrawal is said to be worse than even that of Meth or Heroin, as the body’s own adrenaline production shuts down with the infusion of an outside source.

Rapid aging, extreme lethargy, and psychosis are the tell-tale signs of withdrawal from this drug.

‘Evergreen’ trees, such as the pine tree [pinecones are highly symbolic in the Occult], stay green throughout the year even through the winter months, hence the symbolism for this age-old ‘Fountain of Youth’ is embedded into the very name of the shipping company being used to transport it.

EverGreen = EverYouth

Synthetic versions of the drug can be produced by allowing Epi-Pens to age, as the molecule can be imitated via the oxidation of Epinephrine.

Ever wonder why the price of Epi-Pens shot up during the Trump administration? [NOTE: The price of epi-pens lowered during the Trump Administration due to negotiation with pharmaceutical companies. The price of insulin also came down considerably as a result.]

The supply lines for the authentic drug were decimated over the past four years.

Evidence of elites displaying signs of 4dr3n0chr0m3 withdrawal abounded.

Marina Abramovich, who appears to be one of the most prolific 5p1r1t C00k1ng Witch Matrons among the worldwide Elite, is 74 years old. Upon first glance, she barely appears to be in her 50’s.

She played a huge role in the NXIVM cult which Smallville actress Alison Mack went down for. Mack has tweeted photographs of a young 10-year old Maggie Nixon, granddaughter of Soap Opera Star Agnes Nixon [One Life To Live, All My Children] in extremely strange and suggestive photos with Barack Obama. Billionaire Elites such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson [NOTE: Branson too? Not confirmed] also had ties to the cult, in which young underage victims were literally branded with hot iron as property of the cult.

The Cabal appears to have known this day would come for a very long time.

In July of 2019, during the time the Epstein / Maxwell investigation was heating up, Jake Tapper gave a cryptic reply to a tweet which stated, “This is all going to get so much worse.”

Tappers response?



Many articles have linked Hilary Clinton and her minions to EVERGREEN, but I have not seen anyone tie in Jennifer Psaki.  She is Obama’s girl big time.  Anyone with insight can tell that it is Obama that is leading the left.  NO DOUBT.  Of course he is just a puppet of the elite/royals/UN.  

Opinion: Jackson Hole guards the Secrets of the Temple

For its 1998 conference, the Kansas City Fed chose “Income Inequality Issues and Policy Options,” which is what journalists call an “evergreen:” a story that is not time-sensitive and has a long shelf life.

Why pick an evergreen at a time when the developing world was engulfed in a financial and economic crisis? By 1998, what started as the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 had spread to Russia and Latin America. The choice of a topic for the annual symposium seemed to ignore the pressing issues of the day.

One week after the 1998 Jackson Hole conference, then-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan challenged the notion that the U.S. could remain “an oasis of prosperity” unaffected by overseas developments.

It could and it did. Greenspan lowered the funds rate by 75 basis points in two months. The Nasdaq COMP, 0.54%  was off to the races, soaring 85% in 1999 and another 24% before peaking in March 2000.


TikTok Video of ‘Psaki Morphing Into Zuckerberg’ Leaves Netizens in Stitches

Political Editor with files from sputniknews:

Arabnews24.ca:Sunday 31 January 2021 11:19 AM: While some social media users joked about the alleged resemblance between the social media mogul and the Biden’s press secretary, others were less forgiving.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and US President Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki have been thrust into the virtual limelight after a video was posted on TikTok showing the two personalities merging into each other. 

While some netizens joked about how similar the two prominent figures apparently look, others have compared Zuckerberg’s and Psaki’s public appearances instead.

“Probably the same person since either (sic!) one has any knowledge of anything when asked questions,” wrote one.

“Neither can put out a full statement,” quipped another.

“Omg!! Spot on!! That explains all the lies that come out of their mouths”, exclaimed the third.

Users didn’t hold back, with some labelling Zuckerberg and Psaki “reptilian,” “evils from the same egg,” and even “Lucifer and his minions,” among other insults.

The duo’s supposed resemblance caught the attention of Twitter users as well.


Bambi Andrea

Replying to

Great question! I will have to circle back on that one.


Vice President for Communications and Strategy at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Post 12752103  • View on 8kun

Opened and ran Washington DC office for New York City based polling and communications consulting firm, Global Strategy Group. Created business plan for growing office including …

Sandy Hook Residents:Last Notes

ok..this all started with Jen Psaki & Sandy Hook curiosity from some post (way too long ago).. last lead I had in mind


Posts Jen created, shared, or commented on in the last 90 days are displayed here.

See all activity




Jen has 2 organizations 2


  • National Security Action
  • Council on Foreign Relations<

Jennifer Psaki, Obama’s handpicked, mentored, molded, developed, and promoted for THE GLOBALIST agenda; is the FOUNDER of EVERGREEN CONSULTING LLC in the District of Columbia.  


Company Number
Native Company Number
Incorporation Date
20 March 2017 (almost 4 years ago)
Company Type
Limited Liability Company
District of Columbia (US)
Registered Address
  • 2146 North Pollard St,
  • Arlington
  • 22207
  • Virginia
  • United States
Agent Name
Agent Address
1090 VERMONT AVE. NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20005
Directors / Officers
Registry Page
Source District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairshttps://corponline.dcra.dc.gov/BizEnt…9 Dec 2020



So we see that this does include the trafficking of children, pedophilia, adrenochrome, the LGBT agenda, elite privlege and control of all things.   It is all connected.  Based on all my findings in all the research that I conduct, I believe the true center of the Global Agenda is in the NETHERLANDS.  Where this ship was headed.  


Mar 26, 2021
High winds and low visibility over power this huge ‘Golden Class’ vessel. LINKS: AIS Shipping Data Suez Canal: https://www.marinevesseltraffic.com/S… Lloyd’s List: https://lloydslist.maritimeintelligen… Captain G YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSgPl… Theme: “Weightless” Aram Bedrosian https://arambedrosian.com


The Truth About The Suez Canal Crisis: The Supply Chain Breakdowns & Inventory Shortages An enormous cargo ship is currently blocking 10% of the world’s trade in the Suez Canal. The 400 meter-long and 59 meters wide Ever Given container ship ran aground early on March 23rd as it traveled north from the Red Sea towards the Mediterranean, twisting diagonally across the width of the canal. As a consequence, the traffic on the crucial waterway linking the Mediterranean and the Red Sea has been at a standstill for two days after the MV Ever Given ran aground in high winds. And at least 250 other vessels needing to pass through the crucial waterway are sitting idle. Efforts to refloat the ship have failed so far, and the waterway could remain blocked for weeks. This will have a major knock-on effect on global shipping and trade. Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said it was temporarily suspending navigation through one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes until the grounded container vessel MV Ever Given is refloated. The announcement on Thursday came after low tide overnight slowed efforts to dislodge the massive vessel that has chocked traffic in both directions along the canal and created one of the worst shipping jams seen in years. This is an enormous vessel. It is one of the biggest in the world. It is 400 meters long. The Suez canal is 200 meters wide. There are 20 thousand containers onboard. Every day, 50 vessels on average go through that canal, so the closing of the canal means no vessels are transiting north and south. ‘Every day the canal is closed, container ships and tankers are not delivering food, fuel, and manufactured goods to Europe, and goods are not being exported from Europe to the Far East. Those containers are full of the chips needed to make cars. There are now according to Lloyd’s List, 250 vessels waiting to go through the Suez canal, and they really are STUCK. 👉 

Cargo Ship Drew Giant Penis In Suez Canal Before Getting Stuck

You have probably heard about the huge ship that’s got itself stuck in the middle of the Suez Canal. But did you know that before having this little mishap it managed to draw a huge penis? Well, kind of.

The 200,000 ton Ever Given came to a standstill yesterday (23 March), causing a huge backlog of traffic along the busy route.

However, analysis of tracking data from vesselfinder.com shows the enormous vessel also inadvertently created a massive willy-shaped path.

Sharing a snap to Twitter, researcher John Scott-Railton said: “OH NO: misfortune’s unerring aim touched #EVERGIVEN’s track as it departed the designated anchorage and steamed into the Canal. (innocent, but terrible luck).”

A spokesperson for the maritime tracking site has since said that while it’s accurate there is nothing suspicious about it.

They told Vice: “There is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data.”

Credit: vesselfinder.com
Credit: vesselfinder.com

The canal, which is 120 miles long, is one of the world’s most important shipping lanes, but it has spent most of the day completely gridlocked as a result of the blockage.

Ever Given, which is owned by a Taiwanese company but registered in Panama, drifted across the entire width of the canal while heading north.

According to reports, it’s believed a gust of wind caused the ship to suddenly turn sideways almost four miles north of the southern mouth of the canal.

All crew members are said to be fine.

The ship was heading to the Netherlands, with an ETA of 31 March.

Instagram user Julianna Cona wrote on the platform: “Ship in front of us ran aground while going through the canal and is now stuck sideways looks like we might be here for a little bit…”

A team of tugboats are currently trying to get the ship free from the canal’s eastern wall, though it’s feared this could take several days.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Sal Mercogliano, a maritime historian based in the US state of North Carolina, said that the incident could have ‘huge ramifications for global trade’.

He said the ship got lodged in the embankment and would have lost the power to steer, explaining: “This is the largest vessel ever to go aground in the Suez Canal.

“If they are unable to pull her free… in a high tide, they are going to have to start removing cargo.”

Adding: “Every day, 50 vessels on average go through that canal, so the closing of the canal means no vessels are transiting north and south.

“Every day the canal is closed … container ships and tankers are not delivering food, fuel and manufactured goods to Europe and goods are not being exported from Europe to the Far East.’

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: World NewsTransportFunnyShiptravelboat



The Truth Behind EVERGREEN And Ever Given!


While researching the stuck boat from a few days ago, I found one very intriguing video. There I realized the entire truth behind the Hilary Clinton shipping company called Evergreen!

I revealed the entire truth behind Evergreen’s shipping company, and it is connected with child trafficking, but as well as with other criminal acts.

Join The True Defender Telegram Chanel Here: https://t.me/TheTrueDefender

I thought that the entire story was worth hearing, so I will share it with you folks.
If you don’t want to read these pieces of evidence, and you can scroll down and see the video.

Everything is showed during Passover.

See the first video below.

And out YouTube backup. Beware that this video may be removed!

The entire story becomes crazier and crazier. Let’s just wrap things up for those who aren’t aware of what I am talking about right now.

Have you heard about the ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal?
You must have heard about it because it was shared everywhere, on TV, social media, newspapers, etc.

But, if you are too busy working, read below to understand everything.




Kim DeAngelo-Larsen

Have they looked in the containers yet?
Brian Wolfgang Skyum

Make the other container ships in line pull it free by anchor chains, ropes or wires. Just like trucks do. It’s not rocket engineering.

But, we found something that will blow your mind. Everything is in the details.

The name of the ship is H3RC!
Can you realize what it stands for?

HRC= Hillary Rodham/Rotten Clinton!

But, this is not all folks. The ship that tried to free the H3RC is “BARAKA.”
And the three boats around Mosaed (Mossad) 1, 2, and 3.

It cannot be a coincidence.

Everything is true, I checked it!

However, I’m not the only one having this opinion.

Bloomberg shared something too.

The 193-kilometer-long (120 miles) Suez Canal is among the most trafficked waterways in the world, used by oil tankers shipping crude from the Middle East to Europe and North America. About 12% of global trade and 8% of liquefied natural gas pass through the canal, as do around one million barrels of oil each day.

No progress has been made so far in floating the vessel and clearing the canal, the Gulf Agency Company, which provides services including Suez transits, said by email. Images released by the Suez Canal Authority showed the vessel’s hull firmly wedged into a banking. They also depicted efforts by the Baraka 1, one of eight tug boats deployed so far in the rescue, to try and yank the ship free.

The weight of the Ever Given — about 224,000 tons — and small size of the tug boats operated by canal authorities have hampered work so far, according to two people familiar with the situation, who asked not to be identified discussing private details. Ship owners are in talks with SMIT Salvage B.V., which has larger tugs, to assist, indicating that it may take days to clear the canal, one of the people said.

Moreover, these three webpages aren’t the only ones sharing this opinion.

Read the report from The Guardian:

One of the largest container ships in the world has been partially refloated after it ran aground in the Suez canal, causing a huge jam of vessels at either end of the vital international trade artery.

The 220,000-ton, 400-metre-long Ever Given – a so-called megaship operated by the Taiwan-based firm Evergreen – became stuck near the southern end of the canal on Tuesday. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said it had lost the ability to steer amid high winds and a dust storm.

Eight tugboats were working to free the vessel, blocking a lane key to Asia-Europe trade through which about 50 ships a day passed in 2019, according to Egyptian government statistics.

GAC, a Dubai-based marine services company, said the Ever Given had been partially refloated and moved alongside the canal bank, citing information from the SCA.

“Convoys and traffic are expected to resume as soon as the vessel is towed to another position,” GAC said on its website.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), the ship’s technical manager, said it ran aground in the canal at about 0540 GMT on Tuesday.

BSM said all crew were safe and accounted for, and there had been no reports of injuries or pollution.

A growing number of tankers were gathering near the entrance to the canal on Wednesday morning waiting to pass through. Seven vessels carrying 6.3m barrels of crude oil were among those unable to pass, the research firm Kpler said, with another three carrying an additional 2.5m barrels scheduled to try to make the passage by the end of the week.

The accident was probably due in part to strong winds that turned the containers above deck into a vast sail that blew the vessel off course, said Jamil Sayegh, a former captain and maritime law specialist with experience navigating the canal. “The force generated by the wind would have unintentionally altered the heading of the vessel,” he said.

But he added that human error may also have been a factor since ships traverse the canal in convoys and none of the vessels behind the Ever Given had run into similar troubles.

“Ships are machines run by propulsion engines with rudders that are almost identical in all vessels. The variables on board are the software and the personnel.”

Vessels passing through the Suez are obligated to use Egyptian pilots to help them navigate the stretch, he said.

Weather forecasts would have shown that winds were strong on Wednesday, but he said both canal authorities and mariners tried not to delay passage.

“If you delay this vessel at Suez anchorage, it means you are making the ship owner to lose $60,000 [£44,000] per day or $3-4000 per hour of delay,” said Sayegh, the Beirut agent for the shipping journal Lloyd’s.

The incentive not to pause journeys had grown more acute with the rise of just-in-time supply chains in recent decades, said Peter Sand, the chief shipping analyst with Bimco, an international association for shipowners.

“For decades shipping has been the invisible conveyor belt at sea, enabling large manufacturing industries like automative to do just-in-time shipments, even though from time to time shippers are calling foul in terms of the reliability of the schedule,” he said. “Some production lines may be halted due to containers being caught in traffic like this.”

Lars Jensen, the chief executive of SeaIntelligence Consulting, said delays increased the risk of congestion at European ports. “When the canal reopens, this will mean that the delayed cargo will now arrive at the same time as cargo behind it which is still on track,” he said.

Once we are done with evident proofs, we can move to prophetic.

The entire situation is going out of control when I saw Robin Bullock’s video one day before the event. He predicts that a ship will get stuck in the canal, revealing a tremendous truth.

He predicted that this news would become a piece of breaking news.

Robin Bullock is a fortuneteller.

See his video below! We aren’t lying.

And in addition, read the best comments so far.

As well as the YouTube Backup.

We will now share the latest events about the middle of March 25.

We have mentioned the event with the Red Sea Moment.
In the beginning, I believed that it was some metaphor, but a Red Sea Moment in the Red Sea?

How about that?

We aren’t geography experts, but everyone can check on the map and see that the ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, a direct link to the Red Sea!

This is not some coincidence!

Moreover, the boat that created the event in The Red Sea is called Ever Given, but we can read EVERGREEN on its side.
You are asking why this is important.
Well, folks. Business Insider told us that Hillary’s Secret Service code was EVERGREEN.

It is just too much to be a coincidence.
Take a look at the info below.



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They even warned ahead of time.



The Patriot Chef

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Great finds this morning Kim! Thanks for sharing

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Iran just hit an Israeli boat in the Arabia Sea.

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The EVERGREEN Story Continues To Unfold….Red Sea Moment!
This story continues to get wilder by the minute! Let me recap everything we’ve covered so far in case you’re not up to speed and then scroll down for the newest updates.   Did you see the news today…



NEW – Suez Canal, one of the largest shipping lanes on the planet, blocked with a mega container ship, creating a traffic jam of ships waiting in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and in the canal itself.

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Footage of container ships amassing outside the blocked Suez Canal. The last time the canal was closed/blocked was just before the 6-day war.
Huge Container Carrier AGROUND IN SUEZ CANAL m/v EVER GIVEN 23.03.2021
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The captain is a woman for sure
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is road rage on the ocean a thing? and what do you call it?


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There goes the Ikea delivery I’ve been waiting for
matthew joynes

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Is this a Greenpeace protesting or the universe telling us something ” Evergreen”

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Floodgates are about to burst…




Dr. Bob. Esq. 

Despite the big glaring EVERGREEN on the side. HRCs sss code name. Checking registries. This is a big deal.
This Tweet is from a suspended account. Learn more
Dr. Bob. Esq. 

Think the witch is sweating ?

Melissa Knochenhauer

She better be
The huge revelation! What is in the boat?

If we check, maybe we can find trafficked kids?

You must watch the video below.

In case we missed something, please let us know!


Before the Ever Given: A Look at the Crises That Closed Suez

Since it opened in 1869, Egypt’s Suez Canal has been a source of national pride and a focus of international conflict.

U.S. News & World Report

Before the Ever Given: A Look at the Crises That Closed Suez

The Associated Press

FILE – In this Nov. 11, 1956 file photo, fuel installations on the Suez Canal burn after an attack by aircraft of the Sea Venom Squadron from HMS Eagle as Britain, France and Israel intervened militarily and occupied the canal zone following Egypt nationalizing the canal. Since it opened in 1869, the canal has been a source of national pride and a focus of international conflict. Now, a skyscraper-sized container ship called the Ever Given got stuck sideways across the waterway since Tuesday, March 23, 2021 . The obstruction has halted canal traffic, valued at over $9 billion a day. (AP Photo, File) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

BY ISABEL DEBRE, Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Since it opened in 1869, Egypt’s Suez Canal has been a source of national pride and a focus of international conflict. It is one of the world’s great maritime shortcuts, connecting the Red and Mediterranean Seas through a narrow passage that chops thousands of miles off most east-west shipping voyages.

Efforts to free cargo ship in Suez Canal continue

Now, a different sort of crisis has thrust the Suez Canal into the global spotlight. A skyscraper-sized container ship called the Ever Given got stuck sideways across the waterway last week. The obstruction has halted canal traffic — valued at over $9 billion a day — disrupting a global shipping network already burdened by the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of ships waiting to cross the canal have piled up in a colossal traffic jam. With the vessel’s bow still firmly lodged in the eastern bank, other shippers are opting to take the long route around the Cape of Good Hope.

Nearly 19,000 vessels passed through the Suez Canal last year, carrying over 10% of global trade, including 7% of the world’s oil. While its shutdown this week is historic, the canal is no stranger to disruption. Here’s a look at some major incidents that have closed or threatened the bottleneck in the past.


In 1956, Egypt’s then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the canal. The seizure, celebrated by Egyptians as a defiant break from European imperialism, prompted Britain, France and Israel to intervene militarily and occupy the canal zone.

As fighting raged, sunken ships sealed off the canal for months. The United States and the Soviet Union, which openly opposed the invasion, ultimately forced the three countries to withdraw. Egypt was able to reopen the canal in March 1957, in what was seen across the region as a victory for pan-Arab nationalism.


A decade later, at the outbreak of the 1967 Mideast war, Egypt closed the canal to international shipping as Israeli forces struck again at the canal zone and entrenched in the Sinai Peninsula. This time, the canal was shut for eight years. Accumulating mines, bombshells and sunken vessels, the waterway became a fortified trench in the war. It was only after peace talks with Israel that Nasser’s successor, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, reopened the waterway in 1975.

During the closure, over a dozen cargo ships were stranded midway through the canal in the Great Bitter Lake. The closed canal cost the world $1.7 billion in lost trade and increased shipping costs and Egypt $250 million in lost toll revenues annually, according to a U.N. study.

The shutdown forced Europe-bound vessels to avoid Suez by rounding the southern tip of Africa, encouraging shippers to find economies of scale by developing increasingly large supertankers — a trend that, ironically, led ships to swell to the size of the stranded Ever Given.


The canal divides mainland Egypt from the restive Sinai Peninsula, where the Egyptian military has been fighting a yearslong insurgency led by a local affiliate of the Islamic State group. The violence has threatened to spill over and disrupt global trade. In the summer of 2013, a Sinai-based militant group called the Furqan Brigades attacked two vessels in the waterway with rocket-propelled grenades, causing slight damage. Despite repeated vows to target the waterway, Egyptian militants so far have failed to impact maritime traffic there.


Groundings of vessels previously have closed the narrow waterway, which can be difficult to navigate when there’s poor visibility. The first reported accident occurred in 1937, when high winds and rain squalls caused the U.K.-owned passenger liner Viceroy of India to ram into the bank and halt marine traffic for a day. Over the century, several other freighters have crashed or briefly shut down the waterway for up to three days, including a Greek-owned oil tanker in 1954, a Russian tanker in 2004 and a container ship that broke down in 2018 and triggered a multi-ship collision.

In all cases, however, the groundings were swiftly resolved. Never before has a ship become wedged athwart the width of the canal, like the Ever Given.


The giant 400-meter-long (quarter-mile-long) Ever Given, a Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned ship that hauls cargo between Asia and Europe, got stuck last Tuesday in a single-lane stretch of the canal. The ship’s operators insist it crashed into the bank because of strong winds and a sandstorm, but the circumstances of the grounding remain unclear. Egyptian authorities suggested Saturday that human error may have been a factor.

A squadron of tugs and diggers continued their struggle to free the Ever Given on Sunday. But without any significant progress, authorities may be forced to offload the vessel’s containers — an operation that could take days.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the helmsman who somehow managed to stick his giant-ass ship sideways into the goddamn Suez Canal & blocked it into literal gridlock & is currently costing every seafaring nation of Earth like millions of dollars every hour
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Live Updates: Scramble Against Time to Free Ship Stuck in Suez Canal

Why the internet loves the Suez Canal stuck ship saga.

March 27, 2021, 8:05 a.m. ETMarch 27, 2021

March 27, 2021

It’s a moment that has managed to wrap Bernie Sanders’s mittens, jokes about poor driving skills and timeless office humor into one.

Initially it was the sheer oddity of a ship being stuck in the Suez Canal, single-handedly snarling global trade in a world already mired in a pandemic, that grabbed the online world’s attention. But it was the photo of a tiny digger working away at its mammoth task that sealed the Ever Given’s fate as the foundation for thousands of relatable memes.

Was the digger — which was trying its hardest to dislodge the vessel despite a titanic size difference — the perfect metaphor for thinking we can make any dent in our to-do lists, finally manage to stop procrastinating or get our thousands of unread emails down to zero?


Was it the visual representation of the scant relief that a walk outdoors can offer from the doom and gloom of a pandemic-gripped world?




Kim Bhasin

me just trying my best



Kim Bhasin

the suez canal ship is my brain right before a deadline


Soon, the 1,300-foot Ever Given was so splashed across social media feeds that its many colorful containers and the large white lettering spelling out the name of the company that operates the ship spawned a viral tweet showing people how to “steal his look.”


Jamie Jones


I am not politically minded at all.  I hate politics and believe that most of it is contrived.  However, there must be some great significance to the fact that SO MANY COUNTRIES have a stake in what is happening in the SUEZ.  There are many more than listed here.  But, the best place to start looking is with the countries IMMEDIATELY involved in the crisis.  If anyone out there has the time and the inclination to delve into the political aspect… here are some good places to start:
The Ever Given Ship is registered in Panama, Operated by a Taiwanese Company, Owned by a Japanese Company, the crew is from India and it was traveling from China to the Netherlands, passing through Egypt and the driver is a woman.  Plus: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM of Hamburg, Germany)
The Japanese owner of the Ever Given, Shoei Kisen, said it hoped the vessel would be freed by Saturday night Japan time. The company’s president has apologised for the disruption caused by the …
The 200,000 tonne ship, built in 2018 and operated by Taiwanese transport company Evergreen Marine, ran aground and became lodged sideways across the waterway at about 07:40 local time (05:40 GMT) on Tuesday.
The company that manages the container ship, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM of Hamburg, Germany), has denied earlier reports that the ship had already been partially refloated.  The Ever Given, registered in Panama, was bound for the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands from China and was passing  northwards through the Egypt’s Suez canal on its way to the Mediterranean.   SOURCE

BSM Offshore Services is a part of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, the ship management arm of the Schulte Group, which has over 135 years of experience in the shipping industry. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the Schulte Group has offices in over 30 locations around the world and focuses on two core business areas, ship owning and ship management. The Group owns about 90 vessels and manages over 600 ships through the employment of 18,000 seafarers and 2,000 shore staff.

With BSM Offshore Services, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement has dedicated teams around the globe focusing on the specialised areas of offshore activities. We have the expertise to support investors, owners and operators with the complexities of the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy markets. We currently support a full range of sophisticated vessels including FPSOs, Supply Vessels as well as Flotels. Our owner’s perspective combined with optimised processes, a long-standing family-owned organisation, the purchase power as one of the largest ship managers in the world and an extensive array of complementary maritime services will contribute to the successful and economic operation of your offshore unit.  SOURCE

Tension is rising over Taiwan and even if China isn’t …

Tension is rising over Taiwan and even if China isn’t ready to invade, the current situation is untenable Posted on March 24, 2021 While Beijing is likely to stop short of war, it’s not prepared to accept the political situation on the island for much longer.

NetherlandsTaiwan relations – Wikipedia

In 2020 the Netherlands changed the name of their representative office in Taiwan from “Netherlands Trade and Investment” to “Netherlands Office Taipei.”. This change was meant to reflect the actual scope of NetherlandsTaiwan relations beyond simply trade and investment.

Foreign relations of Taiwan – Wikipedia

NetherlandsTaiwan relations go back to the 1600s when the Dutch East India Company set up a colony on Taiwan. In the modern era the are defined by the high degree of foreign direct investment which flows between the two countries and long lasting economic partnerships between Dutch and Taiwanese firms.

Dutch-Japanese relations | Japan | netherlandsandyou.nl

II THE JAPANESE-DUTCH RELATIONSHIP. The Portuguese had first arrived in Japan in 1543, so contacts between Japan and the Netherlands were not the oldest and longest Japan had enjoyed with a western country. Contacts with Asian countries such as Korea, China and Taiwan naturally went back to much earlier times.

How China Made the Netherlands Question the Free Market …

Sep 1, 2020Beijing still regards the Netherlands as an important trade partner and investment destination, even though the Netherlands is getting “harsher” toward China, said a researcher with the

The Netherlands ‘can improve’ China-EU relations – CGTN

Business ties between the Netherlands and China go back four centuries, and despite its relatively small size, the Netherlands is one of China’s major European trade partners – its exports to the country now only second to Germany’s.