— When I first posted about the Chrislam Center opening this year in Abu Dhabi it was the first time I had seen anything on the topic, and they made it sound like it was the first one in existence..  Since then I learned of the House of One in Berlin and the Center for … Click Here to Read More

Center of Hope in Israel

Are you, like myself, getting sick and tired of these narcissistic maniacs meeting behind closed doors and in secret to make decisions about how to run the world in which we live.  Strategizing how make us conform to their will. This plan for the One World Religion has been in the works for some time, … Click Here to Read More

House of One

THE HOUSE OF ONE – BERLIN’S NEW PLACE OF WORSHIP FOR CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS & JEWS — Many of you are fully aware of the CHRISLAM CENTER opening this year in Abu Dhabi.  But, are you aware that one has been in the works in Berlin for many years now.  In this post you will see … Click Here to Read More


Yes, it is true that we all have one Father ADAM, we are all descendants of Noah, and Father Abraham is the father of Isaac and Ishmael.  But, we must also remember that anyone, no matter their lineage, is not immune to deception, corruption and rebellion.  Even the son of David who was a man … Click Here to Read More