Today, our focus is Observatories.  Not a common topic of conversation.  Most people know very little about them, and less about the devices housed within them.  If you are not enamored of the stars,  not a space nut or a mad scien  scientist you really have very little reason to care. However, I beseech you … Click Here to Read More

High Tech Weapons That Control Weather RIGHT NOW

Once again we find our east (and west) coast threatened by Tsunami Waves.  Do you still remember the events around the Volcano on La Palma?  It was not that long ago.  Of course, so much has happened since then.  It is easy to forget because we are overwhelmed. The elite FULLY INTEND to use UNNATURAL … Click Here to Read More

La Palma Gateway to the ASTRO WORLD

RESTORED: 4/26/23 Astro=STARS.   The bible says that GOD created all the Stars of the Heavens and named them.  He assigned them each a task and a place.  Some stars remained in one place and some he called wandering stars /planets.  But even the “Wandering plantes had boundaries set by GOD.  These Stars were actually also … Click Here to Read More