The recent intrusions on our airspace have raised interest in the UFO Phenomenon.  We have know for some time that the elite would use the “Alien Disclosure” to bring in their NWO.  There has been an increase in space travel because of all the activity from NASA and SpaceX  even  before this current issue.  We have also seen a steady increase in activity in the skies directly above us.  Whether that be the increasing numbers of meteors/falling star, comets, northern lights, satellites, spirals, strange lights  or flying objects, there has been heightened concern among the masses as to what is going on.

After this series of unknown objects being shot down, there has been specualtion that they might be from outer space.  Aliens making their presence known in our atmosphere.

Several government officials have stepped up and made it known that there is no reason to suspect “Alien” involvement.

In truth, they are absolutely right.  Once you have viewed all that is in this post, I hope you will be convinced of that very TRUTH.


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White House: No signs of ‘aliens or extraterrestrial activity’ with shot-down objects

The White House on Monday dismissed speculation that there may be an extraterrestrial component to recent aerial objects shot down in U.S. airspace in recent days.

There is no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at a briefing.

“It was important for us to say that from here, because we’ve been hearing a lot about it,” she added.

The U.S. military shot down three separate aerial objects over the weekend, roughly one week after shooting down a Chinese surveillance balloon near the South Carolina coast after it had traversed some of the country.

Glen D. VanHerck, the commander of the Pentagon’s Northern Command, made waves on Sunday when he was asked if officials had ruled out the possibility that the objects taken down over the weekend were connected to extraterrestrials.

“I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point,” VanHerck said.

Biden administration officials have provided limited details about the three objects taken down over the weekend, in part because the weather and the way they were taken down have made it difficult to recover the objects.

The U.S. on Friday shot down an object at 40,000 feet over Alaskan airspace after it posed a “reasonable threat” to civilian flight safety.

The military on Saturday shot down another unidentified, cylindrical object over frozen territory in northern Canada.

On Sunday, the military shot down an unidentified object over Lake Huron, which stretches from Michigan to Ontario, Canada. The object was first detected over Montana.

John Kirby, a national security spokesperson for the White House, said officials are still trying to learn more about the objects. He noted that it’s possible there is nothing nefarious about the objects, and they could be connected to a private company or research institution.

Officials have said the three objects shot down over the weekend differed from the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down over the water earlier this month. The three most recent objects were flying at lower altitudes, Kirby said, and were noticeably smaller than the balloon taken down near the coast of South Carolina.


U.S. in UFO Race with China, Russia, Former Senate Majority Leader Suggests

Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Senator Harry Reid argued for continued study into UFO phenomena in an interview with CBS affiliate KLAS 8 in Las Vegas, citing competition from Russia and China—a UFO race, of sorts.

I’ll bet you anything that China is spending some money checking this out. I’ll bet you anything KGB Putin is spending some money checking this out,” Reid told George Knapp of Las Vegas Now’s I-Team.

“Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dropped major hints that he knows potential adversaries, Russia and China, have carried out their own military studies to figure out how UFOs work and how to build their own,” Knapp said during the broadcast, citing anonymous Pentagon sources to claim dozens of UFOs have been encountered off the coast of Florida and Virginia in the last three years.

Reid said he understands why officials within the Pentagon and other possible research avenues within the U.S. government might be skeptical about dedicating resources to studying Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), but he also seemed to unwittingly undercut his own position by alluding to a rash of recent UFO sightings prompted by scheduled SpaceX launches.

“This has been going on for a long time. These sightings are said to have bee set off by a rocket in California or something. People do not want—people in responsibility, whether it’s the Pentagon or whatever it might be—they don’t want to have to try to explain something that’s, many times, not explainable,” Reid said.

The interview with Reid also delved into classified UFO studies conducted by the Pentagon and revealed by The New York Times in 2017, including the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP), which catalogued sightings by military personnel, such as the “Tic Tac” UFO captured on camera by F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of California in 2004.

Through AAWSAP, the Defense Intelligence Agency awarded a $10 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), owned by hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow, a close friend of Reid’s who has a long history of investigating the UFO phenomena.

Reid confirmed the resulting study included investigations of a mysterious ranch in northeastern Utah once owned by Bigelow (ownership has since transferred to Adamantium Real Estate and an anonymous owner). Known in UFO circles as “Skinwalker Ranch,” the site has been a hotbed of reported paranormal phenomena, including claims of cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even mysterious animals with piercing yellow eyes that were impervious to bullets.

The program also delved into research related to the UFO phenomena, including 38 scientific papers for the Defense Intelligence Agency with outlandish headlines like “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions” and “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy.

The papers were produced by BAASS scientists affiliated with EarthTech International, a research group founded by Dr. Hal Puthoff, a physicist with a long history of promoting pseudoscience, including endorsing psychic fraud Uri Geller and writing in defense of Scientology, which he described as “a highly sophisticated and highly technological system” in a letter from the 1970s.

Accordingly, the AAWSAP research so far made public has not found a positive reception. “It’s bits and pieces of theoretical physics dressed up as if it has something to do with potentially real-world applications, which it doesn’t.” Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech, told Business Insider in 2018. “This is not crackpot. This is not the Maharishi saying we’re going to use spirit energy to fly off the ground—this is real physics. But this is not something that’s going to connect with engineering anytime soon, probably anytime ever.”

Beyond AAWSAP, and its successor within the Pentagon, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Reid said he believes further study is warranted and would like to see UFO research coordinated across multiple, existing classified projects. Reid believes the government currently possesses “different pieces of evidence” beyond the scope of studies he had worked to fund.

“I’ve just heard rumors,” Reid said.


You may or may not be aware of the fact that the German Military develped and utilized flying saucers in WWII.  They actually defeated our navy in Antarctica and it was captured on film.  They can deny it all they want, this is a TRUE FACT.

After the war,  Germany’s major scientists, especially those in the field of aeronautics were brought over to the United States and set up in positions of power.  Also a TRUE FACT.

Now, one has to wonder, if the technology already existed as far back as  1939-45, what hav ethey done with it since.  BOTH in Germany and the USA?  What other countries have obtained the knowledge of how to construct these crafts?  How far have the advanced in all of these years?  Can we not assume that many if not all of the ones we see in our skies are just these crafts created by humans?


President Ronald Reagan on an “Alien Threat” at the United Nations


America spent millions of dollars creating a UFO-style alternative to helicopter

WATCH the once top-secret efforts by the American military to create a UFO-style alternative to the helicopter as revealed in this eye-opening series of images and video.

US Cold War project to create UFO-style aircraft revealed

The craft, called the Avrocar after the Canadian company that produced it, can be seen hovering a foot or so above the ground as it makes its way around the base, with one pilot at the controls.

Plans for the craft were first drawn up early in the Cold War, with each side desperate to find the next technological innovation. It was powered by a giant central fan, intended to lift it off the ground and propel it upwards.


America spent millions of dollars creating a UFO-style alternative to helicopter

And the American military had big plans for the Avrocar, with some staggering projections for its performance. However, the reality of the aircraft fell way below expectations.

Designers had hoped that the craft would reach speeds of around 300 mph, with a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet and a range of 995 miles.

But, as can be seen in the video, the craft fell drastically short of the projections. It’s maximum speed never reached above 35 mph, with a paltry maximum altitude of three feet and a range of just 79 miles. 

(Ya, and that is hogwash, because the German Army was already using theirs in battle.  We are expected to believe that the whole science community just washed out the idea of creating UFOs and abandoned the projects after spending millions maybe trillions of dollars.  I cry BULLSHIT)


Designers had hoped that the craft would reach speeds of around 300 mph

The aircraft was re-financed several times by the American military before funding finally ran out in June 1961. At this point, with performance falling way below expectation and no signs of any immediate improvement, the military cancelled the project.

And, judged against its projections, it’s easy to see why. Objectively speaking the Avrocar was a dismal failure, with several aspects of its design unfit for military use. The craft couldn’t lift itself more than a few feet off the ground without becoming extremely unstable, and its design made high-speed performance tremendously difficult. Moreover, it emitted far too much sound and heat to make it a suitable combat vehicle. 

(I have no trouble believing they dropped the Avrocar.  But, there is no way they just abandoned the idea of creating UFOs.  We know they continued to work onthe idea because we already see the various crafts that they had created under wraps/Top Secret and now have revealed to the public.  We have no idea what else they are NOT ready to reveal.)

In total the US spent an estimated $10 million on the projection which, by today’s standards, is actually relatively good value for money. It equates to approximately $100 million in today’s money, a drop in the ocean in terms of military expenditure.


INCREDIBLE footage shows real life flying saucers taking flight in a top secret video from the Cold War.

The UFO-style craft is seen hovering just above the ground as it hurtles along in a series of classified flying tests.

But this is not an alien spacecraft, it is actually a top secret US military project called the Avrocar.

Scientists masterminded the craft during the Cold War – believing it would be the next great military flying machine.

Powered by a huge central fan, the flying disc was believed to be an alternative to a helicopter.

FLYING SAUCER: Cold War footage of a real UFO-style aircraft has been released (Image: DRUM)

Newly revealed videos show the secret aircraft being put through its paces around a base during test flight.

Designers had hoped that the craft would reach speeds of around 300 mph, with a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet and a range of 995 miles.

Avrocar designs fuelled rumours of the links between the US military and the fifties and sixties boom in UFO sightings.

COLD WAR: The Avrocar was through to be a replacement for helicopters (Image: DRUM)
UFO: US scientists spent £80 million developing the Avrocar in the Cold War (Image: DRUM)

Washington spent £80 million developing the Avrocar, only for the projection to never really get off the ground.

Russia and the US spent the Cold War at each others throats – each looking for new tech to one-up the other.

Funding for the flying saucer eventually ran dry in June 1961, and the Avrocar project was canned.

Flying saucers have long been probed as alternative means of air travel.

Bizarre theories believe Nazi Germany was the first to experiment with saucer technology – often linked to their “flying wing” the Horten Ho 229.

Conspiracy nuts go as far as to claim the Nazis reached space with their technology.

Designs for the Avrocar were shelved after it was found to only be able to hover around one foot off the ground.

When it travelled at high speeds, it became extremely unstable and it was far too loud to be a combat vehicle.

Daily Star Online revealed a theory that the Soviet Union actually reached the moon first during the Cold War



Former Head of Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

I knew that the Pentagon’s reaction to UFO research was partly due to the religious beliefs of some of those involved“, he said. “It was a strange irony that UFO investigations were being hampered because some people who believe in God meant that they did not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they considered UFOs and extraterrestrials to be demonic. The fact that some people consider UFOs to be demonic seems to have their roots in the biblical description of Satan as being ‘the prince of the power of the air’. Luis Elizondo says he encountered a religious reaction from the senior team when he ran the Pentagon’s UFO Program, and I saw some evidence of that also at the Ministry of Defense (UK)“. This suggests that this “aliens are demons” mentality is global and exists among powerful elements in nations other than the United States.   Source

Intelligence officer Luis Elizondo served as the former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), an initiative launched in 2007 to study reports of UFO encounters. Elizondo departed the Pentagon in 2017; that year, he spoke with reporters at The New York Times, confirming the existence of the shadowy agency and describing its mission.

Now, Elizondo is pulling back the curtain on his tenure with the AATIP, which he left because of a lackluster official response to the agency’s findings, and their unwillingness to address potential risks from UFOs, according to the new show “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation,” premiering May 31 on the History Channel at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m. CT. [UFO Watch: 8 Times the Government Looked for Flying Saucers]

No, there isn’t a big reveal that UFOs were alien spacecraft all along. But delving into long-hidden accounts of UFO investigations will hopefully encourage people — and authorities — to overcome long-standing stigmas and talk more openly about these mysterious aircraft, some of which may pose a bigger threat than we realize, Elizondo told Live Science.

UFOs have perplexed and fascinated people for decades; they also pose a unique challenge to federal agents trying to determine if they represent a threat to national security. Before AATIP, the U.S. Air Force had launched Project Blue Book, which investigated more than 12,000 purported UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969.

During Elizondo’s tenure at AATIP, observers reported UFOs flying at hypersonic speeds — more than five times the speed of sound. Yet there were none of the signatures that usually accompany aircraft flying at such fantastic speeds, such as sonic booms, he said.

The UFOs were also unexpectedly mobile, traveling so fast that they would have experienced gravitational forces, or G-forces, that far exceed the limits of endurance for both humans and aircraft. The F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, one of the most maneuverable in the U.S.’s arsenal, reaches its limit at around 16 to 18 G’s, while the human body can withstand about 9 G’s “for a very short time” before a person would start to black out, Elizondo said.

These things that we were observing were pulling 400 to 500 G’s,” he said. “They don’t have engines or even wings, and they are able to seemingly defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravitational pull.”

Some of the UFO sightings reported to AATIP were eventually resolved, as aerial drones or test firings of new types of missiles that were spotted from an unusual angle. But while many astonishing UFOs still defied explanation, there simply isn’t enough evidence to suggest they belonged to extraterrestrials, Elizondo added.

However, another possibility is even more unsettling than the prospect of an alien invasion: that a foreign adversary had secretly developed technologies that are “strategic game-changers,” unlike anything ever seen before, he said. Addressing that potential threat is a necessary step that government officials — even those that supported AATIP — don’t take seriously enough, according to Elizondo.

What’s more, the entrenched secrecy shrouding official UFO investigations only reinforces the association of UFOs with “tinfoil hats and ridiculous stories.”

“We trust the American people to know that North Korea has nuclear warheads pointed at Los Angeles, yet we don’t trust them with the knowledge that there’s something in our skies and we don’t know what it is? That seems counterproductive to me,” Elizondo said.


These so-called black projects, named for their ultra-classified nature, have produced planes like the SR-71 Blackbird, which is still the fastest and highest-operating aircraft ever built (that…


Published: 0:52, 26 Jun 2021THE Pentagon UFO report released Friday afternoon said that unexplained aerial sightings could be secret aircraft from China or Russia — or a “non-government” terror group.

The Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which was released from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, detailed what the government understands about a number of mysterious flying objects that have been observed in military airspaces.


Where does your state rank in UFO sightings? Map shows more than 26,000 unidentified objects soaring through the skies have been reported across the US in the last 5 years

More than 26,000 unidentified flying objects were seen soaring through the skies over the US in the past five years, data shows.

A map, which pulls from  National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), shows the number of sightings in each state, with California ranking at the top with 2,661, then Florida, followed by New York.

While the government has yet to inform Americans about the unidentified objects, the top states are home to major Air Force bases that routinely test new winged technologies.

This comes as three UFOs were shot down over Alaska, Canada and Montana this weekend, and the Pentagon is not ruling out a possibility that the objects are linked to extraterrestrials.

A maps reveals the number of UFO sightings in each US state. This comes after three unidentified objects were shot down over Alaska, Canada and Montana last week.

The map suggests if you want to see a UFO, head to Californiathere have been 15,457 reports since 1998.

The number may also be due to the large population in the state.

One of the most recent sightings in The Golden State was reported to NUFORC on December 17, 2022 by a person who snapped an image of a ‘long rectangle light moving very fast’ over Halfmoon – a city located south of San Francisco.

‘Sitting on a bench at the moss beach distillery at Halfmoon Bay California. Around 6:50 pm. My girlfriend noticed a large rectangular shape that appeared out of nowhere moving very fast. I was amazed and took a photo,’ the person shared.

California has the highest number of UFO sightings in the US. One of the most recent sightings in The Golden State was reported to NUFORC on December 17, 2022 by a person who snapped an image of a 'long rectangle light moving very fast' over Halfmoon


Another sighting, reported on November 30, came from Campbell. The person saw ‘lights on the object’

‘I didn’t think I captured it but after looking at the picture, I did get it on film. Also looking at the picture, I noticed there is another shape I caught below it in the right.

‘And that appears to be a round light and in the center, the circle is divided with light like you cut 8 pieces of pie. I have both objects in two pictures.’

Another sighting, reported on November 30, came from Campbell.

Another sighting, reported on November 30, came from Campbell. The person saw 'lights on the object'

The person saw ‘lights on the object.’

‘There was an aura or haze around the object and the object emitted other objects,’ the shared in a post on NUFORC.

Florida ranks second in the US, with 7,870 reports of unidentified objects in the skies since 1998 and and 1,797 in the last five years.

On December 19, a resident of Orlando saw five gold-colored orbs in the night sky, which turned white and came together to form a cylinder shape.

‘Cylinder. Golden orbs over Orlando turning white heading from Orlando to the south towards hunters creek and possibly the Disney area,’ the post reads.

‘I enlarged one of the photos to find a cylinder-shaped object in the white lights. The first sighting was two lights maybe 30 minutes later, three more came in from the same area.

‘The first two objects that I saw over Orlando a little after 12 AM one had left and flew off to the north, the other one flew towards my area heading south.’

Washington state has also had its fair share of encounters – a total of 6,932 since 1998 and 1,297 in the last five years.

Florida has had at least 1,797 unidentified object reports over the past five years.  On December 19, a resident of Orlando saw five gold-colored orbs in the night sky, which turned white and came together to form a cylinder shape

Florida has had at least 1,797 unidentified object reports over the past five years.  On December 19, a resident of Orlando saw five gold-colored orbs in the night sky, which turned white and came together to form a cylinder shape

Washington state ranked third in the most UFO sightings. Pictured is one captured on June 24, 2022 over Lake Forest Park

Washington state ranked third in the most UFO sightings. Pictured is one captured on June 24, 2022 over Lake Forest Park

”At this point we continue to assess every threat or potential threat, unknown, that approaches North America with an attempt to identify it.’
Pentagon: Spy balloon part of ‘larger Chinese surveillance program’

Watch your back!


Whether you consider yourself to be an amateur ghostbuster or just enjoy the tricks and treats associated with Halloween, there are 10 states that offer more haunted happenings than any other places in the country. According to a 2020 report by and findings by Ghosts of America, the spookiest states in America are Texas and California.

From 2005 to 2020, there were a total of 6,845 sightings in Texas (approximately 456 sightings each year!) and 6,440 in California. With over 28.7 million residents in Texas, that means that only .0238 percent of the population has said they’ve seen a ghost.

Jackson Square New Orleans

If that’s just a bit too scary for you, consider visiting Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, each of which has about 2,000 paranormal sightings a year. Those states are followed by Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New York, and Virginia, all of which have had between 1,000 to 2,000 sightings in the last 15 years. However, if you consider yourself to be a scaredy cat, then you should stay put in either Delaware or Puerto Rico, which have the least amount of paranormal sightings.

There may be some science behind why certain people claim to see ghosts. First and foremost, you have to believe that this activity is real. “Believers are a lot more likely to report anomalous sensations, and they’re also more likely to conclude that those sensations indicate a ghostly presence,” Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, told Popular Science.

Other explanations for ghost sightings may be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time or mind-trickery or something as deep as a way for the brain to deal with traumatic or confusing events. Next time you spot something mischievous, share your story with Ghosts of America, which keeps tabs on the eeriest happenings in each state.

The Most Haunted States in America:

According to, these are the top 20 states in the U.S. for a haunted experience. We’ve also highlighted the estimated ghost sightings in each location.

Texas: 6,845

California: 6,444

Ohio: 2,555

Michigan: 2,426

Illinois: 2,151

Indiana: 1,892

Pennsylvania: 1,743

Oklahoma: 1,715

New York: 1,670

Virginia: 1,655

Florida: 1,591

Georgia: 1,582

Missouri: 1,385

Wisconsin: 1,311

North Carolina: 1,311

Massachusetts: 1,233

Tennessee: 1,170

Washington: 1,148

Alabama: 1,043

Kentucky: 1,036


Jan 6

The Increase in Bigfoot and Cryptid sightings

Mattsquatch Presents writes “There seems to be an increase in Bigfoot reports over the years.People are also seeing more of the lesser known cryptids like Dogmen and the Rake. What’s the reason for this? In this video I talk about this and why I think it’s happening. Thanks for watching.”




Please don’t harm the cryptids, kids. (Art by Cassie Tucker)

The American Bestiary: The Most Famous Mythical Creature of Every US State, Illustrated

The American Bestiary: The Most Famous Mythical Creature of Every US State, Illustrated



A map of the strange, wonderful, unusual, and unexpected


Spooky things happen every day all around us! Instead of brushing these peculiar moments and bizarre encounters off as chance, or mere coincidence, what if we talked about them, mapped them, and tried to decode the message?

Is there a specific place where you’ve seen fairies, ghosts, bigfoot, time travelers, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, crow conferences, sentient lawn computers, lanyard’d ogres, broccoli wizards, etc.? Does your town have an urban legend you’d love to get to the bottom of? Send us your story and we might include it on our map! Membership starts at ONE DOLLAR!

Email us if you have any questions:


The following maps shows all the Abortion clinics in the USA in 2018.  

This Map shows all the known cases of disappearances in our National Parks and Forests.  Missing 411.

This next map shows all the known hate groups listed in the USA.  HATE is the opposite of Love. Infact hate is equal to murder.  

“Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” 1 John 3:15


Mysterious Cattle Mutilations and Killings Alarm Ranchers in Oregon

When the first dead bull turned up at the end of July, it didn’t raise an alarm at the Silvies Valley Ranch. But by the time ranch hands discovered four more dead bulls within 24 hours, they knew they were likely dealing with deliberate, premeditated killings.

They’re still baffled by the circumstances. There were no wounds. No signs of a struggle. And the bulls’ genitals and tongues had been carefully removed.

oregon cattle mutilations,oregon bull mutilations and killings, cattle mutilation, cattle mutilation oregon, cattle mutilation usa, cattle mutilation usa map
Oregon ranchers on high alert as 4 bulls are mysteriously mutilated on a ranch. Picture: Silvies Valley Ranch/David Zaitz Photography

The killing and mutilation of the 4 and 5-year-old Hereford bulls in the prime of their productive lives has since spurred a multi-agency investigation in eastern Oregon, but detectives have turned up no leads and haven’t yet even settled on a cause of death.

How somebody put these bulls on the ground at what would be arguably a fairly close range — and to do it in a way that didn’t leave any signs, no trace evidence, no footprints, no struggle marks from the animal, no broken limbs — I have no idea,” said Colby Marshall, vice president of the Silvies Valley Ranch.

The mystery deepens because there’s no obvious reason someone would want those animal parts. They aren’t prime targets for black market sales, authorities said.

Similar Livestock Mutilations and Killings in 1970

The deaths are eerily similar to a rash of livestock killings and mutilations across the West in the 1970s, when hundreds of cows and bulls turned up dead, also of seemingly unknown causes and with their genitals and tongues missing.

Back then, theories ran the gamut from a government conspiracy and UFOs to natural deaths and scavengers. Today, the circumstances at Silvies Valley Ranch point to humans as the probable culprits because of the precise cuts on the bulls.

Anything else for now is speculation, including ideas of what might have killed a bull without leaving marks. Marshall said he wonders if the killer used poison darts.

We think that these are very sick and dangerous individuals and they need to answer for this horrible crime,” he said.

$25,000 Reward For Information on Killings

Silvies Valley Ranch, about 40 minutes north of the county seat of Burns, has put up a $25,000 reward for information on the bull killings that leads to an arrest and conviction, and the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has offered its own $1,000 reward.

The investigation has pulled in Oregon State Police as well as the U.S. Forest Service because the cattle were grazing on a federal allotment in the Malheur National Forest.

oregon bull mutilations and killings, cattle mutilation, cattle mutilation oregon, cattle mutilation usa, cattle mutilation usa map
The 4 bulls were found mutilated, without genitals and tongue, in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon

The ranch is owned by veterinarian Scott Campbell, who bought the enterprise in 2006. Since then, it’s expanded into tourism with a golf course and resort on site, but still maintains around 4,500 head of beef cattle, including around 100 bulls.

The five dead bulls were found on July 30 and 31, in a wooded area about 15 miles from U.S. 395, the nearest major road. They were each about a quarter mile apart, Marshall said.

There is some official disagreement on when they were killed. The Harney County Sheriff’s Office, which saw only four of the bulls, puts the deaths at three to 14 days before discovery, but Marshall believes the cattle were discovered within 24 to 48 hours of their deaths.

Beef is Oregon’s largest agricultural commodity, drawing in nearly $1 billion a year – and most cattle crimes typically involve theft, Rosa said.

This makes the deaths at Silvies Valley Ranch particularly bizarre, he said, because the bulls were worth a lot of money alive, particularly for breeding.

Marshall estimated their value at up to $7,000 / piece and said they would have sired at least 100 calves each over the remainder of their lives.

Their productive life was a huge economic opportunity for the ranch, and now that’s completely lost,” he said. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Similar Cattle Mutilations in Oregon

Marshall has heard from several other Oregon ranchers who reported similar killings on their property over the past few decades — including cows that had been found with their udders, vulvas and tongues removed.

One of these ranchers, Terry Anderson, found a dead cow on land he was renting near Pendleton in 1980. Its udder had been cleanly removed and Anderson could see no clear evidence of what had killed the animal.

There was no visible bullet hole or anything there,” Anderson recalled this week. “It was so unusual. It just left you with an eerie feeling.

The hundreds of cattle deaths in the 1970s — largely concentrated in the Midwest — caused a media sensation as ranchers roiled by an economic crisis blamed a government conspiracy, according to Michael Goleman, a history professor at Somerset Community College in Kentucky who researched the phenomenon.

Map of cattle mutilations in the USA, Map of unsolved cattle mutilations in the USA
Map of unsolved cattle mutilations in the USA.

Because the killings were scattered across different states, investigators reached no overarching conclusion on the cause of the deaths, but Goleman said some people believed the government was conducting weapons tests on the cattle.

Facing pressure from ranchers, the FBI opened an investigation in 1979 into the deaths of 15 cattle in New Mexico, ultimately concluding that there was no evidence of intentional mutilation by humans and the animals had likely died of natural causes.

Since then, scattered reports have made headlines, including the discovery of several mutilated cows in Kansas in 2016 and five cows in 1990 that had been killed and dissected on a farm in Washington. Goleman said conspiracy theorists have pinned the blame on everything from satanic cults to aliens.

And What About Silvies Valley Ranch Cattle Killings?

But Silvies Valley Ranch isn’t placing its bets on paranormal activity, though Harney County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Jenkins said he’s gotten a few suggestions that Sasquatch may be responsible. He’s received around 20 calls from around the western U.S. since news about the deaths started spreading.

Jenkins, the lead investigator on the case, said the lack of physical evidence at the crime sites — no footprints, no tire or ATV tracks — means authorities are relying on witnesses to call in to the tip line and report any suspicious activity they might have seen in the area.

David Bohnert, a professor at Oregon State University who studies beef cattle, said two things typically kill livestock: poisoning from eating toxic plants and people.

In this case, poisoning is unlikely, given the number of bulls involved and the plants in the area, he said. Larkspur typically flowers earlier in the year, while hemlock, another deadly plant, grows only around rivers and streams — not the dry forests where the bulls were found.

Plus, the fact that all five cattle killed were bulls, Bohnert said, is statistically unlikely to occur in nature — they make up only about 4% to 6% of a herd.

That leaves human activity as the most likely cause, he said. Adding to the evidence is the surgical precision with which the genitals and tongues were removed. Scavengers would leave obvious signs of tearing with teeth, claws or beaks, he said.

Bohnert said he has heard rumors of bull testicles being considered an aphrodisiac, and both tongues and genitals can be eaten — the famous “Rocky Mountain Oysters” come to mind. But he could think of no reason why someone couldn’t just legally buy the animal parts.

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There were no wounds. No signs of a struggle. And the bulls’ genitals and tongues had been carefully removed. Picture: Silvies Valley Ranch

The Human Explanation Comes With Its Own Difficulties

Taking down a 2,000-pound bull is no easy feat, and Marshall said there were no signs of a struggle — the bulls were all lying on their sides as if they had just fallen over and died.

He said he could only think that some kind of toxic dart might kill a bull from a distance. But he has no proof of it and may never find it. It’s not clear if a dart would leave a detectable imprint.

In the meantime, tissue samples taken from the carcasses are still being analyzed for toxins and no results are available yet, Marshall said. Even with the tests, the killings may remain an enigma. The bulls had been left to decompose for several days, making a toxicology screen difficult to do, he said.

Until a suspect is found, ranch employees are on high alert, particularly those who patrol vast areas alone on ATV or on horseback.

Rosa said the news had also concerned other ranchers — but that greater awareness could also lead to faster answers in the tight-knit ranching community.

“The neighbors and the folks that are in those areas know each other,” Rosa said. “And when there’s someone strange or different that’s out and about, they take notice of that, and they let each other know.”

We can’t find a map of all the Witches Covens across the USA, or all the Satanic Temples.  We can’t map out all the places where adults or children have been raped, sodomized, tortured and abused or sold into slavery, We can’t map out all the places where humans or animals have been sacrificed to pagan deities/spirits.  We can’t map out for you all the people who have been killed or mutilated for their organs or forced by poverty to sell their blood.  We can’t map out for you all the precious souls who have been mutilated or killed by war both civilians and soldiers.  Nor can we map out for you all the individuals who have been murdered, or killed in accidents, or committed suicide.

However, trust me, every single drop of blood that was spilled, every single life that was taken in a violent way has a heavy price that someone has to pay.  Everytime that blood is spilled in a violent way, or in a way that honors evil, SATAN and his minions gain ground and power.  Wherever that act is committed and/or blood is spilled, the ground goes to Satan and can only be reclaimed through the blood of YaHushuah/Jesus.


Hail Satan: A Map Of All The Places In The US Named After The Devil Himself

Hell exists, and it’s right here on earth. Or at least, it does in name. Designer Jonathan Hull has made a map of all the places with names derived from the devil.

Hull was inspired to make the map when he was walking through hell the Utah wilderness, and kept running across places with monikers like Valley of the Gods and Devil’s Garden. If he had mapped every single hell-related name, he would have had a much more extensive map, so he stuck with basically “devil” and “hell” and a couple of slight variations. The result is still incredibly thorough — Maybe you’d heard of the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood in New York City. But did you know how many Devil’s Lakes there are? Or that there’s a Route 666 in the Southwest? Or that there’s a town on the Utah border called Beezlebub?

Head over to Visualising see the map in all its fullscreen glory. It is delightfully devilish. [Visualising via FastCo]




I am certain that there are NO Aliens living on other planets coming here to save us or to destroy us, or even just to study us.  

There is no threat to us from SPACE.  

Now, do I believe there are UFOs?  I certainly do,  my friends and I witnessed one when as teenagers we were traveling home from a basketball game  My Mother and I witnessed an entire fleet of them many years later in her backyard out in the Texas countryside.  That is when I asked GOD what they were.  He told me, they are demons come to deceive many.

They are primarily light forms that manifest in any form they want to.  They can morph while you are watching them.  Some people report seeing them morph from angel-like beings to flying discs or from flying objects to angel like beings.  They can appear and disappear at will.  They can move a incredible speed.  They are SPIRIT entities.

Some of the flying craft that people see are actual crafts made by humans.  There are very advanced technologies that we the people are not privy to. 

The “alien” beings that have been communicating with individuals and governments are demonic beings. They come in many forms.  Little green or gray beings with big eyes, tall white beings, HUGE lizards..etc.  And again they can Morph.  Many people have reported seeing famous individuals morph into giant lizards, even in very public places.

All of that may be hard for people to believe, yet at the same time, they easily receive the BS about aliens from outer space, in any manner of form. People believe what they want to believe.  That does not make it true.

You must be willing to receive the truth even when it hurts.  THE TRUTH is all that will stand in the end.