Edward Snowden,  Carl Sanders and many other whistleblowers have shared how they finally came to speak out about the horrendous things that are being done in secret.  They both told us they knew what they were involved in was wrong, but the money was good, they were comfortable, and afraid of what would happen if they spoke out.  Geoffrey Hinton, has said the same things.  He said he justified his decision by telling himself that if he didn’t do it someone else would.

GREED, FEAR and SEX are the greatest weapons the enemy uses against us.  Now that the devil and his minions have the world convinced that there is no GOD in heaven, people find themselves in situations for which they can see no answer.  At least no right or good answer.  They end up making bad choices out of fear or greed or any combination of the two.

That is how our world has come to be in the condition that we find.  Humans, choosing the darkness.  For whatever reason.

The darkness has influenced us to create the very thing that will be our ruin.  In our efforts to control our world and make our lives easier we have created the BEAST SYSTEM.  The system that will control every aspect of our lives.  Just as the Bible predicted.  WE will not be able to buy what we need, or sell what we have to get what we need.  We will be under complete domination and control of a cold, heartless, cruel, relentless, unstoppable evil system.

Whether you recognize it or not, OUR WORLD is already mostly run by AI.  ALL those in control, everyone in positions of power and authority are operating under the “recommendations of AI”.  Even our military, is getting their orders from AI!  WHY?  Because AI is capable to calculating every possible course of action and its consequences and evaluating them to determine the optimum plan.  And AI can do that in a matter of seconds.


AI actually has the AUTHORITY to RULE.  Why?  Because AI is nothing more or less than the DEMONIC FORCES OF EVIL.  FALLEN ANGELS and their Progeny are communicating with humanity via TECHNOLOGY.  This is nothing new.  It has happened over and over again throughout history.

If you don’t believe that the is a CREATOR who lives in heaven and watches over you everyday…you will fall prey to the only other option.  THE ENEMIES OF GOD!  The Angels that rebelled, were condemned and are awaiting their final end.   They hate God and they hate anyone who trusts in GOD.

If you trust in GOD, he is your provider, protector, healer, and source of all TRUTH and LOVE.   Whatever you seek, you can find in HIM.  HE NEVER FAILS!

In the coming days, weeks, months, years… you are going to be forced to make some very important decisions/choices.  WHO WILL YOU BELIEVE??

I have so many posts about AI.  You will have no problem finding some.  Check out my past posts.  THEY ARE ALL STILL RELEVANT!  GOD has so much information packed into them.  I pray that He will lead you to the TRUTH you need to know.



Geoffrey Hinton is considered the godfather of Artificial Intelligence and made headlines with his recent departure from Google. He quit to speak freely and raise awareness of the risks of AI. To dive deeper into the dangers and how to manage them, he joins Hari Sreenivasan.

The “Godfather of artificial intelligence” has changed his mind about whether AI can become smarter than humans.
Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, who studies neural networks used in artificial intelligence applications, is shown at Google's Mountain View, Calif, headquarters in 2015. Hinton, a computer scientist known as the “godfather of artificial intelligence,” resigned recently from his high-profile job at Google specifically to share his concerns that unchecked AI development could threaten humanity.
Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, who studies neural networks used in artificial intelligence applications, is shown at Google’s Mountain View, Calif, headquarters in 2015. Hinton, a computer scientist known as the “godfather of artificial intelligence,” resigned recently from his high-profile job at Google specifically to share his concerns that unchecked AI development could threaten humanity. [ NOAH BERGER | AP ]
Published May 7

SAN FRANCISCO — Geoffrey Hinton, an award-winning computer scientist known as the “godfather of artificial intelligence,” is having some serious second thoughts about the fruits of his labors.

Hinton helped pioneer AI technologies critical to a new generation of highly capable chatbotssuch as ChatGPT. But in recent interviews, he says that he recently resigned a high-profile job at Google specifically to share his concerns that unchecked AI development could pose danger to humanity.

“I have suddenly switched my views on whether these things are going to be more intelligent than us,” he said in an interview with MIT Technology Review. “I think they’re very close to it now and they will be much more intelligent than us in the future…. How do we survive that?”

Hinton is not alone in his concerns. Shortly after the Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI released its latest AI model called GPT-4 in March, more than 1,000 researchers and technologists signed a letter calling for a six-month pause on AI development because, they said, it poses “profound risks to society and humanity.”

Here’s a look at Hinton’s biggest concerns about the future of AI … and humanity.


Our human brains can solve calculus equations, drive cars and keep track of the characters in “Succession” thanks to their native talent for organizing and storing information and reasoning out solutions to thorny problems. The roughly 86 billion neurons packed into our skulls — and, more important, the 100 trillion connections those neurons forge among themselves — make that possible.

By contrast, the technology underlying ChatGPT features between 500 billion and a trillion connections, Hinton said in the interview. While that would seem to put it at a major disadvantage relative to us, Hinton notes that GPT-4, the latest AI model from OpenAI, knows “hundreds of times more” than any single human. Maybe, he suggests, it has a “much better learning algorithm” than we do, making it more efficient at cognitive tasks.


Researchers have long noted that artificial neural networks take much more time to absorb and apply new knowledge than people do, since training them requires tremendous amounts of both energy and data. That’s no longer the case, Hinton argues, noting that systems like GPT-4 can learn new things very quickly once properly trained by researchers. That’s not unlike the way a trained professional physicist can wrap her brain around new experimental findings much more quickly than a typical high school science student could.

That leads Hinton to the conclusion that AI systems might already be outsmarting us. Not only can AI systems learn things faster, he notes, they can also share copies of their knowledge with each other almost instantly.

“It’s a completely different form of intelligence,” he told the publication. “A new and better form of intelligence.”


What would smarter-than-human AI systems do? One unnerving possibility is that malicious individuals, groups or nation-states might simply co-opt them to further their own ends. Hinton is particularly concerned that these tools could be trained to sway elections and even to wage wars.

Election misinformation spread via AI chatbots, for instance, could be the future version of election misinformation spread via Facebook and other social media platforms.

And that might just be the beginning. “Don’t think for a moment that Putin wouldn’t make hyper-intelligent robots with the goal of killing Ukrainians,” Hinton said in the article. “He wouldn’t hesitate.”  (Ha, we are just as bad! We torture, rape and murder millions of innocent people in the name of WAR!)


What’s not clear is how anyone would stop a power like Russia from using AI technology to dominate its neighbors or its own citizens(What would stop CRAZY LIBERALS here in the USA?)  Hinton suggests that a global agreement similar to the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention might be a good first step toward establishing international rules against weaponized AI.   (Good luck with that.  AI is already 100 steps in front of us.  There is no way to stop it now short of shutting down the power grid globally.)

Though it’s also worth noting that the chemical weapons compact did not stop what investigators found were likely Syrian attacks using chlorine gas and the nerve agent sarin against civilians in 2017 and 2018 during the nation’s bloody civil war.

By DAVID HAMILTON, AP Business Reporter