SCIENCE – The Deception is designed to destroy our faith in the WORD of God

The WORD of GOD is a precious gift, a love letter from our Creator.  EVERYTHING that we need to know is in there.  Why?  Because God wanted us to take comfort in KNOWING.  Knowing that He is in Control, in KNOWING that he sees all and Knows all, in Knowing that he has our back, … Click Here to Read More

La Palma Gateway to the ASTRO WORLD

RESTORED: 4/26/23 Astro=STARS.   The bible says that GOD created all the Stars of the Heavens and named them.  He assigned them each a task and a place.  Some stars remained in one place and some he called wandering stars /planets.  But even the “Wandering plantes had boundaries set by GOD.  These Stars were actually also … Click Here to Read More