Olympic Opening Beijing

The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Beijing was so beautiful it was mesmerizing.   After all,  how evil can snowflakes be?? Well, let me tell you… that is how magic works.  Deception, slight of hand, distraction.  Keeping your eyes on the beautiful floating snowflakes, dancing children, flying doves, butterflies; etc.   Meanwhile this was probably … Click Here to Read More


Much like the USA is the strongest defense the world has against tyranny,  Texas is the strongest defense that the USA has against it.  That is why Texas is a TARGET. All the snowflakes who believe that you can stop violence by taking away the guns from honest citizens better wake up really fast.  The … Click Here to Read More


OK folks.  Here is a ton of information from someone besides me who sees this coming.  I am not endorsing this guy.  Obviously his predictions are seldom correct.  However, he does a lot of hard research and digs up some very interesting stuff.  So, I suggest you review all this information and arrive at your … Click Here to Read More


Sinister Sites    by Vigilant November 27, 2008 from VigilantCitizen  spacer Worldwide Electronic Medical Records that contain all information on everyone at the swipe of a scanner, 24 hour surveillance in place and all encompassing, universal monetary system waiting in the wings, tracking implants ready to be activated, concentration camps manned and stocked, train system and transports prepared, Guillotines … Click Here to Read More