Ok, folks. This Bayside Mall and all the other strange things happening in Miami is important.

There is a reason, ya’ll, that this is being covered up.  If you can see that there is a cover up, you don’t want to.  Police have stated they are not “allowed” to talk about it, eye witness videos and tik tok shorts have been removed or blocked.  Eyewitnesses clearly appear frightened.  There has been evidence that the police were stopping people at the Mall and going through their phones an cameras to remove evidence.

If you missed the original post on this topic, you can find it here:

Did Bayside Mall, Miami become a PORTAL?


This is the most fascinating story in the news right now. Even William Shatner is chiming in.

Police in Miami were called to the Bayside Shopping Center to “stop a group of young guys who were getting into a fight,” but literally every cop in town was called to the site, police radios were shut down so nobody could hear their conversations, cell phone cameras weren’t working due to some kind of electrical interference, air traffic control communications were shut down for at least 4 hours, cops were forcing witnesses to delete videos and photos, 50 calls were made to 911 from people describing 8-foot-tall creatures running through the mall, and a black Apache helicopter was hovering directly above.

The police want us to believe it was just some teens with “STICKS” and shooting off “fireworks”. PLEASE!!  They say the reason there were so many COP CARS show up is because there were so many calls to the police.   OK… where are they?

If there was nothing going on but some teens fighting with sticks and shooting off fireworks…  Let’s hear the calls to 911 or the Police.  That would clear this all up immediately.

In videos, we see lots of people on their cellphones…one would assume they are reporting the problem to the police.  So, where are the recordings of those phone calls??

There should also be recordings of interchanges between the various Police, and Mall Security.  Where are those recordings?

ALSO, where is the footage from all the security cameras inside and outside the Mall?  Cameras are all over that place.  Let us see what is on them and judge for ourselves.

I want to say that even when I was living in the Miami -Ft Lauderdale area in the late 70’s early 80’s, Downtown Miami was DANGEROUS.  Especially if you were white.  There was a lot of GANG Violence and Crime.  IF you could not speak Cuban or Spanish you had better stay out of Miami Downton.  So, we know at this point there have been many years of VIOLENCE and likely Santeria and other pagan practices going on there. That means the atmosphere is charged with Dark/Negative Energy and has been for a while.

Something was going on in that MALL!!  Something was going on in the Area around it for several days.  We are not getting the whole story.

Do I think ALIENS from Space were there?  NO, I do not.  Do I believe there were INTER DIMENSIONAL Beings present.  I believe it is HIGHLY LIKELY.   I also think it is HIGHLY LIKELY that this was a PSYOP as part of the “ALIEN DISCLOSURE” that they have been working for the last 10 years.  Instead of ONE BIG Exposure… they have been “LEAKING” “EVIDENCE” and reports of Aliens.

But, I also believe that the whole Alien thing is a manifestation of demonic entities using humans to promote their acceptance.  SO, ALIENS or DEMONS same thing.

THERE ARE MANY people, individually and in groups, working to punch holes in the protective veil between us and the unknown world outside of other dimensions.   Scientists, Paranormal Seekers, the MILITARY SPACE PROGRAM, Witches, Satanists, Pagan worshipers of various gods and goddesses, the Ruling Elite and all the Brotherhoods, as well as silly, foolish thrill seekers out for a laugh.  LOTS of people involved in opening portals and inviting in entities about which they know very little and understand even less.

I decided to look a little deeper into the paranormal aspects of the Bayside Mall incident.  You may be surprised by what I found.  I know I was.


Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin. It is located in unincorporated territory of Miami-Dade County, Florida, between the cities of Homestead and Leisure City.
The biggest mystery of all is the 9 ton “Rock Gate” — which is an oddly shaped coral that is set so perfectly on a rod that you could push it with a single finger and it would rotate. In fact, Ed referred to his castle as “Rock Gate” because of this rock.

“Coral Castle has baffled scientists, engineers and scholars since its opening in 1923.” It has appeared countless times in books, magazines, and television shows.    Source: Facebook


Ley Lines Converge At Coral Castle To Create Powerful Energy Spot

Two hours later I headed out again and, rather that retrace my steps to take Alligator Alley across the state, I turned onto Krome Avenue, bound for Tamiami Trail. Passing through downtown Homestead, I noticed banners on the light poles advertising “Coral Castle.” The name was familiar; I vaguely recalled reading about this attraction on the Internet and bookmarking it, thinking it would be an interesting place to visit. I thought briefly about detouring to see it but then dismissed the idea; I really wanted to get back home. Not long afterward the sun started to set and I changed my mind. Crossing through 100 miles of deserted, black Everglades when I was exhausted was simply not a good idea, so I turned back toward Homestead, sure I would find a motel along Rt. 1. Instead, I ran straight into the Coral Castle.

There was no way I could NOT stop. It was quite clear this is where I was supposed to be.

Overview of site, showing massive sculptures mounted atop the perimeter walls

From the moment I stepped through the main gate, I knew this was a powerful place. It positively throbbed with energy. The perimeter of the rectangular area was delineated by a two story wall of coral blocks, within which stood dozens of enormous sculptures, also carved from coral excavated on site and in nearby Florida City. Giant coral rocking chairs, tables, beds, a bathtub, and fountains were scattered around the compound; even a well had been dug into the coral, providing access to sweet, cool water. A leviathan Saturn, Mars, Venus, and quarter Moon sat top the perimeter wall, peering down on a row of elevated thrones.

Visitors sit in one of the many “thrones” found at Coral Castle, beneath carvings of (left to right) Mars, Saturn, Venus, and a quarter Moon

The woman at the front entrance had explained that nine ley lines – electromagnetic lines that criss-cross the earth and are used by migratory birds to ensure they stay on the correct path – converge on this site. I walked slowly through the courtyard, holding my hands out from my sides with palms facing the earth, testing to see if I could feel anything. At first, just my fingertips tingled, but slowly, the vibration spread up through my hands. Like a human dowser, I moved left, right, forward, back, trying to pinpoint the source of the energy. Suddenly, a guide who was conducting a tour nearby excused himself from his group and walked over to me.

Let me show you something. Put your hand here,” he said, indicating a place on a giant coral sundial.

I held my hand a few inches from the rock and scanned back and forth.

“Do you feel it?” he asked.

Intense energy radiated from the front of the sundial (foreground) into my hand. Ed lived on the upper floor of the two story structure shown in the distance; his workshop was on the ground floor.

My hand got hot and started to vibrate. I moved back and forth in ever smaller increments, looking for the precise center of the energy. Suddenly, a jolt of power surged through my hand. Then again, stronger. The third time it pushed me forcefully away from the rock. When the guide returned to his group I looked beneath the sundial to see if some sort of motor was mounted there but found only more rock. Stunned, I perused the literature I had been given upon arrival and discovered that Coral Castle had been the site of a Global Meditation earlier that afternoon. Could the meditation have been the source of the energy?

This nine-ton door is easily rotated with two fingers

I investigated further and discovered even more mysteries. The Coral Castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin. He worked alone, building the site between 1923-1951, single-handedly cutting and moving huge coral blocks and setting each piece into place using only hand tools. Each section of the perimeter wall is eight feet tall, four feet wide, three feet thick, and weighs 13,000 pounds. No one ever saw Ed move the giant blocks into place; he worked at night by lantern light and seemed to have a sixth sense about when he was being watched. Perhaps most astonishingly, Ed stood only five feet tall and weighed only 100 pounds. Some believed Ed to have supernatural powers. When asked how he was able to move the blocks, he would say only that he understood the laws of weights and measures.

Visitors look over the edge of the fresh water well, dug from the coral matrix

Later in the day I was able to reconnect with the same tour guide, who pointed out that many of the carvings – the giant obelisk, thrones, Star of David, planets, and moons – are Masonic in nature, leading to speculation that Ed had access to closely guarded secret Masonic knowledge of magnetism and geometry. Numerous studies have been made, some suggesting that the site is rife with clues that could explain how Ed moved the massive blocks all by himself. Unfortunately, we may never know the truth because Ed died in 1951 without divulging his secrets. Today, all we can do is look for clues, study, and puzzle over the codes and symbolism of Coral Castle. If nothing else, I am convinced that this intriguing site is built upon a very powerful energy spot on the earth.

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Ley Line that passes through Coral Castle, and very near Miami Bayside Marketplace, also intersects the Vatican and the Dome of the Rock. (Which is at the site of the TEMPLE MOUNT of Israel)



Historical Mysteries in Geography and Architecture

Treasure Legends like Oak Island and Rennes le Chateau may have been left to tell a story. In some cases a map was left to aid in the mystery.

“I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after he model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men’s charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed.” — Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.

The Leedskalnin Ley Line: The Spanish Pilots and Coral Castle?.

Spanish Pilots and Coral Castle?

Many different groups of people in the world may value the spatial arrangement of monuments in an occult or secret manner. One factor that may dictate who may even take part in this type of activity is the amount of wealth and influence available to the individual or group who wishes to construct a given array. Traditionally this may have included different Imperial, Religious and Secret Society organizations. Among luminaries including the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, Caligula, Emperors Justinian I and II, and Thomas Jefferson exists a man generally unknown to the masses who may have created something vastly more spectacular than any of the rest.

Edward Leedskalnin was a man of slight build and keen intellect that singlehandedly created a monument equal or greater than many of the above mentioned individuals. Ed Leedskalnin is said to have cut and arranged every megalithic stone that now comprises his masterpiece known as Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. Sadly today this significant structure is little more than a roadside attraction for tourists.

Coral Castle’s “King’s Chamber” sculpture.

Ever since his arrival in Southern Florida Ed was known as an eccentric of good character. He had made his way there after being stood up at the alter in his hometown of Riga, Latvia. Ed subsequently wandered North America until he found himself in Southern Florida. Further information may reveal that he intentionally came to this region for a specific purpose. Ed always said that he built Coral Castle for his unrequited love whom he referred to as his “sweet sixteen.” Ed felt that someday his love would change her mind and come to Florida to be with him. This never happened and Ed eventually seemed to get over it. Evidence may reveal that Ed’s “sweet sixteen” may have referred to the sixteen windrose markers surrounding the Egyptian obelisk at the center of St. Peter’s Square of the Vatican.

Through his friendship with a local real estate broker Ed was given a piece of land that he selected specifically. The realtor was surprised at Ed’s choice of property since he had offered him some prime farmland nearby. The land Ed selected was considered some of the worst property in Southern Florida as it had bedrock outcroppings of coral very close to the surface making farming impossible. Still, this location and the presence of the coral is ultimately what may have attracted Ed to this spot.

At some point during 1919 Ed began construction of one of the most amazing structures ever built in North America if not the world. Ed cut and formed all of the structural and whimsical shapes of stone that comprise Coral Castle today. In addition to cutting all the stones Ed somehow moved stones of up to 30 tons in weight all by himself! There are legends of local children once having seen Ed “float the stones like they were hydrogen balloons.” Later it was discovered that Ed may have been using a magnetic generator or motor of some kind to assist him in the construction of Coral Castle. The remains of this machine may still be viewed at Coral Castle today.

If this was not amazing enough Ed eventually disassembled and moved the entire castle stone by stone ten miles away to its current location. Local legend is backed up with testimony that no one helped Ed load the trucks that moved the stones or during the original construction and reassembly nearer Homestead.

Many researchers such as Christopher Dunn have speculated as to how Mr. Leedskalnin actually moved the stones by himself. Part of many theories is the existence of an etheric grid of energy that somehow may be used to float or easily lift megalithic stones. Is it possible that Ed was privy to the skills needed to manipulate the so called Earth Grid? Was Ed a member of any secret society or religious group that may have been involved in keeping this information alive yet hidden? Alternately were the skills needed to lift the stones simply a technological trade secret that had no paranormal attributes? 

An examination of the story of Ed Leedskalnin and the origins of Coral Castle may involve hidden wisdom and knowledge that was quested for by the Knights Templar otherwise known as the Poor Knights of Christ. Many orders of Eastern Europe were indeed actual stonemasons. Ed was a trained stonemason and it is possible that he was a Freemason or member of some similar group as well. In fact it is possible that Ed intentionally selected the site of Coral Castle because it is included in the Templum of both the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the array at St. Peter’s Square of the Vatican.

The templum of the Dome of the Rock is defined by its octagonal shape. Rays or azimuths on the globe may extended from the Dome of the Rock. The area along these lines is especially valued as is each division of the octagon. These shapes on the earth may have provided a template for more accurate mapping and legal description of property.

The Northwest facet of the Dome of the Rock may be used to infer an azimuth on the globe that leads directly to the Egyptian Obelisk at the center of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. The Egyptian Obelisk there is surrounded by sixteen windrose markers of which each designate a specific compass direction from that point. Not only does it extend to the obelisk but the azimuth crosses ESE windrose marker meaning that not only does the Dome of the Rock “point” to St. Peter’s but St. Peter’s “points” right back to the Dome of the Rock. (See Octagons page for more).

The position of Coral Castle is included in both the Templum of the Dome of the Rock and Vatican in that both of these structures infer directions that lead directly to where Ed relocated the structure so many years ago. The DOTR points to the Egyptian obelisk via the ESE windrose. This same line continues through the WNW windrose to continue to point right at Coral Castle! Using one single azimuth Coral Castle is part of the Templum of two significant Axis Mundi! One line connects the Dome of the Rock with Coral Castle with the obelisk of St. Peter’s situated along this association. This is similar to the spatial relationship of Lalibela, Ethiopia, St. Peter’s and Chartres Cathedral in France.

The odds of these associations being a chance arrangement are great and there are hints that Ed built Coral Castle here because he was aware of its association with these two major Axis Mundi. Supporting this notion is the fact that Ed’s hometown of Riga, Latvia is also part of the Templum of the Vatican. Using the NNE windrose marker an azimuth on the globe can be used to create a line that extends directly to Riga! The Egyptian obelisk and windrose “point” a line to Riga. It is possible that if Ed was a member of a Secret Society or even a Knights Templar that he would have been aware of this association. So we have Ed possibly building a megalithic structure in association with an axis oriented similar to the town he was from. There may be a lot more to Ed Leedskalnin than we are led to believe.

It may be possible that this spatial arrangement included some unknown attribute that enabled Ed to cut and lift the large stones. Many speculate that ancient temples marked nodes or significant points in the earth grid of energy whether spiritual or physically powerful. This theory states that the temples may also mark the underlying polygonal structure of the planet. The earth energy is said to travel along the facets of this crystalline structure. Either way it makes sense that structural elements of the temples would mark the primary directions valued as the templum or seen world from that point.

Remember Ed built Coral Castle ten miles south of Homestead and seemingly moved it piece by piece to where it would be situated more accurately along the Dome/Vatican azimuth or ley line. It is entirely possible that this was his motivation for moving it after it had already been built at its original location.

One may assume that if Ed were to have a value of these types of spatial arrangements then there may have been others through history that had similar values. Indeed an examination of the navigational skills and exploits of many early Portuguese, Spanish, and English Explorers may reveal a similar value of the very same line that Ed may have valued enough to build his castle there. In short Ed may have been privy to some of the same cloistered navigational information as these men were said to possess.

Prior to extending to Coral Castle the azimuth from the Vatican passes over Biscayne Bay near Miami, very close to the Miami Circle. It is unlikely given the date given for the Circle’s construction that it is associated with this azimuth. It may be possible the Circle was situated here because the Natives could sense the same energy associated with the structure of the core of the earth that the Explorers and Ed may have valued.
What may be telling about the line transecting the Biscayne Bay area is the fact that Ponce DeLeon visited here on his first trip to Florida in 1513. After visiting any one of three disputed landing sites on the east coast of Florida De Leon proceeded to Biscayne Bay possibly to find the position of this azimuth in relation to the Dome of the Rock and Vatican. After transecting the Miami area the same azimuth proceeds across the Gulf of Mexico to the Island of Cozumel before transecting the Yucatan region.

This line starts at the Dome of the Rock, transects St. Peter’s crossing two opposite windrose markers, proceeds to the Miami area, Coral Castle, and then on to Cozumel.

Cozumel is also the first place any Spaniard set foot in what is now Mexico and it lies along the same azimuth as Coral Castle. Spanish ships captain Juan de Grijalva first discovered Cozumel in 1518. Many accounts say Grijalva was blown off course but he may have been searching for a position that occurred along this azimuth from the Dome of the Rock and Vatican specifically just as De Leon had done earlier.  While in Cozumel Grijalva left a golden statue as a gift when he departed which now resides in the downtown San Miguel Cathedral.

In addition to Grijalva’s visit to this specific place he made landfall on Holy Cross Day or May, 3rd, 1518. The very first Catholic Mass held in Mexico was done on a ley line that extended from the Vatican and Dome of the Rock on Holy Cross Day! Is it possible that all of these events were intentionally arranged to occur in relation to these monuments so far away?

Though Grijalva’s visit was short it established a Spanish presence in Mexico and was quickly followed by a less than friendly visit by Hernando Cortes. In 1519 Cortes basically invaded the Island and subjugated the native population. By 1570 Cozumel’s native population would be reduced from over 40.000 to just 30. During Cortes’ invasion he also destroyed all of the native temples on the island. This fits the pattern of a value of this place even though no Spaniard had been there to settle prior to that time. Could have Cortes’ desire to destroy this place stemmed from its spatial relationship to the Vatican? It is possible that the church would have disapproved of this other form of faith being somehow spatially opposed to their church? Alternately had they somehow been responsible for the development of the Aztec culture to this point by keeping it a secret?

Supporting the above possibility is the story of how the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific got their name. In 1568 the Islas Salomón or Solomon Islands were named by the first European to visit them Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendaña. As a coincidence a azimuth generated from the northeasterly facet of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem leads to the Solomon Islands. The temple mount where the Dome of the Rock is located is inexorably associated with the exploits of King Solomon. Was the naming of the islands in this manner simply a coincidence?                

Is it possible that Grijalva, De Leon and Álvaro were visiting these places for talismanic reasons due to their spatial relationship with the Dome of the Rock and Vatican? Was it necessary to actually visit these spots to make their claim to the region more legitimate? Did they have to establish a point in relation to an even azimuth suggested by the templum in association with that claim? A cursory examination of Spanish settlement of the Philippines also suggests this may have been a common way to orient themselves in unknown areas. Magellan also seemed to have made landfall in a few places pointed to by the Vatican or Dome of the Rock.

All of this infers they had a method by which they could fix points along the significant axis suggested by the shape and orientation of structural elements of St. Peter’s Square and the Dome of the Rock if not from other equally important Axis Mundi. It makes sense that the Spanish and Portuguese navigators may have been members of the Order of the Knights of Christ which replaced the Knights Templar after their persecution by the Vatican in the early fourteenth century. A value of the both the DOTR and the Vatican may have sprung from their value of both Roman Catholicism and Masonry. This line was associated with both of those valued locations so it does hold some water that they may have valued it as both a symbolic and talismanic dynamic of their philosophy.

It is entirely possible that via the same channels of knowledge handed down by the Egyptians that both the famous Spanish and Portuguese navigators and Ed Leedskalnin were privy to this value and its uses. Furthermore Ed may have taken it a step beyond the navigators and learned how to harness the same energy or technique that was used to build ancient megalithic structures like the Great Pyamid of Giza. From Giza to Homestead, Florida here we have an example in modern day first constructed in 1919 that this is indeed possible!


Coral Castle Mystery Revealed: The Leedskalnin Ley Line




The following video has been made private.  I can’t get it because I am blocked from google.  It shows text evidence that the Police were stopping people and removing pics and videos from their cellphones. 


There were hundreds of cop cars, the police were going through people’s phones and  erasing all the footage and images, and texts, the lights did go out in the area and surrounding areas, there was some kind of huge shape or image.  People are afraid to talk about it.  And the cops still have not produced any 911 calls or footage of teens with sticks or fireworks.  Or radio communications.  Watch this next video.  He did not get much, but what little he got, tells us a lot.  The cops are lying!!  The official narrative is BS.




AFP: Nephilim ALIENS Spotted As HUNDREDS of Police Try to HIDE Them From The Public?

In the following video you will hear how and see that the incident at the Bayside mall began with a group of kids who used a Spirit Bos to set the events in motion.


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Don’t think this is not related.  Listen to the entire testimony.  You will find that these entities have existed all through history.  There are those who have been serving them and worshipping them.  There are also those who invoke/call on them.  AND there are those who are opening portals for them.

We are living in the last days, and the veil is being lifted.  THE EARTH is returning to the state it was in right before the flood.  When GIANTS roamed the Earth and the Fallen Angels were interacting with humans.  This is the time when demonic entities were called GODS and they RULED OVER HUMANS.  


If you have not seen the following post, I strongly urge you to view it!



The gentlman in this last video, shares his personal experience growing up in Kandahar, his family’s connection with the cult of the giants and a lot more really great information.  Don’t Miss it, listen to the end.