Well, science is in the news again.  Once again they are coming out and telling people they are controlling the weather.  But, many people just can not see or hear the truth.  So many truthers are out hear, telling you what they are doing to our environment, but you rather believe their lies.  Rather accept … Click Here to Read More

Weather Manipulation, Geo-Engineering, Weaponized Weather – What YOU NEED TO KNOW!

For those of you out there who are just having a hard time believing that Weather Control is real.  This one is for you!   I have collected enough factual evidence in one spot to make a believer out of anyone.  Even the hardest head.  If you can review all of this information and still not … Click Here to Read More

Now They Only Block The Sun – Part 2 – Weather Modification – Updates

They keep on denying weather control is possible, yet we see the evidence more and more clearly everyday.  Countries are coming out of the closet and admitting that they are using weather control  It is obvious, our Government has been using it for a very long time.  They have developed so many different mechanisms and … Click Here to Read More