What’s invaded the Toy Box?

Though the topic of this post would lead you to think it is only relative to children or families with children, that is not true.  This post will dig deep, into YOGA which is a topic that touches many lives and Eastern Religion which touches all our lives in this post modern society.  Stay with me.  There is a lot of information revealed.

Civilization has lost sight of the importance of rearing children.  We have left our offspring totally helpless and vulnerable to the attacks of the evils ones.  They have suffered greatly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It is time we took notice, paid attention and resolved to take action to protect our young.  Today I want to focus on what is happening with our young girls and how their little minds, hearts and spirits are being reprogrammed.

Being a grandmother of 6 grand daughters, as well as an aunt to one niece and great aunt of another, I know a little bit about little girls and a lot about Barbie.  I was however, a little surprised to learn of the blatant push of Eastern Philosophy in the world of dolls.  I have no idea why that would surprise me.  After all we have been inundated with Eastern Religion for years.  When parents are chanting, burning incense, and laying offerings to their Buddha at home, why would they not be thrilled to buy their little girls YOGA Dolls.  Well, I suppose now they buy them for their little boys, too.

Today, I want us to take a look at these Yoga Dolls.  It is my hope that some eyes will be opened to the curse they are bringing our homes and our families.  At a minimum surely I can get some folks to at least take a deeper look at the significance of these toys and the concepts, beliefs and practices they are instilling in our children.

First, I want to state very clearly that PLAY is an important part of the emotional, physical and spiritual development of all children.  PLAY is PRACTICE for Life.  In our early childhood we learn to mimic our parents through our play time.  This reinforces the family values, and moral ethics.  It helps us to shape our self image and to emulate role models that display shared values and beliefs.  So, it helps to keep the family and society on solid footing.

You can trust and believe that the ruling elite have learned a tremendous amount about humans and how we learn, how we interact, how we respond to stimuli, how our thoughts and emotions are formed.  They have not spent all that time and money studying us for nothing.  Their aim is CONTROL.  So, you better understand that all these sudden changes in our society have not occurred naturally or organically.  We are being manipulated every minute of every day.  Every item they sell us is designed with purpose.

Here are some clips from an article posted on a Montessori School Website.

Play is far more powerful for children, however, than many parents realize. It’s actually the key to learning. Researchers and educators across the world have found that play can help enrich learning and develop key skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork.

We need to consider that young children learn in quite different ways [than adults]. They learn by comparing physical experiences, by interactions with other people and their own feelings. And they learn an enormous amount through their imagination…. Play is what pulls together the logical and creative parts of the brain.

For young children, play is often a full body activity that helps them develop skills they will need later in life. Running, dancing, climbing, rolling—these activities all foster muscle development and help fine-tune motor skills. Children also build their mental and emotional muscles as they create elaborate, imaginative worlds rich with a system of rules that govern the terms of play.

Students learn critical thinking skills, develop their language abilities, expand their range of knowledge and increase their social emotional awareness—all without realizing how much they’re learning.    Source

Here are some famous quotes about play:

Play is the primary way children were designed to learn. ”  Kathy Hersh-Pasek and Roberta Golinkoff/Contemporary American psychologists

Play is the mediator of the invisible and visible. ” Dora M. Kalff/Jungian therapist

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. ” Diane Ackerman/Contemporary American author

Culture arises and unfolds in and as play. ” Johan Huizinga/Dutch historian

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. ” Fred Rogers/American television personality
1928–2003   Source

My point in all of that is to help you to realize that what and how our children play is important.  This is not a silly topic.  I know there are those who will say, what does it matter what kind of doll my kid plays with?  Kids just want to be like everyone else.  Whatever is popular is what they want. It is just a fad.   WRONG!!  No matter how long the toy remains  popular or even how long it remains in your home, there are spiritual repercussions that cannot easily be overturned.   You dear PARENT are responsible for the guarding and protection of your children’s body, mind and spirit!!  YOU will answer to GOD for your failings.  Like it or not, those children are not yours, they have been placed in your keeping.  They belong to GOD!

No matter how much American’s believe they can separate the Hindu religion from their Yoga exercise program, it is still a LIE.  Just remember…

Hindu Wisdom – Yoga 
Yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion. There is a saying: “There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga.”

Yoga in philosophy and practice is incompatible with Christianity by James Manjackal MSFS

Yoga Is Incompatible with Catholicism  Fr. James Manjackal, MSFS


Before I get to the rest of this post it is a good idea for you to have an understanding of Eastern Religion, Beliefs and Teachings in order for you to recognize when they are encroaching on your territory.  The following posts will help you:


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In the last few years, Mattel began to offer Barbie dolls that were fully jointed in every area and direction.  I believe they were called “Bust a Move” Barbie.  She was dressed in various athletic garb, including yoga pants and tops.  They sold accompanying playsets that consisted of mats and yoga paraphernalia.

Wow I have Barbie yoga🥰🥰🥰😍
Lovely Dolls And Toys
Happy to hear that, hope you like her as I do. 🙂
I don’t think too many people got upset about that particular development, especially since Yoga was becoming totally mainstream.  Even our government was promoting yoga as a regimen thank you Barack Obama.
The majority of people believed that it was just about exercise, nothing to do with Eastern Religion.  Harmless, so they thought.
Well, here we are folks.  In spite of the truthers who were warning you about Eastern Religion and YOGA being inseparable.  Even the Hindi and Buddhists loudly declaring the same truth, fell on deaf ears.  NOW, we are seeing undeniable evidence as more and more people have turned from the Christian faith and are bringing Buddha in to their homes, their little prayer boxes/altars.  We see people loosing their minds as they surrender to the Kundalini Snake entering their pineal gland and so many other changes in our society.
It is hard for people to accept or believe that the problems stem from the practice of yoga. People will swear up and down that they are not possessed or oppressed by demons.  BUT, people who are possessed or oppressed by demons almost NEVER are able to recognize it.  They think the thoughts are coming from their own mind or heart.  Or, they just don’t even know why they think or do the things they do.  Many are not even aware of what they are doing.
Anyway, back to the dolls.  So that natural progression of course was to go from the seemingly harmless workout version of the yoga Barbie to something more deeply seated in Eastern Teaching.
“Barbie Yoga Made To Move Meditation Guided Breathe With Me Articulated Doll”  ebay.com
Now at Target: New Barbie Dolls Focused on Yoga, Wellness and Self Care


Mattel has released a new line of Barbie dolls that are focused on wellness, relaxation, and other forms of self-care. These dolls and playsets celebrate some of Barbie’s favorite ways to recharge, including yoga, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxing baths

yoga Barbie at Target

Breathe With Me Barbie Doll – $17.99 (regularly $19.99)

This ​Barbie doll has lights and sounds designed to inspire mindfulness. Press the button in her necklace to start one of five guided meditation exercises that kids can follow along with too! The puppy helps Barbie relax and can help her visualize different emotions with the four included cloud emojis. This Barbie also features 15 “joints” for more realistic movement, stretching, and yoga poses.

So this Barbie has a mystical gem she wears around her neck, a “familiar” in the form of a dog and when you “plug the cloud in” to the dog it magically connects to the Barbie and changes her emotions and helps her visualize a different reality.  WHAT???


Because Barbie needs self-care, too! Mattel launches ‘Wellness Collection’ dolls that come with bath bombs, face masks, and ’emotion emojis’ – and one even plays guided MEDITATIONS

Mattel has introduced a new line of ‘wellness’ Barbies that introduce girls ‘to the benefits of self-care through play.’

The new collection includes dolls that come with tub accessories like bath bombs and candles, spa must-haves like face masks, and lounge necessities like slippers and hot cocoa.

Most unique of all, the Breath with Me Barbie doll has a button necklace that plays five different guided meditations that kids can follow along with.  The meditations were made in partnership with the mediation app Headspace and each last four minutes, focusing on topics like staying positive, settling down, and feeling appreciation.

Keeping up: Mattel has introduced a new line of 'wellness' Barbies that introduce girls 'to the benefits of self-care through play'


Interactive: Breathe with Me Barbie ($19.99) wears cute pajamas and a built-in necklace that's also a button — and when kids push it, it plays guided meditations by Headspace


Interactive: Breathe with Me Barbie ($19.99) wears cute pajamas and a built-in necklace that’s also a button — and when kids push it, it plays guided meditations by Headspace

Mood: She comes with a puppy and four cloud-shaped mood charms, which can be stuck in the puppy's head to help 'focus with visualization' on love, sadness, happiness, or grumpiness


Mood: She comes with a puppy and four cloud-shaped mood charms, which can be stuck in the puppy’s head to help ‘focus with visualization’ on love, sadness, happiness, or grumpiness.  ‘​The puppy helps Barbie doll focus with visualization: place one of the four cloud emojis — Love Rainbow, Sad Rain, Happy Sunshine or Grumpy Red — into its head to express an emotion; switch them up to express a new feeling,’ the website explains.

So, by inserting the emoji CHARM into the CROWN CHAKRA of the Puppy the child becomes connected via the CLOUD and is assisted in visualizing her DESIRE (the driving force of all things.).   Come back to this spot after your have viewed the entire post and you will have  a better understanding of what I just wrote.

The meaning of CHARM is the chanting or reciting of a magic spell : incantation. How to use charm in a sentence.

The new collection includes several new Barbies and playsets.

In addition, each of the dolls features 11 joints for ‘more realistic movement,’ and can even sit cross-legged to meditate.


El Segundo, CA – Mattel’s “Breathe With Me” Meditation Barbie is the latest children’s product to be released by the toy giant. For just under $25 retail, kids will be able to practice self-care as they help the Barbie doll with her meditation practice. With just the push of a button, kids will be able to join in on the relaxation.

However, according to a group of Conservative Christians, not everything is as it seems. “Christians Against Eastern Religions,” or CAER, have recently stated that this bendable children’s toy is anything but an invitation to practice self-care; it’s an invitation to open a portal into the underworld.

Here’s what founder of the group, Jasmine Blades, had to say on her personal Facebook page:

Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork. This Barbie has 5 guided meditations. Remember, Yoga IS Hinduism. You cannot separate the poses from the religion. Each pose is designed to invoke a Hindu deity in the spirit realm. I have seen children get possessed by demons. This Barbie also teaches you deep breathing (pranayama). Her pet is also involved. Satan is after the children. He wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is done, he will destroy them. As your kids grow, they will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal. You won’t understand what’s happening as a parent. God forbids all practices of eastern religion as a Christian. You must remove all toys and clean your children’s room of all demonic attachments. Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

(Is it any wonder that we see more people today having depression, panic attacks, nervous anxiety, cutting, self abasement, disrespect, violence, drug addiction, suicide, murder?)

We reached out to Mattel for comment, but they have not returned my call. They did, however, recently post this to their official Twitter account:

The new Breathe With Me Barbie is here! It is definitely just a toy, and not a gateway into the underworld. We swear. Just a self-care toy for children. Not made by Satan. We promise!  (DENY, DENY, DENY oldest trick in the book when caught doing something evil/wrong/illegal)

Sounds fishy, but for now, we’ll just have to take their word for it. If you have purchased the new Barbie, and discover any shadowy figures clinging to your ceiling, or if your children start floating in the air like Luke Skywalker, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Christian Influencer Warning Yoga Barbie Will ‘Possess’ Kids Roasted Online

Shira Li Bartov – Yesterday 11:40 AM

A Christian influencer’s warning that a Yoga Barbie doll could lead to children being “possessed by demons has become the butt of thousands of jokes online.

Yasmeen Suri shared a photo of the doll in a cross-legged pose on May 3. The Barbie was sealed in a plastic box that read “Breathe with me Barbie” and advertised sound effects to “5 guided meditations.” Suri’s Facebook post has garnered 56,000 reactions and 36,000 comments.

“‘Yoga Barbie’ is at Target on the shelf,” wrote Suri. “Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork.”

The Christian speaker and author, who has written books including Beautiful Deception and The Fake God Reference Guide, went on to claim that yoga and Hinduism were inextricable.  (EVEN HINDUS STATE THAT!)

“Yoga Barbie” is at Target on the shelf. Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork. This Barbie has 5 guided meditations. Remember, Yoga IS Hinduism. You cannot separate the poses from the religion. Each pose is designed to invoke a hindu deity in the spirit realm. I have seen children get possessed by demons. This Barbie also teaches you deep breathing(pranayama). Her pet is also involved. Satan is after the children. He wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is done, he will destroy them. As your kids grow, they will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal. You won’t understand what’s happening as a parent. God forbids all practices of eastern religion as a Christian. You must remove all toys and clean your children’s room of all demonic attachments. Deuteronomy 18:10-12
For more helpful information:

You cannot separate the poses from the religion,” she said. “Each pose is designed to invoke a Hindu deity in the spirit realm. I have seen children get possessed by demons.”

Suri warned that Satan was “after the children” whom he intended to “use,” “indoctrinate” and “destroy.” As the result of playing with Yoga Barbie, she told her audience their children “will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal.”

According to her website, Suri was born in India and became “delivered from many New Age beliefs and false religious doctrines” after an encounter with Jesus Christ.

The internet flocked to her Facebook post, with quips and wisecracks flooding the comments section.  (Not surprising as most of the nation and the earth is lawless and hates God and all that belongs to him.)

“My daughter has recently been doing yoga, it’s been really good for her. Enjoying the red tint in her eyes too, brings a nice ambience to the room,” wrote Trudie Macfarlane.  (This person will not be laughing when she and her daughters spend eternity in Hell.)

“I want my money back! I never got demon possessed at yoga class. What a rip off!” added Jaime Elliott.  (Again, laugh now.  There will be no laughing in HELL.)

Controversies about the relationship between yoga and Christianity have sprung up on social media before. In 2018, conservative commentator Matt Walsh argued that the physical activity of yoga was inseparable from “Hindu worship” in a Daily Wire article titled, “Yoga is a Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find a Different Workout Routine.”

Meanwhile, the Catholic Archdiocese of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, addressed the “Catholic position” on yoga in 2015.

The Vatican has not felt compelled to tell Catholics that yoga is totally out of bounds,” said Archdiocesan Theologian Dr. Brett Salked. “Many arguments Catholics tend to use against the practice of yoga are, in fact, unCatholic—even superstitious.”  (What do you expect from the Catholic Church.  The ROMAN Catholic Church is PAGAN.  The Vatican worships Satan.)

Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie, has expanded its doll line in recent years to include gender-neutral Barbies, Barbies with vitiligo and hair loss and a Barbie honoring the Mexican holiday Día De Muertos(DAY OF THE DEAD…worships the DEVIL as the GRIM REAPER.  Worships Ancestor Spirits.)  Gender Neutral is a slap in the fact to the Creator so who do you think that honors?

The following is an interview with Yasmeen in which she shares her personal testimony of her experience with Yoga, Hinduism and meeting Jesus Christ.

Yasmeen Suri, A Sikh Girl Who Left Witchcraft And Yoga


And of course we have the “fact checkers”  the damage control for the elite.  They always show up whenever people are discovering, sharing and responding to the TRUTH.  They have to spread the deception thicker to keep the sheeple on the right track.


‘Yoga Barbie’ Satanic Panic Facebook Post

Posted on

Meet The World’s First Yoga Doll (She Doesn’t Look Like Barbie!)

Gabrielle Frank

mbg Fitness ContributorBy Gabrielle Frank

October 12, 2015

Here at mbg, we frequently write about issues with Barbie, and how she’s not the best role model for young girls today. Thankfully, there are a few creative minds who trying to change the toy landscape with more realistic dolls that can provide a positive example for today’s youth.

Meet the AZIAM Girlz, the world’s first yoga doll series. This doll collection was created by Alanna Zabel, who teaches yoga workshops for young girls. There are eight dolls, which are based on the eight-limbed path (or themes) of any yoga practice.

Each doll has a full range of motion in her hips and knees and has a built-in spinal extension, to allow for forward and back bending. She also comes with her own children’s book and a percentage of the profits will go to a charity that character is associated with. For more information about these dolls, check out the Kickstarter page. Below are photos of a few of the AZIAM Girlz; Asana is on sale now, and the others will be available for order soon.

Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)
Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)
Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)
Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)
Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)

In the Yoga Sutras, author Patanjali explains the Eight-Limbed Path as one method that may be used to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The purpose of practicing yoga is to lead a more spiritually-rich life, breaking attachments and existing habits to develop a higher level of awareness, which will ultimately lead to the highest goal of achieving of spiritual enlightenment.

The Eight-Limbed Path is one approach to practicing yoga that is detailed in the Yoga Sutras. It is relatively well known by modern-day yoga practitioners around the world, as many popular style of yoga are based on this approach.It is the only method that mentions the physical practice of Asana (posture),which is the form of yoga that most people are familiar with today.

Aside from Asana, the Eight-Limbed Path discusses a set of moral and ethical guidelines (Yama and Niyama) which lay the foundation for the remaining steps on the journey towards spiritual enlightenment.Other aspects include: breath control (Pranayama), sensory control and withdrawal (Pratyahara), deep concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana), and ultimate bliss (Samadhi).

The Eight-Limbed Path

  • Yama: restraint (things not to do)

  • Niyama: observance (things to do)

  • Asana: posture

  • Pranayama: breath control

  • Pratyahara: sense withdrawal

  • Dharana: concentration

  • Dhyana: meditation

  • Samadhi: bliss

The dolls are each actually named the names of the 8 limbs of Hindu Suri.  This is total indoctrination.  They are embedding HINDUISM in the minds of our young girls.

Ashtanga: The Eight Limbs


Modern postural yoga is but one aspect of a total system of self understanding and self-compassion. 

While also the name for a certain style of modern postural yoga (to confuse things up a little bit), known for its demanding vinyasa and increasingly challenging sequences of poses, ashtanga also refers to a system of psycho-spiritual discipline that includes postures as only one of eight different practices aimed at opening the practitioner (to demonic influence) to increasingly deeper levels of self awareness (or higher levels of consciousness, if you prefer. Do you ascend, or do you descend? Question for another post…).


The word “yoga” literally translates as “yoke” – that thing that joins the necks of the oxen together when they pull a cart.

The main focus of any yogic practice is actually breathing.  So, we see that everything associated with YOGA begins with controlled breathing.  Controlled Breathing is a mystic spiritual practice.

Hatha yoga is the gateway to bahiranga yoga. Asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas are techniques to improve the physical system, to service this vehicle. Source
Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga primarily concerned with mastery of the body, and it is arguably the tradition most familiar to Western culture. The term is derived from the Sanskrit ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon,” leading to the common interpretation that Hatha practices are designed to unite and balance these two energies. Source
Hatha yoga is only one aspect of yoga, however, even a little Hatha Yoga can open a gateway to the larger spiritual tradition. Since body and mind are intimately connected, physical flexibility contributes to an increasing freedom from a rigidity of the mind. Hatha translates as Ha meaning sun and Tha meaning the moon. Source

Tantra (/ ˈ t æ n t r ə /; Sanskrit: तन्त्र, lit. ‘loom, weave, warp’)  Source
 from Sanskrit tantram, literally “loom, warp,” hence, figuratively, “groundwork, system, doctrine,” from tan “to stretch, extend,” from PIE root *ten- “to stretch.”  Source
Tantra Yoga believes that as long as the phenomenal world exists, it is the Universal Mother who is the creator, preserver and destroyer. Thus in Tantra Yoga she should be worshipped as an aspect of the Divine. The motivating force behind this eternal play of the illusory world of phenomena is the power of desire (ichcha-shakti).   This desire is present in the one who is without attributes, the nameless and formless aspect of the divine (Brahman). Tantra Yoga accepts desire as the prime motivating force of the universe, so it does not ask its’ aspirants to renounce desire. Tantra Yoga asserts that desires are natural and that as long as we are embodied, we will have them. Our sense organs serve as windows through which desires enter. Tantra Yoga offers practical tools for reprogramming the mind and our desires. By means of physical and ritual cleaning, breathing exercises (pranayama), contemplation, visualization (of yantras and deities), repetition of a mantra (mantra japa), Tantra Yoga helps to unfold our divine nature.
Are you beginning to get the picture?  Are you beginning to see the correspondence between the aspects of the dolls and the aspects of the HINDU RELIGION??
WE know what a deity is… but what is a “yantra”?

Yantra (यन्त्र) (literally “machine, contraption”) is a geometrical diagram, mainly from the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. Yantras are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Hindu astrology and tantric texts. They are also used for adornment of temple floors .  Source
The term ‘Yantra’ is derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘yam’, which means supporting the essence of an object; and ‘tra’ comes from ‘trana’ or liberation from bondage. Therefore, Yantra essentially means liberation from birth and rebirth. Yantra, Mantra, and Mandala A Yantra is the yogic equivalent of the Buddhist Mandala.   Source
The literal meaning of Yantra is machine. It is a Sanskrit word meaning mystical diagram, these are specially designed diagrams used as amulets and talismans and are believed to possess, mystical and magical properties.
The yantras are based on the ancient Hindu Vedic techniques and are representation of various mantras and deities. The origin of Yantras can be traced back to the ancient Vedic age. It holds a lot of importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Symbols like circles, dot, triangle, squares, floral patterns and others are used to make yantras, which are representation of cosmic energies and powers.   Source

Significance of Yantras in Hinduism

imagesYantras are predominantly regarded as devices for devotional sadhanasor practices, and as objects to direct our mind and worship. These are used as tools for mental concentration and meditation.

Keeping a specific yantra in a particular direction in the home, worshiping it and concentrating upon it is said to have distinct auspicious effects. A mantra is the generator of specific currents of sublime sound and its perceivable manifestation; a yantra is a monogram – a spectrograph of this sonic energy. In terms of their spiritual effects, yantras are like schematic sketches of the contours or structures of divine energy fields.

Likewise the images of gods in the temples, yantras are revered and worshiped as symbols of divine powers. The Devi Bhagavat (3|26|21) states – Archabhave Tatha Yantram; meaning – a yantra symbolizes a divine power. Similar meanings are indicated inNaradiya PuranaGautamiya TantraYogini Tantra, and several other Vedic scriptures.

Yantras are also referred as the abodes of the divine powers of God, or of the deity that it represents. This is why most of the Vedic yantras are named after different divinities, such as, Ganesa-yantra, Sri-yantra, Gopala-yantra, etc. Each yantra needs to be installed with the use of particular mantras, similar to the temple installation of a deity. Which yantra is placed in which direction and how its worship and devotional sadhana is to be performed – the knowledge of these constitutes a science in itself that has linkage with the Vedic cosmology and sciences of mantra, Tantra, and Vastu.


Yantras are widely used in meditation, Pujas and tantric rituals. The act of wearing, drawing, or concentrating on a yantra is said to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits. Source

 Here it ties the Hindu Gods as the energy forms, yantras or geometric shapes represent their bodies, mantras are the life of the gods,  all yantras have mantras designed to invoke the power by means of the procedures (or postures) called TANTRAS.  All those bizarre and strenuous poses that make up  Modern Yoga are indeed invoking Hindu Deities!!  (I was at one time under the impression that all the poses were merely sun worship.  But, now I see that, indeed there are different deities related to each pose.)

In truth, Yoga is all about being yoked to BRAHMA.  They dance around the topic. In the end the 8 limb system is to bring you to unity with the Supreme Being which to a Hindu is Brahma.  He is not the Creator God of the Bible.

The 16 petals of Sri Yantra represent Kaama (desire), Buddhi (intelligence), Ahankaara (igo), Sabda (hearing), Sparsa (touch), Roopa (sight), Rasa (taste), Gandha (smell), Chitta (mind), Dhairya (courage), Smirtya (memory), Naama (name), Beeja (fire), Aatma (soul), Amrita (water) and Sareera (body). Source
Lakshmi to attract wealth and prosperity, either materially or spiritually • Kali for strength and courage during transitions • Saraswati for creative inspiration • Ganesha to banish obstacles
Another strategy: Simply choose a yantra based on the design you’re most drawn to, says Forbes.  Source   (Sure, whatever demon is calling your name!)

The eight “limbs” begin with 10 observances, sometimes likened to “commandments,” although there is a hint of the punitive in commandments that doesn’t really come into practice with the eight limbs. To me, they are more closely aligned with the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path, both in spirit and in history. These ten observances are split evenly between the “yamas” and the “niyamas” and proscribe conscious attitudes toward others and toward yourself.

 La La Sutras book included in the box and Yoga Sutra related to the 8 Limbed Path.

“Yoga Sutras”, which means to suture, to thread, to weave together, the 8 Limbed Path is a prescription or moral and ethical conduct, on how to live a more meaningful life, void of suffering, in the end, leading to the final state of Samadhi, or ‘Bliss’.  (All 8 limbs are necessary and intertwined.)
Yamas (the observances) and the Niyamas (the disciplines)  Asana (our postures) the Pranayama (our breath focus)  the Pratayahara (withdrawal of sense) the  Dharana (intense focus and concentration) the Dhyana (meditation) and  Samadhi (bliss).   Source

SAMADHI (BLISS) The ‘final’ goal to become one with Brahma. 
All the lokas you have mentioned here like Brahmalok, Vaikuntha or Kailash are abodes of manifest divinities called
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. There are many other abodes of Gods like Indra too. But all these are in the manifest domains. Beyond these is the Brahman or the unmanifest domain. That is called the first divine unmanifestSource

Photos courtesy of AZIAM Girlz


AZIAM Girlz Yoga Dolls

The World’s First Yoga Doll™ series is here! Socially-conscious, beautiful from-the-inside-out & a patent-pending body that does yoga!

The Story About AZIAM Girlz

AZIAM Girlz is a Yoga brand for girls created by AZIAM Yoga. We are dedicated to teaching young girls to love who they are, as they are. Using the basics of Yoga to teach positive self-awareness, we have designed clothing, accessories, bags, yoga products, jewelry, headwear, games, books, and now DOLLS to make the Yoga experience more colorful for our Goddess in Progress™.

First of all, we are not to focus our attention on building ourselves up, developing “self-esteem”  our joy and peace comes when we learn who we are in CHRIST.  To know God’s love and fellowship with Him.  To be children of the King of the Universe and wall in all of his provision and blessing is where we find our truth, our purpose, our fulfillment and our joy.  

We cannot self heal, self serve, self advance or promote.  He is our glory and the Lifter of our head.  We must find HIM to be set free from the law of sin and death.  If we develop self love and learn to love our sinful nature, we will be serving the devil forever.  

Secondly, God desires that we see ourselves as He sees us.  Already completed in Christ Jesus. WE cannot climb steps to reach nirvana, we cannot wrestle control over our emotions and our thoughts.  We cannot ever be righteous on our own.  The ONLY way that we can be accepted is in CHRIST, and all we have to do is accept HIM.  GOD does the rest.  He molds us, he directs our path and he causes us to walk in it.

Thirdly, we are gods and goddesses in progress.  We are not and cannot work to develop godhood.  We can only be changed from glory to glory in the image and likeness of JESUS CHRIST, and then we will be come children of the King and heirs to all that HE HAS.


Email info@aziam.com to custom create your rewards / order!

I shudder to think what the yoga games entail. or what the yoga books teach.  Camp and classes are just indoctrination.

Our AZIAM Girlz doll collection are teenage girls, beautiful from the inside out, making a positive difference in the world today. (Ya, about like Bill Gates is a Philanthropist.)The doll collection was single-handedly created by esteemed yoga instructor and founder of AZIAM Yoga, Alanna Zabel. Each doll has been designed to move with full range of motion in her hips and knees – she moves just like you!  (Hardly, I don’t know anyone who naturally can bend their back backwards and turn all the joints in complete circles. ) She also has a built-in spinal extension to allow for forward and back bending. Alanna creatively merged modern-day play patterns of young girls today with the ancient philosophy of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. Self-funding the five year development process, Alanna poured her passion into the collections, with the focused intention of providing young girls with a doll that is not solely focused on looking glamorous but instead is focused on positive states of being and giving back while inspiring girls to be active, kind, and love themselves AZ.I.AM.   (AZ  I AM.    As I am, in my sinful, selfish state and not AS I AM not growing in the image and likeness of the great I AM.)


Each doll character has her own children’s book, and the sale of each doll and book is donated to a cause / charity related to the theme of each doll. AZIAM and AZ.I.AM Girlz are very passionate about the health and wellness of the youth in all communities, and we are very pleased to be launching these products as a means to positively change the play patterns and healthy alternatives offered in the mainstream marketplace.

AZIAM Activewear
AZIAM Activewear

Can you spot the Yantras in the picture above?  Do you see one being worshipped? 

AZIAM Girlz Activewear
AZIAM Girlz Activewear

Note the pose and the ARMS of SHIVA.


AZIAM Yoga Girlz Dolls

ALL Eight Dolls one for Each Limb of the Sutra.

AZ I AM Girlz is a girls yoga brand which supplements teaching with a wide variety of products designed to promote positive self-awareness. This includes a range of seven 12 inch dolls with enough articulation to actually carry out those yoga poses! They are made from recycled plastic, with rooted hair and screened faces.

You can purchase the dolls online via aziamgirlz.com, with prices starting from $17.95.

The Toy Box Philosopher did an a really detailed review of Alanna. Just check out all that glorious articulation!

AZIAM Girlz Toybox PhilosopherToybox Philosopher AZIAM Girlz Review

AZIAM Asana Yoga GirlAZIAM Dara Singer Dancer
★ Asana Yoga Girl – box front / contents / box back.
★ Dara Singer Dancer – box front / contents / box back.

AZIAM Niyama Nature GirlAZIAM Pratya Zen Girl
★ Niyama Nature Girl – box front / contents / box back.
★ Pratya Zen Girl – box front / contents / box back.

AZIAM Sama the Healthy ChefAZIAM Yama Surfer Girl
★ Sama the Healthy Chef– box front / contents / box back.
★ Yama Surfer Girl – box front / contents / box back.

AZIAM Girlz Prana DollAZIAM Dyana

These two are no longer listed on the website so are presumably discontinued:

★  Prana – box front / box back.
★  Dyana – box front / box back.

AZIAM The Dolly Alanna

AZIAM also have a Soul Model line which currently consists of a single doll.

★ The Dolly Alanna – box front / contents / box back.

The Toy Box Philosopher  
Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The AZIAM Girlz are highly-articulated 12-inch play dolls that are designed around a yoga theme.  The brand name confused me at first, but it’s a play on the phrase as I am...with a “z” instead of an “s.”  I’m not usually a fan of gimmicky spellings like this (MGA Entertainment exhausted the novelty a long time ago with their Bratz, Bratzillaz, Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz, Li’l Angelz, etc).  However, in this case it works because I suspect an “s” would have caused the brand to be pronounced more like ass-ee-am instead of as I am.

I didn’t know much about these dolls when I first opened the box, so I thought that the doll brand was actually Soul Model Doll (trademarked), and I pretty much dismissed the smaller, lowercase “aziam girlz” label.
I assume that calling this doll The Dolly Alanna (trademarked) is an intentional reference to the Dalai Lama (?).  That also seemed pretty strange before I knew anything about the line.
The left side of the box has a ton of rainbow-colored text that repeats many of the phrases from the front of the box, while adding several new thoughts:
Zip zam should be trademarked.

It’s a bit of a word salad, but I like the part in the middle where it says “I am perfect AZ.I.AM.”  First of all, that’s a great message, but it also really helps me get my mind around the central theme of this line (and the origin of the name, since I didn’t figure out right away).
The very bottom of the box advertises that Alanna comes with a book called The La La Sutras.  That makes me think of another book involving sutra (which means observation or teaching), but this looks like it has more to do with the martial arts than the marital arts:
The right side of the box has an arc of plastic window and a bit more text, including the words I was most excited about: “I move just like you!”
I hope so!

This side of the box also says La La Beads (also trademarked) somewhat randomly at the bottom.  What are La La Beads (we will look at that shortly.)
The back of the box has some text that explains a few things in a bit more detail:
First of all, we get the basic idea about the AZIAM Girlz, which is that they are teenaged girls who are making a positive difference in the world:
The top of the box also claims that this is the world’s first Yoga Doll (trademarked).  I guess that depends on how you define a yoga doll.
Mattel’s entire first wave of Made to Move Barbie dolls came dressed in yoga gearand were advertised in various yoga-like poses:
This is not the most yoga-like of the poses.  Some of the dolls were more clearly doing yoga.

The AZIAM Girlz are much more about the philosophy of yoga,
though, not just the outfits and poses.  I didn’t learn anything about yoga from playing with my Made to Move Barbies, but I’ve learned quite a bit from the AZIAM Girlz website.  So in that sense–yes.  This is the first yoga-themed doll I’ve seen.
There’s a longer paragraph on the back of the box that describes Alanna’s personality.  She’s a SheVa Soul Model (SheVa?  That part is new) and is modeled after a real person named Alanna Zabel who founded AZIAM Yoga and wrote a book called As I Am:

The real Alanna is described as being “aspirational.”  It might be a typo and they meant to say inspirational, but I’m not sure.  To me, aspirational is a negative word.  The first thing I think of is aspiration pneumonia (caused by breathing fluid) but that’s just because my brain is strange.  Even if I ignore that thought, I assume an aspirational person is somebody who’s main purpose is to gain prestige and make money.  Maybe it’s a yoga term that I don’t understand completely?  Like aspiring to a higher plane or something?  That’s possible. In any case, it seems that AZIAM Yoga was a thing way before these dolls were introduced.  You can read more about it hereif you want.  I’ve never tried yoga, and now I feel bad about that.
Aspirational – in this case likely means moving you to breathe or breathing herself.  Along the same lines as the Barbie that call “Breathe with me”.

Underneath Alanna’s biography, there’s a list of her favorite things, a cartoon portrait of her, and a list of box contents:
Alanna likes her La La Beads (trademarked) and comes from La La Land (not trademarked…except perhaps by Summit Entertainment).  I’m suspicious that she might like the Malala Fund just because it has “lala” in the title!
So, after examining the box, I started to get the sense that maybe these dolls are designed for people who already know about the world of AZIAM Yoga.  I was certainly feeling in over my head.  For anyone else who is not familiar with the latest yoga trends, let’s pause to get our bearings.  Here are the concepts introduced by Alanna’s box:
1. AZIAM Girlz, the brand name of the dolls, is a spin-off of an actual yoga enterprise created by Alanna Zobel.
2. Soul Model Doll is a subcategory of the AZIAM doll line, and currently Alanna is the only doll in this category (I had to look that up on the website).
3. SheVa (I had to look this up, too) is meant to reference girl power, since VA is shorthand for volt-ampere, a unit of power.  That’s pretty obscure.
4. The Dolly Alanna might reference the Dalai Lama, in connection with the common Buddhist themes of yoga, meditation and peace.
5. Other phrases that are repeated frequently on the box and website are “Goddess in Progress” and “be you to be full” which might be a play on the word “beautiful.”  That’s pretty clever, but–like everything else about these dolls–a little esoteric.
6. Things have La La in the title whenever possible, but I still don’t understand why.
7. Zip zam!
Alanna and all of her accessories come mounted on a cardboard backdrop.  She comes with life-sized La La beads, shoes, a cushion, a brush, a Girl Power Cuff, and the La La Sutras book.  She’s dressed in what looks like a martial arts uniform:
Incidentally, Mattel released a Made to Move doll in martial arts clothing over a year ago:
First let’s take a closer look at Alanna’s book, The La La Sutras.
The cover of the book is not as colorful as the version advertised on the box:
Each page of the book has a picture and a little lesson about how to act.  The first one is “i am happy:”
Here’s a closer look at the text:
I disagree with this lesson.  It’s ok to be sad sometimes.  For example, my beloved little dog Zelda just died, so that made me sad.  And I let myself feel really sad for a while.  I take issue with a book that tells kids they should be happy all of the time.  Totally unrealistic and unhealthy.
This next one is much better:
Here’s a better look at the text:
This is a lesson I can get behind 100%.  It’s probably impossible to be kind all of the time, but we should try.  Like Cinderella says: have courage and be kind.
I wish one of the lessons involved using the capital letter “I” appropriately, but you can’t win ’em all.
There was a small leaflet along with the La La Sutrasbook.  This leaflet has pictures of five yoga positions on one side:
All of Alanna’s other accessories are held against the backdrop with a piece of molded plastic:
I ripped off the molded plastic and found the AZIAM Girlz design hidden behind the accessories:
Here are all of the accessories:
I may not know what La La Beads are, but this accessory is very nice.  It’s a colorful beaded necklace with a large red tassel in the middle:
Well, for one thing, it seemed odd that the necklace is too large for the doll and probably too small for a child let alone a teenager to wear.
I did the research to find the purpose of the beads in relation to yoga.  Here is what I found:
Mala Beads

Mala Beads are used during meditation, much like the rosary. In Sanskrit the word “mala” literally translates to meditation garland. Malas typically feature 108 beads and one Guru Bead.

The Guru bead is always bigger than the rest and represents a spiritual guide. It is also used as a place maker for the beginning and end of your meditation. It can signify the relationship between a spiritual guide and their student.

During meditation the rest of the beads help you keep track of how many times you say a prayer or mantra. Each time you repeat the mantra you move your hand to the next bead. Often times, malas also feature a tassel and it represents a connection between you and God, as well as you and others.  (Not the God of the Bible, the HINDU God  Brahma)

Malas can be made out of numerous different materials and colors of beads and they each have different meanings.

Then I did the research on the reason everything seemed to be La La.  What is the importance of the phrase LA LA SUTRA?
लला मतलब
[सं-पु.] – 1. लड़कों के लिए प्यार भरा संबोधन 2. दुलारा लड़का 3. देवरों के लिए स्नेहपूर्ण संबोधन
lala means [No-PU. ] – 1. Loving address for boys 2. Dulara Boy 3. A warm address to the deities.
lala means [No-PU. ] – 1. A kind of respectful address, such as Lala Lajpat Rai 2. Address to kayastha caste 3. Address used for trader, baniye or mahajan 4. An address to a small or dear one.
 la  represents authority as well as a yoke (see the letter Lam).  The la can also be understood as the “ox in the yoke”. Many Near Eastern cultures worshipped the god la, most commonly pronounced as “el” and depicted as a bull in carvings and statues. The word la is also commonly used in the Hebrew Bible for God or any god.
Sutra (Sanskrit: सूत्र, romanized: sūtra, lit. ‘string, thread’)
sutra is a concise verse or scripture within Hinduism and Buddhism. In Sanskrit, sutra means “note,” “sacred thread,” or “code.”. Sutras are often used in chanting and meditation. Many who have a spiritual yoga practice use the sutras as a guide to life.
Sutra is a Sanskrit word meaning “thread” and is synonymous with Pali, the religious language of Buddhism. Originally (the root), the word was used to identify oral teachings thought to have been given directly by Siddhartha Gautama ( Buddha) around 600 B.C. (So the Sutras to the Buddhists/Hindus is THEIR WORD OF GOD.  This is nothing to play with folks.  This to them is like the Bible to a Christian.)  The sutras were originally recited from memory by Buddha’s disciple,
Let me assure you the devil knows exactly how to play you.  He tugs on your heart strings and appeals to your good nature, he knows what makes you feel good and he knows the way that you reason things out.  Especially when you are looking to justify something in your mind.  
Just because something sounds good, or appears to have a positive effect does not mean that it IS GOOD.  God’s ways are so far above ours.  His ways are not our ways and our ways are not His.  His will is all that matters.  What HE wants will happen.  You can line yourself up with HIM or you can line yourself up with the DEVIL.  He has made it clear what he wants, what he expects and what is required of you.  
When you are looking at something trying to decide whether you should do it or not, or whether you should be involved with it… FIND OUT WHAT GOD WANTS.  If you don’t know and don’t see it clearly laid out in His Word, than ASK HIM.  He promises that if anyone lacks wisdom and they ASK HIM, he will answer.   If you can’t seem to hear from him, I will tell you what he told me.  It applies in EVERY SITUATION.   
He said “Cynthia”  I love it when he calls me by name.  “IF you want to know if ANYTHING is something you should be involved in or not, FIND THE ROOT.  The root is all that matters.  EVERYTHING ELSE is a lie/a cover up/a DECPTION!!  
That is the reason He answered me that way, when I asked if Christmas was something I should not celebrate.  He KNEW that one answer would work in every situation.  FIND THE ROOT.  In everything.  When you research for yourself you will discover who is lying, what is evil, what is dangerous, who you can trust… you will learn all kinds of things.  Bottom line is, when you find out where it originated and who is involved…you will KNOW you need to stay clear!    It works every time.
It does not matter if it seems to be a good thing.  Find out if it is A GOD THING!!  His opinion is the only one that matters.  No one else can pull you out of the darkness or save your soul from HELL’s FIRE.  
I selected the Thumnail pic because I thought it was cute, it clearly referenced yoga, and the doll in the pic was neither Barbie nor AZIAM Girlz.  In case anyone is wondering.
I wanted to cover Meditation, Controlled Breathing and Guided Visualization in this Post, but I ran way over in size.  I will have to work up a separate Post for those topics.