Wow, if you missed it… here is a heads-up!  It is happening.  They are fully implementing their AGENDA.  THE UN, THE POPE, THE ELITE, THE ILLUMINATI, THE GOVERNMENTS, THE MILITARY.  They are all aligned, equipped, prepared and “champing at the bit”.  They can’t wait to see their plan in action.  “It has been a long … Click Here to Read More

Obama 2020 Campaign

An ambiguity in the U.S. Constitution allows for speculation about a back door method of getting around presidential term limits. DAVID MIKKELSON PUBLISHED 4 FEBRUARY 2008 UPDATED 9 APRIL 2020 If anyone is paying attention to what goes on behind the headlines they have very likely caught on to the truth that OBAMA or perhaps I should … Click Here to Read More

Climate Change Agenda

YOUR LIFE WAS CHANGED IN SEPTEMBER 2018! HAVE YOU FELT IT YET? IF NOT, YOU WILL WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! – Time to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! WORLD, YOU ARE BEING PLAYED!  I told you in the Pirates and Mermaids series that this whole Pirate Mermaid thing was not organic.  It is being orchestrated to advance an … Click Here to Read More