Update on OUR MOVE 12/17/23

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you all know that I will not be able to work on my webpage as normal for a little while.  I have a lot of things I need to do to prepare for what is coming for me and my son in 2024.

Many of you are aware that we have been trying to relocate to Michigan where we have family.  I am getting old and my health does not allow me to do what I used to do.  My son is a fully grown adult male, 300 lbs, in a wheelchair.  He was born with spina bifada.  He is not able to take care of me, and I need to help him to become independent so when I am gone he is not left at the mercy of the government or whoever comes along.

We have been on the waiting list for multiple locations in Michigan and the problem has been that handicapped accessible housing is terribly hard to come by.  We have been at the top of the list for a year now.  Just waiting for a handicap opening.

Turns out, that there is a place that will allow my son to stay with me in my senior apartment until his handicap apartment opens up.  We are waiting for the approval of our paperwork.  It is possible that we will be moving much sooner than we thought.

Please pray for us.  There is so much to do and the costs of everything are so high.  Moving will be impossible without assistance.  I know that GOD is in control and will provide what we need.  He uses faithful believers in ways that no one can understand.

If you are able to send us any funds, whatever amount will be a huge blessing.   But, make it a one time blessing because if we get ongoing assistance it has to reported and applied to our income.  Which could cause us to lose housing.

Most importantly, please pray for us in regard to every aspect of our move.  From the approval, to the availability, to the costs of moving and the costs of the housing, to good weather for the move, to favor with everyone and safe travel.   Also, what whatever we have to ship will arrive safely, on time and undamaged.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you.  It is so good to know that GOD is using this site to bless you.  I am always encouraged when you let me know what God is doing in your life.  He is a wonderful, awesome GOD.  Thanks for sharing this site with your friends and family.  Time is running short.  The TRUTH is the only thing that can CUT THROUGH THE DECEPTION!

I thank you all for your wonderful prayers, encouragement and support.   Anything that you can do to help us through this relocation process, will be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to contact me anytime. If you prefer to send funds directly to me, send me an email, or you can send money to my paypal.

The Goal for our Crowdfunding is $5,000.  That is what we have found it will cost us to get to Michigan.  That is based on our taking only the absolute bare minimum of furnishings, our cat, and our car.  My son’s needs are primarily what we will be taking.  We can figure out the rest when we get there.   We will be squeezing into a one bedroom space for a while anyway.

Here are the crowdsourcing campaigns for the move:

GoFundMe: https://t.co/khHs099MSu

GiveSendGo: https://www.givesendgo.com/G7G6H


My Paypal:   heavenlysymphony@gmail.com

GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  We will be meeting soon I am convinced.  The Lord’s return can’t be long now.    I have never been much for partying…but we will have a great time when we get there!  




Situation Update 


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