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First let me say, I am not attacking the people who belong to Catholic Churches across the Earth.  I know there are many in that group who LOVE GOD!  BUT, this is a WAKE UP CALL!   AN EMERGENCY BROADCAST  TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOD!

THERE IS NO MORE TIME OR ROOM FOR TOLERANCE OF EVIL IN YOU LIFE.  EVIL SURROUNDS US AND IS PERVASIVE because we are in the LAST DAYS.  IT is time to cleanse your spiritual house.  REMOVE the idols from your life.

DAILY there is more an more emphasis on ART, and most specifically STATUES, MONUMENTS and TEMPLES.  The reason for that is that PAGANISM has returned full swing.  WE ARE NOT TO MAKE ANY GRAVEN IMAGE NOR BOW TO ANY IDOL!

The Ancient gods and goddesses were progeny of the fallen.  The world has forgotten what it was like to be under their thumb.  BUT THE WORLD WILL SOON HAVE THEIR MEMORY REFRESHED.

After my prayer time this morning, I was thinking about an email that I received yesterday.  Let, me clarify something right now… just because I post an article or video, does not mean I believe everything in it, or that I am endorsing it, or that I am declaring thus saith the LORD.   I post items related to the topic of my post.  I try to keep you updated on what is being revealed and what is being propagated. I believe that the HOLY SPIRIT in you will lead you to all TRUTH.  I also believe that TRUTH RINGS TRUE to those who belong to HIM.

There are certain topics, such as Who is the AntiChrist, about which we do not have enough information to determine a true answer.  We can only speculate.  There are many candidates.  Though GOD gives us clues in Scripture, the veil is there for a reason.  We will know when it is time for us to know.  GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS, and He may very well surprise us all.

Anyway, I was lying there, thinking about who THE ANTICHRIST might be.  There are many antiChrists.  But the MAN of SIN, the LAWLESS one who will REIGN as ANTICHRIST is a whole nother story. No one knows who he is because he has not yet been REVEALED.  I was thinking about my favorite candidate for the position… OBAMA. I am not saying I believe he is the AntiChrist.  I am saying, in my opinion there has been a lot to lead one to think he could be.   Now, there are many reasons why people would say that is impossible.  And they are probably right.  Then my mind got to thinking about “Michael” or as some call it “Michelle”.  What if, my mind pondered… what if M. Obama is the AntiCHRIST?   She is already worshiped along with B.Obama.  Now, before you shut down this video… I want you to ponder this, SATAN/BAPHOMET/PAN is endogenous!  Neither male nor female but a combination of both.  Just saying.  We don’t really know very much.  We like to think that we do.  But, we are only kidding ourselves.

I will tell you this… I KNOW THAT I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!  There is nothing special about me.  I am no expert or wiseman.  I don’t KNOW ANYTHING… BUT I KNOW THE ONE WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING.

I wake up every morning and give my life to HIM.  I let HIM lead.  I don’t even work a job anymore, being retired.  SO NOW I DEDICATE MY ENTIRE LIFE TO HIS SERVICE.  24 hours a day.  I TRUST THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD ME and GUIDE ME.  I TRUST GOD TO SPEAK through me.  I PRAY EVERY DAY that GOD will bring to this website all who need to hear the TRUTH, and that when they come here, GOD WILL SPEAK TO THEM.

I know that GOD can speak to your heart directly.  It doesn’t matter what is written here   GOD can speak through it.  I promise you that I would never have found all the things that are on this webpage on my own.  I would not even know where to look.  I would not even know how to start.  Everything that I post is what I am led to find.  When you see what is written in green, those are my thoughts, in response to the information that GOD reveals to me.  I  do not pretend to be a prophet or declare “thus saith the Lord”.  I share what GOD shows me.

Today, HE LED ME to the following items.  The theme – PAN/PANTHEISM/IDOLS.  The MESSAGE clean up your house, in preparation for HIS coming.  STOP playing with things of the DEVIL.  GIVE THE DEVIL NO PLACE!  Ignorance is no excuse!  GRACE is coming to an END.  Get your house in order!  Be ready with OIL IN YOUR LAMP! BE YE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT and WITH POWER!

Every single post here is important.  Don’t miss what GOD wants to show you.  Before you open them pray that GOD will open your eyes, your ears, your heart and your mind.  That he will REMOVE every obstacle that keeps you from walking in all that HE has for YOU.  Pray, that HE will rebuke the devourer for your sake and defeat every work of the enemy in your life and deliver you from every evil spirit and every familiar spirit.



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April 23rd, 2020.

Michelangelo Fraudulently painted Ceasar Borgia
As Jesus Christ to deceive the world!

Where Did the Popular Image of Jesus Come From?



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Do You Believe In Magick? Part 13 – Pantheism





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February 16th, 2020.

 This video was removed by Youtube in 2017.

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December 9th, 2019.

The New Age of Old Lies: Part One – How art thou fallen… Or, the Ascended Masters aka Great White Brotherhood/Mahatmas/Spirit Guides/Avatars/Fallen Angels and how they have used Theosophy, freemasonry, the catholic church and Oprah among others in the new age movement to lay the groundwork for the luciferian new world religion and demonic infiltration of the church aka the falling away or great apostasy.

Voices featured are Warren Smith, Dave Hunt, David Carrico and Charles Lawson.

John 16:33 King James Version (KJV)
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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