It’s a DAM Shame 2

WE have a WATER CRISIS in the USA.  Whether you are aware of it or not, our water supply is dire straights.  This has been coming for some time.  They have been systematically constructing this crisis for years.  They started destroying our dams and manipulating our weather to create a crisis.  I know your mind … Click Here to Read More

GEO ENGINEERING – Another Factor in the Pending Disaster

TAGS: Biosphere Collapse, Australia, Will We Have a FUTURE?, Climate Engineering, Greatest National Security Threat, Weather Warfare, Weapon, Betrayal of Humanity, Running Out of Time, TOXIC CLIMATE,  Insect Population DOWN 80 – 90%, Food Fish down 90%,  Tuna down 98%, Food Crops down 50%, UV Contamination, Aluminum, TOXIC Air, Poisoned Skies, Drought, Fires breed Toxic … Click Here to Read More